BW BW OU Winter Seasonal #4: Round 2

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Art by Blazenix


Entering this seasonal earns you points in qualifying for the BW OU Championship, and winning it qualifies you to play in the RoA Forum Championship 2022.

Winning this tournament will allow you to display
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  • General tournament rules and regulations can be found here.
  • This is a standard Gen 5 OU Tournament. All matches must be played in "[Gen 5] OU".
  • This tournament will be Double Elimination.
  • All rounds will be First to 2 Wins. You may switch teams in between battles of the same set.
  • Saving replays is mandatory. You do not have to post your unless mentioned in the round's OP.
  • Matches are to be played on Pokemon Showdown (or smogtours server).
BW OverUsed Format

Banned Pokemon

Arceus (All Forms), Blaziken, Darkrai, Deoxys, Deoxys-Attack, Deoxys-Defense, Deoxys-Speed, Dialga, Genesect, Giratina, Giratina-Origin, Groudon, Ho-Oh, Kyogre, Kyurem-White, Landorus, Lugia, Manaphy, Mewtwo, Palkia, Rayquaza, Reshiram, Shaymin-Sky, Thundurus, Tornadus-Therian, Zekrom

Banned Moves
Assist, Baton Pass

Banned Abilities
Arena Trap, Sand Rush, Shadow Tag,

Banned Items
King's Rock, Razor Fang, Soul Dew

Complex Bans
Drizzle ++ Swift Swim, Drought ++ Chlorophyll

Evasion Abilities Clause, Sleep Moves Clause, Swagger Clause

Tie Rules
Battle ties do not progress either player towards winning the match.​

General Tournament Rules:
  • Identity: I expect many battles to be completed under alts. This can be bad for tournament security, and thus I will make this clear: If I hear any whispers of identity theft (battling as someone you are not) or proxy battling (helping someone else battle through pm) I will not be pleased and I will take severe actions.
  • Timer Clause: As for taking long between moves, if your opponent asks you to hurry up, please oblige. If you are doing a damage calc for a key turn that is one thing, but prolonging every move is suspicious and annoying. Don't do it. Furthermore, Battle Timeout is a rule for a reason. If you run out of time, you lose, simple as that. It does not matter what your opponent says. Do not battle if you think you will have to leave mid battle, and instead reschedule for a better time.
  • Disconnections: Finally, in the case of a disconnect, the decision is in the hands of the player who did not disconnect. The options are: redo the battle move for move, redo the battle with the same teams but different moves, or redo the battle with completely different teams. If the battle was without a doubt over, they may also take the win. Any suspicion that a disconnect was committed on purpose to redo a match may be appealed to me, and if I feel this happened there will be severe consequences, don't do it.
BW Resources.


Winner's Bracket
Đark₮aR vs Blox
Spl4sh vs Chiles Habaneros
Marshall.Law vs Kristyl
Drogba In Shenhua vs Splash
Links vs ArcticBreeze
Tenebricite vs Bouff
TGA vs Undorian
toytean vs ckw
CalamityGreed vs Abyssal Ruins
Mishimono vs egalvanc
gorex vs Joya
R8 vs Estuardo19
reymaki vs Monai
Churielix vs Meta
Koalacance vs CamiloTD
Jhonx~ vs MANNAT
potato14798 vs D4 Repertoire
The Dovahneer vs mentalsoft
kythr vs BlazingDark
zaaya vs Pohjis
crying vs oldcvcv
Sagdiyev vs Lynch mi A2
Kadiro vs Beraldinho
aqh vs Allen-xia
Nultiprise vs STABLE
mad dawg vs Captain Funk
lotiasite vs Dark Eeveon
Greentea570 vs Fakee
Y0M1 vs M2H
eden vs Stareal
Noglastica vs lolebruh
Quarante8 vs Rhmsitb
Lizardu'' vs Bye 1
Cousiin vs Bye 2
Revenge Killer vs Bye 3
zee vs Bye 4
afakedugong vs Bye 5
Chaos23333 vs Bye 6
Drud vs Bye 7
DugZa vs Bye 8
Samu77 vs Bye 9
avarice vs Bye 10
Jimothy Cool vs Bye 11
Trade vs Bye 12
BlessyZ vs Bye 13
Sahki vs Bye 14
SpectralThief vs Bye 15
MTV BRATVA vs Bye 16
Clementine vs Bye 17
Agentkeval vs Bye 18
monchooo vs Bye 19
Wanony vs Bye 20
gye5 vs Bye 21
dice vs Bye 22
Sage vs Bye 23
cb aaron judge vs Bye 24
Shoka vs Bye 25
Ara ara vs Bye 26
simp vs Bye 27
Finchinator vs Bye 28
T.H.E.W.A.R vs Bye 29
pkcc vs Bye 30
TLTK vs Bye 31
lezzz_goo vs Bye 32

