BW UU Threat List [GP Approved 2/2]

Typing: Psychic / Flying
Base Stats: 72 HP / 58 Atk / 80 Def / 103 SpA / 80 SpD / 97 Spe
Abilities: Wonder Skin / Magic Guard / Tinted Lens

Sigilyph is one of UU's premier Psychic types, thanks to its fantastic ability in Magic Guard. With it, Sigilyph is not damaged by non-attacking moves. Sandstorm, Hail, burn, and more importantly poison will not affect Sigilyph, increasing its longevity to a considerable degree. Even with its lackluster defenses, Sigilyph has access to Calm Mind and Cosmic power to remedy this weakness, and can even Psycho Shift a burn to cripple physical attackers. It's now slouch at sweeping, either; it doesn't take recoil from Life orb, and with acceptable Speed and Special Attack, it can tear through teams with a boosted Psychic. It's not all good news for the Nazca bird, however. Having five common weaknesses to Dark-, Ghost-, Electric-, Ice- and Rock- attacks, in exchange for only three resistances somewhat undermines its tanking abilites. It also suffers from serious moveslot syndrome, as having Calm Mind/Psycho Shift/Roost/Psychic/Ice Beam/Hidden Power is impossible to have on one set. Overall, if Sigilyph is played to its strengths, it can be a major asset to any team.


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Yes, I've seen that, but it hasn't been worked on, and it isn't updated with the current bans etc. Also, this is the official article, and it needs to be done to a better standard in my opinion.

Also, updated.
I'm finished with both Arcanine and Nidoqueen.

Typing: Fire
Base Stats: 90 HP / 110 Atk / 80 Def / 100 SpA / 90 SpD / 95 Spe
Abilities: Intimidate / Flash Fire / Justified

Since the inception of Black and White UU, Arcanine has been a formidable force within the tier. Although it can no longer take advantage of Drought conditions and thus loses some utility, it still has all the tools necessary to succeed in the tier. Excellent mixed attacking stats, solid Speed, reasonable bulk, two extremely useful abilities, and an amazing movepool that provides it with almost impeccable coverage while still allowing it to retain a slot for a priority move, healing, or another type of support move all combine to make Arcanine one of the best Pokemon in the UU tier. The transition to Black and White granted Arcanine access to Close Combat and Wild Charge, improving its coverage and power dramatically. These new assets, as well as its previous advantages, allow Arcanine to play a variety of roles. Arcanine is one of the most versatile Pokemon available in UU play, capable of breaking holes in opposing teams with its powerful Choice Band set, smashing walls and possibly sweeping while retaining the ability to heal with Morning Sun and switch moves with its devastating Physical or mixed Life Orb sets, and even using bulky sets that take advantage of its reasonable defensive stats, access to somewhat reliable recovery, two extremely useful abilities in Intimidate and Flash Fire, and decent support movepool, which includes moves such as Roar, Toxic, and Will-o-Wisp. Arcanine’s only significant drawback is its pure Fire typing, which, while excellent offensively, is poor defensively, giving it weaknesses to common Water-, Ground-, and Rock-type attacks, including the omnipresent Stealth Rock. Despite these drawbacks, and due to its incredible power and versatility, Arcanine is easily one of the most powerful and dangerous Pokemon in the UU tier, and is a threat that every team should prepare for if it hopes to succeed in UU play.

Typing: Poison / Ground
Base Stats: 90 HP / 82 Atk / 87 Def / 75 SpA / 85 SpD / 76 Spe
Abilities: Poison Point / Rivalry / Sheer Force

Although Nidoqueen’s male counterpart overshadows it in terms of offense, Nidoqueen has found a niche as an excellent support Pokemon. Almost no other Pokemon in UU is capable of learning both Stealth Rock and Toxic Spikes, and Nidoqueen has utility based on that alone. In addition to her incredible support movepool, including the aforementioned entry hazards as well as moves such as Roar, Taunt, and Toxic, Nidoqueen also possesses fantastic defensive typing, while also having access to STAB on one of the best offensive types in the game. Her typing provides her with important resistances to Fighting-, Rock-, and Bug-type attacks, as well as a complete immunity to Electric-type attacks, although it does leave her with a weakness to Ground-type attacks, always a flaw in a Physical wall or tank. Combined with her good defensive stats, her typing allows Nidoqueen to perform excellently as a Physical wall, capable of countering some of the most significant threats in the UU tier. Nidoqueen also does not lack for attacking options, with access to both Physical and Special STAB moves, as well as a plethora of other coverage moves encompassing types such as Fire, Ice, Water, and Rock, all of which pair quite well with her Ground-type STAB attacks. Nidoqueen’s impressive support options, good defenses, and top-notch type coverage make her a great choice for any team in need of her unique advantages, especially teams based around Snow Warning support, and opposing teams should always have some answer to Nidoqueen, lest she directly or indirectly cause their defeat.

