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Here we go. This is the same wip I posted earlier, hopefully the link should be working! This is based off of a jerboa and a venus flytrap.
Hi! I'd just like to know when final submissions are due by? I looked through the thread and it doesn't seem to be anywhere. Sorry if I missed it!

Hey guys. I'm joining in to another CAP late and while busy so I have a lot of catching up to do in the threads but I wanted to drop this here first

based off Dromedary camels, Djembe drums, and the mistletoe cactus, one of few cacti that grow in Africa and other Old World countries/continents. It definitely needs some iterating on I think but I really enjoyed coming up with this in thinking on the prompts. I'll try to stop by the Discord soon too, everyone's entries are looking really nice so far!
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My WIP for the CAP: a cactus jackalope. If you don't know what that is, a jackalope is a mythical animal that's said to be a combination of a jack rabbit and an antelope. I'll alaborate more on why I picked this idea in my final submission. Or if anyone is interested I guess!

This is just a rough doodle. I know the proportions are weird and the perspective is off, but I just wanted to get my idea on paper before it slips my mind. Tell me what you think of it!
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Here we go. This is the same wip I posted earlier, hopefully the link should be working! This is based off of a jerboa and a venus flytrap.

This is an AMAZING concept. I think if you could make the tail look a little more plant-like (without becoming Carnivine 2.0) and make the gerbil part a little more fairy-like (without becoming Shaymin 2.0), I think you could have a top contender on your hands. Definitely my favorite idea submitted so far.

Thanks for the feedback guys~
I finally decided on a flower; Fallugia, where it first starts off as a white flower then eventually sheds the petals off as its stamens grow longer and become feather-like. Grows in desert areas and is apparently good for erosion control.

I'm still keeping the bride veil idea, and I also thought of something like the white flower on its head blooming as it collects sunlight, then shedding the petals off and becomes the feather stamens that fall down and protect it from harsh feather.

What I'm stuck on now is how to go about designing its feather veil; I'm thinking of either making the feathers transparent with the stamen visible (1) or make the entire feather part visible (2). I'm open for other designs though.
Have yet to decide on colors.

Sgt.Moose - Really unique idea, though I think it looks more like a first stage rather than a final stage mon.

Plazzap - I love the design you went for this because I was actually considering using the Fairy Duster for my design but wasn't sure on how it'd work. Maid+Fairy Duster works very well. I can't wait to see it colored.

Pipotchi - Love it, though it feels like a fighting type to me due to its "belt". If you wanna go for a more fairy-like design, I'd look into making the face more like a kodama if it helps.

Mr Spyda - I'm not really getting anything from your bearmon that looks like it can survive in weather other than sunlight. Rather than have its flowers change, have the bear's design change with the weather.

ZardX - Neat idea, but aren't Lotus' more associated with water as apposed to deserts?

Professor Mesquite - I'm not seeing the fennex fox nor fairy typing with your mon. Try something like giving and making its ears and fur around it like a sunflower, but I feel like you should try doing some different body types for it; the body looks similar to a manatee imo.

Gravity Monkey - Really interesting concept, I think you should make the face more like a sundial rather than a normal clock.

Golurkyourself - I actually like the aardvark mon; it's unique and looks really cute!
Final Submission

This version of the Cactus Cat is the one I'm going to submit; I like it too much to change it any further.

Admittedly, I guess the bigger ears and other NFE-like proportions make it resemble a cute Fairy, even if it looks like something with a 400-459 BST instead of our usual 500-599 stat totals. However, Fairy-types in Pokémon rarely, if ever, look menacing.
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Gravity Monkey

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Colors! Added a Hourglass, because sand. Yes, that's a cheap way to include sand, but whatever. I also tried to fit a sundial (replacing the head, or just adding one) but I couldn't do it without changing entirely the concept or feeling too random.

Made some updated sketches, trying to make it more fairylike with a change to the face, trying different posings and bigger bow on the shimenawa.

So because it is a Baobab, which is usually storing a huge amount of water in its body, I figured this fairy can store some kind of syrup instead that it can fire out of its limbs like cannons. Not something that'll show up in the sprite, but thought it would be cute to add. :>

Some critiques for others:

Gravity Monkey: I do like the clock idea. I actually dont think a clock has anything to do with severe weather conditions, but the idea of a golemlike construct is a nice take on a grass fairy. i think it would be a good idea try and make it feel more mystical and less mechanical and it will be great.

