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Team 3 :Conkeldurr: :Reuniclus: :Jirachi: :Rotom-Wash: :Latios: :Dragonite: by Finchinator wins!

next weeks challenge will be Weavile

No set restrictions, so have fun!

This round will be open for 7 days!


tryharding the l2p thing
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:Weavile: :Keldeo: :jirachi: :latios: :thundurus-therian: :landorus-therian:

Posting this weirdo HO. With SD Lk Weav to KO stuff like ferro or drop a very high damage on rachi. Keldeo Scarf to counter Smurf and other HO's. Anti-Sand and Smurf rachi to lure stuff like Rotom-W or Landorus-T. Sunny Day Lati as a counter play to rain. W solar beam u KO TTar and psyshock for Tenta, the set is hella walled by ferro but w hp fire rachi and weav u should be ok. Standard Thundu set just to pressure rain teams and Lando-T RP as a sweeper. I wanted to try a different style of HO, hope y'all like it
:weavile: :magnezone: :garchomp: :skarmory: :dragonite: :gyarados:

Decided to throw together some more HO for the competition. Shoutout to peng for the Beat Up Weav spread, it is very useful vs Zam! I decided to pair this mon with a Sub + Charge Beam Zone to trap Skarm and other steels that may be tough to manage otherwise. ScarfChomp is mostly for Smurf. Skarm is the lead of the team to set early hazards. EQ Dnite since I don't need Fire Punch with Zone. I wanted to try out Liechi Natural Gift Gyara, which gives it Grass-type coverage to hit Rotom-Wash mainly, but also the Water/Ground types.
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:Politoed: :Weavile: :Keldeo: :Thundurus-Therian: :Ferrothorn: :Tentacruel:

Eject Button Ferrothorn + Trap Weavile Rain bulky-offense. This is, far and away, the best team of the bunch I have posted in this thread thus far. I would also say this is probably one of the few consistently viable applications of Weavile in the metagame right now seeing how limited it is. All-out-Attacker sets like SD are really limited and almost always outclassed by the other breakers in the tier. Trapping with Dark types is usually better done by Tyranitar and even Scizor takes some niche while also having priority, but Weavile can fit onto non-Tyranitar teams that struggle with Alakazam+Spikes Sand and want extra speed for the HO teams we see. This would be one of those.

Weavile is able to trap chipped Alakazam and KO through Sash while Scizor gets 2HKOd and is blocked by Focus Sash, thus meaning Alakazam can live to tell the tale at 1 HP or force 50/50s depending on the sets. Weavile also is able to outrun a lot of Dragon type Pokemon and win conditions that can be massive threats otherwise. The current spread allows you to always live Choice Specs Dragon Pulse from Latios and almost always chew Choice Scarf Draco Meteor from Latios as well. You still outpace Alakazam and maximize attack investmenr from there, too, which allows you to lock into Pursuit in most scenarios against Latios and assure a trap. Eject Button Ferrothorn enables this and other trapping scenarios a ton, too, which can be a failsafe in-and-out against things like NP Celebi to get Weavile in safely, too.

The general idea is to Pursuit trap Latios for Thundurus-Therian and Keldeo to go off under Rain. Again, the same applies to things like Celebi or even Jellicent, but Latios is coming into play most games. Eject Button Ferrothorn enables this, but it also can give Thundurus-T a free switch-in, which can lead to early, convenient KOs if played right. Thundurus-T is Protect, too, which can be scarily good with Pursuit support as Latios may lock into a more sustainable attack or even predict trapping sequences and switch-out, giving Thundurs-T a free turn and potentially leverage depending upon the opponent's double switch. Scouting things like choiced Keldeo and Landorus-T can also go a long way, too.

