Can we have a report button for 'Showdown!' users? If there is one, make it more easier to find/see!

Should a Report Button be made on In-Battle and Private Chat?

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I'm currently being relentlessly stalked AND cyber bullied by a user called N64Gary. He's also racist and a professional pervert. This isn't in the group chats on Showdown, but in-battle and in private chat (y'know, when you get challenged).

I looked for a topic, chat, anywhere, to report and get rid of him, and what do you know - there ISN'T one. This is stupid. This is a popular site, and there isn't a report button, and if there is, it is really hard to find!

So please, make a report button for private and in-battle chat. For the sake of me and others. Think of the suicidal people being driven closer to a trip to 'The Gap' because of these stupid people. Maybe even a block button.

If you need punishment ideas for the reported users, here's some -
*Temporary ban from 'Showdown!'
*Perma-ban from 'Showdown!'
*Battle Restrictions
*Chat Restrictions
*Unable to access group chats

I know this is making Pokemon Showdown more like a Facebook, but it would really help. Please help and Thanks for reading. Sorry for any trouble caused.
This has been previously suggested for PS suggestions - it's good to just PM an authority member though. Staff member are marked by the symbols %, @, & and ~ on the sim.

In future, it's better to post PS-related suggestions in this thread, where they'll be read by the appropriate staff members.
Ok, thanks. But it is still a very helpful thing for people who do NOT know this. Can it at least be considered? This guy is really starting to make me feel uneasy.

I do know about the staff members, but it would just make life easier.
/ignore works if you dont want to see any of their posts, and I'm pretty sure going to someone with authority if you are having table with a user is common sense. Just talk to the staff and we'll deal with it.


I do not recall. I do not recall.
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This sounds like a nightmare of an idea lol. Anyway Chippy2001 take screenshots of EVERY incidence where you're getting stalked (all PM exchange) or its your word against his basically.
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