BW BW OU Global Championship 2024 - Round 2 [1 Week Extension til Sun 26th] (Stage 2 @ post #87)

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Unless we can get a last-minute extension, I'll have to call activity on roxie. They were on early, but I've been on for about an hour and a half past the scheduled time (2 PM GMT -5), they didn't respond to my message on smogtours when they were on, and they left. If an extension's possible, I would still like to play the set!
Been 4 hours since scheduled time with set 1 opponent without response or sighting on ps, gonna have to act
Proof on their wall
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Activity wins:
TyCarter vs Bohrier
EphemeralAxiom vs eththhHTEHwhh
marsandback vs Thor
marsandback vs Donnel
Sato07 vs Donnel
Mendeez vs Layak28
magialice vs Layak28
Estuardo19 vs MillyRose29
cicepece11 vs MillyRose29
Steven Stone 007 vs Antonio0304
Trade vs Antonio0304
BlessyZ vs ilovegunk
Groudon vs feen
zaaya vs Strictsceptile
Bohrier vs toytean
Nalorium vs Ara
Mormon778 vs Sato07
AC7 vs eththhHTEHwhh

VictoriasDelibirds vs roxie (apparently daylight savings made you agree to a different time than what you thought)
Big cat  vs  Royal5888
Mormon778 vs ilovegunk
vs Alekingor
ImposterOCE vs Dobesito
Sheik : vs spell
vs toytean

Rubyblood vs avarice
false vs BlazingDark
Zerkas vs Posho
Groudon vs Medeia
Trade vs Thor
EphemeralAxiom vs Estuardo19

Please get your extension matches done asap; Deadline is Wednesday 11:59PM -4


We've got to get in to get out
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Stage 2

Raiza  vs  AntixHasFallen
avarice  vs  spell
Fakee  vs  havocknight
mentalsoft  vs Posho
Ara  vs  lou dort
feen  vs  Nashrock
Bohrier  vs  OmBrArch
Rubyblood  vs  bydy
VictoriasDelibirds  vs  monchooo
Hubriz  vs  Astrø
autumn  vs  Rewer
ilovegunk  vs  AC7
Zerkas  vs  Sato07
BlazingDark vs  ilnam
ImposterOCE  vs  Trade
Estuardo19  vs  inaho
Don Bork  vs  Larry
A Welcome Guest  vs  cen344uu
Sheik :  vs  Mendeez
Mormon778  vs Thor

Deadline for extensions is Wednesday 15th, 11:59AM GMT-4
Deadline is Sunday 19th, 11:59AM GMT-4
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opp is not making much of an effort to schedule. i asked for a specific time window to play and got no response.

calling act.


local gaymer weeb
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Won vs mentalsoft, very good games

We played our series yesterday, however ps went down before we could play game 3 so we played on another server. I was made aware by the host that the game did not count. As such I requested to play once again but my opponent forfeited the series (proof on my profile).
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