The rest is entirely standard between the Ferrothorn's non-item characteristics, the Politoed set, the Tentacruel set, and Choice Scarf Keldeo. Tentacruel is Substitute because Jellicent can be trapped and Volcarona can be revenge killed, which makes Toxic a lot less appealing in my eyes. Rotom-Wash may require some timely Scalds or pivoting due to the lack of Toxic in this slot, but it is very playable and Substitute Tentacruel also abuses Pursuit very well, so that can be a problematic core to opposing Rain or weatherless teams at the mimumum.
After last weeks resounding success of zero votes, I am back to innovate the meta once more:


You read it right: triple scarf. Weavile has the potential to be an immense threat, but has two significant drawbacks; its weakness to hazards and lack of opportunities for switch-ins. I have tried to minimise both of these. Jirachi is almost mandatory on any weatherless, its u-turn providing opportunities to bring weavile in and healing wish to provide a second life if needed. Scarf starmie allows for the option of rapid spin should hazards get up, but the immense offensive threats of this team make hazard stacking against it difficult from the outset. The scarf is just for extra security against smurf. Rotom and Celebi serve as much needed water resists, the latter of the two being a necessary check for keld. Both also have pivot moves which allow weavile as many entrances on the field as possible.

In short, the idea of the team is pretty simple; bring weavile in and get a kill. I was tempted to put pursuit over night slash, but the prominence of scarf and colbur lati over specs nowadays makes me feel it has little utility in the majority of games you will play. Another thought I had was putting scarf latias over starmie for some healing wish-inception. Jirachi is extremely important to the team, and healing wish support to itself would be much appreciated. Overall though, I felt starmie would be a more suitable option. Psychic over giga drain on celebi is primarily for substitute thundurus, as this easily demolishes the team without celebi being able to prevent it.

As an aside, you could use stealth rock over stone edge on chomp, but i figured it would be a surprise to OHKO volc given the rarity of the move.
Alright, here is attempt #2 after my previous team was binned for being a blatant rip-off of Peng's team. (Cries in a corner)


Alright, so even if I had already explained this in my first post, I may as well explain it again. Weavile is a mon that has some really nice traits of being able to blanket check Psychics, Grounds and Dragons all at once, but the problem is that it literally fits on a very select few teams. Peng did make a solid demonstration of Weavile in his Skarm HO RMT, but I wanted to innovate it further by pairing it with another mon that I feel is equally as niche as Weavile is: Chandelure. Chandelure itself is kind of an awkward case of a mon that sounds really nice in theory with its massive Special Attack, solid typing, and excellent abilities in Flame Body and Flash Fire, but is also plagued with being worn down way too fast, being completely dead weight against Rain, and trapped by the best mon in the tier: Tyranitar. Still, Flame Body is a really nice ability to have especially when Excadrill is such a pain for Zam Spikes Teams. Chandelure does give some leeway to that as Excadrill loses 1v1 with it, and even if Chandy goes down, Drill has to risk a burn and be further weakened in the game. I paired it with Jellicent which means that Spinning against this team becomes near impossible.

Having Weavile over Tyranitar does give some longevity for this team, despite it not being much. Chandy, Jelli and Lati all appreciate the lack of Sand since it means that they can live longer throughout the game. I also decided to use Fake Out over Beat Up in case Zam tries to stay on you, it loses its Sash and gets 1v1ed w/o needing to rely on Night Slash or any other secondary STAB.
Just added weavile to HO since my rain team idea was taken by Finch. This team focuses on SD Weavile and its blazing fast speed.
Ice shard is to pick off threats and I added beat up as a last move just to break zam's sash. Low Kick is to "trip" steels and rock types. Then slapped some cool heavy hitters and SuicideLead Exca cuz why not. Cool team ngl.

Edit: Made Excadrill MoldBreaker and also gave nicknames
Black Air Force 1s

:Weavile: :Keldeo: :Landorus-Therian: :Latios: :Dragonite: :Excadrill:
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Hello once again, I want to start this post off saying that i originally wanted to post my beloved weavile HO with screens espeon but for versatility's sake i decided to keep it a bit more simple for this week.
Secondly i wanna thank Ophion for being amazing and helping me test this team before posting it, thank you.

