Bye Bye A go-go! F' Galar, Back to Hoenn! ~ Inkblot's RNG abuse & Past Gen shop (Pomeg Power Is Real)

Small update! After getting bored with SWSH, I went back to gen 3 and 4, where I have been messing around with glitches. Managed to set up ACE (Arbitrary Code Execution) in Emerald, and am now on a quest to get all the pokemon I wanted but could never get as a kid. Aside from glitching myself celebi's and Jirachi's that pass bank, I have also managed to get to the event islands and RNG abuse mons like Deoxys & Lugia, etc. I don't really know if they would be legal to trade here, as to get them all shiny on one save I had to mess with my trainer info, but moving forward It might allow for some fun new options on my shop. Hope to have some updates soon!

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