BW NU Threatlist [GP 2/2] [HTML Needed]


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Generation V NU Threatlist

Play NU, its the best tier! i need some spaces

I copied and pasted stuff from other threatlists since they said the rules far better than i could. I retain the right to re organize this when ever I want; since I don't know how to run this yet.

A few rules / general guidelines:

**PLEASE DO NOT EXPECT ME TO REALIZE WHEN YOU EDIT YOUR PLACEHOLDER. I really have no clue, notify me in some way. Whether it be on IRC, PM, making a seperate post with the actual write up -- whatever. This only applies if someone posts between the time you make your placeholder and the time you are ready to post it, however.

1. Post to say what you are reserving before you start writing. Don't just post a bunch please, you may be working on something someone else is. This goes for everyone, don't just PM somebody or say something on IRC without a placeholder.

2. Try to limit the number of Pokemon you are reserving. Two is probably a good guideline, but if you know you'll get them done in a timely fashion and have a good reputation within C&C for doing work then you can perhaps reserve some more. There isn't really much need to have 10 reserved with none actually posted though, it just slows it down as less people are able to help out. Also, you have one week to finish writing from the moment you reserve. Come on, it's a paragraph. It can't be that hard. If you request an extension from me(with a good reason) I'll give it to you.

3. Suggestions for other Pokemon to include are welcome. If you think a Pokemon that is not on there is worthy just post why in your reservation post.

4. This one may seem a bit harsh and/or obvious, but please don't post if you don't know anything about NU. It's great if you want to help, but the quality is a lot higher if you have a large amount of metagame knowledge. Don't worry, I'm not too picky. If it is accepted you will simply be added to the OP, I will try to only post after quite a few updates or a rejection. Please do not expect a post accepting every reservation.

5. Please do not grammar check these until they are done; they still will have content revisions most likely. Also, the main priority is to get the writing done for now. Organization within the threatlist will be taken care of later.

The Pokemon that are up for grabs / taken are listed below. If a Pokemon is taken I will update the OP with the name of the person who has it reserved in bold (Magmortar - Raseri, for instance).

So a quick synopsis:
Two Pokemon at a time
One Week to write them
Make a new post when they are done

The following Pokemon will get a spot in the threatlist:


[Written] Absol - Raseri
[Written]Alomomola - Steven Snype
[Written] Altaria - Keiran
[Written]Amoonguss - NatGeo
[Written]Ampharos - Raseri
[Written]Arbok - Raseri
[Written] Armaldo - Raseri
[Written] Articuno - Raseri
[Written] Audino - Jellicent
[Written]Bastiodon - Jellicent
[Written] Beartic - Yonko7
[Written] Beheeyem - Raseri
[Written] Braviary - Django Reinhart
[Written]Butterfree - Raseri
[Written]Cacturne - Jellicent
[Written]Camerupt - Raseri
[Reserved]Carracosta - Annoyer
[Written]Charizard - Raseri
[Written] Cinccino - Full2Half
[Written] Clamperl - Jellicent
[Written]Combusken - Raseri
[Written]Cradily - Raseri
[Written]Dragonair - Raseri
[Written]Drifblim - Raseri
[Written] Duosion - No Luck Involved
[Written]Eelektross - Full2half
[Written]Electabuzz - Raseri
[Written]Electrode - ChaoticaMortis
[Written]Emboar - Ebeast
[Written] Exeggutor - Jellicent
[Written] Flareon - Limi
[Written]Floatzel - Raseri
[Written]Fraxure - Full2half
[Written]Frillish - Raseri
[Written]Garbodor - Raseri
[Written]Gardevoir -Ebeast
[Written]Glaceon - Jellicent
[Written]Glalie - Raseri
[Written]Golbat - Raseri
[Written] Golem -Limi
[Written] Golurk - Keiran
[Written] Gorebyss - Steamroll
[Unreserved]Gothitelle - NOT UNTIL AUGUST 9TH
[Written] Gurdurr - Raseri
[Reserved]Haunter - Ebeast
[Written]Huntail - Raseri
[Written]Jumpluff - Raseri
[Written]Kadabra - ChaoticaMortis
[Written]Kangaskhan - ChaoticaMortis
[Written]Lampent - Raseri
[Written]Lapras - Raseri
[Written]Leafeon - Raseri
[Written]Lickilicky- Raseri
[Written]Linoone - ChaoticaMortis
[Reserved]Ludicolo - Full2half
[Written]Magmar - Raseri
[Reserved]Mantine - Full2half
[Written] Marowak - Jellicent
[Written]Miltank - Raseri
[Written]Misdreavus - Raseri
[Written]Muk - Raseri
[Written]Murkrow - Raseri
[Reserved]Musharna - DTC
[Written]Natu - Raseri
[Written] Ninjask - Molk
[Reserved]Omanyte - Annoyer
[Written] Piloswine - Raseri
[Written] Pinsir - Yonko7
[Written]Probopass - ChaoticaMortis
[Written]Raichu - Raseri
[Written] Rampardos - Full2Half
[Written]Rapidash - Yonko7
[Written]Regice - Raseri
[Written] Regirock - SuperJOCKE
[Reserved]Relicanth - Full2half
[Written]Rotom-F - ChaoticaMortis
[Reserved]Rotom-S - FLCL
[Written] Samurott - Ebeast
[Written] Sawk - NatGeo
[Written]Sawsbuck - Raseri
[Written] Scraggy - Molk
[Written]Seismitoad - Yonko7
[Reserved]Serperior - Full2half
[Written]Shelgon - Keiran
[Written]Simipour - Yonko7
[Written]Simisage - Yonko7
[Reserved]Skuntank - Full2half
[Reserved]Sneasel - Full2half
[Written] Solrock - Yonko7
[Written] Swanna - SuperJOCKE
[Written]Swellow - Ebeast
[Written] Tangela - Limi
[Written]Tauros - ChaoticaMortis
[Written] Throh - Jellicent
[Written]Torkoal - Yonko7
[Written]Torterra - Yonko7
[Written]Ursaring - ChaoticaMortis
[Written]Victreebel - Yonko7
[Written]Vigoroth - Yonko7
[Written]Vileplume - ChaoticaMortis
[Written]Volbeat - Yonko7
[Written]Wartortle - ChaoticaMortis
[Written]Weezing - Yonko7
[Written]Zangoose - Full2half
[Written] Zebstrika - Molk
[Written]Zweilous - Yonko7