Weavile is the pokemon of interest this week and it was one of the mons that i was trying to convince FNH for weeks is good so hopefully these interesting teams will do the trick.
Here is one of my favorite hyper offensive formats in the tier: Skarm +Jellibutton HO.
The team is pretty basic structure wise because the plan is literally to set up hazards and use the busted mons one after another with the occational spinblock into trap stuff happening here and there.
Weavile supports this team greatly by virtue of pursuit trapping pokemon like scarf latios, starmie and alakazam.
the spread is there to live a scarf latios draco from full or a -2 draco after 2 stealth rock switchins. (A tad overkill for most people but i find that this is very much needed considering that scarf latios really makes life hard for this team)
Originally i had taunt > beat up but i found that consistency vs zam is better than stopping some hazards or a recovery from skarmory or w/e tries to set up on u since u can revenge kill a lot of the scary threats that threaten weavile.
i won't go in too much depth on the rest of the team besides saying that jelli outspeeds adamant scizor and mons that creep it(due to a jump point in speed) cause sd scizor is scary if it's pursuit.
Skarm is skarm and scarf chomp is scarf chomp, both are needed on this team for it to function as intended and have a decent catch all matchup vs the bw metagame. (dual chop cause of zam and rock slide cause fuck stone edge vs +1 volcarona)
SD Terrak and CM latios were the breakers chosen for this team cause as i mentioned in my last post here, they're 2 of the most terrifying pokemon in the tier so not using them is sometimes a handicap in a team that needs all the offensive pressure it can get.
CM gem Latios is fairly standard but is interchangeable if u really wish to tweak it to your liking.
SD gem Terrakion is also fairly standard but i chose taunt here on the filler slot because i feel like stopping skarmory from healing after i burned my gem is important since there's a weavile, a scarf chomp and a latios that needs to cm to threaten it.
Other moves like sub, quick attack and protect are good options too.

To conclude:
Sorry again for the long post but i really don't know how to shut up.
If u want an insightful tl;dr of all this ^ u can see FNH's version of my submission below.

Thank you for the read and gl to all the participants.
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After BluBirD252 mentioned Espeon Screens Hyper Offense, I was inspired to make my own version of such a team, so I want to thank them first. Screens don´t benefit Weavile specifically that much as they don´t really cure it of its Keldeo/Scizor allergy, but I thought everybody´s favorite weaselly assassin could patch up a hole or two on this team.

Screens Hyper Offense


Brief(?) team building process:


Even screens Hyper Offense should pack a stealth rock setter, just in case. I think Landorus-Therian is generally the better fit over Garchomp, because it compresses more defensive utility and can also easily come in later in the game, if necessary. I originally wanted to run a suicide lead with Life orb and Explosion, but abstained after I realized that it´s defensive role was too valuable. It´s still a brutally offensive set, however. Expert Belt and the SpAtk investment allow it to knock out opposing Naive Landori, as well as Naive Garchomp and physically defensive Gliscor. The team´s standard lead, though it should be played a little more conservatively against rain teams. If you think the opponent is going to do something funny like setting up stealth rock themselves, simply U-turn into...


Screens setter. Denies opposing passive Pokemon such as Skarmory or Ferrothorn their own utility. It can also come in handy in a pinch to revenge kill a non-scarf Keldeo. Baton Pass allows it to escape from Tyranitar and Scizor without harm. Should optimally lead against rain teams.


Keldeo takes advantage of the fact that after a Light screen and a Calm mind boost, Rotom-Wash´s Volt Switch can no longer break its substitute. Sweeps mercilessly, if you can get 3 Calm mind boosts. Secret Sword + Hp Ghost gives it perfect coverage. It is supposed to trample over sand balance cores mainly, but can do ruinous damage almost every match.


I wanted to insert something funny in case an opponent tries to pursuit-trap Espeon. I originally wanted to go with Lucario, to make sure I had a different idea from BluBirD252, but the Jackal sadly lacks the space in his movepool to fit all the moves to reliably break PsySpikes cores, so I hope the pre-poster doesn´t mind. Substitute + Swords Dance allows it to effectively wallbreak, when Stone edge doesn´t miss. As mentioned, try to optimally get it in with Espeon´s Baton Pass on a Tyranitar Pursuit.


