CAD - Create a Digimon


formerly Forrce
Hey y’all! This is Lycanium Z coming to you live with your results for April’s Create-a-Digimon contest! The judges this month were the Digimon room staff. Now read on to see what special digimon made the rankings.
5th place: Sorceressmon with 1 point

4th Place: A 3 way tie between Kyuzardmon, DotTorikaraballmon, and Schwartzmon at 2 points.

3rd Place: Tahmulimon at 4 points.

2nd Place: Tadamon with 5 points.

1st place: This was actually a tie between Ninjammon and Bonbomon with 7 points. However there can only be 1 winner. So the judges got together and voted. The victor is...
Bonbomon! Congratulations flimingow, you have won the first CAD contest!

Alright and that’s it for the 1st Create-a-Digimon contest. Stay tuned for when we announce the next contest theme eventually. In the mean time remember to never shoot the messenger.

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