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Heya guys,

Let me first describe about my CAP experience. I came upon the CAP community around somewhere in June 2016, when Crucibelle and it's mega was finished. I was someone who wanted to help out in terms of understanding the CAP Metagame if they needed assistance. I often participated in the CAP Ladder Streaks Thread and made an attempt in participating when snake_rattler hosted the CAP Metagame Create-a-Team (before he started getting busy). I also participated in CAPTT as part of the Naughty Necturnas, which placed second overall in the tournament. I'm currently working on a Latias Analysis that I plan on finishing off very soon. The reason I want to apply for the Policy Review Committee is because I usually didn't have time to contribute in the CAP forums due to school and trying to focus on my studies at most. I want to make up the time I didn't have when helping out with the CAP 22 or any other process by applying for PRC, so then I can be able to help out the CAP Community a lot. Also I want to participate as part of the PRC in order to form a better experience for any new user who stumbles upon the CAP community.

I got involved in Smogon around 2015 in which I was more focused in PS! than in Smogon. I was slightly involved when I wanted to try and help out a user in the Orange Islands Sub-forums regarding Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon (turns out there are other methods of farming Gold Bars rather than leveling up). When I got interested in CAP through the help of JigglykongisFUM16, I decided to focus most of my time towards the CAP community hence I participated in some threads made in the CAP Metagame sub-forum.

My Pokemon experience is a bit long compared to my CAP and Smogon Experience. I started playing Pokemon when I was 7 (playing the 3rd generation type of games). I was not really good in battling, and I often relied on Levels to be strong (which showed I had a lack of experience in competitive battling). I came upon Pokemon Showdown around 2014, as one of my friends introduced me to the simulator and chatrooms associated with it. When I started to play on PS!, I was mainly part of the Wi-Fi room on main, trading Pokemon with people. After sometime, I got interested in Monotype and tried to be apart of the Monotype community, but it felt hard to associate with people that time. I improved my battling skills due to my friend Toon Linked and battling was often fun for me, in which I often topped ladders with the lessons I was given about competitive battling in general. I was part of the AG Community for sometime before I had interest in CAP matters.

Thank you for spending your time in reading this PRC Application, and I hope you can be able to add me into the committee.

Hi! I was originally going to wait for the next PRC round after CAP 23 to apply but I really want to get involved in some of the discussions going on at the moment (CAP Media specifically) and on the advice of a few people I decided to give this a go :D

So, hello, I’m Kyubics, you probably haven’t heard of me much, but I plan on getting a lot more involved in CAP in the near future. I first found CAP by accident at the end of the Plasmanta project and then lurked until the start of the Kerfluffle project. When I say ‘lurked’, I mean I lurked – I read almost every post in every process thread during that time, including things like PRC threads (yes, even those mega-posts in ‘An Adjustment in Direction’). I also consider this excessive reading as an explanation for why I took so long to pluck up the courage to participate – it seemed all I ever read about was the problems uninformed voters were causing CAP. So, although I have contributed for only a short time, I consider myself completely familiar with CAP and its process. In the last project, CAP 22, I created an account to submit a concept, which eventually came third in the polls (the OP says to include links so here’s that post as an example of my writing: For the rest of the project, I mainly got involved in voting as I found out what it was like to actually make the decisions that I had been reading about for so long. However, towards the end in the movepool stage, I began to contribute to the discussion, which I really enjoyed and has definitely encouraged me to participate a lot more in upcoming projects.
I only really began to take interest in the CAP Metagame itself when it came up in the discussion prior to CAP 22, but I have loved learning about it and playing it ever since. I’d like to say that I’m a somewhat competent battler; I topped the ladder for a while in Gen 6, won some room tours and I reached the quarter-finals in the Kerfluffle Playtest. Again, this is something that I’m hoping to become more involved in; I’m especially hoping to start up and participate in some projects and competitions that are very popular in other Metagames around Smogon.
As for my Smogon experience as a whole, I have to say that tangible activity is quite limited. Despite this, in addition to CAP I also follow Doubles OU and some OMs, though I rarely post. I try to be aware of what’s going on throughout Smogon as a whole, however, and I regularly surf the forums for anything that catches my eye. I also read lots of Flying Press articles which help me keep up with what’s going on and generally widen my knowledge of the metagames, processes and players that are all part of Smogon.
Thirdly, my Pokémon experience. My first game was Pokémon Diamond, and since then, I have owned one of every pair of games. I first heard about competitive battling during XY and I think I found Smogon just before ORAS began. I discovered Pokémon Showdown at a similar time and found it incredible that there was every Pokémon that I could’ve wanted right there at my fingertips. I began in OU, as almost everyone does, but have since tried almost every Metagame before finally settling where I am now. I tend to be in the CAP, Doubles, OMs and Français Rooms and I’m hoping to be much more active in the future, particularly in the CAP Room.

