BW UU Tournament - Round 2

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BW UU Tournament - Round 2

  • This will be a 6v6 singles tournament played over BW wifi with Team Preview.
  • All Pokemon in the Smogon BL, OU, and Ubers tiers are banned.
  • Banned Abilities - Drought and Moody have been banned from UU.
  • Species Clause - You may not use two Pokemon with the same Pokedex number.
  • Sleep Clause - You may only sleep one of your opponents Pokemon at a time, sleeping a second one through your move selection is considered a forfeit.
  • OHKO Clause - No OHKO moves such as Sheer Cold, Guillotine, and Fissure.
  • Evasion Clause - No Double Team or Minimize.

religiousjedi vs Biosci
Musica vs dragonboy52
pokemonrocks777 vs Vulgo
Cereza vs ZaChAttAcK101
V4Victini vs Pokeguy
Princess of Johto vs IanLohr

Deadline is Tuesday, February 21st, at 4 CST.

If you're reading this, STOP, now go leave your opponent a VM with your time zone, and your hours of availability, good. If your opponent hasn't shown any activity by the 7th, please let me know and I will try to make a substitution.

Good Luck, and have fun.
I won due to a Crit and miss from Will-o-wisp(Which would've been devastating for me if it hit), sorry religiousjedi GG though 6-2
Contacted, we plan to battle on Tuesday because my opponent can't battle Friday - Monday. We could possibly get the battle done today, but I'm not sure if my opponent will be online.
If it's okay will need an extra day or two to get our match played. Was out of town for the holiday weekend, and with the time zone difference just need a little extra time. Hope that is okay.

Thank you,

I'm sorry, Alaka, but IanLohr and I were unable to get out match done. We were aiming for yesterday, and I was online at the specified time range (Wednesday evening) but he wasn't (although, he came on IRC. But he didn't respond to my messages). Same thing happened today.
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