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Oh btw. I'm a CAP mod again, you will have me to kick around some more.

Welcome back!

After the conclusion of the Adjustment in Direction Policy Review, it was declared that CAP22 will be made specifically for the CAP Metagame. When applying for leadership positions, keep in mind that for the first time in a CAP project the other CAP Pokemon will be relevant for discussing threats, counters, moves, etc. We are also excited to announce that between the upcoming CAPTT and a few other events we will reveal in due time, there will be many opportunities to experience the CAP metagame, earn experience, and contribute to the discussions in CAP22.

Naturally we want this CAP to be headed by a strong leadership team, particularly a Topic Leader that is willing to jump in headfirst with optimism, knowledge, and a positive outlook. If you have served successfully as leadership in the past, I would highly recommend that you join up again for CAP22.

This is the thread for people to announce their desire to become either the Topic Leader (TL) or a member of the Topic Leadership Team (TLT) for this creation project (CAP 22). Do not suggest other users. If someone wants to become the TL or a TLT member, they will post on their own, and if they don't have a strong urge to be it then they shouldn't be signing up anyway. The CAP project requires the utmost dedication and a substantial amount of free time, especially to lead, meaning that only those who have carefully considered the magnitude of their application will apply at all. If you are not prepared to fulfill all of the responsibilities to the very end, then do not throw your hat into the ring.

We are looking to fill the following five positions to help us lead the creation of this new Pokemon:
  • Topic Leader: In the public's eyes, this is the leader of the project. They will create the slate for Concept Submissions and serve as a general timekeeper. Overall, the goal of the TL is "quality control", not "project control". The responsibilities of the TL include running Concept Assessment, Threats Discussion, and finalizing the slates of TLT members.
  • Topic Leadership Team: The TLT will be leading the four major competitive aspects of creating a Pokemon. They will make slates for their respective threads and provide meaningful discussion points to their specific area. Note that TLT members are allowed to make submissions during stages of the CAP process that they are not actively leading. We are looking to fill the following four positions:
    • Typing Leader
    • Ability Leader
    • Stats Leader
    • Movepool Leader

When making your application, please indicate which position(s) you are applying for. You must identify whether you're applying for TL or TLT (you are allowed to apply for both). You are allowed to specific which position you'd like to fill on the TLT, but it is not required. Topic leaders and TLT members should have the following qualifications:
  • Timeliness; each leader must be able to commit the time to active leadership
  • Deep knowledge of the game of Pokemon
  • NEW: Specific knowledge of the CAP Metagame and the Pokemon/Strategies/Threats within it.
  • Familiarity with competitive Pokemon concepts, strategy and philosophy, as practiced within Smogon
  • Willing to voice opinions and lead others
  • Open-minded to new ideas
  • Creative, "outside-of-the-box" thinker
  • Good writing skills
  • Level-headed when resolving disputes
  • Liked and respected by the CAP community
  • Be willing to work with their assigned stage and partners

Once this CAP starts, the Topic Leader and the Topic Leadership Team will be the most important, most visible members of the CAP community, and they are expected to be a strong guiding force throughout the creation process. If you are selected for any of these positions, you will have a great deal of power to influence the project. But you also have a responsibility to stay on top of things. You will have forum moderators to help you, but you need to be regularly active on the project until it is complete. All potential candidates should look through both the Topic Leadership Guide onsite and the CAP Process Archive subforum, to get an idea of what will be expected of you, if you are selected to be the CAP 22 Topic Leader or a TLT member.