So, in conclusion, although I am neither the most well-known nor the most experienced user to apply to this PRC committee, I sincerely hope that I am considered for a place. I truly do want to get much more involved in CAP in the future, and I see this as an opportunity to do just that and also to help shape the future CAP Project that I will be involved in. Thank you for reading and considering my application.


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Hello everyone!

I'm SHSP, and I've been involved with the cap process a relatively short time, but I'm a long time lurker. I first got into CAP back in gen 5 right before the release of Malaconda, and found Smogon through that. I lurked and read just about everything I could get my hands on and took my first step into competitive pokemon through CAP, and played through XY before school caught up to me and I took a break. I came back last summer, and finally started to get involved in the community; I started to pipe up in the CAP Project room on Showdown, I registered on Smogon and took part in the CAPTT as a member of the Tornadic Cyclohms, and participated in the creation of Kerfluffle both on here and on Showdown. I'd like to think I have good knowledge of the game; I frequent the forums for CAP, OU and other meta's to keep up with whats going on, watch a lot of talented people play to try and get better, and I often times will be up late at night, watching replays to see what's new or what's being tried out. My first game was Pearl, and I haven't missed one since, found competitve pokemon with CAP in B2W2, and am only really active in the CAP room on Showdown. Although I may not be the most experienced player, nor the best, I'd still love to have a chance to be involved, share some thoughts and help contribute to this project and shape it in a positive way for the future.


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I've been involved in cap since February, I was bored of RU and pretty sure I was bored of pokemon in general as of this time RU was getting pretty stale. When I first join I was so overwhelmed by the amount of pokemon their were for me to use and play with and straight away I built a team with malaconda and started practice battling with Exclaimer where she dominated me a bunch of times and pretty much ignited my passion for cap. The loses I attained made me want to get better and learn cap as much as possible so I started playing and building. Eventually as time went on I decided it was time for me to get more involved in the process so I started posting for the kerfluffle and with help from snake_rattler I was genuinely having fun posting and discussing the attributes of the concept parting shot and what moves and abilities would help the concept as a whole.

My Smogon experience has been pretty "normal" as of this point. I enjoy a lot of metagame related topics which is why you'll see me in the cap metagame forum a lot. I think it's generally fun to talk about how our 22, soon to be 23, caps all interact with the regular pokemon and create such a dynamic, which is why I'm still here playing cap despite the frustrations of learning how to also beat these 22 pokemon.

I'm applying for the PRC because I feel like a lot of interesting topics are being discussed, such as cap media which is being discussed in hopes of increasing caps playerbase and as competitive player who cares about cap I think it would only be the right thing for me to try and "help" discuss what ways we can move forward in the future.


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My username is reachzero. I've been engaged with the CAP process to some extent since Kitsunoh, and I became very involved with the CAP process during the process for Colossoil. My most notable contributions in CAP were that my concept, "Utility Counter", became the concept for Krilowatt, and that I was the Topic Leader for Tomohawk (I know, I know). I went through a long period of inactivity after getting married and settling in, returning only to participate in the Plasmanta process, before returning more fully for Kerfluffle. Concurrent with my increased Pokemon activity overall is my increased participation in the CAP competitive scene; I am presently #1 on the CAP ladder.

