BW2 NU: What Could Have Been-Round 3


BW2 NU-What Could Have Been

Welcome to the BW2 NU-What Could Have Been Tournament!
It's standard BW2 NU but with one twist: One Pokemon from BW2 RU will be dropped into the tier for use in the tournament each round! In that sense, this tournament will give a taste of what the metagame could have been like with the potential dropdowns that RU had never given the tier.​

  • Standard BW2 NU tournament
  • The tournament will be single elimination
  • Matches are best of one
  • Matches will be played on Pokemon Showdown! using the Gen 5 RU format
  • All tournament rules are in effect
  • All standard clauses apply
  • One Pokemon will be released for use in the tier each round and will be usable for the remainder of the tournament and subsequent rounds.

Round 3 Pairings:

(Finchinator vs Arifeen) vs. robjr
LordST vs. honchkrow
vs. allstarapology
Insult vs. Slide
kherdegbtfu vs. byronthewellwell
vs. Bughouse

Okay then. The next drop for this round will be:


Rhydon's a Pokemon who was RU throughout much of BW, albeit on the lower end of the usage scale, despite being very good there thanks to its colossal physical bulk, Stealth Rock, excellent power and STAB combo, and a typing that gave it a bit of an edge over the prominent Moltres and for a long time Entei. Now with this round, Rhydon will get its chance to perform in the BW2 NU metagame: it has great potential to find itself a stellar niche here thanks to being a decent check to Kangaskhan, Charizard, and the like, as well as all the qualities I brought up that made it great in BW RU, meaning it could find itself great uses as a Stealth Rock user, a physical tank with Eviolite, and possibly a good sweeper with Rock Polish, but may also find itself competing with the likes of Golem and Golurk in terms of the roles it can perform. Still, Rhydon will likely stand out due to its bulk and power making it a stellar tank. Anyways, it's time to play and get a taste of this rhino.

Roundly reminder that Klinklang and Hariyama are still allowed to be used this round.

Anyways, the deadline for this round will be Wednesday, July 11, 2018 at 11:59 PM EST (GMT -5).

Best of luck, everyone.
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Contacted my opp thursday on both disc and forums, he has yet to reply and i will be gone all of next week where ill be without my phone and comp. Requesting act unless u allow an extension to next sunday (when i get back). Understandable if this request is denied, but I still am really interested in playing in this tour.

my opponent and I have incompatible schedules. both of us are only available in the evening on weekdays and have differing timezones. I have suggested that either of us could play on a weekend morning but he is going away over the weekend.
Looks like I'm going to have to extend this round as a whole. Extending this round so the new deadline is July 16.

Get it going everyone, we oughtta get some matches done here.

Insult I'm most likely going to give you the activity win since Slide hasn't been online in over a week.

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