Losers Bracket
Lfrs vs obii
Staxi vs txitxas
skimmythegod vs Indulge in dreams
Ophion vs MilestoneLevelUp
PandaDoux vs Oskari
-Frexa- vs Realmas
Ara vs ziloXX
btboy vs Vextal
Paulluxx vs 5Dots
tdog124 vs SaberSeven
Yelodash vs Perish Song
Mr.Bossaru vs nonfoolnonfish
Sagisolar vs FastCarVroom!!!
dahli vs MST20
Nael222 vs Maya
Ununhexium vs Wubben
PurpleDolphin vs SNAK30PRA
omi vs Leo
weakermaker vs Ibby0034
I understand what u are vs SOMALIA
robjr vs NEON_Voyager
GiyuForPresident vs Rubyblood
LegendaryC26 vs Failures
Hyssou vs Surfy
Theviking vs DarkCryZe
Shaad Skyel vs CDW Enrique
Puffy's mom vs Samqian
mixwell vs Kiry4n
Nick.see vs BluBirD252
vani vs Feaniix
paserro vs CaptainEikichi
Goblin vs Neblina
Raichy vs Enzonana.
barton vs Nalorium
Lord Ninjax vs Elfuseon
isohel vs Jojo8868
bb skarm vs Pinto
BahamutLagoon vs 00Crystal
Souw vs martinvtran
airfare vs Queenzz
AmyQuaris vs Elian
bashirider vs mael
Raiza vs Wizard
twash vs Amir
Danny vs Sharky King
agenS vs Le Don
RageAgainstTheMagearna vs Drivetacos
drakey vs Whydon
So Noisy vs Nic546
Hollow Soul vs Nuxl
false vs Lificious
RampageWebber vs Heno
Mendeez vs Bye 1
LpZ vs Bye 2
Conflict vs Bye 3
CyberOdin✝ vs Bye 4
Wait2Seconds vs Bye 5
baibaiats vs Bye 6
CMx vs Bye 7
AOPSUser vs Bye 8
RTM vs Bye 9
GasaiYunoSan vs Bye 10
Avery vs Bye 11

The deadline to get your matches done is Sunday, February 6th at 11:59 PM EST (GMT -5).

Good luck and have fun!​


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Unfortunately there has been an issue with the bracketmaking process, as such we will need to introduce a number of byes to the brackets to ensure smooth proceedings throughout the rest of the tournament. Many players who were tagged for a match have instead received byes.

As a result:
Trade , BlessyZ , Sahki , SpectralThief , MTV BRATVA , Clementine , Agentkeval , monchooo , Wanony , gye5 , dice , Sage , cb aaron judge , Shoka , Ara ara , simp , Finchinator , T.H.E.W.A.R , pkcc , TLTK , and lezzz_goo receive a bye to the next round of Winner's Bracket and do not have to play the opponent they were originally given.

Mendeez , LpZ , Conflict , CyberOdin✝ , Wait2Seconds , baibaiats , CMx are entered into Loser's Bracket against byes and automatically advance to Round 3.

Loser's Bracket will also have two new pairings:

GasaiYunoSan vs Avery

These four players will also receive byes and automatically advance to Round 3 of Loser's Bracket.

We apologize for the inconvenience. The OP has been updated to reflect these changes.
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