Typing: Fighting
Base Stats: 75 HP / 125 Atk / 75 Def / 30 SpA / 75 SpD / 85 Spe
Abilities: Sturdy / Inner Focus / Mold Breaker (Unreleased)

Sawk stands proudly as one of the most powerful Fighting-types in NU. Boasting one of the strongest attacks in NU, Sawk can easily break teams in half with a mighty STAB Close Combat off of base 125 Attack, with token coverage moves making sure that few Pokemon can effectively stop it. Sawk also is fairly quick for NU, outspeeding quite a bit of the tier at base 85 Speed; as a result, Choice Scarf variants outspeed most of the metagame, though it barely misses out on outspeeding Gorebyss after a Shell Smash. Choice Band is also fairly common, with very few Pokemon taking all of Sawk's attacks easily. Sturdy is also a great ability on Sawk, effectively giving it a safeguard against powerful attacks if hazards are not up, and allowing Sawk to KO back on many occasions.


Typing: Grass / Poison
Base Stats: 114 HP / 85 Atk / 70 Def / 85 SpA / 80 SpD / 30 Spe
Abilities: Effect Spore / Regenerator (Unreleased)

Standing proud as one of the most effective physical walls in the tier, Amoonguss really does have a lot going for it. It's the only relevant user of Spore in the tier, giving Amoonguss the ability to support its team immensely. Speaking of support, Amoonguss absorbs Toxic Spikes, a good trait to have in a metagame where said hazard is becoming increasingly common. Base 85 Special Attack allows Amoonguss to hit fairly hard itself with STAB Giga Drain, which also provides it with some sort of recovery outside of Leftovers. Clear Smog is also interesting, allowing Amoonguss to stop setup sweepers in their tracks. Amoonguss can also run a specially defensive set as well to catch some of its normal counters by surprise.
Type: Water
Base Stats: 95 HP / 100 Atk / 85 Def / 108 SpA / 70 SpD / 70 Spe
Ability: Torrent

High attacking stats, great coverage, decent bulk and above average speed combine to give Samurott a potent offensive presence. Using its higher Special Attack stat, Samurott can hit hard with Hydro Pump, Ice Beam and Grass Knot that grant superior coverage - leaving only dedicated walls able to freely switch in. Swords Dance transforms Samurott into a physical juggernaut: it has a powerful STAB in Waterfall, a bone-crunching Megahorn to dispatch Grass types and priority Aqua Jet to foil revenge-killing attempts. Its natural bulk allows it to survive most neutral hits, which works in tandem with its ability, Torrent, to boost the power of its Water STAB even more. Outside of smacking things hard, Samurott also has access to the excellent Taunt and Encore to cripple walls or set up attempts. Thanks to these unique weapons, Samurott is one of the most dangerous and unpredictable Water types in the tier.


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Reserving Articuno and Jumpluff.

Type: Ice / Flying
Base Stats: 90 HP / 85 Atk / 100 Def / 95 SpA / 125 SpD / 85 Spe
Ability: Pressure

Articuno may be uncommon, but it's an extremely effective special wall and Toxic-stalling Pokemon when given proper support from its teammates. 90 / 100 / 125 defenses let it take powerful neutral hits, in addition to weaker super effective attacks from Pokemon such as Haunter and Camerupt, with ease, quickly recovering off the damage with Roost. Meanwhile, it can use Substitute to block weaker attacks and status moves from opposing walls, letting it hit them with a Toxic of its own and proceeding to stall them out until the poison KOes them. Articuno's access to Pressure makes it even easier for it to stall slower opponents out, with moves such as Fire Blast, Stone Edge and Close Combat only being able to break four of Articuno's Substitutes before being depleted for the rest of the match. Its Ice Beam also packs respectable power, 2HKOing many opponents and even the bulkiest of Grass-type Pokemon. Furthermore, Articuno also makes good use of additional support moves, such as Heal Bell, Roar, and Reflect.

