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You do not need to apply to the CAP PRC in order to participate in CAP events. All polls and discussion threads in this forum are open for public use; the PRC serves an entirely different function that is separate from the current CAP process.
This thread is for people who want to apply to the Create-A-Pokemon Project Policy Review Committee. Remember, the PRC is in charge of discussing policy changes to the CAP Process in general, all of which take place in the CAP Policy Review Forum (which everyone can see but only CAP PRC are able to post in). Note that if you're a guest viewing the CAP forums, you cannot view the CAP PRC forum, so that is all the more reason for you to register and see what CAP is all about! It's a great place to read the opinions of some of the most seasoned CAP veterans.

Please stuff as much relevant information about yourself as you can in these applications; a short few lines will no longer suffice. In terms of guidance, it would be wise to describe a) your CAP experience, b) your Smogon experience, and c) your Pokemon experience. To apply, describe your involvement in the CAP Project in all areas, including but not limited to: past CAP polls, PR discussions, playtesting RMTs/discussions, CAP analyses workshops, #cap on IRC, CAP metagame involvement, submitted material, etc. It can really only help your case if you provide links to example posts for things like submissions or suggestions. I cannot stress this enough: please take time to fill out your application thoroughly. Also, recall that this is a rolling application, meaning that you can apply whenever it is convenient for you to do so.

As an aside, we're not looking for perfect members. There is not going to be a limit on the number of users the CAP moderators accept for the PRC, and we would prefer more to less. I doesn't overly matter how long you've contributed. We're mainly looking for the best users in CAP to step up and start leading, regardless of join date. If you feel like you have contributed positively to CAP in any way, please feel free to apply. Note that significant work within the Policy Review Committee could earn you a Community Contributor badge. Remember that we are especially looking for active CAP PRC members to be involved in our discussion. Furthermore, rejection now will not disqualify you permanently; signups will be open again after every CAP. Inactivity or serious misconduct is the only way to lose PRC status, so you have nothing to lose by applying and quite a bit to gain.

The CAP 6 Policy Review Committee

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Elevator Music

All of these members will be given posting privileges to the CAP Policy Review subforum. They will have the ability to create threads on important CAP issues as well. They've also been granted the ability to vote on these issues and shape the future of CAP as a whole. PRC members, don't forget that you can PM any of the CAP moderators if you have any questions or concerns. We hope we can all be as active and vocal as possible in order to get work done. We can't wait to work with all of you to make positive changes in this project!
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I've been playing competitive Pokemon since before I was COPPA-legal, having downloaded Shoddy in August or September of '09. I've never been very good, at least at OU—I am part of the QC team of Doubles though—but I have four years of battling experience under my belt so that has to count for something. Like emma, I don't really play OU much any more (in fact, I'd stop completely if I didn't need to know it to participate in CAP), since I almost exclusively do Doubles now.

I joined Smogon a year later, when I turned 13 because I actually bothered to read the rules announcement before making an account. So I've been a site member for over three years, though i really only started using my account around when BW was released in America. The place where I have the most posts is ASB, since that's necessarily true of everyone who does PC++ Style Battling. I've written three smog articles and co-written three more; I have activity voice on Pokemon Showdown; I pay more attention than is healthy to Smogon politics. I also read A Forum a lot, unfortunately.

I'd been playing All-CAP since I first downloaded shoddybattle and I loved it, so one of the first things I did when I joined the forums was to check out this subforum. Voodoom was already over, so the first project I participated in was Tomohawk—please don't find my posts from Tomohawk. I submitted concepts for CAPs 2-5 and a couple of stat spreads, and some flavor stuff. Not a large paper trail, but I tend to do a lot more arguing than submitting. I got VOps in #cap last summer but lost them around the start of Malaconda for being a fuck, but I'm still really active in the channel. I did decently in Aurumoth and Mollux playtests, placing third in both or something like that. I acted as the Ability Leader for our most recent CAP, and recently earned a pre-contributor badge for my activities in this subforum.
Okay, I am a relatively new user who goes by Magical Manticore. I got into the series when I was nine years old (I'm 16 at this time) through a friend's trading cards, while Sinnoh was already active in Japan, with me being unaware. I used to be a casual player up until I was around 14, and while I like analyzing competitive Pokemon stuff, I REALLY am a sore loser on the competitive field. I don't play Wi-Fi battles, and I don't know how good I could become at Pokemon even if I did. I even analyze the flavor aspects of official Pokemon, based on how much sense they make.