My Smogon experience is extensive; I became involved during the Suspect process for fourth generation, when I became a forum moderator with fewer than 100 posts. I was a Smogon Frontier Brain in fourth and fifth generation, and the only Brain to beat Bloo during his successful Frontier run. I was the tiering leader for UU in fourth generation, and for OU in the early period of fifth generation. At peak Pokemon activity, I was a Smogon supermoderator.

I am probably best known as a competitive player, and I like to remain current in the latest trends of the OU and CAP metagames. I understand how metagames function and adapt quickly to new changes. I am excited about Gen 7, and look forward to seeing what CAP will explore this time!
I was informed that I actually haven't applied for this round of PRC yet, but I seem to have retained posting privileges in the subforum. I'll post an application just in case.

Hello, I'm sparktrain. I've been involved with the CAP creation process as a regular participant in the various discussions and submissions since Gen 6. I've been on the TLT as the Stats leader for Crucibelle, and I was the Co-TL for the most recent CAP project, Kerfluffle. I'm also a heavy participant in the CAP metagame and its community, and I really enjoy it. I'm back in business after a four month hiatus, and I'd be happy to offer my opinion and suggestions regarding CAP policy for another round.


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Hi same as sparktrain lol

I was TLT twice and have done CAP in some respect since DPP, though far less actively now. I led a few PRC topics too. All my stuff eventually led to a snowflake badge so I guess that makes me qualified bye.


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Well, might as well throw my hat into the ring.

Hello, my name is LucarioOfLegends, or LoL if you prefer. I've been around for a few months now, and caught the end of Kerfluffle. I contributed to said end of Kerfluffle by submitting a Pokedex entry, participated in the first FlashCAP of Sun and Moon, and post on the various projects that are going on right now.

I think I started on PS! during the summer, during a little extracurricular activity I was doing. I mostly stuck around OU, as it was the easiest and most active metagame at the time. I first discovered CAP when I was looking for ways to create a fakemon. After a bit of lurking on old posts, I finally came into CAP.

I'm quite new in the community, but I am very willing to help out in anyway I can to make this next CAP a great addition. I can only hope you accept my application!

I'm Marjane and I've been a part of cap since a little before the beginning of Kerfluffle thanks to Sundar who has introduced me to the community. I used to be on an alt called Dayuh and stayed for about 2-4weeks if I'm correct. I had to quit showdown for a small time because of life issues and just decided to start over on Marjane. I didn't really participated on Kerfluffle because I did not have any ideas or when I had some I was pretty shy about sharing them but I always was reading what people had to say. I've been able to see how "creating" a cap works, and would love to participate in the following one.

I joined Smogon not long ago, but since day one very active. Which allowed me to create a core for the cap core thread, participate in the yum/yuck thread and also in cap survivor and more to come if possible. I'm very interested in cap and really like the community which makes me even more confident about joining and being a part of this project.

Not sure if this is relevant enough but a lot of people have mentioned their first game, so mine was Pokemon HeartGold which is still one of my favorite pokemon game. I was 7 then and never really gave up on pokemon. I joined pokemon showdown in 2014 but really only started playing competitively around late 2015 which has allowed me to learn enough about pokemon battling.

I believe that will be all, thank you for taking the time to read my PRC application and hope to be accepted!
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Hey, I'm Kaotico. I joined the CAP project room about 2 months ago, in November 2016. I was sorta just looking for a room to join, and the whole CAP project thing just sounded cool. BrokenPhobias was the first person I met there, and also KrazyKake. They and everybody else there were extremely nice to me, which just made me feel good.