Weavile the Assassin patches up the team´s weakness to Dragon type sweepers and Alakazam. Fake out allows it to effectively come out on top of Focus Sash Alakazam (though a certain fellow player steadfastly insists that it could backfire, in case Alakazam chooses Inner Focus as its ability), and can also come in handy against weakened Volcaronas and Cloysters that have spun out of control. Muscle Band is the item of choice, as Weavile despises Life Orb recoil, and the Band is enough to guarantee the one-hit KO on Volcarona after stealth rock damage.


Haxorus is a lousy and pathetic excuse for a Pokemon that should be dropped to the bottom of the tier list if it is ranked at all, so that only I use it my preciousssss...

Haxorus is a Dragon Dancer that can sometimes claim the spoils of war by itself against rain teams, and in my humble opinion profits quite nicely from double screens to protect it from being revenge killed before it spirals out of control with Dragon Dance. Taunt gives it valuable set-up opportunities against Encore Politoed, Jellicent, Rotom-Wash and Skarmory. The Lum Berry gives an insurance against scald burns. The speed EV´s guarantee outspeeding scarfed Latios after two dances. +1 Outrage claims the one-hit KO against specially defensive Politoed as well as standard Rain abusers Keldeo and Thundurus-Therian, and Low Kick has a good chance to do the same to specially defensive Ferrothorn. Unnerve is chosen over Mold Breaker, as there are few abilities to bypass with that movepool; Skarmory and Forretress are too durable to drop in one hit without fire attacks, and all Levitate users except the very rare Bronzong also cave to Outrage instead of Earthquake.

Anyway, now that you have read that, don´t use Haxorus.

If you don´t suffer from ADHD like me and actually read through all that, thank you so much for your attention. Feel free to have a good laugh and (whispers) maybe even a really serious look at this team. Have a nice day, everyone, and stay healthy!
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Alright, so I hope this team doesn't get taken down like last time lol.


The general idea of this team is that Xatu is one of the few ways you can free up Spin on Excadrill for Sand Balance, the other being Bulky Starmie. This idea has been around for quite some time (see Caetano's post regarding SubTect Drill here) but I wanted to offer a more modernized, less Smurf-weak version of the team.

:tyranitar: Pretty self-explanatory. I feel like having SpDef Skarm does mean that you can sort of free up Chople on Tar to run Dark Gem, but that means you have a harder time dealing with Zam since Skarm is rather passive as a Zam check.

:skarmory:SpDef Skarm is so goated. It basically compresses a counter to Zam, Outrage-locked Dragons and Grounds all at once. I have been using a lot on Psyspam especially considering that it's a Zam counter that can actually heal off damage.

:xatu: Xatu is Jesus. Anyways, Xatu is one of the best counters to the premier spikers in the tier, Ferrothorn and Skarmory. It also shares the rare distinction of being a decent Jelli counter as well. The biggest problem is that its typing does absolutely nothing for it defensively aside from checking Breloom, which is kinda crappy with how hard it clunks against faster teams. EDIT: I added Future Shock over Magic Coat cuz Magic Coat is absolutely redundant on Xatu lol.

:seismitoad: Another very underappreciated mon. Water/Electric Immune that can set up Rocks is absolutely incredible role compression and allows you to actually run a Smurf counter. It pairs especially well with Xatu since it really doesn't like facing Ferro and Grounds w/o Def investment. I made Seis Calm with 232 SpDef EVs so that it's better equipped to deal with Thundy-T.

:excadrill: As I said earlier, one of the biggest selling cards of Xatu is to enable Non-Spin Drill. I decided to use SD Mold Breaker so that Rotom-W doesn't Ruin your sweep. Protect is useful to scout any Scarfers looking to revenge kill you.

:garchomp: The last slot was admittedly a mixup between Latios and Garchomp. The team is kinda slow and a bit weak to Rain, but I eventually went with Chomp cuz the weakness to Smurf felt way too glaring to overlook. Scarf Chomp itself is kinda underrated with its ability to 1v1 +1 Timid Volc and Zam. The weakness to Scarf Lati can be a pain but workable since I have Skarm.

There are a few rough MUs here and there. Non-Choiced variants HP Grass Keldeo and Ice-types are all rather problematic mons to face, but overall, I personally feel like this is the safest team if you are really willing to use Xatu (or you can use the Chad Xatu Psyspikes team lol).
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