This thread is strictly for candidacy posts and posts supporting those candidates. Please stay on topic. Below are the guidelines for posting in this thread:
  • Candidates must have been actively involved through the entire duration of the most recent CAP project. Involvement in multiple CAP projects is strongly preferred.
  • Do not suggest other people. If you want you encourage someone else to run, then send them a PM or talk to them on IRC.
  • If you are new to the CAP project, do not sign up in this thread. Instead, spend a project or two lurking, learning, and participating first.
  • Include a summary of your involvement in the CAP project and specifically the CAP Metagame.
  • Make a pitch for why you should be selected. If you can't present and defend yourself, then you can't expect to lead a project whose primary function is discussion and debate. Convince us that you are a good choice.
  • Poor spelling, punctuation, and grammar are great ways to look as though you don't know what you're talking about. A thoughtful and intelligent community leader should be capable of typing at a level above typical internet banter.
  • Even if you don't think you are better qualified than certain other candidates, you still should consider posting your application. Candidates not selected as TL or TLT for this project will be on the watch list for next time around. Don't post your name if you don't intend to be active in the project, even if you are not selected, since people will be scrutinizing your involvement more closely.
  • Do not post disparaging remarks about any candidates.

If these rules are not followed, the offending user will be subject to moderation.

Best of luck to all applicants! Go, your new adventure begins!


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I'll go first. Typing, Stats, and Movepool, in that order.

Hi there, Snobalt here. If you've been around CAP at all for the past two years then you probably know who I am. Been around since Volkraken; contributed to all four gen 6 CAP projects; served as movepool leader for Navi. Yes, I do know it was a somewhat rough go-around that time, but I learned a hell of a lot about what goes into a successful leader and I know I can apply that to CAP 22, thus doing a much better job and helping you guys create something great. Although I'm not a regular CAP metagame player anymore, I do read all of the threads and know all about the different niches the CAP Pokemon have and why the the metagame is vastly different from plain old OU. I also lurk around in the CAP room on PS all the time, a room where metagame discussion often dominates.

Why typing? Cruci was the second project where I had a strong influence on the ultimate winning typing (first was Manta). Why stats? I've been slated on Volk and Manta, winning the runner-up spot on Volk. And why movepool? After my own self-analysis and observing HeaL lead it last time around, I know exactly how to make up for any shortcomings I had last time.
I'll put my hat in the ring for Ability or Movepool Leader.

I've been heavily involved in every Gen 6 CAP. I'm generally good at playing CAP, with a few notable achievements under my belt on that front, most notably getting into the top 5 on ladder every format since Cawmodore come out (with the exception of this particular ladder, I'm still chugging along on that one). I'm predominantly known as a CAP player, though I do play OU, UU, and PU pretty extensively.

In addition, I have a very flexible schedule, so I can stay on top of developments in my threads. I'm signing for Ability Leader, because abilities tend to make or break pokemon in CAP more than they do in most other metagames.

EDIT: Thinking about it more, I could also work on movepool. My schedule is free enough that I could keep up with discussion and keep the movepool thread from becoming radio dead-air like it tends to do.
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Make me ability leader and I'll Make CAP Great Again

Edit: this is serious I just don't feel like making a long post
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Hey everyone, I'd like to apply for the position of Topic Leader. I'll try not to make this *too* long...

My involvement in the CAP project spans across the sixth generation. When I first started off, I was mostly a voter and a lurker, but I eventually started participating more and more in the various competitive discussions, both on and off the forums. During CAP 20, I submitted the winning stat spread for Naviathan, and was also selected to participate in the inaugural battle. For CAP 21, I applied and was selected for a TLT position, and was ranked first out of the eight candidates in the poll, and I went on to lead the Stats stage. Though at some times it felt like a challenge trying to keep the discussion alive (particularly during the Stat Limits stage), it was still one of the most enjoyable things I've had the opportunity to do here on Smogon. We ended up with a good set of limits, and the enthusiasm and participation was successfully revitalized as we moved onto the submission phase. Choosing between 16 final submissions was no easy task considering both the sheer volume and quality of the submissions (not to mention there were two spreads for each submission that needed to be analyzed for the Mega project), but I managed to narrow it down to eight while attempting to preserve the widest range of possible stat variations as I could, and I was very happy with the result! In addition to leading this stage, I was active in discussions throughout the entirety of the process, and I ended up being recognized with the CAP Contributor badge for said contributions.

