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Art by Blazenix

Hello and welcome to the BW OU teambuilding competition hosted by GaryTheGengar and myself. Each week we will post a challenge and users can build and submit a team based on the challenge. Everytime you post your work, include your building process (briefly) and an importable. At the end of the challenge, individuals will vote for who made the best team with the winner having their team saved here in the hall of fame and the BW discord team archive!
A few rules to read:
  • Teams should be your work: Similiarities between teams are inevitable. You can take inspiration from others but blatant plagarism of others work is forbidden.​
  • Avoid memes: Unorthodox approaches are cool, but please don't meme here.​
  • Don't vote for yourself or go asking for votes. Pretty simple lets have a fun and fair competition.​
  • Ties: should there be a tie, either gary or myself will determine the winner if there is a tie.​

Have fun everyone!​
Winning teams:

Week 1::Froslass: :Latios: :Scizor: :Garchomp: :Alakazam: :Dragonite: by Finchinator
Week 2::mew::garchomp::keldeo::jirachi::latios::latias: by Separation
Week 3: :Conkeldurr::Reuniclus::Jirachi::Rotom-Wash::Latios::Dragonite: by Finchinator
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Anyways, Dark Gem Gengar is a pretty cool but underexplored tech. Being able to lure in and snipe Zam and Scarf Latios, two mons that Rain's biggest enemies, is huge especially for Rain sweepers such as Agility Thundy and Tornadus. I decided to use Tornadus in this case cuz I feel like Torn is absolutely broken if you win the weather war. With the unresisted combo of Fighting-Flying coverage and excellent speed tier of 111 (being faster than base Latios), I feel like it is really underrated atm with how effective it is against Smurf HO. The set I chose in particular is SubTect (kudos to Finchinator for creating such a simple yet potentially infuriating set to play against) to screw with Tyranitar attempting to Pursuit-Trap you. It also has some other uses, such as fishing for misses and screwing with revenge killing attempts from Scarf Latios and Keldeo.

Lum Berry on Ferro is for Rotom-W, which is normally annoying for Torn Teams. I used BKC's spread since its quite solid against Tentacruel and Excadrill. Really, I think BKC summarized how solid this set is as I don't really have much to say. Overall, while Mamo may execute this better than Gengar can (especially since Mamo has better coverage and is stronger), I feel like this is a solid enough team broadcasting a potential use of Gengar in Rain.
:cofagrigus: :kyurem-black: :jirachi: :magnezone: :garchomp: :latios:

Earliter today, I saw peng's spinblocker post, and Cofagrigus seemed like a neat option to try. I'd think it would be great with a Magnezone since it struggles against some steels, even with HPFighting, such as Skarmory. Due to this, I decided to make a Dragmag. Spooky Plate is the boosting item for Cofagrigus because Life Orb wears you down too fast imo. Leftovers is also a great option for this set. This Kyurem-Black is pretty much standard, it has a bit of bulk to help survive some hits. The Jirachi is just usual Dragmag Rachi, checking Psychics, being a Stealth Rocker, etc. I have a Timid Magnezone here to outspeed non-Jolly Scizors and KO them with HPFire before they can Superpower. I went with a SubSalac Garchomp because it can be a terrifying sweeper after a speed boost, especially if it gets a dance up. Finally, we have Latios, our Keldeo check, and scarfer.​
So after my coffin dragmag team was stolen from me, I decided to look hard for a Pokemon that was unique and also pretty epic. Sableye is a weird Pokemon in my opinion. It has pretty cursed stats but it holds a very cool movepool and a sick ability that's unique to the gremlin himself. Sableye has is a great spin blocker and threatens them with a burn from its Prankster Will-o-Wisp. It is holding leftovers to have passive recovery due to the sandstorm and hazards the game sees. The other 5 Pokemon are your standard Psyspam. You got Tyranitar, a Pokemon we've all seen, able to take on the scariest mons in the tier and a Chople Berry lets it take a focus blast. Skarm is your Spike/SR setter, laying down passive damage for the threats on the team to go ham. Alakazam is here to abuse said spikes laid from Skarmory. Latios is scarfed to be an effective revenge killer . Finally, we got SD Gliscor on this team. This team was lacking some fire power so I added this bad Bat(???) to this gang. Honestly, I don't think this is one of my best teams but it's fun to participate in one of these for the first time! Team Paste Link down below because I don't know how to use the image thingy yet lol.

