BW BW OU Winter Seasonal #2 - Round 1

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i won in 2 ggs
e. looks like i forgot to save 1 of the replays although i thought i did
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Asking for a little extension. Dice and me had some time mismatches that prevented us from playing but we both want this match to happens.


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Big ol' Extension / Activity Decision Post


SvartPest gets the activity win over JohnR011, missed the scheduled time with no attempt to contact afterwards.
AttackOnSamurott gets the activity win over Horodro. Horodro missed a scheduled time and Samurott was generally more active in scheduling.
THUNDER CEBRA gets the activity win over beankun.dx. No attempt to schedule.
LuckOverSkill gets the activity win over Shadowmonstr4. Stopped scheduling before a time was established.
ladieslikeme21 gets the activity win over GotCookies. Appears GotCookies stopped responding to scheduling after initial contact.
Hyogafodex gets activity win over Cheese5555. Missed scheduled time, and did not respond afterward.
pkcc gets the activity win over Sageau. Sageau stopped responding to pkcc before they found a time.
Hockey1 gets the activity win over Sas0. Stopped responding to scheduling.
mfhoundoom gets the activity win over Diophantine. mfhoundoom made his contact post the day the round went up, and Diophantine did not respond till the day before the deadline.
GW gets the activity win over MetalGro$$. Metalgro$$ appears to have missed the scheduled time.

dice and Caetano93 is extended.
Quaze and Quartosa is extended.

gengaster won the coinflip over iKiQ.
FeaNiiX won the coinflip over Sailspace. Your opponent missing a scheduled time does not entitle you to an activity win if you also missed a time, unless they stopped attempting to schedule.



If I misunderstood any of your scheduling or feel a decision was unfair, contact me via conversation please.[/USER]


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