Mova: Cactus cat is interesting, I will say that it doesnt currently look like it could be worthy of a huge BST that CAPmons generally tend to have. THis seems more along the lines of a Delcatty, Torracat or Liepard which both sit about the 400-450 range. Maybe you could look at mons like Mega Manectric, the musketeers, and legendary beasts for a body shape/complexity level that fits a high BST quadruped cat-like creature.

D4rk3r: I like this mon a lot. I appreciate its simplicity. However again, perhaps BST is questionable, and I would love to see it have a different color back rather than such a verdant green, as I said on discord

Felis Licht: Seems like a good idea so far. I hope that similar to Toxapex, youll really beef up its overall size with the extra leaves and vines coming out of its head to make up for its teeny tiny body.

BARABOY: Cant critique too much yet since its early, but I like it. I would maybe say a change in eye shape can make or break the fairy feel for this one

FriesforNapkins: Right now, I think it has potential if you can incorporate the drum more interestingly into its body. Right now its a bit too literal drum sitting on its back. But the face looks really cool, so Im sure the whole thing can be great as a final product

HatfulofBomb: Again, I like it. Makes me want to look at mons like Mawile or Girafarig when thinking about complexity though. Perhaps the mouse should be more interesting instead of taking a backseat to the mouth. Also is there a way to make this mon look a bit tougher and fitting of high BST?

Ill stop there, but I like em all pretty much. i think the big challenge for everyone will be to tackle the fairy typing without making it look NFE or too weak for the stats
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Here's a second attempt at a design, based on the pink fairy armadillo and fat kings!
The shell isn't attatched to its back, but instead around the neck. This gives it a capey thingy.
When it robes itself up, it looks like a desert cactus.

Feedback for everyone!
I like where the design is going so far, since the design elements you used are greatly fitting with the concept so far. However, I think it would be good if you could "mesh" the design elements together a little further, since right now it's more or less just tacked onto the animal. Additionally, I find it hard to read the Fairy typing on this guy. Maybe add some cactus flowers on the cacti parts?

I really love the simplicity this guy has! I can definitely see the grass and fairy typing well in the design, and it overall gives me the feeling of a pokemon. I don't have much to suggest, but I would love to see a little more pizazz added onto the design, just to give it a little more colors to look at. Also, just as a small notice, I think it vaguely resembles serperior, not that it might matter.

From the two, I think I like the armadillo design much better! I'd love to see you flesh out the design a little more, since right now it's very much just an armadillo with patches of flowers on it. Rather than multiple small flowers, how about a lesser amount but make them larger?

This is a very nice use of the design's concept and building off of it. As others said before, I think it's a little hard to tell how big the shield-arm is, since from the perspective it's drawn at it looks almost larger than the sword itself, unless that was the intention. Other than that, I feel like the colors are a little too saturated, especially the pinks and the dark blues you used.

Felis Licht
I find this design very simple, but effective! From what I can make out, I believe you're planning to add more things to the thread-like hairs. I think #2 is a good choice!

This was a cool design, and the linework on it is phenomenal. I think the only thing I can suggest is maybe incorporating the drum more naturally onto the camel, since right now it looks like a seperate, detatchable aspect of the design. Otherwise, I like what it is so far!

Gravity Monkey
It always pleases me to see fairy types that try not to be cutesy, and this is one of them! In my opinion, I don't think it needs the hourglass, since the time aspect is already obvious on the head itself. Plus, the hourglass makes the time aspect very forced.

Simple and cute! There's not much to suggest adding since the design itself is very evident of grass (the tail?) and fairy, but I'd love to see any progress you make on this, if any.

Really love the colors and patterns you used here, since it really brings out the other aspects of the design! As of now, however, it looks very much like a nfe, due to the shapes you used. Unless this was your intention to look like that, I would recommend using more adult-like proportions of big cats in your design.

The mystical aspect in this design is really something to admire, and the design definitely sells grass and fairy to me. There's not much for me to recommend, but to me I feel like the fruit on the tail feels very out of place or tacked on. Maybe changing it to the flowers on the beard or adding a line of those fruits along the tail might make it feel more fitted in.

From the two designs you posted, I like the rat much better, since the other one feels a little weak in terms of design. The rat on the other hand has a lot of potential to build off from, which you've done already with the tail.

one of my favorite designs! I like the peacock design the best, since B looks a little too simple and C looks a lot like lopunny.

I really like the concept of this, since both concepts really work well together naturally. I'd suggest changing the head shape to look less human, since right now it's giving off a sort of uncanny valley feel to me.

