Completed C$FP vs Spenstar in the Day Care PART 2!

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Spen's Team:

Syclar [Ant Arctica] (Female)
Nature: Mild (+1 Special Attack, -1 Defense)

Type: Ice/Bug
Ice: Ice STAB; immune to freezing and Sheer Cold, no vision loss or damage in Hail or snowstorm conditions, perfectly accurate and 30% Protect breaking Blizzard in Hail. Superior senses and mobility in frozen caves and other frigid arenas.
Bug: Bug STAB; More mobility in dense brush or forest conditions. Gain an extra guaranteed attack on multi-hit moves.
About Ant Artica: While looking for an ice-type Pokemon in the depths of Snowpoint Temple, Spenstar found a young Syclar stumbling weakly, badly injured from a previous battle. He nursed the Syclar back to health, and in return, the Syclar accepted his offer to join his team. He named her Ant Arctica (usually addressed as simply "Arctica" though) and a partnership was formed. Ant Artica was often bullied by the stronger members of her swarm, and as a result, she is very mild-mannered and shy around trainers and Pokemon besides Spenstar. This somewhat changed when the rest of Spenstar's team warmed up to Ant Artica and made her feel at home; now she opens up to them but is still shy around other Pokemon. She feels blessed to finally have a loving family. Ant Artica is commonly seen outside her Pokeball, on Spenstar's shoulder or head.

HP: 90
Atk: Rank 3
Def: Rank 1 (-1)
SpA: Rank 4 (+1)
SpD: Rank 2
Spe: 91

EC: 1/6
MC: 0
DC: 1

Compoundeyes: (Innate) This Pokemon’s complex eyes give it a comprehensive view of the field, making its attack 30% (x1.3) more accurate.
Mountaineer: (Innate) This Pokemon is used to scaling and avoiding rocks. It can avoid damage from Stealth Rock when it switches in, and all Rock-type attacks the round it switches in. In subsequent rounds Mountaineer will not evade Rock-type attacks.
Technician (Locked DW): (Innate) This Pokemon is more skilled at performing weaker moves, causing any of their attacks that normally deal 6 or below base damage to have their base damage multiplied by 1.5. (e.g. Aerial Ace goes from 6 to 9, Mach Punch goes from 4 to 6, etc.) The Energy Cost for a one-hit or two-hit attack is increased by one (1). Each hit in a multi-hit move is boosted by one (1) damage, and the Energy Cost for mutli-hit attacks is increased by two (2).

Leech Life
Focus Energy
Ice Shard
Icy Wind
Bug Bite
Icicle Spear

Earth Power
Tail Glow
Signal Beam

Ice Beam
Swords Dance

C$FP's Team:

Shroomish [Shroomish] (Male)
Nature: Adamant (+ to Attack; - from Special Attack)
Type: Grass
Grass: Grass STAB; immunity to Leech Seed and Worry Seed. 50% reduction in status effect chance of oncoming "powder" attacks. More mobile in areas with strong natural light sources. Superior senses in tall grass and forest areas. Able to use Wrap and Bind without losing focus.

Ability 1: Effect Spore
Type: Can be Disabled
This Pokemon has a stockpile of defensive spores which it releases on opponents who strike with contact attacks. There is a 10% chance each of poison, paralysis, and sleep.

Ability 2: Poison Heal
Type: Innate
Pokemon with this ability have internal structures that absorb the toxins in poison and uses them to recover two (2) HP/action instead of taking poison damage. When a Pokemon with Poison Heal inflicts Poison on themselves with an attack, it uses up one of their Recovery Moves. If Toxic'd, the Toxic counter will still go up each round and Toxic will do the relevant damage for that round should their ability be disabled. When disabled, the Pokemon's Powder attacks are 10% more accurate.

Ability 3 (DW): Quick Feet
Type: Innate
This Pokemon feels a sense of anxiety when afflicted with a status condition and its speed increases by 50% (x1.5). Although it can still be fully paralyzed, it will not suffer the Speed drop.


HP: 90
Atk: Rank 3 (+)
Def: Rank 2
SpA: Rank 1 (-)
SpD: Rank 2
Spe: 35
Size Class: 1
Weight Class: 1
Base Rank Total: 12

EC: 0/6
MC: 0
DC: 0/5

Stun Spore
Leech Seed
Mega Drain

Bullet Seed
Drain Punch
Focus Punch

Double Team

Moves: 13

Switch = Time out
Training 1v1 Singles
No Items
1 Day DQ
Skip the sendouts, C$FP acts, then Spen, then I ref
Play nice, children!
The battle begins with both Pokemon eying each other from across the ASB arena.

As the ref gives the signal, Ant Arctica fires off an Ice Beam at the Shroomish. Shroomish, not wanting to eat another Ice move, set up a Substitute.

Ant Arctica fires off four Icicle Spears to try to break the Substitute, and succeeds. Shroomish, currently uninhibited, fires off a powerful Focus Punch, causing some damage to the Syclar.

Ant Arctica fires off another Ice Beam, which ended up interrupting Shroomish's Focus Punch.