Pending approval of these two, I would like to reserve Cobalion and Kingdra.
Do I need a badge or any kind of promotion to do this? If not, I will happily reserve Cresselia.

Typing: Psychic
Base Stats: 120 HP / 70 Atk / 120 Def / 75 SpAtk / 130 SpDef / 85 Spe
Ability: Levitate

Cresselia is one of the best mixed walls of 4th gen OU and she returns for another round for 5th gen UU. When gazing at her base stats, your eyes immediately get drawn to her godly base defenses. She has the defenses that Arceus would only dream of. No unboosted attack in the tier can finish her off in one shot. What went wrong? Firstly, psychic is a mediocre defensive typing. Being pursuit weak and U-turn weak does not help increase her survivability. In addition, her offensive base stats are lacking . Cresselia has to rely on psychic or ice beam if she ever gets taunted. However, not all is barren for the great moon duck. Cresselia has a massive support movepool. She has access to the ever-reliable dual screens, the instant recovery move,moonlight, thunderwave to cripple sweepers, and even trick room. In addition Cresselia can use the infamous psycho shift set with flame orb and rest. When her job is done, she can even Lunar Dance and fully heal any pokemon on your team. Because of her great speed (for a wall) she can even run an offensive set with calm mind to sweep unprepared teams. Cresselia competes for a team slot with other psychic walls such as Sigilyph and Slowbro, but a good player will be able to recognize all of her selling points.

I fixed a few grammar errors. just saying.
Here's Cobalion. Kingdra is coming soon. As per usual procedure, I'll edit Kingdra's entry in when I've finished it.

Edit: Kingdra's done.

Typing: Steel / Fighting
Base Stats: 91 HP / 90 Atk / 129 Def / 90 SpA / 72 SpD / 108 Spe
Abilities: Justified

Cobalion is the only member of the musketeer trio to fall into UU, but that by no means makes it a bad Pokemon. Although it does come with unfortunate weaknesses to Ground-, Fighting-, and Fire-type attacks, its outstanding typing grants it a multitude of resistances, and, combined with its exceptional Physical bulk and decent Special durability, plenty of opportunities to switch in. Cobalion has access to two superb stat-boosting moves in Swords Dance and Calm Mind, as well as decent offensive stats and a terrific Speed stat with which to pull them off. Its first-rate Fighting-type STAB and solid coverage options allow it to achieve top-notch coverage with only two moves, freeing up a moveslot for additional coverage against specific threats or a utility move such as Taunt. However, Cobalion does possess some drawbacks: its attacking stats are usable, but not great, and thus certain bulky Pokemon can wall it despite its boosts, and it is forced to rely on the inaccurate Focus Blast as its STAB move as well as requiring a Hidden Power for coverage when using a Calm Mind set. Despite these flaws, Cobalion is a very good Pokemon that can tear apart unprepared teams with ease.

Typing: Water / Dragon
Base Stats: 75 HP / 95 Atk / 95 Def / 95 SpA / 95 SpD / 85 Spe
Abilities: Swift Swim / Sniper / Damp

Once one of the mightiest powerhouses of the OU tier, Kingdra dropped into the UU tier when the combination of the abilities Drizzle and Swift Swim was banned. Its typing is outstanding offensively, to the point where it gains almost perfect neutral coverage with just its STAB moves, and quite good defensively, boasting incredibly useful quadruple resistances to Fire-type and Water-type attacks, as well as a nice resistance to Steel-type attacks and only one weakness. Kingdra’s stat spread is nothing special, but it is just enough to enable Kingdra to perform its various duties, and this versatile Pokemon has plenty of options in terms of sets. It is capable of running a variety of Dragon Dance sets, from the famous ChestoRest set to a set that uses Substitute and Dragon Dance to scout and rack up boosts, Specially based Rain Dance and Choice Specs sets, as well as a couple of mixed sets. With all of the Fire-types and Water-types in the UU tier, Kingdra does not lack setup opportunities and can devastate opposing teams with only one turn of setup. Because of this, Kingdra is certainly a formidable threat and should never be underestimated.

