BW BW OU Global Championship 2019: Round 3

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Meridian and I were supposed to play today at 2:30pm GMT -7 but I didn't see him on the smogtours server and he didn't respond to any of my messages on his profile. Had to leave after about an hour and a half but I'm still willing to play him at a later date if possible. In any case, just covering my bases for now.


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its fine, sorry for getting upset

also HSOWA you bolded my opponents name in the second set on accident
Won vs ada in 2 games with some luck, ggs. Asking for act vs Meridian at this point since he/she hasn't gotten back to me and I don't think we'll be able to make the deadline tomorrow.


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Act wins:

vs tenzai
Meridian vs Oristeros
London Beats vs -PkmTrainerBlue-
vs xray


Jarii vs Meridian
Lopunny Kicks vs Oiseau Bleu
sablolol vs Rodriblutar
vs Rodriblutar


Raiza vs Winterains (until Wednesday night)
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