Type: Grass / Flying
Base Stats: 75 HP / 55 Atk / 70 Def / 55 SpA / 85 SpD / 110 Spe
Ability: Chlorophyll

Also NatGeo, if I were you, I'd replace that filler sentence at the end with something about how Amoonguss can also run an effective specially defensive set. :p
Type: Fire
Base Stats: 65 HP / 130 Atk / 60 Def / 95 SpA / 110 SpD / 65 Spe
Ability: Flash Fire / Guts

Although not often seen, Flareon's great special bulk, combined with several key resistances, make it a very considerable defensive threat. Its ability to check many of the tier's premier special attackers, among them Charizard, Magmortar, Jynx, and Exeggutor, gives it a valuable niche in the tier. In addition to that, it boasts a great supportive movepool. While Wish is mostly for self-recovery, it can of course be used to heal injured teammates. Heal Bell allows it to free it and its team of status, and it can pester the opposition at the same time with moves such as Toxic, Lava Plume, or Will-o-wisp. Roar is another great option which can be used to shuffle around the opponent's team. Flareon can also perform offensive duties with strong moves such as Superpower, although defensive versions are usually preferred for their unique utility.

Type: Rock / Ground
Base stats: 80 HP / 110 Atk / 130 Def / 55 SpA / 65 SpD / 45 Spe
Abilities: Rock Head / Sturdy / Sand Veil (unreleased)

Golem is without a doubt one of the premier tanks in NU. Great physical bulk and Attack coupled with nigh-unresisted STAB coverage in Earthquake and Rock Blast make it a fearsome force to be reckoned with. In addition, its ability Sturdy and access to Stealth Rock allow it to act as a lead, although it can keep its utility as a check to physical attackers such as Swellow or Rapidash throughout the game. On top of this, Sucker Punch keeps opposing Pokemon on their toes when trying to attack it while Rock Blast punishes Substitute users for setting up. Other options for Golem include Rock Polish and Normal Gem Explosion, but those are rarely seen.

Type: Grass
Base Stats: 65 HP / 55 Atk / 115 Def / 100 SpA / 40 SpD / 60 Spe
Abilities: Chlorophyll / Leaf Guard / Regenerator

NU is full of powerful physical attackers, and Tangela stands tall against them. With monstrous physical bulk courtesy of Eviolite, it easily shrugs off hits from common Pokemon like Sawk, Absol, and Golem. A good supportive movepool consisting of Sleep Powder, Leech Seed, and Knock Off, among others, can help it annoy opposing Pokemon, while its good Special Attack allows it to hit back effectively with Giga Drain or a Hidden Power of its choice. Tangela also boasts an incredible ability in Regenerator, which heals a third of its HP upon switching out. These features combine to make it an incredible physical wall that should warrant both preparation to take it on and consideration for a spot on your team.
Swanna is definately mine! So is Regirock, my old pal.


Typing: Rock
Base Stats: 80 HP / 100 Atk / 200 Def / 50 SpA / 100 SpD / 50 Spe
Abilities: Clear Body / Sturdy (Unreleased)

Regirock is an epitome of physical defense. With an amazing base 200 Defense stat and good base 80 HP stat, Regirock becomes incredibly sturdy against physical assaults directed at its team. Regirock also has a great Special Defense stat that works great with its high Defense stat, meaning it can focus all investment into the former stat to take special attacks with relative ease as well. It doesn't end there, Regirock possesses a good movepool, boasting moves such as Stealth Rock and Thunder Wave to support its teammates to almost no end. Regirock can even go so far to support its team with Sunny Day, proving to be a great addition to any sun team, even taking advantage of the sun itself. But Regirock is not limited to physical defense and solely supporting its team. With great offensive moves such as Stone Edge, Earthquake, and Drain Punch, Regirock can turn the table and become an offensive tank with its good Attack stat, while still being able to provide support and take physical hits. Regirock has access to Curse as well, which it can use with Rest and Sleep Talk to create a mono-attacking set, becoming extremely difficult to take down with enough boosts.

Typing: Water / Flying
Base Stats: 75 HP / 87 Atk / 63 Def / 87 SpA / 63 SpD / 98 Spe
Abilities: Keen Eye / Big Pecks / Hydration (Unreleased)

Swanna might not look as much at all, and it isn't in normal conditions either. However, in rain, Swanna is one of the deadliest abusers and late-game sweepers in NU. With rain falling down on it, Swanna hits incredibly hard with its STAB Surf, while it also gets an 100% accurate STAB Hurricane to abuse, heavily damaging the opponent with the chance of confusing it as well. And while Cryogonal might come in expecting to wall Swanna, it can go on the physically offensive with Brave Bird and its good-enough Attack stat to smash the ice mirror to pieces. To top it off, Swanna has a great Speed stat for the NU metagame, outspeeding common threats such as Jynx and Haunter, while it has access to Roost for instant recovery and Ice Beam to put an end to Altaria. And when the Dream World bless Swanna with Hydration, not even status will stop it in the rain.