Pending approval of these two, I'd like to reserve Heracross and Milotic.


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Do I need a badge or any kind of promotion to do this? If not, I will happily reserve Cresselia.
No, you don't need a badge, but the reservations must be done to a good standard, as once all of them are finished, I will ask people to redo any bad ones. Just follow the example, and as long as its close to what is shown, I'll update it and make it suitable when everything is finished.
Good luck!

Also, updated.


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Typing: Grass / Psychic
Base Stats: 100 HP /100 Atk / 100 Def / 100 SpA / 100 SpD / 100 Spe
Ability: Natural Cure

Celebi vies for the title of premier grass type of UU. With its balanced Base-100 stats and good movepool, it’s easy to see why Celebi is so versatile. Defensively, its typing provides a unique resistance palette, resisting common attacking types such as Ground, Water, Electric, and Fighting. With a reliable recovery in Recover, Celebi can be a hard nut to crack. With its great ability Natural Cure, it effortlessly checks bulky Water-types such as Suicune, Milotic, or Slowbro. Its massive support movepool include Stealth Rock, Thunder Wave, Leech Seed, Trick, Baton Pass, Heal Bell, and Perish Song. As if that were not enough, it also has access to three notable boosting moves—Swords Dance, Nasty Plot, and Calm Mind—and can sweep for itself. However, as with all versatile Pokémon, Celebi suffers from a severe four-moveslot syndrome. Offensive sets often lack coverage due to Celebi’s poor STAB options. Although nothing really likes to switch on defensive set because of the threat of Thunder Wave or Leech Seed, Celebi’s staggering seven weaknesses—largest number of weaknesses tying with Abomasnow—prevent it from being a top-tier defensive Pokémon. Omnipresent Chansey, Staraptor, and Yanmega easily deal with Celebi, which really puts a damper on her usefulness. Still, Celebi can surprise just about any team with absurd versatility; ignore her at your own risk.

Celebi is done / it was done before I went ahead and did Rotom-H.o.O


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Also, please remember to VM or PM me if you finish a submission, it really helps me out!
Thanks guys
This is fun. I would like to reserve Ambipom if you put it on the list.

Typing: Normal
Ability: Pickup / Technician / Skill Link (Unreleased)
Stats: 75 HP / 100 Atk / 66 Def / 60 SpA / 66 SpD / 115 Spe

Ambipom can easily serve a role as a lead, mid-game sweeper, or a revenge killer on any team. His fantastic speed, combined with Technician and a respectable 100 base Attack means that he can easily rip holes through any teams. In his transition to BW UU, Ambipom's job has always been the same, to scout the opponent's sets and items while dealing significant damage to their team. Unless he is up against a Ghost-Type, Ambipom will almost always be dealing damage for free. Armed with a technician boosted Payback to wipe out Ghosts, a Technician boosted Aerial Ace to defeat fighting types, and a safe get-away in U-turn, Ambipom will always have a technique to deal with it's counters. However, he is not without his flaws. Ambipom's laughable defenses means that he will be taking quite a beating from any attack. His speed is no match for the likes of Jolteon, Aerodactyl, and Crobat (who also has Inner Focus). He will have to face old enemies such as Hitmontop, and new enemies like Cobalion. In addition, 100 base attack is not enough to overpower dedicated physical walls. Even with it's flaws, Ambipom's hit-and-run tactics are unmatched in the UU tier, making him top threat in the metagame.


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Typing: Electric / Fire
Ability: Levitate
Stats: 50 HP / 65 Atk / 107 Def / 105 SpA / 107 SpD / 86 Spe

Rotom-Heat took a fall from grace from Gen 4 OU tier due to the loss of its Ghost-typing. However, threat of STAB Overheat and Volt Switch turns a former defensive behemoth to a serious offensive threat in UU. Its great STAB coverage and access to Trick means that it is most often seen as a Choice user. Specs Overheat is a powerful move that can even dent Pokémon with resistance to Fire, while Volt Switch has good utility as a way to keep momentum or a scouting move despite the advent of team preview. Trick renders Chansey useless by locking her into a single move and lowering her defenses. Rotom-H is no slouch defensively, either—Pain Split and Will-o-wisp along with Levitate and solid defensive stats can give it surprising bulk for a Fire-type. Still, Fire-type gives Rotom-H a nasty weakness to Stealth Rock—perhaps the only thing that undermines its usage as a top-tier Choice Specs user. As a result, keeping Stealth Rock on the opposing field with a Ghost-type is a great way to check Rotom-H. Still, Rotom-H with Rapid Spin support can be devastating offensive presence to unprepared teams. Every team should have a way to deal with Rotom-H lest it pick off team members one by one with its powerful attacks.


