Hi friends!

We're back, once again, with the revote to decide the final result of BW Sleep. After months of testing, play, and SPL, we now have a better understanding of the metagame implications that the revised sleep-move ban provides. We will be using the same voting pool as last time, removing the users who opted to not vote last time, as well as adding users with positive records this SPL over 5 games in BW, as they have a solid understanding of how this vote will impact the tier.

The vote will determine if we will:
  • Ban Spore, Hypnosis, Sleep Powder, Yawn, Dark Void, Sleep Powder, Grass Whistle, Lovely Kiss & Sing AND remove Sleep Clause from BW OU (Ban)
  • Do nothing (Do Not Ban)

Final voter list: dice, Twixtry, Raiza, Kingler12345, Roseybear, M Dragon, Zokuru, elodin, SoulWind, We Three Kings, Finchinator, Pearl, BKC, ZoroDark, lax, Asuya, Ace-11, Posho, McMeghan, John W, Sacri', ABR, BIHI, ima, Empo, Pohjis, Eternal Spirit, frania, Caetano93, zf, John W (31)

Please PM me and Finchinator with your vote; results will be posted soon. The vote will require 60% ban votes to remain banned and the deadline to vote is April 5th at 11:59pm GMT-4.
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Thanks voters for the quick feedback. We have reached a 60% supermajority (19 votes) to keep sleep moves banned.

Sleep moves will remain banned from BW OU, and Sleep Clause will be lifted.

Voters: be on the lookout; the council will be releasing a survey soon asking about your opinions on the current BW Metagame. We will use these to gauge future tiering needs.

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