While I have lurked for at least a year before joining, I was mostly browsing CAP, rather than the official tiers, such as Overused, Underused, etc. But what I do understand is that Smogon is a lot nicer than the filthy casuals make it out to be. I really like Smogon and CAP so far. By the time I found CAP and got into it, Necturna was already finalized, and that's what got me into Smogon. I've been voting in later polls for Cawmodore, and lurking the CAP Kitchen, which I still do. I will be more active if I can get a chance to participate in the Policy Review. I don't have that much experience, aside from whatever was stated above.

Anyway, I really would be happy to help with Kalos CAP 1 in some way.
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I've been playing Pokemon for about a decade now, and I've been playing competitive Pokemon for about four of those years. I've played every generation of Pokemon on the handheld other than the fifth, as well. I've been playing OU for a long time too, and I can't wait for the Gen 6 metagame to settle because of all the cool new game mechanics and Pokemon. I've dabbled in just about every different corner of Smogon, but my main (and really my only) focus nowadays is CAP. I've played in plenty of tournaments throughout the previous two generations, and I've voted in eight Suspect Tests during my tenure here. I even had a brief run on the UnderUsed council back when I played UU often.

My CAP experience is much more extensive than my experience anywhere else, though. I've been lurking in CAP since Colossoil and posting in earnest since Krilowatt. I've lead a prevo project (Brattler), written a CAP analysis (Aurumoth), and won a playtest (Mollux). I've been in the Topic Leadership Team for two consecutive CAPs, establishing a Stats dynasty in the process. I've been on PRC for three or four CAPs, and, other than my brief semi-retirement in the fall of 2012, posted pretty actively in the threads that appear there. I've also picked up a CAP Contributor badge in the process (only non-mod to have one, not counting alumni!). My history in CAP polls...well...let's not get into that :P. I'm a regular on #cap as well, and I'd love to keep contributing to the PRC if you'll have me.


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I've played competitive Pokemon since 2005 when I joined Smogon though I did not post much on the forum till late-2007. Since then, however, I have been very involved in the site. I started following and contributing to CAP with Syclant and I eventually became a CAP forum moderator. Soon afterwards, I was elected as the TL for EVO1, a project DougJustDoug and I decided to scrap due to some unforeseen circumstances. When the next CAP started (the first CAP 6), I ran for TL again and won unanimously, making me the only TL to win 2 TL elections and also the only one to win unanimously. Arghonaut was the fastest CAP to date, completing in only 42 days, and I made several process changes while I ran that CAP, which I then made permanent with a collection of PR threads after the process completed. One of those was the addition of the Concept Assessment stage, which some call one of the most important steps in the CAP process. The other two threads were about splitting the Flavor and Competitive parts of the process into two separate threads and the doing Discussions and Voting in separate threads. All of my contributions to the CAP process are still used today and the PR threads are linked below. I was also a CAP Server mod on Shoddy Battle and am currently pretty active on the #cap channel on IRC, which incidentally I founded about four years ago. I did have a hiatus of a little while due to family reasons, but I'm back now!
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Hiya! Only half a year has passed since my last PRC Application yet so much has changed...

