CAP 22 Playtest Tournament [Round 2]

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Time for round 2. Once again, here are the rules:
  • This tournament will be played in the new CAP metagame, featuring CAP 22 - Kerfluffle. The CAP metagame has all of the same bans and clauses as Smogon's OU metagame, but with all twenty-two CAP project creations allowed as well.
  • All matchups will be played as a best of three.
  • Each round will last one week.
  • Replays are absolutely required to be posted here.
  • All standard tournament rules apply. These general rules and regulations can be found here.
Round 1 Extention: Elite Lord Sigma vs Amitghosh

Austin vs Aubisio
Yoshiblaze vs dusk raimon
Hoping4megasceptile vs Elite Lord Sigma
Zenadark vs DragonGold123
Bionic Puppy vs Wenderz
TraceofLife vs Heaven Jay
cbrevan vs Megamite
DetroitLolcat vs Career Ended
Animus Majulous vs Rat With Wings
Panther-T vs NumberCruncher
Pokekeytrix vs Zimzy
snake_rattler vs GreenGogoatttt
fatty vs Silverbackkap
Frat Dude vs TheMintyAltoids
KrazyCake vs Kyubics
KirisameAlice vs boxofkangaroos

Deadline for the second round will be Sunday 10/23 at 11:59 PM EDT
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ugh why does green vs snake have to be so early ;-; will surely be fun to watch, but rip the thought of losing one of them.
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