When I was 6 years old, I received a DS lite in order to console me about my recently deceased grandmother. The only game that came with it was Pokemon Platinum version, which had just been released. At the time I couldn't read, and it was really hard for me to play, but I was determined to finish it, and I did. Two years later. :0 After that game, I was hooked. I then played Black version, Black 2 of course, Omega Ruby, one of the first games I played on my 3ds, X, and now of course, Sun. I always, throughout my whole experience with Pokemon and Video Games in general, wanted to make my own game, with my own Pokemon. For Gen 6 and on, I would always turn to Smogon for strategies, but I never saw this CAP thing 'till I started playing Showdown, which I discovered through Shofu. When I started playing Showdown, The only tier I played was Gen 6 Ubers, and eventually Gen 7 Ubers. Until I discovered CAP, which is now really the only format I play. I didn't rush to join CAPTT, because I'm not really into that tournament stuff, however I do compete in tournaments in the CAP room whenever I can.

Anyway that's pretty much it, and I can't wait until art submissions for CAP 23 start, even though I'm not an artist. However, I'm great at thinking and coming up with ideas, which is why I want to be on the PRC and I even have a Fakemon of my own, draw by DatHeatmor.

I hope you take my application into account,

Hey, guys it's Zergo this is my first time trying out for something like this. I've been a part of CAP for a few years, but I've recently wanted to help it more now. Honestly I'm still green on a few things here and there but I'll try my best at learning the ropes and helping out here more. I hope i can be a better user on CAP if I get involved more, I hope you consider me thanks. ~ Zergo
Why hello, I'm Plazzap ^^

As a person who brainstorms "Fakemon", CAP has definitely caught my attention more so than any other tier. I've been playing it silently for about a year now and have grown to love the tier and all of it's CAPmon wholeheartedly, so I think It's time to come out of that shell. Although I'm still very much a lurker on anything outside of battling, Smogon has shown me truly how thrilling and strategic the metagame is as a whole. Sadly, I still have yet to participate in anything related to CAP, but I've done some extensive lurking on most if not all of the past forums and I'd like to think I have a good idea on how it's done.

As for Pokemon in general, I've loved the series ever since the age of 5 where I first played XD: Gale of Darkness before moving onto the main games, starting with Diamond and spanning all the way to Moon. Being an aspiring gamedev, helping with the next CAPmon would give me more experience with strategic design and how to make it generally fun.

With that, I hope that my application can be considered.
Hey. MaximusGamezNerdWorks here.
I have never been a part of CAP before, and this forum seems to be where everyone is getting involved so I'm just gonna follow suit and do the same as everyone else is. I've been playing Pokemon since I was three, starting with Fire Red. Now I own almost all the Pokemon games made, excluding the really old ones. I have battled competitively for the past three or four years, and I have used Pokemon Showdown throughout all of that time. I have had a lot of ideas for Pokemon that could be created, and would like to make them vocal. I am, and always will be, a Pokemon fan with a true love for the franchise. All i really want is to work with good people to play and create Pokemon. Hope I can help out in any way possible.
Alright. Galvantula Tank basically everywhere at this point.
I've been in the CAP metagame from around the late 2014 early 2015. I've been pretty active before and then Sun and Moon came out and because it was a whole new shift that I didn't feel like adapting to I left. Now that I feel the meta is more settled than at release or at least I want to come back into the meta, I want to come back swinging. Learning all the stuff while being with the more veterans.
Again, I've been in the meta for 2 years and still enjoy playing around with sets that actually could sweep the meta. I can't really site results as I don't really realize that I joined a tournament that has a prize value until it is over and someone lets me know, but I do have them as I remember it was either Cap 22 or Cap 21 that I played a tournament to be in the final 8 (4 from ladder, 4 tourney winner) of the play test.
Smogon is a little less used by me. Not gonna lie. But that is mainly because nothing of value is normally here, but if there is a reason to check something everyday then I can adapt and change my schedule a little for 5 min to check or even more if I need to edit stuff.
My pokemon experience... Well It used to be good. I knew a lot about gen 6 and by the end actually realized that Nidoking broke most of the favored walls in CAP. I have played pokemon since 2007 when I got my first gaming system (DS lite) and got emerald. Competitive since 2013 early 2014. And a year after I started I met EpicUmpreon29 who introduced me to CAP and his op strat of Vivillion and Mega Gard (I'm having a little fun remembering the past now).
I do relatively well in most play tests prior that I have been a part of and have understood what a CAP mon is. I have suggested a couple concepts (none that were especially good). My main involvment has been figuring out strategies that work in the current meta, viewing undervalued pokemon, and overall trying to have fun.
So that's that. Hope it wasn't too long so that you guys can read it over and get some sleep and that's it.
Some may know me as aurorusamora as I love aurorus very much. I've never on smogon before but I've have more expirence on Pokémon than you've had hot dinners. I've work on wikis, other, Pokémon showdown and many theories. I've started all of that about 2012-2013. Anyways I have never really been on here. This is my thought on recent Pokémon games (gen 5 - addicts avert eyes) I THINK IT GETS WORSE AND WORSE THE MORE GEN THEY INTRODUCE. so my goal is to help the Pokémon community again and stabilize the bitter taste of sun and moon.

