Came back to Pokémon and Smogon after about a decade of hiatus, looking for some advices and active Pokérus, not sure if this is the right forum...

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Hi folks,

It's great to be back at Smogon. I used to play competitively in Gen 4 and when PokéLab (is that what's it called now?) was Shoddy Battle, and then college happened that took away all my time. Long story short, I graduated, got a job, bought a switch, and recently jumped back into the series with Pokémon Sword.

I still remember most of the old days IV stuff and EV training, and I assume that most things haven't changed much other than about 400 more new Pokémon and some Mega-forms have been introduced. I am glad that Smogon is still thriving, and I still remember the logins to this account.

I checked out most stuff about Gen 8 online, although I'm only on Route 5 with 1 gym badge. I'm tracking EVs with manually with Notepad, but hopefully in a few months, I can get online and battle some of you again.

But I really want to ask four questions...
  1. Is EV training still the same as before? And I notice that my entire party gets EXP now - is there no more EXP. Share? And do the Pokémon who are in party, gotten EXP but didn't enter the battle get EVs?
  2. Is there any way to see IV in-game now?
  3. Does this version have Pokérus? I still remember this thing. If so, could someone help me with one? I don't want to sound like a begger here, so if someone has Shield and need some Sword-exclusive, perhaps I can help you.
  4. Any other advices? I guess I've missed a lot, but it is good to be back.

Thanks, fellow Smogonites.

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Simple questions and requests do not need their own individual thread(s). Our Simple Questions/Requests thread is the appropriate place to ask for these kinds of things. You can access it simply by clicking here. Good luck!

To answer your questions:
  • EV training still exists. The EXP. Share is no longer a held item and shares the EXP among your entire party now. It cannot be turned off.
  • You cannot see the exact IVs, once you gain access to the IV judge after winning 6 battles in the Battle Tower, you can get the approximate IVs:
Best = 31, Fantastic = 30, Very good = 26-29, Pretty good = 16-25, Decent = 1-15, No Good = 0​
  • Pokérus still exists. Feel free to ask in the Simple Questions/Requests thread.
Good luck!
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