EDIT 2: This is how you do it, all done.
Type: Water
Stats: 55 HP / 84 Atk / 105 Def / 114 SpA / 75 SpD / 52 Spe
Abilities: Swift Swim / Hydration (DW)

One of the most prominent threats in NU. Gorebyss is one of the first pokemon people think of when building a team, whether it be using her or defending against her. Gorebyss packs decent bulk, below average speed and a great special attack stat, but the move that makes her so threatening is Shell Smash, doubling her Attack stats and her speed, which is enough to outspeed even Swellow. Gorebyss often is equipped with White Herb to negate the defense loss but sometimes Gorebyss has Life Orb to further boost its already absurdly strong attacks. With the near standard STAB move Surf and additional coverage in Ice Beam and Hidden Power Grass, Gorebyss covers her bases very well. Hidden Power Grass can be interchanged with Hidden Power Rock or Substitute depending on preference for nailing Jynx or defending against revenge killers like Rotom-S.
Type: Dragon / Flying
Stats: 75 HP / 70 Atk / 90 Def / 70 SpA / 105 SpD / 80 Spe

As NU's only fully evolved Dragon-type, Altaria is a fairly unique Pokemon. Solid 75 / 90 / 105 defenses coupled with key resistances to common attacking types such as Water and Fire allow her to wall threats such as Swords Dance Samurott and Magmortar sans Hidden Power Ice. In addition to this, Altaria has access to a decent support movepool filled with gems such as Heal Bell, Roar and Perish Song. Offensively, Altaria can utilize Dragon Dance in combination with Outrage and Earthquake in order to gain near perfect coverage. Choice Specs, despite being much rarer, can be used to serve as a wall breaker, allowing Altaria to dismantle common checks such as Quagsire.

edit: should i update this


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Type: Ice / Ground
Abilities: Oblivious / Snow Cloak / Thick Fat
Base Stats: 100 HP / 100 Atk /80 Def / 60 SpAtk / 60 SpDef /50 Spe

Piloswine is most commonly seen as a Stealth Rock lead akin to the many Rock-types in the tier. Amazing offensive STAB's, great physical bulk, and a solid Attack stat allow Piloswine to effectively gain momentum early game. Ice Shard and Earthquake let Piloswine defeat many of the most common leads and lay down Stealth Rock. His physical bulk allows him to tank hits from many prominent threats such as Swellow and Braviary and OHKO in return with a STAB Icicle Crash. An Endeavor set is also used; with a Focus Sash and Ice Shard Piloswine can break through many Pokemon that can normally OHKO him such as Charizard and Gorebyss. Thick Fat should always be the ability of choice, as the ability is very useful, unlike the other choices which are nearly useless. Thick Fat allows Piloswine to take on Charizard, Camerupt and Simisear much easier than before.

Mesprit has been removed from the Threatlist. Charizard, Sawsbuck and Ludicolo have been added and may be reserved

Type: Fighting
Abilities: Guts / Sheer Force / Iron Fist (Unreleased)
Base Stats: 85 HP /105 Atk /85 Def / 40 SpA /50 SpDef /40 Spe
Gurdurr has cemented himself as one of the premier bulky boosters of neverused. Gurdurr has excellent stats which allow him to tank many of the stronger Pokemon in the tier such as Golem and Pinsir. He also has amazing bulk when you factor in Eviolite, which gives him a 50% boost to both of his defences. Gurdurr does not slouch offensively either, as his Bulk Up set is one of the most devastating in the tier. Gurdurr always runs Drain Punch, Mach Punch and one of Payback or Rock Slide a long with Bulk Up. The first two moves give him a form of recovery as well as a very powerful priority move which allow him to muscle his way past the majority of the tier. The last move is your desired form of coverage, choosing between Ghost / Psychic types and Flying types.


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Type: Normal / Flying
Abilities: Keen Eye / Sheer Force / Defiant (Unreleased)
Base Stats: 100 HP / 123 Atk / 75 Def / 57 SpA / 75 SpD / 80 Spe

With a huge 123 Atk and STAB Brave Bird, not much enjoys switching into Braviary. Rock and Steel that can take a Brave Bird can just as easily find themselves on the recieving end of Superpower, which will deal a huge amount of damage. Braviary also gets U-Turn to rack up damage on something that it cannot directly beat. Frustration or Rock Slide are commonly seen in the last slot. Frustration is a good secondary STAB for when Braviary needs to conserve HP, and Rock Slide can hit Rotom-S and Torkoal. Braviary is almost always carrying a choice item, either Scarf or Band. The Choice Band set can 2HKO almost the entire tier given the correct move, while the Choice Scarf set is an effective revenge killer and late game sweeper.
ill grab cinccino and rampardos



Type: Normal
Abilities: Cute Charm / Technition / Skill Link (Unreleased)
Stats: 75 HP / 95 Atk / 60 Def / 65 SpA / 60 SpD / 115 Spe

Cinccino doesn't sport notably high attack, and it's defenses arn't winning any awards either. However, it's attack is still very usable, especially when it is one of the fastest pokemon in the tier. It is not known as much for these traits, but for it's amazing coverage movepool. Sporting gems like Tail Slap, Rock Blast, Bullet Seed, Wake up slap, U-Turn, and weather moves. With a life orb and technition, cinccino can take out many threats with STAB Tail Slap, as well as Rock Blast, Bullet Seed, and Wake Up Slap, all of which are powered up by technition. The ability to bypass sturdy is a godsend in NU, as well as the coverage he abuses. Another trick cinccino can abuse is scarf. With this, cinccino outspeeds anything you need to, whether it's Unburden drifblim behind a sub, SwSw/Chlorphyl sweepers, or other scarfers, cinccino can revenge it, just keep in mind the loss in power from the LO set. Once skill link is released, cinccino will have even more greatness, as it's multi-hit moves will always hit 5 times.


