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Final Submission

Here it is, the arid grass ring you've all been waiting for! ;)

Fairy circles (not the mushroom ones, those are fairy rings) are fairly large, somewhere around 2-12m/7-40ft in diameter, which translates to around 6-38m/22-125ft in circumference... seems like plenty enough size to hit that sweet sweet 40bp heavy slam weight!

I imagine this guy swims around in the ground half submerged, disguised as grass. Maybe it sleeps curled up, and when it moves it leaves behind an empty spot creating one of those mysterious fairy circles! Seriously people aren't sure where they come from, and they're said to have been created by gods or spirits... another myth says that an underground dragon makes them by breathing poison on plants. Who knows.

Supporting art: the abridged version

Supporting art: over a megabyte version watch out

First post
Second post

Good luck everyone!!
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Blue Frog

It's lucidity. So clear!
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Final Submission

ok here is matcha tea alpaca/camel! i'll try to get some supporting art in later if I have time.

thanks to everyone on discord for your feedback/support! you guys were all super nice and helpful. best of luck to everyone else!


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Final Submission



Link to an animation of my progress from crude sketch to finished artwork:

(click the thumbnail for the full-size animation exceeding 500kb)

I call this design the Sunflower Fairy. The key defining aspects of this CAP have been the Typing (Grass/Fairy) and the ability to bring auto-sun weather. Sunflowers play perfectly for that. Sunflowers also thrive on sand dunes, so even though we really haven't yet voted anything for this CAP that directly implies sand, this can work there too. The final design has a hint of Peter Pan to it, but I wasn't specifically going for that when designing it originally. It was something that came about when I started coloring the design, and I thought it worked well.
Final Submission

Dromedary Camel + Drum + Mistletoe Cactus

Real world Dromedary Camels can weigh up to 600kg. "Camels can run at up to 65 km/h (40 mph) in short bursts and sustain speeds of up to 40 km/h (25 mph)." Camel racing is a real sport, and camels can run at faster speeds, for a longer amount of time, than horses can in sand.

some very low res supporting art

Good luck everyone, every submission is incredible. And, thanks to all the incredibly helpful and kind people that helped this finalize over discord, I wouldn't have been able to submit anything were it not for that support. Next CAP I will try to post more in the actual threads, though. :P


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Final Submission

It's a Mirage Softshell Turtle turned Pokemon! It has full control over its palm trees, as it wiggles them about freely in the desert. With a shell made of glass, this Pokemon is constantly spilling sand while it travels around, rescuing trainers and Pokemon that need some shade. I hope you enjoy it! I think I hit most important points we've discussed this far:

Fairy-type: Mirages are mysterious and a bit playful. It also has plenty of pink overtones on its feet and sail-like structures.​
Grass-type: It features a fully-moving oasis, complete with palm trees.​
Drought: It lives in the desert and sways happily under the sunlight.​
Trace: Its glass shell gives quite a reflection! These are also intelligent Pokemon that can mimic sounds with its long snout.​
Stats: Overall well-rounded, but it's obviously up to something mischievous for Special Attack. Bulky enough for its stats. It stands tall on its feet and can charge quicker than you'd think.​
Weight: It's an entire landmass! Doesn't get much heavier than that, Celesteela.​

Alternate pose (BIG)
Potential shiny (BIG)
Spinning animation (BIG)
Wiggling trees animation (BIG)
Original concept (BIG)

This design is the most ambitious CAP I've ever done. From glass to running sand to simultaneously swaying palms, this design has a TON of challenges! Huge thanks to everyone on Discord for their help throughout this process. Big shout-out to Golurkyourself for helping with some posing issues that plagued me. I am probably forgetting some people, but thanks to Quanyails DougJustDoug Okamu Zephias StephXPM Yilx Magistrum Sgt.Moose paintseagull Sunfished FriesforNapkins Reiga DHR-107 and everyone else for the tips and advice along the way!
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