Now I have sooooo much time on my hands and I will be very active! Did I hear someone ask me what my favorite combo is? Well it is aurorus and tyrantrum as this combo with snow warning and a blizzard equals perfect accuracy then a Draco meteor to sweeten it. I'm mostly expirenced with gen 1, 2, 3 ,4 not so much the others.

In conclusion I believe I'm a perfecto fit and I always striving to show the best in under used Pokémon.​
I might as well get involved in cap lmao
Going to try and make this as readable as possible.

I'm only heard about in cap by like, IDK a tiny amount of ppl. Rage spam quit shown me this place so blame him for me being here.
  • Been here since around this year's February. The blessing to Pokemon is Mimmikyu and helping in the process seems nice
  • I have been involved in most recent cap things, like the voting polls and cap discussion updates, like the Auromoth discussion and Revenakh discussion (triage is more op than ph)
  • Semi(semi)- decent art skills so don't count in it, I can help with things. I can put out concepts ok. I can use underloved pokes well and got the ok strats
  • Worked on Flashcap gen 7 number 3. Made the dual screen and troom set. Also got my design chosen for it.
  • I'm ok at working with ppl and doing cap 23 seems fun, I'm not as good as the other talented people here, but I'll definitely do my best to support the other cap people so they can work to their best ability and further cap's greatness.
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Hey, I'm Reviloja753. I started playing CAP a month or so, and I started actively participating about two weeks ago. So far in CAP, I've been an active user on the CAP Project chat on Showdown, and I've mostly been contributing to CAP Update threads: mostly Voodoom (from the ability discussion onwards) and Arghonaut (Same as Doom), but I also contributed a little bit to Aurumoth's (suggested abilities to replace illusion), Naviathan's (Voted in the competitive moves pool), and Tomohawk's (consistency moves, but I deleted the post cause Okamu beat me to the punch with it) updates as well.

In terms of Smogon experience, I started playing Showdown about 9 months ago. I've played other formats such as OU, Balanced Hackmons, and Mix and Mega. However, what I'm mostly happy about is my involvement with Pet Mods. I've contributed to Z-Moves Everywhere and Fusion Evolution, and I have won once in both cases. If I can make new moves and what are essentially new Pokemon in Pet Mods, there's no telling how I'd be in the CAP 23 discussions, policy or no!

For Pokemon experience, I played my first Pokemon game (Pokemon Black) back in 2010 or so. However, I didn't actively play Pokemon until Pokemon Y in 2013. I was late to the party, as ORAS hype was building (unbeknownst to me back then), but I loved Pokemon! It was also the game that introduced me to my now favorite Pokemon, Sylveon. With ORAS, I was late to the party again, not getting Alpha Sapphire until last year, but I had a copy of Omega Ruby that I lost, so that's why (Also if you're curious, this was during the Team Magma Base section ;~;) I was late. However, with SuMo, I got the game day one, and I'm ready to make a splash!

SOURCES: (Kartanbull won, sort of. People wrongly thought it was already a thing, so it was DQed, but it wasn't. It was announced a winner on the latest slate)

'']CAP Updates: Arghonaut Discussion

Screenshot (122).png

(Please tell me if I did anything wrong. I would really like to help on the PRC!)


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Hi. G-Luke here.