CAP process experience is certainly important, but it's just as important to consider the magnitude of this shift we're making with this upcoming project, as CAP 22 will be designed with the CAP metagame in mind as opposed to the OU metagame. While the resources and userbase for the CAP metagame have indeed gotten larger over the years, they are still much, much smaller than that of OU, so I believe it is of the utmost importance that the users leading our discussions are highly familiar and well-versed in the CAP metagame to ensure both the discussion quality and overall success of CAP 22. As far as my credentials go, I've been playing the CAP metagame and have been heavily involved in the metagame community since mid-2014. I moderate the CAP Project room on PS!, where much of the metagame community resides and where most of the live metagame-related discussion takes place. I've also been an active poster in the CAP Metagame forum since its inception in 2014, and I currently moderate the forum. I've hosted several projects and resources pertaining to the CAP metagame, and I'm also an active member of the QC team for CAP analyses. I've written around 10 CAP analyses, and QCed many more. I'm also a member of the Site Staff and I oversee the maintenance of our current onsite CAP analyses. Last year, I was the captain of the winning CAPTT team, the Naughty Necturnas, and am the captain for the team again this year for CAPTT 2.

All in all, I'm stoked that we're forging new ground by creating a Pokemon for CAP metagame, and I'd be honored to help lead the community in this exciting endeavor. I will do my absolute best to be as active as possible on PS! and establish effective communication with the members of the TLT throughout the project. Also, as the community's resident pinniped enthusiast, I can promise you all a fitting TL gimmick. Regardless of whether or not I end up in a leadership position, I very much look forward to participating with you all in CAP 22!

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Moderator Note: My intention is to close nominations between 10pm on Thursday, June 9th and 10pm on Friday, June 10th (all times EST/GMT -5:00), so please take some time this weekend to nominate yourself if you haven't had a chance to do so during the week.

- - - -

I'm also throwing my own hat into the TLT Applications, any position is fine - If elected I'll go last and let the newer people select their preference.

I'm Deck Knight. I've been around since we were discussing how to make Garchomp cry with an Ice/Bug mon before DP kicked it to Ubers.
I also like winning. If you elect me you'll win so much you'll be tired of it. I've won something on the order of 10 polls outright (competitive and flavor) throughout all the different projects, and have come in second many times and been slated often. I'm also a driver in the CAP Project Showdown Room. I've been TL twice before and also took over for half of a project in the distant past. I'm also the manager for the Tornadic Cyclohms, the scrub team who will clean up the upcoming tournament :) I was also a CAP Moderator for a long time a few years ago, had to give up the position due to time constraints, and now I'm back on duty.

I'm in the CAP project room and on the CAP meta ladder at least 3-5 days a week. I know most of the common strategies, have deep knowledge of each of the CAP Pokemon, and have won a fair share of room tours. I wish my ladder rating were better but I think cumulatively I'm at around a 70% win rate on my main account. Long story short I play with the mons and the meta, understand the CAP Process itself, and will happily act as a guide and helper to anyone else elected to a TLT position for this project.

Vote Deck Knight. He's good people.
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Hi, my name is snake_rattler, and no, there won't be any Snakes on a Plane memes in this post.

I'd like to apply for TLT. I know I'm very new to CAP. I dived into CAP after the Naviathan playtest. After hearing about Naviathan, before entering the CAP Room on PS!, I started reading archives of previous CAPs, so I know how the CAP process works. I lurked through Crucibelle's discussion as well. I have participated and posted multiple times in the PRC threads between Crucibelle and CAP 22, even though some people didn't like my ideas.

What will ultimately make up most of my qualification for TLT is my experience with the CAP Metagame. I'm battling in room tours or on the ladder most days every week. Currently (at the time of this post), on the ladder I have a 68% win rate out of 586. Perhaps I'm best known for my team with Tornadus-T and Syclant which I've used for this meta for months. I've used other teams though and will be building more with the CAPTT coming up soon. I am currently a Driver in the CAP Room on PS! and part of the QC Team, so I (think I) am well regarded within the CAP Metagame Community. I also have completed multiple analyses, including Venusaur, Krilowatt, Tornadus-T, and I am working on Pinsir and an Aurumoth revamp. I am also hosting the CAP Metagame CCAT at the present.

