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NEW: This is a Celebration CAP, meaning that we are going out of our way to break some rules. We'll be creating a set of three Pokemon this time around, a set of Fire, Water, and Grass-type starters! You can read exactly which rules we'll be breaking here and the logic behind Celebration CAPs here. Give these a read-through to get some context.


CAP 25 Grass-type sprite submissions:
CAP 25 Fire-type sprite submissions:
CAP 25 Water-type sprite submissions:


Sprite Rules
  • Sprites should be inspired by the winning designs from the Art Poll. It does not need to be an exact rendition of every detail of the designs; "artistic license" is granted to all spriters. However, drastic deviation from the selected art designs is discouraged.
  • All sprites (front and back) can have a maximum size of 96x96.
  • All sprites (front and back) must have a complete, unbroken, distinguishable outline. It does not need to be a black outline, but it must be clearly distinguishable from the adjacent interior colors of the sprite
  • No action effects, move effects, environment effects or additional objects can be rendered on or around the Pokemon.
  • Sprites must be in PNG format.
  • Use 8-bit truecolor (aka 24-bit RGB) or less. This does NOT mean 256 color mode.
  • Use transparent backgrounds.
  • All sprites must be scratch sprites that are completely original works by the spriter. Fusions of other sprites or pixel-overs of other artist's lineart (including the main design) are not allowed.
  • Do not alter, fuse, recolor or otherwise modify another spriter's submission unless the original artist explicitly gives permission.
  • All sprites (front and back) must use roughly the same size and pose when compared to each other.

Final Submission Post

All spriters must make a final submission post conforming to the sprite rules (listed above) and the following:
  • The post must have "Final Submission" (in bold) as the first line, with the sprites at the top, and any additional description or comments (if applicable) below them.
  • Final submissions must contain a minimum of 4 sprites - Front Normal, Front Shiny, Back Normal, Back Shiny. If spriters choose to include gender differences (Male and Female versions of each) then 8 sprites must be submitted. Gender differences are NOT required.
  • Only submit ONE PNG that contains all the submitted sprites. Please do not submit separate images for every sprite. One "cutsheet" makes it easier for mods to track submissions and ensure each complete set of sprites stay intact.
  • The final submission image must be hosted on a reliable image hosting service (such as Imgur or puush). Do not use the forum's 'Upload a File' feature. Do not use the 'Attach a photo' tool on messaging apps (e.g. Discord). Do not use Iaza or Ezimba.
  • Only make one (1) final submission post.

All legal final submissions will be included in the sprite poll.

Advice for Spriters

There are 8 possible sprites in a Sprite Set:
  • Front Normal Male
  • Front Normal Female
  • Front Shiny Male
  • Front Shiny Female
  • Back Normal Male
  • Back Normal Female
  • Back Shiny Male
  • Back Shiny Female
In most cases, spriters post a Front Normal sprite first. Once feedback comes in and the poll nears, they make the other sprites. You do not have to make different Male and Female sprites. Typically there are only minute differences between male and female sprites, but some spriters make noticeable changes between genders, which is also fine. Shiny coloring is completely up to the spriter to choose, even if the design artist posted suggested shiny coloring with their art design submission. Please look at your transparent sprites against different colored backgrounds, not just white. In Pokémon Showdown, the sprite will be displayed on multiple background colors in battle.

Art design:


CAP 25 so far:

Topic Leader: reachzero

Topic Leadership Team:
EpicUmbreon29 - Typing
snake_rattler - Ability
jas61292 - Stats
cbrevan - Movepool

CAP 25g

Typing: Grass/Electric
Threats and Counters:
Abilities: Overgrow/Galvanize
Stats: 84 HP / 106 Atk / 82 Def / 77 SpA / 80 SpD / 106 Spe

CAP 25f

Typing: Fire/Ground
Threats and Counters:
Abilities: Blaze/Technician
Stats: 88 HP / 116 Atk / 67 Def / 88 SpA / 78 SpD / 97 Spe

CAP 25w

Typing: Water/Bug
Threats and Counters:
Abilities: Torrent/Poison Heal
Stats: 91 HP / 94 Atk / 110 Def / 80 SpA / 97 SpD / 63 Spe
I've been playing around with recolours of CAP25f trying to find some potential shinies and I found these six quite interesting, so I'd like to post them here if someone needs inspiration. These are not my sprite submissions, they're just recolours. If I'm not allowed to post these, I apologize.


Literally my first sprite, with no shading or anything. Still, it's an attempt. Yes, I know the arms and legs either aren't finished or look awful. When I say this is my first sprite, I mean this is literally the first proper sprite I've ever made, and it's not even finished.
I tried coming up with a shiny idea people could use if they wanted to. I think it's really nice honestly. The eyes could be worked on though.
Once again, I've been playing around with possible shiny combinations and I found these three. If anyone needs inspiration, I'll leave these here. The greyish/whiteish one is my personal favourite.
Edit: added three new variations
Artwork_1537837676 (1).png
Artwork_1537837676 (2).png
Artwork_1537837676 (1).png
Artwork_1537837676 (2).png
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pokehimon I actually really like the shiny. It reminds me of dried and cooled lava. I kind of wonder how it would look with a bit brighter or more vibrant orange/yellow color for the lava vein things, just if they popped a bit more?
Here's my working front sprites for 25F!