Long time CAP lurker, started playing the CAP Metagame during Naviathan's playtest and started contributing at around Kerfluffle's Competitive Moveset Submissions and CAP has stuck on me ever since. Rather short CAP history, but my Smogon history is abit longer.

I started out competitive battling at the very start of the Sixth generation, and ran greats like Dragon Fang Haxorus, SwagPlay Klefki, NP Mega Luke and WP Aegislash. After a couple quickbans, I tried settling into standard OU, but gotten bored VERY fast. The lack of variety turned me away, but then I stumbled onto Monotype. I fell in love immediately. I was amazed at the potential combos for Monotype teams, and in time, I slowly grew into Other Metagames as a whole. By then I heard about Smogon Forums, and I decided to join. I immediately started to contribute to the OM subforum, and slowly develop my knack for innovating. A couple months passed, I started to lurk CAP and started to participate in Pet Mods. After I settled and built a name for myself in OM, I started venturing into UU and the CAP Metagame, looking for new formats to play and contribute to. When I was finally ready, I submitted my own Metagame and Pet Mod ideas, and now I moderate the Pet Mod forums, a member of the QC team responsible for checking metagame submissions, lead the UU Theorymon Project and currently head council of the most successful Pet Mod to date, Fusion Evolution and host a metagame named All Terrain. I have headed great metagames and Pet Mods in the past (Follow The Leader and Movin' On Up respectively) and as of recently received my Pre Contributor badge.

I want to participate in PRC and help CAP develop into an even better project than it already is.

To start, I'll begin with my CAP experience. My very first exposure to CAP came at the end of the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire days. I don't remember exactly how I first stumbled upon it, though I believe it was just happenstance at first. I had discovered the CAP Pokedex, and went about creating a team for it. I don't remember if I had or hadn't discovered the forums yet, but I believe I hadn't. In this original sense, my first introduction to the project had absolutely nothing to do with the project itself, simply the Pokémon it had created. I likely would have continued on to discover the forum aspect of the CAP Project fairly soon after, however, for personal reasons, I was not on Showdown for roughly four to five months, putting a stop to any ideas I had had at the time. Luckily, once I returned to the PS world, I met up with two old friends (who shan't be mentioned since I don't know if they want to be or not) who helped reintroduce me to CAP. From there I began to hang out on the forums and in the main room. This was around the time Kerfluffle was just beginning to take shape after its concept had been decided. I lurked throughout the entire process to get to know it better and voted in a few polls. After that, Sun and Moon came out relatively quickly, and everyone was getting swept away by how amazing the games were. Once the meta settled out, the updates of began, and I decided to become a bit more active. I've made an effort to contribute to at least most of the updates and vote in all the polls. I've also made a few of my own submissions, suggesting abilities and the like. Besides the updates, I also took part in the recent CAP Survivor and am one of the three finalists. The episodes are still in production, so it's not known who won, but the game was an absolute blast and I hope everyone else enjoys the episodes when Heal releases them. I'm still getting used to contributing more, but everything has been great so far and I hope to continue on with the project for a long time more!

My Smogon experience is interesting, I suppose. I first joined on New Year's, 2014, so about three and a half years ago, to the main PS server. I hung out there for a bit, mostly playing OU and learning what competitive was all about. Soon I discovered the trivia room, and spent an enormous amount of time there. After some changes and drama occurred though, I decided to move onto a side server. I followed a chain of side-servers until recently, when I've returned to main because of side-server drama (funny how that works, right?). In terms of the forums, I had, like a lot of other newbies, a rude awakening. I had been playing monotype for a couple of months when the Mega Mawile ban came around, mostly for side server stuff, since Mono was far more popular than OU where I was. As a fairy main, I was confused and tried to draft a post. As can be expected, a new, non-lurker trying to make a post went absolutely terribly. After that, I stayed off of the forums entirely until I was reintroduced to CAP. From there I've frequented the forum far more than ever.