1171 (Ice Beam Crit, no)
2404 (Ice Beam Freeze, no)
8531 (Icicle Spear Hits, 4)
3737 (Icicle Spear Crit, no)
5973 (Icicle Spear Crit, no)
6064 (Icicle Spear Crit, no)
772 (Icicle Spear Crit, no)
170 (Focus Punch Crit, yes)
125 (Ice Beam Crit, yes)
6960 (Ice Beam Freeze, no)

Ice Beam: (10 + 3 + 3) * 1.5 = 24 DMG (29 Crit)
Focus Punch: (15 + 3 + 3) = 21 DMG
Icicle Spear: (3 * 4 + 3 + 1.5) * 1.5 = 24.75 = 25 DMG

Post Round:

HP: 69 | 12
EN: 83 | 44
Status: N/A | N/A

Finish it up, Spen
Shroomish takes 3 more Icicles to the face and faints.
6969 (Icicle Spear Hits, 3)
7011 (Icicle Spear Crit, no)
8823 (Icicle Spear Crit, no)
3710 (Icicle Spear Crit, no)

(9 + 3 + 1.5) * 1.5 = 19.5 = 20 DMG

Spenstar WINS!
Good thing it was training.

Spenstar: 2CC
Ant Arctica: 1EC, 2MC, 1DC, 1KOC

Shroomish: 1EC, 2MC, 1DC

Me: 3UC
OK, since you guys want a rematch, I'll ref it again

Shroomish wants revenge on Spen, who is now using his Grimer

Playdoh [Grimer] (Male)
Nature: Quiet (Special Attack increased by *; Speed divided by 1/15, evasion reduced by 10%(flat))
Type: Poison
Poison: Poison STAB; immunity to Poison/Toxic, see and breath through smog/smokescreens/haze uninhibited. Able to use Wrap and Bind without losing focus. Superior senses in urban settings.

Stench: (Innate) This Pokemon has a foul odor that reeks into each of its attacks, causing all of them to have a 10% flinch rate. This applies to each hit of a multi-hit move.
Sticky Hold: (Innate) This Pokemon’s body is covered in a sticky substance that prevents item theft or swapping.
Poison Touch: (Can be Disabled.) This Pokemon's body is covered with a film of poison. Whenever it hits an opponent with a contact attack, that opponent has a 30% chance of being Poisoned. When disabled, all of this Pokemon's attacks that inflict regular poison will inflict Toxic poison (with the same chance of effect).


HP: 100
Atk: Rank 3
Def: Rank 2
SpA: Rank 3(+1)
SpD: Rank 2
Spe: 22(/1.15)
Size Class: 1
Weight Class: 3
Base Rank Total: 13

EC: 0/6
MC: 0
DC: 0/5

Poison Gas
Mud Bomb

Egg Moves:
Acid Spray
Shadow Sneak

Poison Jab

Total Moves: 14

Also, Shroomish picked up Spore and Seed Bomb with its counters

Yeah, C$FP, I'm going to let you go second, so Spen chooses actions first.
"Man, I can't wait until this thing is a Breloom and I can Focus Punch the hell out of everyone for good damage."

Swagger, Leech Seed, Spore
No flavor, my computer is retarded, so I don't know how long I have
5744 (Hit Self, no)
7979 (Poison Jab Crit, no)
6281 (Poison Jab Poison, no)
7738 (Hit Self, no)
2485 (Flamethrower Crit, no)
29 (Flamethrower Burn, yes)
5216 (Sleep Counter, 1 Action)

Poison Jab: (8 + 3 + 1.5) * 1.5 + 3.5 = 22.25 = 22 DMG
Flamethrower: (10 + 1.5) * 1.5 = 17.25 = 17 DMG
Shadow Sneak: (4 + 1.5) + 3.5 = 9 DMG

HP: 94 | 44
EN: 85 | 79
Status: +2 Atk, Leech Seed | Burn
C$FP, you're up
Shroomish starts off by setting up a Double Team, splitting itself into 5. Playdoh is still asleep.

Shroomish then shows its swag, confusing Playdoh again, who fires off another Poison Jab which nails Shroomish, breaking the clones.
3985 (Confuse Counter, 3 Actions)
8851 (Hits Self, no)
444 (Hits Shroomish, yes)
5081 (Poison Jab Crit, no)
4564 (Poison Jab Poison, no)
3972 (Hits Self, yes)

Poison Jab: (8 + 3 + 1.5) * 1.5 = 18.75 + 7 = 26 DMG
Hit Self: (4 + 1.5) + 7 = 12.5 = 13 DMG

HP: 72 | 21
EN: 76 | 39
Status: +4 Atk, Leech Seed (1) | Burn

Spen, finish it up!
Poison Jab-Poison Jab-Poison Jab

If he goes for the spore A1 or A2, replace the action with Poison Jab+Shadow sneak combo, the same action he uses spore.
Shroomish shows more swag, but it didn't work because Playdoh nailed it with Poison Jab.
It did 31 DMG
8585 (Hits self, no)
Spen wins, again.

Shroomish: 1EC, 2MC, 1DC

Spenstar: 2CC
Playdoh: 1EC, 2MC, 1DC, 1KOC

3UC for me
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