In short, I am experienced in the CAP Metagame but not as much in the CAP Process. Even still, I think my knowledge of the CAP Metagame would be valuable for CAP 22's TLT. Anyways, I look forward to CAP 22 whether I'm voted in or not!

Thanks for your time to read my post.
I'd like to cast in my own lot for the Topic Leadership Team; any position is fine with me. With most of my real life obligations (read: school) winding down, I believe that this is the right opportunity for me to try to be part of the TLT.

I first became active in the CAP Project for CAP 18 (Volkraken), so I've had time to familiarize with myself with the CAP metagame's trends throughout XY and ORAS. While I've had less time to post over the past year or so, I still maintained involvement with both the metagame and the projects since I first joined. While I don't ladder as much as other members of the CAP community, I have shown that I can stay head to headI also serve as a driver on the Showdown CAP Project room.

Creating a CAP for the CAP metagame is a step in a new direction for the project. Though my tenure here has not been as long as that of other regulars, I've seen the highs, the lows, and everything in between for the CAP process. As such, I've seen firsthand both ideas that have worked well and those that resulted in pitfalls for the project. I feel this experience would allow me to be an effective member of the TLT team.
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Hi. I'm Ignus. I'm jumping in for Typing Leader.

I've been around for five-ever by now, but more recently I've been actively (and positively) contributing to CAP - It's even what I got my first badge for! At the very least, I've seen a lot of shit in this project, and I hope I can use that to create some good, interesting project discussion.

I kind of.. do math as my 'thing' here on Smogon. Typing specifically is something I've jumped relatively deep into for OU's metagame, and I probably know more about the strengths and weaknesses of choosing a specific typing than about 90% of the website's population. On the TLT I'll do my best to guide the discussion in a way as to make the process as much of a blast as possible for everyone involved. In the end, Pokemon is a game. We play this game and do this project because we enjoy it, so I plan on doing my best to make everyone enjoy this game as much as I do. With force. Fun force.

I've spent a larger portion of my time wading through CAP's battle statistics than I actually have battling in Create a Pokemon's personal metagame - but I'm willing to spend the time (and I am. Did you know Rain teams suck in CAP, too? They do. I'm trying new shit.) needed to plow into the ladder for this project. Hopefully I can catch up to the rest of you bastards in knowledge quickly enough to understand what arguments are worth listening to, but I'll do my best to lean on the veterans around to make up for any shortcomings I might run in to. Typing is the area where my statistical background is best compensates for my weakness in the metagame itself - advantages and disadvantages of different typings are extremely similar across metagames - so my research and 'math doodles' (which I'm going to update for CAP anyway) also apply relatively well across metagames. This makes me one of the better options of the people 'transitioning' to the new metagame.

Please type my name for typing leader~


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Hey all, I'm cbrevan.

I'm here to apply for a TLT position for our first CAP metagame project, preferably any position that isn't Stats. I don't expect all of you to know who I am so I'll do a quick run down of what I do for the CAP metagame.

I've been involved heavily in the metagame and subforum ever since the tail end of 2014 and I've been a part of the PS! room moderation team for the majority of that time. I've been part of the CAP QC team for over a year, I've checked the majority of analyses we've pumped out, and even written a half dozen of them myself. On top of that I've co-written an article about the metagame with sparktrain and have hosted a good number of threads and projects in the CAP meta subforum. I was the manager for the second place team in last year's CAPTT and I'm the only person to receive a non moderator related badge for work in the CAP metagame subforum.

Project wise my involvement hasn't been as heavy as I would like, but I've been following every CAP since Plasmanta and I was the co-author for Naviathan's movepool along with HeaLnDeaL. All in all I have a clear understanding of how the CAP process works and I'd be honored have the opportunity to use my understanding of the CAP metagame for the benefit of the project as a whole. Thank you for reading!

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Nominations closed.
Vote thread is coming up next.
8K Haiku Here.

As the only candidate to nominate himself for Topic Leader, sparktrain will be the TL for CAP22. Congratulations sparktrain!
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