Type: Rock
Abilities: Mold Breaker / Sheer Force (unreleased)
Stats: 97 HP / 165 Atk / 60 Def / 65 SpA / 50 spD / 58 Spe

Rampardos has the second highest attack stat in the game, so what is it doing in the depths of NU? This lies behind mediocre typing, low defences, and poor speed. But not all is gravel for the ancient dinosaur, as it is a true diamond in the rough. The simplicity of spamming STAB head smash is amazing, dispite the not-so-amazing recoil. He also has the amazing ability mold breaker, which bypasses sturdy, levitate, solid rock, etc. Meaning he is also free to spam earthquake against a team without flying types. A scarf set is rampardos' best chance to late game sweep, due to it being too fragile to set up a rock polish. But a choice band set provides even more power to break walls, and sheer force, once released, may allow rampardos to go mixed with ice beam to take out opposing physical walls.


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Ninjask and Scraggy

Typing: Bug / Flying
Base Stats: 61 HP / 90 Atk / 45 Def / 50 SpA / 50 SpD / 160 Spe
Abilities: Speed Boost / Infiltrator (Unreleased)

At first glance, Ninjask seems like a worthless Pokemon, while having a blistering base 160 Speed, it is also cursed with a 4x weakness to Stealth Rock, almost literally no bulk, and an only average Attack stat. There is a reason Ninjask was OU back in the days though, and that is Baton Pass. Baton Pass allows the user to switch a Pokemon with normal priority, while also keeping any stat boosts or drops that the user of the move had. This move, combined with Ninjask's Ability, Speed Boost, creates a deadly combination. Simply by stalling out turns, Ninjask can accumulate multiple Speed Boosts, and possibly a Swords Dance and a Substitute with them, and pass them to something dangerous, such as Marowak, Rampardos, Sawk, or Sawsbuck. Ninjask also sees a lot of use on full Baton Pass teams, passing Speed to its teammates, who will eventually stack boosts and pass to a dangerous sweeper if not stopped early. Thankfully, it is not impossible to stop Ninjask, its extreme fraility and terrible typing is its downfall its 4x weakness to Stealth Rock makes sure Ninjask can only come in and attempt to pass a limited amount of times, while its poor Defenses mean it relies on Substitute to take hits, making it bait for Multi-hit moves and priority. Lastly, Ninjask can be stopped from passing boosts by moves such as Taunt, Encore, and Roar. Flaws aside, do not underestimate Ninjask, or your team will be left in ruins soon afterwards.

Typing: Dark / Fighting
Base Stats: 50 HP / 75 Atk / 70 Def / 35 SpA / 70 SpD / 48 Spe
Abilities: Shed Skin / Moxie / Intimidate (Unreleased)

Despite low base stats and NFE status, Scraggy is a threat to watch out for. While seeming to be outclassed by every other Fighting-type in the tier, Scraggy has quite a few things going for it. Unlike other Fighting-types, Scraggy has a secondary Dark typing to go along with its Fighting-type. This Dark typing makes it immune to Psychic-type moves, allowing Scraggy to easily defeat many Pokemon that give other Fighting-types, such as Gurdurr and Throh, a hard time, to top it all off, Scraggy has perfect coverage (bar Croagunk!) with just its STAB moves! Scraggy also has a great Ability in Shed Skin, which gives the ghetto lizard a resistance to status problems, as well as giving it a slighty more reliable recovery move in the form of Rest. at the end of each turn that Scraggy is sleeping, it has a 30% chance of waking up early from its slumber, ready to fight again. These qualities together with its impressive Defenses facoting in Eviolite make Scraggy one of the most dangerous Bulky Boosters in the NU tier. While it is in no way bad, Scraggy still has some flaws that prevent it from being a top tier Pokemon. For one thing, While Scraggy's Dark typing is great for combating threats such as Misdreavus and Musharna, it isnt the best when it comes to going up against other Fighting-types. Sawk, Gurdurr, and Throh can all easily come in on Scraggy and do serious damage to it, even KOing it if it hasn't boosted enough. Not just that, but Scraggy's weakness to Flying-type moves still remains, meaning Pokemon like Swellow, Braviary, and Rotom-S can easily switch in on Scraggy and force it out with strong STAB Flying attacks. Lastly, Scraggy isnt nearly as threatening as something like Gurdurr initially, it needs multiple boosts to truely be dangerous. Because of these flaws, Scraggy needs team support to work to its full potential. So whenever you see your opponent using Scraggy, don't laugh, as a properly supported one can easily run through a team.
Type: Psychic
Base Stats: 65 HP / 40 Atk / 50 Def / 125 SpA / 60 SpD / 30 Spe
Ability: Overcoat / Magic Guard / Regenerator (Unreleased)