I have contributed to CAP for a fairly long time, starting in the Mollux era. While it is safe to say that my love for CAP has blossomed with every passing process, the project itself was the integral reason why I joined; the idea of creating a Pokemon as a community and placing it in an OU environment fascinated me. I believe myself to be knowledgeable on the CAP process and leadership system, as well as any other aspect of CAP. Whilst I love contributing towards CAPs, I particularly enjoy giving feedback in flavour threads, such as on art submissions and pokedex entries. I admit, however, that my contribution to CAP 6 has been lacking somewhat. This is due to a mixture of things -- relatives dying, XY being released, GCSE revision, a lack of interest in the concept and volunteer work.

That's not to say I didn't contribute whatsoever to Cawmodore. I submitted a stat spread which was slated (a first in CAP, which shows my improvement in terms of decent competitive submissions, and not just flavour submissions.) While it just missed out on advancing to the second poll, it received positive feedback. My flavour submissions have also been improving (the more we forget about Gularpagos, the better), where I have submitted in almost every name or pokedex thread, including CAP prevos. I am also very active in #cap where I participated in a large amount of discussion (moreso in the early stages of Cawmodore) on CAP 6 and CAP 5. I was also up for giving feedback to the artists in #cap over their art designs.

I recently received a pre-contributor badge for my contributions to the flavour aspects of each CAP, which I believe shows my rapid improvement in the project (and to think I was banned for plagiarism!).

Competitive-wise, I mostly keep to random battles on Showdown!, although I did participate in the Malaconda playtest, doing fairly well by peaking at 7th with my sun team. I have peaked #1 in the main CAP ladder, using my team, Receding Tide. You can also see me on the CAP ladder using the nickname "Eagimmick", where I come up with..well..gimmicky CAP sets (Block/Wish/Disable/Encore Fidgit, for example). I also participated briefly in Cawmodore's playtest, using a Sky Drop set which strangely didn't work. I wouldn't call myself a good battler by any means, but I certainly know most aspects of competitive battling. I began getting into Pokemon through the tcg, around 2005, before finally getting my first Pokemon game (a French version of Pokemon Pearl, no less) in 2007. From there I got more and more obsessed with battling, challenging my school friends and coming out on top every time (Seriously, I have a 100% win record). I stopped collecting the tcg due to the power creep, but I continued with my love of Pokemon and battling.

To describe my time on Smogon you need to imagine a teenager prone to mood swings let loose on a piano. I have had a large amount of highs, and a large amount of lows. Starting off with Smeargle's Studio as a not-so-good artist and CAP as the resident laughing stock, I branched to Orange Islands where I co-hosted a Pokemon vs Pokemon competition, among simply enjoying the more laidback nature of the forum which provides great contrast to the intense yet extremely enjoyable CAP forum. I was recently voiced in #orangeislands where I am now extremely active in acting like a total (but lovable) buffoon. I have also branched out to Circus Maximus where I take part in many enjoyable mafia games as well as creating my own mafia game. I have also hosted an Extreme Makeovers Contest. Amongst all this, I also heavily contribute to the Prevo Workshop, starting from the Embirch/Flarelm stage right up to #breezi. During this process, I've created many submissions for stats and pokedex entries.

While in the last PRC I didn't say much due to other members typing my thoughts for me, the batch of topics we are discussing this time round certainly intrigues me and I'm extremely willing to have influence over many of the topics we need to decided on.
Thanks for listening~


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Cawmodore marks the seventh CAP in which I have participated, though I lurked a project or two before that. In that time, I have been slated many many times, though have as of yet not won any polls. I've been a member of PRC for three cycles and hope to stay on for a fourth. All you CAP mods were kind enough recently to give me one of the initial CAP Pre-contribs badge. What I bring to CAP is definitely on the competitive side. Years of chess have made me quite good at strategy games and it shows in my battling. For example, I'm currently the owner of #2 and #3 on the Cawmodore ladder with Bullet Pawnch and srk1214. Finally, I've fulfilled a longtime promise I've made in these PRC apps and exponentially increased my irc presence during this project.