Professor Mesquite
This is a really neat design, and you did extremely well with the colors! Only thing I'd suggest is maybe fixing proportions and giving it maybe one or two more things to look at. The head is super interesting, but the rest of the body feels very empty.

This definitely gives off a grass/fairy type vibe, and has a very majestic design to boot! I would love to see how you develop this further!

One of my other favorite designs! It does a good job mixing the design elements together without going overboard.

This is such a gorgeous design, and I'm surprised you've managed to make it more fairy typing than flying typing. However, I think grass is hard to read off of it, since there's not much to suggest it being grass type other than the flower on its head. Unless the wings were supposed to be flowers, maybe it would be cool if the wings looked more like flower petals, using a color other than green.

This is such a cute design, and feels like it represents the grass type well. However, the fairy typing feels a little lacking, since the only thing that makes it fairy is the color. Considering you've used a fruit as the main basis, maybe you could build off of it and add "cutesy" types of plants or flowers to help the fairy typing more.

If I didn't comment on you, then I probably already have a way to give you feedback already, or already gave you feedback already!


We have the technology.
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Let's get heavy! Based off of softshell turtles, my design is an oasis in the desert. As it swims through the sand, it travels alone in search of lost Pokemon and people in the desert. It provides a momentary respite to those who are weary and moves along. It's a mirage, which I think lends itself really well to Fairy-type! It's like it was never really there at all...

I'm definitely interested in feedback. This is not the final art style or pose by any means. I've got a few other ideas down the pipes too, but if we're going heavy, this will probably be the basis of my submission!

Final Submission - DQ

I'm going to be perfectly honest, I actually sketched this up awhile ago as a possible pure Grass type and while I have been planning on Vectoring this one and fleshing it out a little more, it wasn't until this CAP that I finally got around to doing so, so if that takes points off then so be it, personally I like to think points for honesty.

I went for the typical femenine dress design for a flower themed pomemon but I would like to think that the Ball Gown concept specifically is somewhat fresh.
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Birkal This is a solid idea! The face is really cute and memorable. I think the design of the shell part has lots of room to improve, I'm excited to see what you do with it.

Sunfished I love this guy, it works well for Grass/Fairy and has lots of personality. Can't wait to see what colours you have planned.

Pipotchi These new sketches are great. The top left would make a great final submission pose. Love this design.

Gravity Monkey Sand is really a tertiary element to this 'mon, I think you've tried to focus too much on it. Don't think you need the hourglass. Try and focus more on an old wooden carved clock impression, that could be really cool, I see some elements of that idea in the feet. I don't think the orange bushes are doing anything for this design.

Mova this is a solid design for a prevo, can you evolve it? I like the colour scheme.

D4rk3r You've done lots of hard work on this design and it's really improved. Looking good.

FriesforNapkins I really enjoy a lot of the design elements individually: the face, the drum, the idea of the tail as the drumstick. But the proportions and the way you've put it together are throwing me off. Maybe take a step back and see how you can make the proportions and overall look of it more appealing. I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes!

the jerboa didn't make much sense with how the stats were lining up, so I'm trying out a different concept I've been toying with. Got a lot of great feedback on the discord (especially Quanyails, who's gone above and beyond the entire time), and I'm still looking for critiques on the color and face.

Hey guys, back with another CAP design! This is obviously a work in progress, and I apologize for how cluttered it is; I have multiple layers that I need to redo.

As for the design, I thought a cactus was the perfect fit for a grass type sun/sand abuser. With bright pink cactus flowers that resemble hair in two buns, I thought fairy typing was brought out in the bright colors and cuteness of my design. I am also aware that CAP24 will most likely be going in an offensive direction, so, with admittedly some inspiration from Bewear, I thought a super painful, hug-able cactus would fit the offensive nature of the CAP.

Please feel free to leave constructive criticism, specifically regarding the body shape or design.

