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Now we will choose the secondary flavor ability for CAP 2 once and for all. Note that we don't necessarily even need a secondary ability, as we could always decide to not have a Dream World ability (since that's legitimate). Let's choose that ability!

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My Preferred Entry

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This poll will be open for 24 hours.

When voting, use only the ability's name! The list of possible votes, in the order they placed in the last poll, is:
No Secondary Ability
Choose your favorite!

CAP 2 thus far:

Concept: Sketch Artist

Description: A Pokemon that learns Sketch, once, and everything that goes along with that.


In terms of uniqueness, I think that few existing Pokemon can match DPP Smeargle, an otherwise laughably worthless Pokemon trolling OU with access to every trick in the book (or at least 4 of them) but also affecting the metagame greatly by becoming a top threat in the lead metagame. This Pokemon will borrow some of that uniqueness by learning the move Sketch and thus having access to ONE surprise/strategic/gutshot bonus move to supplement its pre-existing movepool. Being otherwise competently built (read: usable stats), this Poke could be a top threat or specialist for reasons we can't even predict yet.

Questions To Be Answered:
  • How will a Poke that has access to any one move out of all the moves in the game affect common battling tactics, namely prediction, scouting, and switching?
  • Which Sketch moves will become most common on this Poke's best sets? Does Sketchmon's success rely on hiding that secret Sketch move until just the right moment or can it succeed with predictably powerful moves like Spore, Spikes, Hurricane, Shell Smash, etc.?
  • Does this unique and powerful access to moves need to be counterbalanced elsewhere in the Pokemon's design? If so, then to what degree?
  • What kind of impact can Sketchmon have on teambuilding in terms of being able to patch holes with common utility moves like Rapid Spin or Toxic Spikes?
Explanation: The key here is that we have a lot of freedom to construct a unique Pokemon while staying within the confines of the concept. Typing, stats, abilities, and even most of the movepool are completely fair game so long as the Poke learns Sketch only once along the way and that we keep that in mind during previous steps. Now, this doesn't mean the CAP process will be directionless; Rising Dusk is pretty well organized and good at keeping discussions focused, and the concept itself has firm grounding in Smeargle's precedent. What's really being studied with this concept is movepool diversity and effectiveness, so it should have the most effect on the movepool process, where movepool creators will have to carefully balance their Sketchmon's actual movepool with the possibility of adding any one other move to the list. In terms of the metagame, there is no doubt in my mind that throwing a wildcard like this into the mix will strongly affect the metagame.
Focus: Bulky Offense
Typing: Grass / Ghost
Stats: 64 HP / 120 Atk / 100 Def / 85 SpA / 120 SpD / 81 Spe
Ability: Forewarn
Primary Checks: Heatran, Jirachi, Skarmory, Hydreigon

tl;dr: Quack! (Flavor abilities!)
No Secondary Ability

As before, I really think it's nigh time that we have a CAP with only one ability. Been a long time (since Arghonaut), and it sounds like a good plan here. I'll be happy with whatever wins, though.
The only reason for me to vote Telepathy is to drag this process on in the hopes that something I like will become the third ability. I'm too invested in Own Tempo to look favourably at anything else now, lol. But I'm not going to drag the process on.

No Secondary Ability

I really don't see why it'd be a bad thing to give her a secondary ability. It's not like it would affect her sets at all, and it'd only give her an extra niche in double battles.


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I get the whole "we haven't had single-ability since argo" thing... but I'd rather give a doubles relevant ability to a CAP.
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