As to Smogon as a whole, I'm a mixed bag. Most of my activity is here, to be sure. But when I have time, I'll join tournaments or post in metagame specific threads, particularly around suspect testing. I've voted 3 times, narrowly missing out on Tiering Contributor, which I may be getting soon, depending on how the XY transition affects the badge requirements. For the XY Poke Previews, I have finished four (Gorebyss, Gothitelle, Mamoswine, Dugtrio) and am working on a fifth (Magneton.) I think I may take on some actual analyses for the first time, when that project starts up.

EDIT: I lied. I won the dex entry poll on Cawmodore, despite Birkal's persistent loathing of me.
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I'll try to keep this short

You may remember me as Topic Leader for CAP 4, Aurumoth, which is widely considered the community's greatest blunder since EVO, and helped to usher in a vast reduction in the Topic Leader's powers. So, to that end, I won't call that a contribution I'm extremely proud of. But for what it's worth, I worked bloody hard on trying to make it work throughout, as I'm sure some people will attest to, and can claim some credit for introducing a few ideas into the mix, but more than anything else I'd like to think that the fact that I was voted in as Topic Leader at all shows that I have had, in the past if not now, some measure of recognition for the work I've put into the community and the amount of effort I am willing to put into filling the holes where necessary, as it were. I won't talk much more about this - you're free to make your own conclusions regarding what happened then.

Since then, I've been on something of a sabbatical, but I decided to come back once XY fever claimed me. I have not made any posts for Cawmodore, as I felt that I didn't want to make a re-entry on the tail end of a CAP, but I made an effort to get conversation going again in the Kitchen (which failed) and have updated the BSR calculator for XY to the best of our current knowledge, though whether or not it will be necessary remains to be seen. If past contributions are worth anything, I count the current Movepool Submissions guide on-site as mine, as well as the ideas behind certain alterations to the VGM lists, and repeated moves in movepools. I also wrote updates to about ten different out-of-date pages for BW which were never implemented for a number of reasons, but are still available for viewing. I also wrote a BSR calculator and basic movepool builder in Excel for community use, and wrote at least 499% of the current on-site Necturna analysis. In terms of policy that I've had any input into, I only really have the Kitchen and the currently postponed introductory paragraphs to show for my own ideas, the rest having been veto'd or, in the case of the immediate CAP4 commencement, not being much of anything, although I had some input into the conclusions and final proposed motions of some of the CAP3 cycle PRC topics, such as threats/counters, cap mission, non-OU CAPs, and more prc opportunities. For a brief period I was also trying, rather unsuccessfully, to attempt to drum up a team to go to work on fully overhauling the CAP site with regard to new articles, more artwork, updated and easier-to-find pages, and the like, as well as trying to find places to put all the information. That all aside, this isn't much compared to some other people, and I'm very conscious of the fact that really, my contributions to the project as a whole aren't all that many (hence why I can list them here) - the point being that, well, I've tried, I've worked myself near to collapse at some points for sake of trying to get things sorted, and I do have a CAP contributor badge to show for my efforts, for which I am very grateful.

In terms of participation in the project itself, I've been paying mild attention since before Stratagem, but only actually began to post seriously and post often around the time of Kitsunoh/Cyclohm, so I can say that I've been around and contributing in the project for around 8-9 CAPs, having missed out on the last two. In all that time I've never won a single CAP poll, unless you count the CAP4 TL poll, but I still make a point of contributing both critiques and submissions for near enough every stage, including the flavour ones - while I do have an art badge I haven't drawn much for yonks, and my somewhat dry and esoteric wit means that my names and dex submissions are rather patrician for most tastes - and more than that, I thoroughly enjoy doing so, both for the arguments and hopefully for the support. I'll confess to not being the most avid OU battler, though I still have a fairly huge knowledge of what works and what doesn't and all the little game mechanics that really would ideally be filled with more useful details for my UD, but that can't be helped. I suppose I should also mention that I held a community contributor badge for 3 months before my departure necessitated its removal, and given that the nomination occurred three months prior to that, I think I can say that I was a positive presence for at least a brief period of time. I guess I was also joint runner-up for best CAP poster in 2011 in the Smog awards, if that's worth mentioning.