Duosion's innocuous appearance belies its Base 125 Special Attack, not at all junior to OU stalwart Reuniclus, which makes it one of the most powerful special attackers in NU. With the help of Eviolite, Duosion possesses good bulk and uses a Calm Mind set to great effect. It can easily devastate defensive teams thanks to Recover and the rare Magic Guard ability which makes it immune to all forms of passive damage including status and even Life Orb recoil. Low speed, massive power and usable bulk also allows it to go on the offensive with a Trick Room set which can turn the tables on an opponent's fast Pokemon. Duosion's Psychic typing grants access to Psyshock, leaving even dedicated special walls hard pressed to stop Duosion. However Duosion's typing also makes it vulnerable to the many Dark types in the tier, as well as the common Sucker Punch. Its bulk is not high enough to shield it from powerful attacks before setting up and it is frail without Eviolite. However these faults do not detract from Duosion's sheer power with which it can punch gaping holes in any team.


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RoA Co-Leader

Type: Normal
Base Stats: 103 HP / 60 Atk / 86 Def / 60 SpA / 86 SpD / 50 Spe
Ability: Healer / Regenerator / Klutz (Unreleased)

Audino is a good, bulky mixed wall with only one weakness, Fighting. While it lacks any resistances and has just one immunity to Ghost, its general bulk allows it to sponge a good amount of attacks quite well. Thanks to Regenerator, it regains 30% of its health when switching out. Audino really shines as a team player however, keeping its allies in good shape throughout the battle. With Wish at its disposal, and a good base 103 HP to pass hefty Wishes, Audino can heal itself and a teammate by simply using the move and switching. It also has access to dual screens, allowing it to pump up its team's defenses and ensure it can tank hits all day. Heal Bell is another option to cure itself and its allies of pesky statuses. It's pitiful Speed is a boon thanks to Trick Room, and it functions well alongside most other Trick Room users thanks to that Ghost immunity. Healing Wish is a rare move that allows Audino to fully heal an ally and bring it in freely, at the cost of Audino's life. While its offensive movepool is vast, its offenses are laughable, meaning it's better off crippling an opponent with Toxic or Thunder Wave and letting its partners clean up. The easiest way to counter Audino is to simply hammer it with powerful Fighting-type attacks. Should your team lack those, just using Taunt will turn Audino into useless setup fodder.

Reserving Banette as well ^.^


Type: Ghost
Base Stats: 64 HP / 115 Atk / 65 Def / 83 SpA / 63 SpD / 65 Spe
Ability: Insomnia / Frisk / Cursed Body

Due to its low Speed and paper-thin defenses, Banette doesn't exactly scream reliable. The only role it can really fulfill consistently is that of a suicide lead, which is sadly a forgotten role due to Team Preview. With a Focus Sash attached, Banette can easily set up Trick Room while surviving with 1 HP. From there, it can either put that great base 115 Attack to use, or simply bring its opponent down with it with Destiny Bond. If Banette isn't being used in the lead position, a spinner is pretty much required to allow it to function with a Focus Sash. It has Taunt and Will-O-Wisp to cripple its enemies, but finds itself very susceptible to Taunt as well. Phazing will also ruin Banette, as moves like Roar go off before Trick Room, and if Stealth Rock or Spikes are set up before it can switch back in, it will be nearly impossible for it to set up later on. Multi-hit moves and priority attacks also ruin Banette's day.

Reserving Quagsire

Edit 2:

Type: Psychic
Base Stats: 75 HP / 75 Atk / 75 Def / 125 SpA / 95 SpD / 40 Spe
Ability: Telepathy / Synchronize / Analytic (Unreleased)

With decent bulk and an amazing base 125 Special Attack, Beheeyem is a very potent sweeper in NU. While its base 40 Speed is its biggest drawback, it is also Beheeyem's main selling point thanks to its access to Trick Room. Beheeyem also has Nasty Plot at its disposal, allowing it to become an extremely threatening force with a simple "Nasty Room" set. Psychic and Thunderbolt offer solid coverage in NU, though it can forgo the latter for Hidden Power Fighting. Unfortunately for Beheeyem, its physical bulk isn't quite as impressive and a weakness to Dark is quite problematic. Sucker Punch can decimate Beheeyem regardless of whether or not Trick Room is up, while Pursuit destroys it if it attempts to switch out. This makes Dark-types, specifically Absol, extremely troublesome for it to face. If Trick Room isn't in play, most physical sweepers in general will make quick work of the slow Beheeyem.