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Updated. Also, Amarillo, you have Celebi reserved. You shouldn't have just gone and reserved Rotom-H, you still had Celebi to do.

To everyone:
Please finish your reservations before making new ones.

Thanks guys.
So just a few things, I´d like to see Hippopotas, Sharpedo, Scyther, Sceptile, Ninjask, Electivire, Porygon-Z, and Medicham added to the Threat List for their respective niches. I would explain them, but I´m sure you understand my reasoning without my actual reasoning :P

Typing: Normal / Flying
Base Stats: 85 HP / 120 Atk / 70 Def / 50 SpA / 50 SpD / 100 Spe
Abilities: Intimidate / Reckless

Staraptor has two tricks to be a great offensive threat. First, its base stats in attack and speed making it a good carrier of Choice Band and Choice Scarf. The second, its new ability: Reckless. This enhances his devastating attacks with STAB, Double Edge and Brave Bird. It also has close combat which gives a good coverage against Rock and Steel types. Finally, it has U-turn to scout and avoid of possible counters. Its biggest problem is durability, due to recoil of these moves and Stealth Rock, and this making it difficult switching safely. It's a perfect partner of a slow wisher with U-turn, and also a good teammate of a Rapid Spinner. It can destroy teams by itself, especially ill-prepared.


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you need to improve your grammar.
though it is understandable considering you're from spain
Is it alright if I grammar check occasionally? Staraptor to me is such an important threat it really needs a watertight listing.

Typing: Normal / Flying
Base Stats: 85 HP / 120 Atk / 70 Def / 50 SpA / 50 SpD / 100 Spe
Abilities: Intimidate / Reckless

Staraptor has two tricks main qualities allowing him to be a an great excellent offensive threat. First, its his high base stats in attack and speed making make him it a good carrier of Choice Band and Choice Scarf. The Second, its his new ability: Reckless. This Reckless, an ability that increases the power of recoil moves, enhances his devastating STAB attacks with STAB, Double Edge and Brave Bird. It Staraptor also has Close Combat which gives a good greatly improves coverage against the Rock and Steel types who resist Staraptor's STAB. Finally, it Staraptor has U-turn to scout and avoid of for his possible counters.
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Its Staraptor's biggest problem is durability, due to the large amounts of recoil of these from its STAB moves and as well as Stealth Rock,; and this making makes it difficult to switching switch in safely. It's Staraptor is consequently a perfect partner of a slow wisher with U-turn, and also appreciates a good teammate of a Rapid Spinner. It Staraptor can easily destroy teams by itself himself, especially those ill-prepared to face him.
Removals in red, additions in blue.
Remember, it is Smogon convention to call pokemon "he" or "him" (unless they are gender-neutral or female-only).
If possible could I reserve the awesomeness known as Emboar?

Typing: Fire / Fighting
Base Stats: 110 HP / 123 Atk / 65 Def / 100 SpA / 65 SpD / 65 Spe
Abilities: Blaze / Reckless (Unreleased)

Emboar, the Mega Fire Pig Pokemon has arguably the best offensive typing in the game. This typing grants him access to High Powered STAB moves such as Flare Blitz and Superpower. Alongside his sky-high base 123 attack stat and powerful coverage moves such as Head Smash and Wild Charge, the Mega Fire Pig is a large threat to any unprepared team. He is set back by his low speed however, and is forced to run a Choice Scarf or Flame Charge set to remedy this. However great his offensive typing may be, it is not the greatest defensive typing in the world. Emboar often finds himself defeated to common ground, water, flying, and psychic attacks. Even his alright natural bulk he will be unable to take these hits due to his dependence on recoil inducing moves. All in all, the Mega Fire Pig Pokemon is a serious threat that every team should prepare for and will only become a larger threat when Reckless is released.

Done Already :3
I'd like to reserve Dugtrio as well if possible :D
Ok, sorry for my bad english. Thank you for correct me. I didn't know that you use "his" or "he" to call Pokemon.


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Ok, sorry for my bad english. Thank you for correct me. I didn't know that you use "his" or "he" to call Pokemon.
No, using "it" to refer to the Pokemon is perfectly fine as long as you remain consistent in the entry. You can refer to Pokemon as it, he, or she even as long as you keep the same gender pronouns through out. The user who did the GP check failed to notice that most of the entries are written using "it" as well.

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