As far as contributions outside of CAP go, I've been badged for my ability to both write and grammar check in both C&C and the Smog, and I think I can lay claim to being one of the earliest GP team members to still be kicking around. I am also reasonably good at organisation - I was responsible for the creation of the BW OU analysis index, probably one of the more complicated indices on Smogon, and kept it up-to-date for over two years while continually improving it, providing a record for more or less the whole of BW OU C&C in one thread. I also initially led and helped drive to completion the BW moves/items/abilities pages, and was responsible for more than one sleepless night adding in all the necessary detail to every page possible, as well as introducing the Competitive Use section and improving the Related Move sections to include competitive alternatives. For this I was temporarily made a member of the Site Staff, which was also lost upon sabbatical.

Competitively speaking, I'm not much to talk about. I was mediocre at DPP OU, bad to abysmal at BW OU and am currently not wanting to find out how bad I really am at XY OU. I think I made suspect test requirements twice in late DP, but I can't remember when or what for. I make an effort to playtest the CAPs as much as I possibly can, but all things considered it's not as much fun as reading, writing, and trying to solve theoretical problems. I have played a few games of the Cawmodore playtest and come up against some reasonable opposition, and I seem to be still capable of reading the game and thinking critically at least to an adequate standard, even if my impatience with teambuilding means I can't enjoy the games as much as I'd like to be able to. I am hoping that I will be able to contribute in XY OU, and have a fairly good basic idea of the current immensely turbulent metagame through what I've played so far and what I've GP checked, though I'm sure it will be all change once Pokebank comes out in a month's time. Even so, I'm looking forward to seeing where it takes us, particularly as far as CAP is concerned.

Anyway - I'm an old contributor, I'm here now, and I'm looking forward to being able to participate in a new generation of CAP, and hopefully having a voice in how it all plays out. I have already requested that I be allowed to put forward some of my own little projects for reconsideration in the next PRC cycle, but even if this never comes to fruition I'm still happy to be around to help out, whether it be in writing or simply trying to set an example. I suppose I ought also to say that, well, as much as I say that XY is what brought me back, I did miss this community a lot, and I want to help keep it strong and make it even better if possible.


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alright we doin apps again

Hi, I've been playing pokemon for years now. Years. Like, "get off my lawn you damn kids" years. Been playing ever since pokemon yellow. I even had the special pikachu gameboy for it! yeah that was pretty sweet anyways I've played every gen since then. Yellow, Crystal, Ruby, Fire Red, Diamond, Soul Silver, Black, Black 2, and now X.

As for competitive knowledge...well, I'm not the best, but I can consistently get a fairly high ranking on any ladder, so there's that. Started playing during the middling stages of BW OU, and since then have played every tier (including Doubles, the newest official tier). My knowledge mostly extends towards offensive and balanced styles - I don't really like stall that much.

I joined CAP during the very start of Mollux, back during the great ICY ROCK / FLAMING POISON debate. I contributed pretty well I'd like to think. Even won the movepool stage! Since then I've contributed to every CAP that followed (Aurumoth, Malaconda, and now Cawmodore) and have made sure to always do a movepool. Probably my favorite stage. Otherwise, fairly mixed bag.

I have also been on the PRC ever since the end of Mollux. Though at times I have been wrong, I'd like to say that more often then not I have provided a useful voice to the discussion, and have helped to ensure that CAP has stayed on a good track to success. I'd like to join again to help make sure it stays on the right path, and to help serve the CAP community.
I've been playing Pokemon since 2008 (Diamond/Pearl), and competitively since 2011 (B/W). I have decent experience in all of the primary tiers (OU, UU, RU, NU, and Ubers) and I've also dabbled in Doubles, LC and Randbats. I mostly played NU since that caught my fancy early on, but more recently I've gotten back into OU due to X/Y. I'm an above average battler, I have knowledge of pretty much every Pokemon's competitive use, though I often play too safe to beat more competitive opponents. I usually use balanced teams as a result of my 'safe' nature.