Gimme Throh

Steven Snype

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Type: Water
Base Stats: 165 HP / 75 Atk / 80 Def / 40 SpA / 45 SpD / 65 Spe

Once thought to be Luvdisc's evolution, it was expected to be another pathetic mon. Fortunately, both assumptions were wrong. Alomomola's niche is Wish-passing. Thanks to its gigantic HP stat, Alomomola is able to deliver over 250 HP recovery to a teammate. To put this in perspective, it will heal an Absol at 20% HP back to full health! Alomomola's ability to heal deadly threats to most of the NU metagame makes it something most people hate. What makes Alomomola even more annoying is due to that same HP stat, Alomomola's average Defense stat now lets it switch into most physical attackers with ease, and heal with a combination of Wish and Protect. Alomomola also deters most setup sweepers from switching in to take advantage of Alomola's dependence on Protect with Toxic and has a consistent attack in the form of STAB Waterfall.


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Type: Fighting
Base Stats: 120 HP / 100 Atk / 85 Def / 30 SpA / 85 SpD / 45 Spe
Ability: Guts / Inner Focus / Mold Breaker (Unreleased)

Hailed as the bulkiest Fighting-type, Throh is a phenomenal wall. With Bulk Up, it can become even more difficult to break while pumping up that already good base 100 Attack. Access to the rare Circle Throw is really what sets it apart, however; not only does it hurt the opponent, but it phazes them out as well, making it impossible for the opponent to set up alongside Throh. While Rest is unfortunately its only healing option, it can use a Chesto Berry to snap back awake. Thanks to Guts, the opponent will also be wary of wearing it down with Toxic or burn. Sadly, Bulk Up does nothing to improve its Special Defense, meaning most Psychic-types can do it in fairly easily. Powerful Flying-type sweepers, such as Swellow and Braviary, also take it out quickly.

Reserving Lunatone (and fuck it, on a roll, I'll take Solrock as well. They're, like, the same thing X_X)


Type: Water / Ground
Base Stats: 95 HP / 85 Atk / 85 Def / 65 SpA / 65 SpD / 35 Spe
Ability: Damp / Water Absorb / Unaware

Quagsires excellent typing gives it an immunity to Electric, 4 resistances, and a sole weakness to Grass. Its 95 / 85 / 65 defenses are pretty good, but it's Unaware that really makes Quagsire shine as a wall. With it, Quagsire ignores its foes stat boosts, allowing it to tank hits from sweepers no matter how many Swords Dances are under their belt. It can use Recover to keep itself healthy throughout battle while chipping away at the foe with Toxic. While its Attack stat is certainly viable for a wall, Scald is often its weapon of choice, as the high burn rate eases its time taking physical assaults. With Curse, it can become both an offensive and defensive threat, while it ignores the opponent's attempts to set up alongside it thanks to Unaware. Quagsire is certainly not without its faults, however. Toxic will absolutely ruin its walling capabilities, while Taunt will just shut it down completely. Also, pretty much any Grass attack will be enough to take this little guy out.

Edit 2:

Type: Rock / Psychic
Base Stats: 70 HP / 95 Atk/ 85 Def / 55 SpA / 65 SpD / 70 Spe
Ability: Levitate

Solrock has a rather odd Rock / Psychic typing that is shared only with its more specially inclined counterpart, Lunatone. While its base 70 Speed isn't impressive, it has access to both Rock Polish and Trick Room to make up for that. It functions well as a Trick Room user that can set up Stealth Rock as well. Once under Trick Room, it can smash the opponent with Stone Edge, Earthquake, or Zen Headbutt, or simply leave them crippled with Explosion while getting another sweeper in for free. On the other hand, it can become an offensive threat with Rock Polish, battering the enemy with various assaults before passing off the boosts with Baton Pass. The best way to deal with Solrock is to KO it before it gets a chance to set up. With low Speed and weaknesses to Bug, Grass, Dark, Water, Steel, and Ghost, it shouldn't be too hard to accomplish.

Reserving Clamperl next ^.^

Edit 3:

Type: Water
Base Stats: 35 HP / 64 Atk / 85 Def / 74 SpA / 55 SpD / 32 Spe
Ability: Shell Armor / Rattled

Clamperl might not look like much, but it's surprisingly an incredible offensive threat. Its unique item, DeepSeaTooth, brings its Special Attack to 542! Access to Shell Smash means, if given the opportunity to set up, it can easily sweep an unprepared team. While that base 32 Speed isn't winning it any awards, it becomes a truly potent force under Trick Room. Surf, Ice Beam, and Hidden Power offer enough coverage for it to slam anything in its way. Unfortunately, it's not particularly fast or bulky. Outside of Trick Room, it struggles to find an actual opportunity dish out the hurt. While it's a true threat after Shell Smash, there are few Pokemon it gets a chance to set up against. Even after setting up, priority attacks will bring it crumbling down. Faster threats, including Choice Scarf users, can overcome the Shell Smash set, while the Trick Room set just needs to be stalled long enough for the condition to end.

Exeggutor: Give it to me.

