BW BW OU Global Championship 2018: Round 1

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No matter what, I'm clocking out by six.
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Won vs Acsel, apologies for Jirachi hax, respectful ggwp~

Edit: Activity call on Broken Promises: gave two possible times, he was unable to make the first, I had an impromptu doctor's appointment so we moved it to today, he was not online for the scheduled time (I had a slight delay but no indication of contact and he didn't seem to be online for the entire day, in fact?). I VM'd afterwards I'd be on until the deadline but no response so. (I'm assuming there aren't extensions for this sort of tour this early).
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Requesting aw against lavos, he didn't answer to my vm and imperator caesarus asked me to play tomorrow, will it be possible ?


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Round One will be extended to 5th August 11:59pm EST due to the percentage of incomplete games.

tazz in for Shakaji
doughboy in for Pat Labor
Brayz in for Pais
Insult in for TUO
RedEmption in for hexed
Zarakro in for Foggi
Jase Duken in for Bakery300
Icequake in for AKX

New Matches:

Set 1

tazz vs Acsel
Lycans vs doughboy
Brayz vs Klay
Insult vs Alkione
RedEmption vs Nigel97
Zarakro vs zugubu royale
Jase Duken vs lighthouses
Icequake vs Kimikozen

Set 2

tazz vs cielbakasan
Rodriblutar vs doughboy
Brayz vs Sas0
Regrets vs Insult
FY2.0/Eko vs RedEmption
Zarakro vs Altina
neomon vs Jase Duken
Icequake vs Broken Promises;

If you have any issues, feel free to PM the host!

Contact deadline has been extended to 1st August 11:59 PM EST

Deadline has been extended to 5th August 11:59pm EST

Good Luck!
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