CAP 18 Pre-Evo - Volkritter - Final Product


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Here we are. We have come to the end of another prevo project! Thankyou to everyone who has taken part this time around, and with the advent of me being promoted to CaP Prevo leader, I will be making a push on to complete some of the other Gen 4 mons. I'll be consulting with the other staff on the best time to do these, and please PM me if you want to take a shot at leading a Prevo project!

Volkritter has been an enjoyable experience to be part of. Thankyou to everyone who continues to support the prevo projects so well and bringing that little bit more life to our CaP program.

As an act as the leader of this prevo, I also get to pick the height and Weight.

"By imperial decree, Volkraken will be 4'03'' (1.3 m) and weigh 98.1 lbs (44.5 kg)." Volkritter is an adorable little thing, so I am placing it at 0.3m (1'00") and 15kg (33lbs).

Without further ado, here is Volkritter!

Name: Volkritter
Typing: Water/Fire
Abilities: Anticipation / Infiltrator / Unnerve
Stats: 60 HP / 30 Atk / 50 Def / 80 SpA / 60 SpD / 70 Spe (BST: 350)
Evolves Via: Level Up at Level 34
CaP 18 Pre-Evo - Part 5 - Move Pool


Pokedex Entries:

, the Littoral Pokémon

X: It floats near the shores of beaches. Swarms of this Pokemon can heat entire coastlines.

Y: As it matures, the luminescent bulbs on its back and tentacles develop and it migrates to deeper and darker waters.
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I'm glad I helped out on this, it was a lot of fun to make a pre evo cap, it was more laid back and casual than the regular cap process, I'll be looking forward to the next LCaP
I'm kinda disappointed that I had to die while this was going on and miss it, but it still looks pretty cool. Good work guys!
While I'm upset that none of my submissions made it in, I am quite pleased with the end result of the first CAP I participated in. I'm also surprised I made it to second place in the stats poll.

Hope to see everyone again in CAP 19!

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