CAP 22 Playtest Tournament [Round 1]

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Hello everyone. Time to get this playtest tournament underway. Before I get to the matchups, here are some basic rules:
  • This tournament will be played in the new CAP metagame, featuring CAP 22 - Kerfluffle. The CAP metagame has all of the same bans and clauses as Smogon's OU metagame, but with all twenty-two CAP project creations allowed as well.
  • All matchups will be played as a best of three.
  • Each round will last one week.
  • Replays are absolutely required to be posted here.
  • All standard tournament rules apply. These general rules and regulations can be found here.
Note: Due to the number of interested participants being a little shy of 64, and our desire to have everyone interested be able to participate, there will be a number of randomly selected first round byes. This will get us down to a more standard 32 players remaining for round two.

And so, here we go:

Frat Dude vs Old_Gregg
Austin vs matthewc20090
JigglykongisFUM16 vs Bionic Puppy
Animus Majulous vs Flargliklarfglik
Megamite vs Vanillish Wafer
Rat With Wings vs willow616
Elite Lord Sigma vs Amitghosh
Rage.Spam.Quit. vs Hoping4megasceptile
GreenGogoatttt vs 11bug
Zenadark vs Pixilate
DeathByWobbuffet vs dusk raimon
TraceofLife vs Phteven
KirisameAlice vs iwantalolly
Airwind vs Panther-T
Wenderz vs 2spoopy4u
fatty vs jdmnd
Take Azelfie vs Yoshiblaze
Pokekeytrix vs pythonSL
Tmi489 vs NumberCruncher
Youngster Mewking vs DetroitLolcat
KrazyCake vs Blackdrakon30
Ignus vs Career Ended
DragonGold123 vs GiantWhirlpool

Heaven Jay

Deadline for the first round will be Sunday 10/16 at 11:59 PM EDT (though I'll be a bit forgiving this round since this is going up late).
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Sorry if I'm intruding, but can you give some proof, Austin? Any screenies or anything? The VMs don't show much.
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