BW Ubers Tournament - Finals [Won by soviet]

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BW Ubers Tournament II
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Basically a final hurrah for BW Ubers. While B2W2 is not a new generation, it will drastically change the metagame with new forms and new movesets, among other things. For this reason, the tier will be frozen so no new items, abilities, or pokemon forms added will not be legal in this tournament.

Tournament Rules
  • Ubers - BW
  • 6v6 Singles
  • Single Elimination

  • Sleep Clause
  • Species Clause
  • Wifi Battle

Hugendugen vs. soviet

Hugendugen seeks to prove his complete dominance over Ubers by adding a BW tournament win to match his recent DPP one, not to mention his various other accolades. Poised against him is dark horse soviet, who, with his alternate handle, expresses a sentiment that perhaps all Ubers players share: "ban nattorei." Though perhaps less prolific, soviet has maintained a solid presence in the BW scene and should definitely not be counted out.

Deadline (hopefully unneeded): 23:59 GMT-5, Sunday, August 19
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