K. Roolest Shark

formerly ZardX
Please feel free to leave constructive criticism, specifically regarding the body shape or design.
Obviously a heavy W.I.P. but I find the eyes of the mon being hard to tell as it appears to be crying for some reason or it appears to be crying from the missing background on the eyes. And also I think you should remove those pinkish purple patterns on its head as it doesn't seem natural to it.
the jerboa didn't make much sense with how the stats were lining up, so I'm trying out a different concept I've been toying with. Got a lot of great feedback on the discord (especially Quanyails, who's gone above and beyond the entire time), and I'm still looking for critiques on the color and face.
This is amazing. I love the happy little expression he has.
I'm sad to see jerboa go, but this is also genius! I love the concept of the camel flower pot. To me, it definitely looks more like a Grass/Ground type as opposed to a Grass/Fairy type, though. Maybe you can work on its face and the cactus part some more to give it more of a fairy feeling? Also maybe give it some tufts of fur on top of its hooves, maybe on its face too, and change up its color scheme some? Big, bright fairy eyes might help too.

This is super cute! However, I think there is a problem with any cactus design as a part of the CAP 24 process. Right now, this looks like it could be a pre-evolution to Maractus, or a branch of the Cacturne line. Any cactus CAP needs to be designed in a way to differentiate itself from the other cacti Pokemon. Maybe play around with color scheme, floral elements, etc. to help set itself apart, or draw inspiration from other cacti or desert plants. I think that a Fairy/Grass cactus that loves sun and sand is a brilliant idea, as long as it doesn't look too close to Maractus, Cacnea, or Cacturne.

Yet again, new designs. I've been thinking about the comment of my Egyptian warrior no longer resembling Lithops or any plant, so I tried something different. The left one is a valkyrie and the right one a posh lady. I know neither of them have any sandstorm or desert theme, but I am tired of always starting from scratch. Ironically the shape of Lithops is so simple that it gives you a huge array of possibilities, but it's hard to actually stick with one.


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Update on the pangolent (pangolin + succulent hehehe), mainly some smaller changes and of course, coloring. Its the rather expected greens and pinks for a Grass/Fairy, although I tried some more underrated colors which reflect the pretty sorta pastel-looking colors of succulents, borrowing colors from green and purple ones. In particular, the pink highlights references how certain grow vivid pinks under sunlight, so you bet this guy likes the sun!

Gravity Monkey

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Scrapped the hourglass and made it more... mechanical. I tried to do something more fairyish and mystical and everything, but it didn't quite worked.

Also, seeing how the ability discussion is going right now, I'm not sure if I'm going to keep that concept for my final submission. I don't think this mon has anything to do with sand or even sun. I mean, drought on this thing would make no sense. So, yeah. Except I'm able think of a new incredible idea, it's probably the last time you see this clock boi.


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Last major design change, promise!
This is a runway model giraffe, or however you want to take it!
I'd love feedback, especially ones about color and what to do with the head.

Here's some tries at what to do with the head:

I really love flowy designs, and using it to help enhance the fairy typing on it was a very nice idea. I can easily see both typings on this design, so I would love to see how you cnotinue to develop it further!

This is a pretty fun design, but I agree with many others that the jerboa was a better favorite of mine. Since it's your call though, some feedback I have on your camel design is that it feels very many-sided to me. There's a clear distinction as to what is the camel, what is the cactus, and what is the pot. I think it might mesh better if some areas of your design felt a bit more organic, such as the hooves being slightly more shaped like hooves, and the cactus being integrated more into the body so it doesn't look like it was tacked on. It's a very clever design though, so I hope you could mesh them altogether a little more!

This design is very cute! However, the size of many of its features, namely the face and limbs, give it the look of something that hasn't reached its final evolution. I would consider looking into much larger cactuses to base the main concept on, or if it was meant to be just one main body, try looking into how other mons, like darmanitan, handled it with a smaller face. Also, just as food-for-thought, it resembles cacnea a teensy bit, since it has the same body structure and I believe is based on the same kind of cactus.

I really love the way you handled the humanoid look of this without making it feel like a human in a suit. It gives off a very pokemon-like feel to it, which is great considering the concept you went with. As of now, I think I like both of them equally, but the right one needs a little something on the bottom half since that area feels a bit too plain, considering that it takes up a considerable amount of the body. I'd love to see you either add some sort of pattern there, or even go with the hourglass shape of the left one in order to reduce the size of it.

Gravity Monkey
I wouldn't be at all too worried with it being related to the sun or sand! There's a considerable group of capmons that don't fit the look of their concept,(ie. Kerfluffle), so I don't think it's much of a problem. Also, I think the golem approach you went with was very different from the rest of the current entries as well! If there's any way you could salvage the concept, and if you want to at least give it another go, I would suggest looking at "magical" golem designs in various other media, such as videogames and movies, and figure out what made those golems give off the mystical feeling. An example that popped into my head was the flying golems from the movie "Castle in the Sky".
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