CAP 24 CAP 24 - Part 13 - Pokedex Submissions

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Final Submission

Jumbao, the Yokozuna Pokemon

Sun: Jumbao spend the warmer seasons training their mind and body for the harsh weather to come, during which they protect their ecosystem from predators and catastrophe.

Moon: When aged and weary, Jumbao prepare for themselves a sanctuary in which they live out their last moments peacefully away from the world.

Ultra Sun: These Pokemon are known to lead extravagant dances to show their appreciation and praise for good weather. One would be mindful to stay out of their way during these rituals.

Ultra Moon: Jumbao select their leader through test of strength tournaments every other winter, and the winner is responsible for leading the community to good harvests.


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Final Submission

Jumbao, the Tree of Life Pokemon

Sun: The sight of a Jumbao brings pure joy into the hearts of lost souls within the desert, as they are guaranteed water, sustenance and a warm, loving welcome.

Moon: At the break of dawn, Jumbao partake in bouts of sumo combat. It is said that the first human wrestlers were taught by Jumbao via mimicking their movements.

Ultra Sun: Jumbao are excellent gardeners. They carefully regulate how much sunlight their gardens receive to let them blossom into magnificent oases.

Ultra Moon: They shoot powerful streams of pink sap during combat. It is this same sap that, ironically, grants Jumbao its magical healing properties.
Final Submission

Jumbao, the Ardent Pokémon

Sun: Despite its bulk, it is agile. It will vigorously chase away people or Pokémon that damage the natural environment.

Moon: It seems to take a childlike enthusiasm in rehabilitating areas devastated by Gyarados or Tyranitar.

Ultra Sun: It can absorb water vapour directly from clouds. The plains where Jumbao makes its home are blessed with fine weather.

Ultra Moon: In the Alola region, people often recommend sleeping under a Jumbao as a cure for minor illnesses.
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Final Submission

Jumbao, the Spirited Pokemon

Sun: It can fire nutrient-packed sap from its arms. For this reason, Jumbao have been a blessing in healing ceremonies for centuries.

Moon: Nobody really knows where wild Jumbao originate from, but archaeologists have found glyphs that look exactly like the pattern on a Jumbao's mask in important ruins the world over.

Ultra Sun: Whenever Lucario catch sight of a Jumbao, friend or foe, they immediately bow out of respect. This seems to be due to the intensity of its aura, since only Lucario and some Riolu respond to it in this way.

Ultra Moon: It uses known fighting techniques from multiple forms of martial arts to ward off foes. It is not known who practiced those techniques first.
Final Submission

Jumbao, the Enigmatic Pokemon

Sun: Although they can be seen in most parts of the Alola region, Jumbao are mainly found near ruins. People claim that groups of Jumbao fill ruins with vegetation to minimize human contact.

Moon: According to legends, groups of Jumbao travelled from place to place, bringing lots of sunlight with them. Some revered them, while some felt that they were the harbingers of drought and death.

Ultra Sun: The groups of Jumbao who live away from the ruins have developed mischievous and competitive natures. They are often seen competing with Sudowoodo and trying to stand as still as possible.

Ultra Moon: Inspite of their brash demeanours, Jumbao treat all plants with incredible care. Scientists have observed that Jumbao, when working alongside Pokemon who can summon rain, can create gardens at incredible speeds.
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