BW2 NU: What Could Have Been-Round 2

BW2 NU-What Could Have Been

Welcome to the BW2 NU-What Could Have Been Tournament!
It's standard BW2 NU but with one twist: One Pokemon from BW2 RU will be dropped into the tier for use in the tournament each round! In that sense, this tournament will give a taste of what the metagame could have been like with the potential dropdowns that RU had never given the tier.​

  • Standard BW2 NU tournament
  • The tournament will be single elimination
  • Matches are best of one
  • Matches will be played on Pokemon Showdown! using the Gen 5 RU format
  • All tournament rules are in effect
  • All standard clauses apply
  • One Pokemon will be released for use in the tier each round and will be usable for the remainder of the tournament and subsequent rounds.

Round 2 Pairings:
vs. Thiago Nunes
Slide vs. Raseri
dhaarma vs. Insult
vs. pinktidal
allstarapology vs. Trace
Finchinator vs. Drud
Meru vs. SOMALIA
vs. BigBallerBrand
Santu vs. LordST
Jake Moran vs. robjr
HSA vs. honchkrow
vs. Descending

Alright, our second dropdown for the tournament beginning this round is :


The mighty sumo wrestler Hariyama has been a somewhat...odd Pokemon in the days of 5th Gen RU, never being that outstanding due to competition with Gallade and Medicham (and being slow and suicidal), but being a decent wallbreaker with Guts and a massive amount of power with Facade to muscle through Psychic-types as well, and it has been a staple of later generations of NU. Anyways, as one of those Pokemon that was always close, but not quite NU back in the day, this round will give a taste of how good ol' Hariyama would perform in the 5th Gen NU metagame, a metagame that also happens to have plenty of strong Fighting-types like Primeape, Sawk, and Gurdurr. Will Guts, Facade (giving Yama something to hit Gothorita and Duosion hard), and priority as well as potentially Thick Fat give Hariyama an edge over the crowd? Or will the faster Primeape and Sawk boasting tools like U-turn or Mold Breaker ultimately leave old Hariyama in the dust? It's time to play and find out.

Also a reminder to everyone that Klinklang is still allowed to be used in this round.

The deadline for this round is Wednesday, July 4th at 11:59 PM EST (aka GMT -5).

Best of luck!
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