Edit: Removed Skarmory for Ferrothorn to get easy Stealth Rocks up. Also wanted something to somehow tame Volcarona (which my team is manhandled by).
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teambuilding process
wanted to try out spiritomb due to its ability to blank alakazam and fight/psy reuniclus. with significant spdef investment + rest, it can sit on tentacruel pretty decently (252/192+ ensures that you're not 4hko'd w/ lefties, letting you rest loop it even with a single crit), while doing well vs starmie with a combination of sucker punch/pursuit. It can't really do shit vs excadrill however, so I'd originally paired it with rocky helmet skarm to try to mu well vs the 3 major spinners, but it was pretty difficult to fit SR without compromising the teams offensive presence.

now as spiritomb's whole niche is walling psychics, I wanted to ensure the psyspikes mu was as good as possible. While it can't be touched by psy/fight reuniclus, it can't really do any damage vs it either. If reuni has different coverage, this can lead to a loss. Spiritomb also needs hazards cleared to function decently, so excadrill was an obvious pick both as a spinner and a counter to ice/elec reuniclus. the team was ridiculously slow at this point, so I needed to add some speed. Since tomb takes care of alakazam, and excadrill needs sand to function optimally, scarftar was a pretty easy choice for some speed control. I utilized sr as filler to try to set it up t1 vs hyper offense teams, while excadrill can hopefully find a turn to set it vs more balanced teams.

4 mons in and I had no water resists, so I wanted to make use of my last 2 slots to remedy this. my first choice was keldeo, as it appreciates excadrill's spin support, and can be a real headache for rain with the sub tect set I chose. Substitute seems counterintuitive on sand, but it main use is to turn tentacruel into set up bait. pursuit the latios if they've got one and rain has a real problem on their hands. the last pick was my own latios. I went with a hp fire colbur set to try to hit ferrothorn as I had a pretty hard time of actually killing the damn thing.

changed skarm to ferro mainly for the ease of getting sr up, giving us the final team. Thunder wave or even explosion over knock off to prevent volc from setting up and sweeping as you set sr. the main issue is the lack of a real physical stopgap like lando/gliscor, but this can be played around by being proactive around threats like excadrill/terak/landorus. 3 mons over 346 speed help manage this too.
So i made this team a while ago, and I decided "revamp it" for my previous run in the SSNL and your main goal is to avoid hazards and i have some tech for it

038.gif 380.gif 242.gif 488.gif530.gif356.gif

: Classic Ninetales, not much to say. Ev's to outspeed the 91's like landorus-t.

: Special set, EV's is to ohko Chomper. The main goal is to trick tyranitar and many steel, spreading burns on Ferrothorn is super nice for the team and excadrill.

: Special sponge, classico with rocks. I prefer mail bliss overall, a trick would be a disaster.

: Win condition, not much to say its classic, ibeam and psyshock are super imporant to deal with breloom, dragnonite, Chomper, Landorus, Gliscor...

: Best spinner in the tier right now. EV's to outspeed 95's and the rest in bulk.

: The technology, the goat. I made ev's to outspeed reuniclus and skill swap is mainly for him with burn damage i can win the duel with cm cress, also nice to steal volt absorb from thundurus and wall the sub set, rain dish tenta etc..

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:skarmory: :thundurus-therian: :gengar: :dragonite: :starmie: :scizor:

This was a team I built with Monai which we originally intended to be a Spikes-stacking hyper offense team with Thundurus-T and it may not be perfect but it's a blast to play with. The idea is to set up hazards with Skarmory and then use a bunch of Spikes-abusing attackers (Thundurus-T, Starmie, and originally Volcarona) and a spinblocker (Gengar, which also counts as a Spikes abuser). I ended up putting Scizor on there for some extra priority and something that can better handle Latios and Alakazam. But yeah basically hazards are cool and Gengar is a functional enough spinblocker that it pulls weight and is super annoying for teams to handle between WoW and good coverage.
:politoed: :shedinja: :tentacruel: :latios: :azumarill: :keldeo:

i was trying to not use a boring spinblocker dusclops or wisp sableye so i decided to slap a shedinja on rain and it's quite fun and kinda works,although tenta's survuval is needed for shedinjas,and yknow ,sand:(,a ton of mons cant do anything and i can slow uturn out with shedinja,cb azumarill hits like a truck,toxic on keld to surprise mons like jelli,and scarf lati cuz its scarf lati
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Mostly inspired by this TDK post here

:Froslass: :Latios: :Scizor: :Garchomp: :Alakazam: :Dragonite:- here

This is just a pretty simple HO with Spikes Froslass lead. It is bound to be streaky against Rains, but it should carve up some Sand structures and have the firepower/speed and priority to hold its own otherwise. Zam pairs really well with the Spikes and lure Latios, so I wanted to make use of him, but I did not want to leave myself dead to Volcarona, so Dratonite felt great in the back. Still good to have as a safety net vs Thundurus and Terrakion as is, which is very important here. From there, I wanted an Electric immunity, Stealth Rock setter, and more speed, so Garchomp fit well -- it's also good to double up on Yache here given how many Ice coverage moves will pop up and the single turn I may survive could be enough to sway things in my favor through free rocks or an additional KO. Finally, Scizor is a great cleaner and can minimize Latios/Alakazam shenanigans with Pursuit and priority.

This build is not perfected, but I love how differently it approaches things and how quick it plays. Average game should be under 25 turns, so if you're into instant gratification, click click.