Edit 4:

Type: Grass / Psychic
Base Stats: 95 Hp / 95 Atk / 85 Def / 125 SpA / 65 SpD / 55 Spe
Ability: Chlorophyll / Harvest

Exeggutor is among the most versatile threats in NU. Its base 55 Speed might seem poor, but it's just enough to allow it to function well as a Chlorophyll or Trick Room sweeper. It has access to Sunny Day and STAB SolarBeam, making it a very viable boon to any sun team. With Trick Room, it can easily set up and plow through the opposition, firing off powerful Leaf Storms or simply Exploding on tougher threats. Either way, Sleep Powder allows it to completely cripple any counter in its way. With Harvest and a Sitrus Berry, it becomes one of the best SubSeeders in the game, constantly depleting the opponent's health while keeping itself healthy in the process. Perhaps most devastating is a simple Choice Specs set, which puts its incredible base 125 Special Attack to maximum use. Outside of Trick Room or the sun, however, Exeggutor is very prone to revenge killing from faster threats such as Swellow and Charizard. It also struggles against several bulkier walls, such as Altaria and Cryogonal.

No one's taken Marowak yet!? I'm taking Marowak ^.^

Edit 5 X___X:

Type: Rock / Psychic
Base Stats: 70 HP / 55 Atk / 65 Def / 95 SpA / 85 SpD / 70 Spe
Ability: Levitate

Lunatone is the special rendition of Solrock. It functions quite similarly: both can use a Trick Room set to aid their team and up their offenses, or use Rock Polish to increase their Speed before dishing out the hurt or simply passing the boost with Rock Polish. Unfortunately for Lunatone, it is generally outclassed by Solrock in both instances unless a special attacker is specifically needed for one's team. Even worse, its lower Defense makes it more prone to getting knocked out by common moves such as Sucker Punch, Pursuit, and U-turn. Any faster physical threat can knock it out before it sets up, while most bulky sweepers can take a weak hit from Lunatone before putting it out of its misery. With six weaknesses to prey on, it shouldn't be too much trouble to stop.

Guess I'll take Cryogonal next >.>
Edit 6:

Type: Ground
Base Stats: 60 HP / 80 Atk / 110 Def / 50 SpA / 80 SpD / 45 Spe
Ability: Rock Head / Lightningrod / Battle Armor

Don't be fooled by Marowak's base 80 Attack stat; it's more powerful than you can imagine. With its trademark weapon, Thick Club, its Attack reaches an impressive 568. STAB Earthquake is usually its best offensive choice, though its specialty attack, Bonemerang, is a slightly less accurate version that can break through Substitute. With base 45 Speed, Marowak's best option is usually being on a full Trick Room team. However, when passed a Speed boost by the likes of Ninjask, it can be a menace outside of Trick Room as well. Another common strategy is to set up a Substitute on something it can force out, allowing it to deal with its counter accordingly. Stone Edge offers great coverage, while recoil-less Double-Edge (due to Rock Head) provides solid neutral damage as well. Swords Dance is another excellent choice for Marowak, providing it finds the opportunity to actually set up. Priority, such as Absol's Sucker Punch, can put an end to Marowak even under Trick Room. Several walls, such as Weezing, Quagsire, and Torterra, can also shut it down, and the latter two carry super effective STAB against it. Outside of Trick Room, the list of counters skyrockets to include pretty much anything with a Water-, Ice-, or Grass-type attack.

Gonna take a break from this for now, but I'll reserve Armaldo for when I come back ^.^
Edit 7: ^Ignore that, still here for some God awful reason.

Type: Rock / Bug
Base Stats: 75 HP / 125 Atk / 100 Def / 70 SpA / 80 SpD / 45 Spe
Ability: Battle Armor / Swift Swim

With base 125 Attack, Armaldo is among the best offensive spinners in NU. STAB Stone Edge and X-Scissor offers good coverage, while access to Earthquake makes that coverage perfect. Armaldo's good bulk makes it a solid choice for a support role as well, and access to Stealth Rock and Knock Off only increases its value. Swords Dance and Rock Polish can turn it into an effect check to defensive and offensive teams respectively. Furthermore, a Choice Band can kick that great Attack stat to the next level and make Armaldo a serious threat to any team that lacks a proper switch-in. The fun ends there, however. Although it has Swift Swim at its disposal, it can't utilize Aqua Tail along side it, making a rain sweeper set unreliable. Furthermore, physical walls such as Weezing and Miltank can handle most of Armaldo's assaults, while its low Speed leaves it open to quicker sweepers such as Sawk and Gorebyss.

Type: Ice
Base Stats: 70 HP / 50 Atk / 30 Def / 95 SpA / 135 SpD / 105 Spe
Ability: Levitate

Cryogonal is an incredibly fast and specially bulky spinner for NU. It's base 95 Special Attack means it can do more than just clear out the opponent's entry hazards as well. Access to Recover, Toxic, and Haze are also all huge boons for Cryogonal, transforming it into a great support Pokemon that can also lay down the hurt. Every Pokemon has its faults, however, and Cryogonal is no exception. Ice typing is nothing to be proud of, and it's pitiful physical defense means most Fighting- and Rock-types can make short work of it. Even common Pursuit users can take it down when it tries to switch, while Fire-types preying on its stronger Special Defense stat can still take this wall out. Like most walls, Toxic or Taunt can also cripple Cryogonal or turn it into useless setup fodder, respectively.

I'll take Glaceon and Bastiodon next, though now I might actually be out for the night X_X

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