BW BW OU Global Championship 2020: Round 1

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Activity Decisions:
vs The Thunderbirds - The Thunderbirds gave Cometk the win
Quint_ vs Raining Inside - Raining Inside gave Quint_ the win
Ismakhil vs Groudon - Ismakhil gave Groudon the win
Dread Arceus vs Shaad Skyel - Dread Arceus never responded to Shaad Skyel's proposed time
juano vs ithrowrocksatkids - ithrowrocksatkids gave juano the win
Storm Zone vs Ainzcrad - Storm Zone made more effort in trying to get the match done, whereas Ainzcrad seems to have missed the scheduled time
Jhonx~ vs Raichy - Raichy gave Jhonx~ the win
Thatsjustpeachy vs Youngster_Bill - Thatsjustpeachy missed the scheduled time and gave Youngster_Bill the win
ron...5 vs Marshall.Law - ron...5 gave Marshall.Law the win
Claw vs Roxiee - no response from Claw
Dankoc vs TioDragonite - no visible contact, but TioDragonite seems to not have responded, please let me know asap if this isn't the case
Lhions vs -Niko- - no response from Lhions
Fakee vs zedhatool - Fakee stopped responding
Velcroc vs Tenebricite - Velcroc gave Tenebricite the win
bd vs Honor - bd gave Honor the win

Coinflip Decisions:
MetaRiolu7 vs Wamr - no visible contact from both of them
lighthouses vs shiny415 - no visible contact from both of them
Enzonana. vs BigBadKii - no visible contact from both of them
Ahmad Alfatih vs Kaif - they had a scheduled time for Sunday but it seems they both forgot, flipping this for now
A Tangela vs idiotfrommars - no visible contact from both of them

After talking to other host I decided to reverse the former decisons to a coinflip
umbreon098 vs Koalacance - they agreed to a time, neither player showed evidence of them being there at that time
lil uchi vs LuluDzn - both scheduled awfully und forgot once and i have doubt they will get that done based on their scheduling thus far



If I made any mistakes or you think a decision was unjust please let me know asap. If you want a decision to be overturned please provide proof, especially when you scheduled trough PMs/Discord.

Posting Round 2 soon!
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