Cofagrigus Sand Hazard Stack

This is a simple concept built around Cofagrigus's ability to stop most spinners such as Drill and Jellicient. The last move slot on Cofa is interchangeable, knock also works for getting rid of lefties but I chose to go with Magic Coat to help prevent hazards from being set up. Skarmory is for spikes and allows for hazard stacking with ttar. The sand core of ttar, Reuni, and Zam is self explanatory. With no spinner on our side, the double Magic Guard spam is definitely needed. The rain matchup looked terrible, so I chose Gastro as the ground to resolve that. Cofa does wonders against a lot of smurfs with its insane defenses and access to Wisp. The rest of the team greatly benefits from that, making him the star of the show. Enjoy!


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Golurking Over All
:tyranitar: :gastrodon: :skarmory: :golurk: :latios: :breloom:

I've been wanting to use Golurk since BWPL, a very interesting mon that offers a very useful movepool vs most sand and w.less teams. It's a pretty basic sand build but with very interesting tects. Starting with the star of the team, we got Golurk, with a movepool that is quite controversial cuz it has no EQ. I feel like lurk doesn't need this move at all as very few people will stay with Tentacruel or Tyranitar in front of a Golurk who will usually KO them with EQ. With this Movepool you are able to seriously annoy almost all sand teams and put pressure on teams like smurf. With the passho berry you are able to withstand a LO mie Hydro and KO it with Shadow Punch. But you can change EQ for either IPunch or FPunch if u want. Tanga berry offers you a life insurance vs Volcarona who is a huge threat against most Sand teams without Terrakion or Alakazam TWave (s/os Kenix or MTV BRATVA idk) . Sub Gastro is great vs Rain, with 220 Timid you are able to outspeed Politoed and sub in. This way you can avoid the classic Toxic of most rain teams. The rest sets are pretty standard, Spd skar to wall Alakazam, SubPunch Loom and Scarf Latios as speed control. So far I have a good track record using it in ladder and it's hella fun to use, so go ahead and try it on ladder or friendlies.

This is my first post on this forum, and I am also a rather inexperienced player in general. However, I think I was partially responsible for bringing Froslass into the spotlight on the Discord forum these past weeks, and as such I want to make a small contribution here:

Froslass Sand Offense

While Froslass in my experience has a poor match-up versus many balanced builds, it counterleads the two most common leads on the by now archetypical Smurf Hyper Offense, Garchomp and Breloom, very well. I tried many items on it, but ultimately decided to go with Mental Herb. Aerodactyl and Azelf are probably even rarer than the Winter lady, but a safe match-up is a safe match-up :mehowth:. Scarf Scizor and Landorus-Therian give the team semi-reliable answers to hyper-offensive threats such as Swords Dance Garchomp, Kyurem-Black, Latios and Alakazam while at the same time exerting offensive pressure and supporting the team's mid-game with their pivoting ability. Latios and Alakazam cover the rain match-up and can attempt an end-game sweep, when the enemy team has been sufficiently chipped down and the team's two Pursuiters have removed or weakened common bulky Pokémon such as Jellicent or Reuniculus.

I don't expect this to make an impression, but I hope I could contribute something useful here. I want to express my gratitude to the Discord community and Gamer1234556, peng, Sagdiyev and Lasse in particular for providing me with experienced opinions about this team. I wish everybody a pleasant day and enjoyable Pokémon battles.


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Thank you to everyone for participating!

Now its time to vote!!!
Team 1:
:politoed::ferrothorn::tentacruel::latios::gengar::tornadus: by Gamer1234556
Team 2: :cofagrigus: :kyurem-black: :jirachi: :magnezone: :garchomp: :latios: by kalifguest22
Team 3: :tyranitar: :Sableye: :Alakazam: :ferrothorn: :Gliscor: :Latios: by Ibby0034
Team 4: :tyranitar::ferrothorn::latios::keldeo::spiritomb::excadrill: by GaryTheGengar
Team 5: :ninetales::latias::blissey::dusclops::cresselia::Excadrill: by Wait2Seconds
Team 6: :skarmory: :thundurus-therian: :gengar: :dragonite: :starmie: :scizor: by Ununhexium
Team 7: :politoed: :shedinja: :tentacruel: :latios: :azumarill: :keldeo: by tdog124
Team 8: :Froslass: :Latios: :Scizor: :Garchomp: :Alakazam: :Dragonite: by Finchinator
Team 9: :Cofagrigus::Tyranitar::Skarmory::Gastrodon::Reuniclus::Alakazam: by cardinal silver
Team 10: :tyranitar: :gastrodon: :skarmory: :golurk: :latios: :breloom: by Nalorium
Team 11: :Froslass::Tyranitar::scizor::Landorus-Therian::Latios::Alakazam: by Undorian

Three days should be plenty of time for everyone to get a chance to vote, so
Voting phase ends on Monday the 18th!

Reminder: You can only vote for one individual, and individuals who submitted can not vote for themselves.
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Team 2, seems like a good place to use Cofagrigus. 5, 8, and 10 also seem pretty good and have what in theory seems to be a pretty nice way of incorporating the niche of different ghosts. 10 might be literally the only way to viably use Golurk lol.

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