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A combination of "Vitality" + "Tree".

Pronounced: "vahy-tal-i-tree"
IPA: /vaɪˈtæl ɪ tri/

The baobab is the tree of life, living around 5,000 years, while vitality is the force that animates living things.

Doing some research about the themes chosen for CAP24's design, I came across a very interesting part of the african culture - which seems to be one of it's biggest influentions -, so I mixed the CAP24's design inspirations, the culture of some african tribes and CAP24's role as a weather abuser and came up with this name:


"Kazoba" + "Izoba" + "Baobab"

Baobab is a tree native from Africa.
Kazoba is how some native african tribes call their god. For some others, like the Ankole and the Haya, it also means "sun".
Some scholars also claim that Izoba is how some ancient african tribes say "sun".
"Kazoba": god
"Izoba": sun
"Baobab": tree

Pronounced: Kah - E - Zoh - Bab
IPA: kɑ - i - zoʊ - bæb
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Pronounced: "Bim-Bay-oh"
"Bimble" + "Bilbo" + "Baobab"

"Ent"ymology; Bimble is Old-British for pleasant leisurely walking (Fairy), the hobbits encountered the walking trees (Bilbo), and refers to the tree's design influence (Baobab).

Pronounced "BAY-oh-ben"
"Baobab" plus demonym suffix

This Pokemon is very large, round, and soft-colored, so I think we should pick a name that uses primarily round and soft phonemes. The name itself is simple--it's almost baobab letter-for-letter, but the added -n indicates origin: think "America" and "American."

For more information about the intersection between shapes and phonemes, check this out:
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Etymology: "Jumbo" (Larger than usual - reference to it's weight for vs Celesteela matchups as well as implying a large fully evolved form) + "Baobab" (The species of tree CAP24 is based on)

Pronounciation: "JUM-bay-oh"

IPA Transcript: /ˈʤʌm.beɪəʊ/

Alright I reckon enough time has passed for that silly old joke to sink in, this time a proper submission!

There is also an additional layer to the name here; a reference to another tree called the Jumbay Tree (Leucaena leucocephala). This plant was promoted as a "miracle tree" because of its worldwide success as a long-lived, highly nutritious forage tree. It has also been described as a "conflict tree" because it is used for forage production but spreads like a weed in some places. Long-life and miracles lines up with the tree-of-life motif Pip's CAP24 has and the conflict side can loosely refer to the plant out-competing other plants; this plant is made of tougher stuff! Shimenawa rope were used by the highest ranking of the competitive sport of sumo-wrestling, the yokozuna.

In a similar vein the pronounciation of "Jumbao" may work as a reference to the djembe or jembe (JEM-bay), a rope-tuned skin-covered goblet drum played with bare hands, originally from West Africa. According to the Bambara people in Mali, the name of the djembe comes from the saying "Anke djé, anke bé" which translates to "everyone gather together in peace". The djembe can produce a wide variety of sounds, making it a most versatile drum. The drum is very loud, allowing it to be heard clearly as a solo instrument over a large percussion ensemble (sounds nifty as part of its cry right?)

EDIT: I'm using the British pronunciation for the words I'm using. It may be slightly different to say for those that use American English but I'm not sure.
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Combination of "Basho" (Japanese word for sumo tournaments) and "Baobab"
Pronounced "Bah-SHO-bab"

This name ties into the sumo-like appearance and the tree it's based on. It also contains the word "Bash", which despite not being Fighting-type, this Pokémon could probably do well with its heavy weight.


Combination of "Amaterasu" (Japanese sun goddess) and "Yokozuna" (the highest rank in sumo wrestling).
Pronounced "Ah-mah-ZU-nah"

What I like about this name is the connection to Drought because of the goddess Amaterasu (goddesses are mystical beings, which ties into the Fairy type as well) as well as the part "zun", which could be heard as "sun". The name also looks like the word "Amazing".


A combination of "muqadas", "baobab", and "ora". The former means sacred in Arabic and the former means life in Maori. I picked these languages in specific because both the Middle East and Australia are places where baobabs reside.

Pronunciation: kɑdubəˈboʊrɑ


A combination of "Cotyledon" + "Drought" + "Don".

Pronounced: "DROT-ee-lay-dawn"
The reason why the pronunciation consists of an 'E' sound even though it doesn't figure in the name is because that 'E' sound is implied. (I would have put in a 'y' in the name if not for the letter limit.)




A combination of "Dicotyledon" + "Drought" + "Don".

Pronounced: "DIE-drot-EE-lay-dawn"
Criticism is appreciated and any opinion on which of the two names to choose is welcome.


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As the baobab is iconic to the design, I think that people should consider using "baobab" as a root word. "Baobab" is also fun to say, what with its repeated 'b's, so I'm sure there's a lot of wordplay we can make using the word! I currently like "Baozuna", "Baoboss", "Baobelli", and "Jumbao", since they all fit a second word well and roll off the tongue. I'm still thinking over a name using "baobab" that I like!

Separately, using Japanese motifs in the name can help bring out the Japanese inspirations in the design. The tricky part here comes from making the Japanese word not completely unfamiliar to English-speaking people's ears.

On a side note, "baobab" is usually pronounced with three syllables as "bay-oh-bab". This can be important for coming up with names that click and for submitting pronunciations.


From "Koro-pok-guru", small humanoids from Japanese folklore who live under Butterbur Plants, and "Boro" from the repetitions in "Baobab".

Pronunciation: KOR-oh-BOR-oh

Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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Dryobab (dry-o-bab)
Dryad + Bayobab, with the added benefit of the first part being Dry, which is something that Sandstorm and Drought would have in common, climate-wise.

Greg because adansonia gregorii is a scientific name for a type of Baobab

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Baobab + Bazooka, a heavy weapon.

Pronounced: Bay-o-Zoo-Ka

- - -
This falls under a funny sort of name I just tossed out randomly, but it waa so hilarious and such a fun name I had to scoop it up.
Final Submission


Bell + Baobab
From famous martial arts saying "sit like a bell, stand like a tree", which relates to CAP 24's bell-like appearance.

Pronounced: BELL-bab
IPA: bɛlbæb


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I must admit, stuggling to find a name for this Baoblob...



Baobab + Omote (as in, the masks used in Noh theater).

Pronounced: Bay - Oh - Moat

"How do CAP Pokémon show how they feel in text messages?"
"They add Ba-emotes!"


Baobab + Deku (The plant based species from Legend of Zelda)

Pronounced: Bay-oh-beck-ooh

He reminds me too much of the Koroks to not make a Zelda reference. Plus, it's just fun to say. I think the double k single u looks best, but would be open to changing it.

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Contraction of "Taiyō" (Japanese for sun) and "Baobab"

Pronounced TAH-Yo-Bab

Sun becuase, well, it can summon it. Baobab because it's the tree it's based off. Finally, since pipotchi's desing seems to have a big japanese influence, I prefered using a japanese word. It also fits better with baobab than the word sun.
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"Gaia" + "Kaiju"

Gaia is the Greek personification of the Earth, and Kaiju's are Giant Beasts that appear in Japanese films, such as Gojira himself.

Pronounced Kai-Jai-Uh
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