BW2 NU: What Could Have Been-Round 1


BW2 NU-What Could Have Been

Welcome to the BW2 NU-What Could Have Been Tournament!
It's standard BW2 NU but with one twist: One Pokemon from BW2 RU will be dropped into the tier for use in the tournament each round! In that sense, this tournament will give a taste of what the metagame could have been like with the potential dropdowns that RU had never given the tier.​

  • Standard BW2 NU tournament
  • The tournament will be single elimination
  • Matches are best of one
  • Matches will be played on Pokemon Showdown! using the Gen 5 RU format
  • All tournament rules are in effect
  • All standard clauses apply
  • One Pokemon will be released for use in the tier each round and will be usable for the remainder of the tournament and subsequent rounds.

Round 1 Pairings

InfernoDragon218 vs. Meru
Jake Moran
vs. Kraoroz
BigBallerBrand vs. Stan Soojung
pinktidal vs. Diophantine
jcbc vs. honchkrow
vs. pasy_g
HSA vs. Splashbrutha
neomon vs. Slide
vs. TJ
King Wynaut vs. kherdegbtfu
Thiago Nunes
vs. Dj Breloominati♬
Eclipse vs. Finchinator
JCM. vs. Bughouse
cb aaron judge vs. Trace
Go0d vs. Santu
rob. vs. dhaarma
Miere vs. Kushalos
pilz0311 vs. Arifeen
Ninjadog13 vs. Insult
vs. Fantos13
Mr. Miner vs. byron the bab bab
EviGaro vs. Drud
Shadestep vs. robjr
Yui. vs Descending

Our first dropdown for Round 1 is:


These gears were once a very powerful setup sweeper back in the very early days of BW1 NU until RU eventually stole it (amongst many other Pokemon), and it stayed there till the end, albeit barely with constant stints of bordering NU levels of usage. But if it were to return to 5th Gen NU today, will it be able to make as big of a splash as it did back in the day? Play and find out!

Note: The deadline for this round will be June 26, 2018 at 11:59 PM EST (GMT -5).

Best of luck everyone!
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Okay, Round 1 is now over. Having looked through the remaining matchups so far, I'll be going over calls on activity wins and coinflips now.


InfernoDragon218 vs. Meru: Meru sent a VM, but InfernoDragon218 never responded.
Jake Moran vs. Kraoroz: Kraoroz did not respond to Jake Moran's initial VM, and has not shown any sign of notable activity since signing up.
allstarapology vs. pasy_g: allstarapology initiated contact and received a response and also gave a follow-up with no response from pasy_g.
rob. vs dhaarma: rob. hasn't shown any activity since June 17th and dhaarma has since made an activity post.
Eclipse vs. Finchinator: Eclipse gave Finchinator the win in their VM conversation


LordST vs. TJ: No evident VM contact from either side
Go0d vs. Santu: No evident VM contact from either side
Shadestep vs robjr: No evident VM contact from either side
Miere vs. Kushalos: Insufficient VM contact from both sides
Mr. Miner vs. byron the bab bab: Very insufficient VM contact from both sides.

pilz0311 I'll grant you and Arifeen an extension up until Friday (June 29th) at 11:59 PM. Get your match done ASAP, however.


Will be posting Round 2 soon with the next drop as well.

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