CAP 22 Playtest Tournament [Semifinals]

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Semifinals here we go. As usual, here are the rules:
  • This tournament will be played in the new CAP metagame, featuring CAP 22 - Kerfluffle. The CAP metagame has all of the same bans and clauses as Smogon's OU metagame, but with all twenty-two CAP project creations allowed as well.
  • All matchups will be played as a best of three.
  • Each round will last one week.
  • Replays are absolutely required to be posted here.
  • All standard tournament rules apply. These general rules and regulations can be found here.

NumberCruncher vs dusk raimon
Rat With Wings vs Austin

Uh... since this is starting late, I will give you guys a week from this post, but I would really appreciate it if you could try to get it done as soon as possible, ideally by the weekend. I would love it if we could wrap up the tournament before everyone is distracted by the official release of Sun and Moon.
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