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Both are good people and would do a fine job. I usually favor a mix of experience and new blood in the Leadership team. In this case I know reach has the experience to interact well with the many new candidates that applied for TLT.


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This is probably the toughest TL vote for me in a long time. I'm a huge proponent of getting new blood in the big leadership positions, especially when we have someone who has show such great potential. But at the same time, it is realy hard to pass on someone with as stellar a resume as reachzero. Ultimately, the latter won out for me, but both would make fine choices.


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1. drapionswing
2. reachzero

Array ( [reachzero] => 19 [drapionswing] => 20 )
And Drapionswing takes the position by a hair! Big congratulations. Expect the Topic Leadership Team Poll up shortly.
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