As far as CAP goes I probably knew about it back in 2011 though I couldn't be bothered to download the client to try out the metagame, so I just read about the Pokemon and their roles. It seemed very interesting at the time, but for some reason I didn't pursue my interests in the project. I was very excited to see the tier on PS since it finally gave a very accessible means for me to play the metagame. I think I started actually playing CAP after the release of Mollux and the first playtest I participated in was Aurumoth. I played all the playtests up to Malaconda and got familiar with the CAP metagame quite fast. I didn't actually participate in a process until Cawmodore, which I contributed some discussion to and, my most notable contribution I think, got my stat spread slated: I have now also participated in Cawmodore's playtest and been present on #CAP IRC.

I want to continue contributing and participating. It was a lot of fun and I'll certainly come back for more!


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hi I love playing pokemon as well as contributing to CAP and I want to be a member of the PRC so I can provide my own opinions there ^_^

I have been involved heavily in discussion areas of the past few caps, lurked for quite a long time before that, enjoy playing competitive pokemon as well as being involved in many areas of the site. If you want this post to have more detail in it, just let me know - I just dislike making tl;dr posts just talking myself up and most of you know who I am / contributions etc anyway.


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Time to keep this short and sweet.

Since my last ap for the final PRC of Gen 5, I was finishing up leading the creation of Embirch and Flarelm. Those have both now been completed, and since them; Aurumoths Prevos, Brattler and Breezi have all joined that club (and possibly the soon to be Babydore). I have had extensive reach within the prevo projects CaP has run, and I was awarded Community Contributor based on those efforts. Since that time I have been very regular in IRC (where I have Hop status), aiding in discussion and putting forward ideas and giving feedback to others. I've also been around for forever if that counts towards anything! I have participated in all of the play tests since Necturna and do have a genuine interest in keeping this project running as well as possible.


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Hi I'm Nyktos and I'm applying for PRC in order to distract myself from schoolwork.

Okay, let's see, CAP experience: I started lurking during early CAP 3. My activity gradually increased over CAP 3 and 4 but I didn't really become properly active until CAP 5 started. In CAP 5 I participated in every major discussion thread. My activity was a little lower in CAP 6 (especially toward the end, due to school and XY) but I still participated fairly actively throughout most of it, and I was really bummed that I never finished my movepool submission. I've had competitive submissions slated three times (CAP 4 movepool, CAP 5 movepool, and CAP 6 stats), which is like half of the submissions I've made so I guess a decent record. None of them won, though my movepool for Malaconda at least made it past the first poll.

My Smogon experience outside of CAP is fairly limited; on the forums I lurk all over the place but I don't post a ton. The same is true for IRC; I'm in #pokemon and #insidescoop pretty often but I'm usually pretty quiet. I've technically "been around" for a long time if you go by my join date, but only because I made this account when I was like fourteen, posted three or four times and then lost interest for years.

I've been playing competitive Pokémon on-and-off since mid-gen 4. I'm still pretty terrible though. Meh, I can't point to any particular achievements in that category but I play decently often when school doesn't prevent it and I feel like I usually more or less know what I'm talking about on the subject.


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Its PRC time again!

I've been participating since only Malaconda, but I have tried to be as active as possible during these past two CAPs (although I wasn't able to participate fully during the creation of Cawmodore, although I did produce a popular-ish movepool !). I am most active however on IRC and #cap where I try to participate on every major discussion that may happen there. With the upcoming XY, I hope to improve my skill to better the project.

I was a part of the last PRC cycle and I hope to be a part of it again this time. Outside of CAP, I mostly participate in lower tiers and the Smog, where my most recent article was one on the role of CAPs in the CAP metagame and how their roles have changed.

Sorry this application is so short, it is all I have time for at the moment.... anyways, thanks for reading and I hope I can participate this cycle

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Hi, I'm BoH.

