CAP 23 Playtest Tournament [Round 4 - See Post 94]

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Don't be caught sleeping for Pajantom's playtest tournament!

Before we go into the matchups, here are some basic rules:
  • This tournament will be played in the new CAP metagame, featuring CAP 23 - Pajantom. The CAP metagame has all of the same bans and clauses as Smogon's USUM OU metagame, but with all twenty-three CAP project creations allowed as well.
  • All matchups will be played as a best of three.
  • Each round will last one week.
  • Replays are absolutely required to be posted here.
  • All standard tournament rules apply. These general rules and regulations can be found here.
Note: Due to the number of interested participants being a little shy of 64, and our desire to have everyone interested be able to participate, there will be a number of randomly selected first round byes. This will get us down to a more standard 32 players remaining for round two.

Matchups were randomly generated using this bracket for reference. Opponents will be randomly re-bracketed for Round 2.

If your name was misspelled in the bracket, I apologize, I have checked all names for the ping.


KilluaKillingIt*coin toss win vs. Salient
Flamestar vs. Dj Breloominati♬
Not Miyan vs. Airwind
Rat With Wings
vs. jaydragonmaster
Raave vs. Heaven Jay
vs. Deck Knight
11bug*coin toss win vs. Miniweights
Snorlax in the way vs. GoldenGear1000
Trace vs. reachzero
Broken Phobias vs. KKirby
vs. Stubbyy1
TGC Disunited vs. Bookiebigbrain
Career Ended vs. Animus Majulous
BoltTheMaster vs. hoblaph
wow1362 vs. Jho
LykosFTW vs. hyperbeem
Plazzap vs. mxmts
PD vs. Betathunder
vs. Unintoxicating_H2O
DetroitLolcat vs. snake_rattler
vs. Grassgem389
Granny Pie vs. Mr. Defibrillator
vs. KrazyCake


EPICflygon ( '-')>

Deadline for the first round will be Sunday 12/24/2017 at 11:59 PM EST[/user]
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Ay I see my man Airwind is supporting the god squad here, he represents with the 4 Kirbys.

Anyways, this is my first tournament and my hype is about as huge as how irrelevant Voodoom is, so wish me luck even though if you guys wish me luck the hax gods will descend upon us and give me all the hax towards you guys as possible!
ooh I got a bye so that I can actually learn how to play this game! Sweet. Good luck everyone!

EDIT: RNG gave me the #1 seed...
it's a sign...
IT'S A CONSPIRACY! Deck Knight rigged the bracket to make you first seed and he bribed the hax gods by selling his soul to give you all the luck you'll need to win the play test! GG
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Calling act on my guy he hasnt responded to my VM and kinda busy rest of the week as its obviously the holidays


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I'm afraid I'll have to call activity on Plazzap, I've posted on their profile on Tuesday, but they've still not replied back, and I won't be available to play this weekend.
Going to have to call activity too. Opponent hasn't been on since the 12th and fitting in a battle over the next couple of days will be very tough for me.


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Calling activity on my opponent. I'll be busy this weekend and my opponent never responded to VMs.

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