Lastly I'll delve into my overall Pokémon experience. I first started into the Pokémon series after a favorite Let's Player of mine decided to play Pokémon White blind. From then, I fell in absolute love with the games and bought White for myself. That was about 5 years ago. Since then I've played Pokémon X, AS, and Moon normally, and I've done Nuzlockes of Y and OR. I'm partway through Sun, but I got stopped for a variety of reasons, mostly school, about a month ago. I joined Showdown about two years after I first played Pokémon White, and the rest of the story is explained previously. In addition to the games, I have also read the Adventures manga up until BW2 and religiously follow the anime. I've met many of my real-life friends through common ground in Pokémon, and for that I'm truly thankful.

I'm hoping that the PRC will allow me a better understanding of the CAP Process and the deeper reasoning behind each step, as well as a new way to contribute to the community as a whole. Thank you for considering my request!
Don't feel like typing some of this essays i've seen but till very much dedicated to this and want to be apart of it. Okay well lets get this application started!

Hi im Frat Dude or Fratty been around cap for a decent time probably like since circa 13. More applying because as of recently I've been trying to take a more active role in cap and come out of the shadows that I normally dwell in. Um starting with my experience I'd like to say I'm someone who has a high understanding of the cap metagame, and a decent one of how processes in CAP work here. I've voted in some polls, participated in tours and am pretty active all that good junk, of a upstanding capper.

Smogon experience is pretty much the same, been around OU since Gen 4 and have played it moderately competitive since 5. Have seen the more political side of pokemon blah blah thats why I tend to stay away from OU unlike my younger days. Still friends with a few relics like myself but have remained relatively hidden since my name change. Oh and i'm voiced in our very own CAP room if that matters at all.

Hopefully I get accepted if not oh well


formerly Ticktock
Uh, my name is Ticktock.

I have only been playing CAP at occasional times since my computer sucks and doesn't want to stick with my internet. I mostly came here since I was an active submitter for CAP 21, in which, unfortunately, we're not really accepted. I just came across this one day and thought it was interesting.

Smogon experience is mixed. I only joined 2 years ago and not have been a very active camper. Heck, I was even BANNED for a while, but thankfully it has wear off and everything's fine for right now. I have been playing Showdown for a few years under random usernames before settling on a name, USTLER GOD. I know its stupid, but that's what I picked. However, I don't usually go on there since I;m a very busy kid (only 15), but when I go there, I usually play a bit of Hackmons Cup before starting on the next thing. Also, to be fair, I used to not really care until X and Y came out, and I became a fan ever since.

I hope this was good enough for you guys. Good luck, and I'll stay lucky.


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PRC has been updated with the new applicants that were accepted (I think). Those not accepted were not mostly because of lack of prior involvement in CAP.
Uh, hello! I'm kinda new around here, and haven't contributed before, but I wanted to participate in and apply for the CAP nonetheless!

In fact, I have an idea for a new CAP Pokemon! I'm no artist, however, so someone else might have to draw it...

I'm not sure if this is where I put those kinds of things, so I won't say much more on that topic unless someone says this is the right place or where the right place IS.

Anyways, about me!

Hello! On the internet I am known as Kaleb, but I used to go by Butter Gamer. I love video games and math, but more so video games.

As I've stated before, I'm not all that active on this site, but I hope this is a good opportunity to change that. I play Pokemon Showdown a lot, so I've seen all the cool CAP Pokemon like Pyroak, Crucibelle, Voodoom and Krilowatt. I've always wanted to make my own Pokemon, so this is a good place to start!

Actually, I've been working on a little project of my own, trying to make enough "fakemon," as they're called, for a whole game! That's actually where my idea comes from.

I'm in high school as a Junior, but Summer vacation is just around the corner so that won't be much of a problem for too long.

I have a mental condition (Aspergers) that makes me very good in STEM.

Science (apparently not computer science, though)
Engineering, and

I own a lot of Pokemon games, and I know how most (if not all) of the mechanics work.

If you guys choose me to help contribute to the CAP, I would be honored. It would be the first time I'd ever participate in something so big.

...At least, from what I remember. Heh.

Anyways, I look forward to your response!
~Kaleb Advent
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