My CAP experience and my Smogon experience are almost the same thing; most of my activity on this site has happened here. I've been involved to varying extents in every single project, going all the way back to Syclant, and have witnessed the vast majority of CAP's history first-hand. In that time, I've submitted several movepools and Pokedex entries, with my most recent movepool submission finishing second in the polls. I've also participated in the creation of CAP prevos, I was on the PRC for the last two cycles, and I make occasional appearances on #cap (though I should really do that more often). In terms of online Pokemon, I play sporadically and without much success, but I often participate in CAP playtests, and most recently finished sixth on the Cawmodore ladder. Outside of playtests, I play both OU and CAP.

Movepool Submissions: Fidgit, Stratagem, Krilowatt, Malaconda, Cawmodore, Cupra/Argalis*
Pokedex Submissions: Mollux, Aurumoth, Malaconda, Breezi*



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For the most part, my application is the same as with a few additions.
  • won Cawmodore's playest
  • wrote Malaconda's analysis (albeit rather slowly....)
I am mainly IRC bound so yeah if something competitive is happening in #cap, then you'll see me speak. I'm going to be blunt and say that if the matter is about something flavor-wise, I most likely will not participate in the discussion.

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Arise Necropost! Arise!

Not much has changed since my last application. I still have boatloads of victories and place finishers (the full list in the linked post being an iterative list.) My contributions to the process are also just as noteworthy, and I'm hoping that we can seriously assess our new TL + TLT model now that we've had it in place for two projects. It is going to be quite a fun time heading into our first XY Cap.

Since the last post I've broken 7,000 posts on Smogon, and ASB has already implemented a 6th Generation skeleton and is running with it quite well, so my Smogon experience is continuing to snowball. Now we've got more moderators and the game is fairly well self-contained. And of course, with Pokemon experience I've picked up XY, beaten the main game, and I need to get back to it at some point.


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It's time for another round of PRC! Here are my credentials:
CAP Experience:

    • Started contributing to CAP with CAP10 (Krill) and instantly began helping out the CAP program as much as I could.
    • Came in second place in the CAP11 (Voodoom) movepool selection.
    • Many of my submissions have been slated over the years, ranging from concepts to stats to movepools to dex entries and everything in between.
    • Helped the CAP program with policy work, including formulating and implementing the "Threats" and "Counters" segments we currently use today.
    • Was the ATL for CAP2 (unfortunately shortened due to personal issues).
    • Was the TLT for Movepool for CAP6.
    • I've been a PRC member the past three CAP's and have actively voiced my opinions throughout the program's existence.
    • An extremely active member of the #cap IRC channel, visiting the site every other day, if not daily, in some capacity.
Smogon Experience:

    • I've been on the forums since August of 2009, and immediately did work in the Generation IV RMT board. Did many quality rates.
    • Contributed to C&C multiple times, including making my own analysis (Gen IV UU Machoke).
    • Was a main contributor to the CAP ASB project, including acting as co-second in command (Secretary) for quite some time.
    • I've been pretty successful in battling, particularly in Gen IV, early Gen V, and currently the experimental metagames. Highest I've peaked is #8 in Gen IV OU and #2 in early DW OU.
    • I've also been successful in the recent Gen VI metagames, going as high as 2100 in Pokebank OU and 2300 in Pokebank Ubers (although ended in the 1850-1900 ranges).
Very, very excited to get the Gen VI PRC process started (as those in IRC can attest to). We all have great ideas and concepts to discuss, and I'm looking forward to contributing to the CAP program for yet another generation. Let's get to work!


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I've updated the original post of this thread with the CAP moderators' decision on who will be on the CAP 18 Policy Review Committee. Congrats to those who will be joining us! For those of you who didn't make the cut, we encourage you to participate in the CAP Process a bit more. Once you've participated by voting and submitting for at least one CAP, you've got a good shot at making the PRC in the future.

Finally, remember that this thread is for rolling applications. If you'd like to join the PRC at any time before CAP 18, you're welcome to post your application in this thread. See you all in policy!
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