View attachment 137662
Honestly, i don't think the sprite is too good. But I have to give credit where it's due. It's a nice sprite but the sprite looks super awkward with the flat arm which looks connected to the body and the pose is literally the same as the art which is imo a bit lazy. if i were to recommend something, it would be to move the right arm so it goes the same direction as the left arm, something like this haxorus, or something like this Feraligatr sprite which has its arm go into an Arc.
I think a new smoke color would work better for the shiny too, maybe a slightly darker version of the orginal smoke or a bit more grayish
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Hey everyone! Hopefully making my CAP return this time around, although you know, the starter trio makes it hard to choose. Here's my (obviously) super duper rough for the front so far - just heading off to bed soon so thought I might as well post what I have even if it's messy. Colors and everything obviously not anywhere close to what I'm actually going to use and the pink and green are just blocking.

Currently thinking that the sprite might be a lil big, so I might try to cut down a bit after getting flats and everything done. I've been oscillating between getting the head down real low for a big arch in the spine and thinking it shortens the whole thing, but I'll probably try to add a bit more of a bend in the spine once I get the lines done because I think the whole thing being tightly coiled and the muscle showing is pretty essential. Yilx, did you have a size in mind for it? Thanks for the turnarounds, btw.


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  • WIP (colors might fluctuate):

Your reference images are super-helpful, Yilx! *_* Thank you for posting them!

I've been having trouble rendering this sprite. It's got all of these musculature details that give it its appearance that are tricky for me to replicate in sprite form. I'm not happy yet with the arms, anatomy, pose, likeness, etc. :S Feedback is appreciated!

Edit: Here's a version with the arms I had before I changed them to the above version. Feedback on arms is appreciated.

Edit 2: I got a lot of feedback over Discord! Here are updated front sprites with better anatomy. :)

Thank you so much to Darquezze306, Divinity, MrDollSteak, paintseagull, Plazzap, and Warren685. :D

Edit 10/7/2018:

  • Made a back sprite!
  • Made the sprite much more anatomically accurate.
  • Made the underside of the tail light, in response to Yilx's orthogonal references and his word.
  • Made the tail less flat.
To do:
  • Simplify shading on smoke.
  • Additional anatomical fixes.
Thanks to Darquezze, Divinity, Mova, and wulfanator72 for feedback!

Edit 10/10/18:
  • Made the elbow beefier.
  • Made the upper legs beefier.
  • Simplified the smoke.
  • Made the claws bigger.
  • Angled the body forward.
  • Matched the tail with the model sheet.
  • Made the body more proportional.
Thanks to: ShunosaurusLii and Warren685.

Edit 10/10/18 (2):
  • Made head bigger.
  • Made claws on back sprite less weird.
  • Made lava lines on legs sharper.
  • Made lava flow on volcanoes less linear.
  • Made the eye lazier.
Thanks to paintseagull for all of her wonderful feedback! :)

Edit (10/13/18:

  • Made neck more arched.
  • Fixed stray pixels being not being in the color palette.
  • Updated the sprite to reuse fewer colors between shading and outlines.
  • Shinies! Here are the palettes so far that seem popular on Discord:
    • Top-right: neon (apparently EVA, according to Sun. :P)
    • Bottom-left: Primal Groudon
    • Bottom-right: no particular theme--but it's cool!
Thanks to Darquezze, DemonicVolkraken, Mova, paintseagull, Reiga, and Sunfished for their input! Especially paintseagull. :)
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Thanks Yilx for the updated anatomy. I've done my best to retouch the front sprite with the feedback that various others have given me such as Quanyails and Darquezze as well as to fit the extra detail that Yilx has provided.

Thanks Yilx for the updated anatomy. I've done my best to retouch the front sprite with the feedback that various others have given me such as Quanyails and Darquezze as well as to fit the extra detail that Yilx has provided.

View attachment 139182
I like body, but the smoke looks too two-dimensional to my taste. Making it more irregular and showing some stacking would look more appealing.


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Trying out a new shiny palette, redid the tail completely, and tweaked the arm position slightly.

Yilx Iguana Sheet.png

Let me know what you think! I think I'm ready to start on the back sprite now.


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Here are a few color tests in 3D for shiny schemes suggested so far (click on the images for a closer look).

green_f.pnggreen_s.png(dulled and darkened the colors a bit)
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Oh wow the shiny colour tests look awesome. The yellow and blue one really works as a model. I'll try and get it to work better on the sprite.


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Thanks for all of the shiny suggestions! pokehimon and I have agreed to put Cretacerus's shiny palettes up to an unofficial poll, where we will both update our sprite submissions to use the shiny palette from the winning result.

CLICK HERE to fill out the poll!


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Final Submission

Comparison test:

I'm not 100% satisfied with the pose. :/

Poll results:

Unofficial CAP 25f Shiny Palette Poll

Ballots: 44
Preferences: 241
Defeat by: Winning votes
Tiebreaker: Borda Count

[Pair#01] B (31—6) D
[Pair#02] B (29—8) E
[Pair#03] A (28—9) D
[Pair#04] B (28—9) C
[Pair#05] G (28—10) D
[Pair#06] G (28—11) F
[Pair#07] B (27—12) F
[Pair#08] G (27—14) C
[Pair#09] E (26—10) D
[Pair#10] A (26—12) C
[Pair#11] G (26—15) E
[Pair#12] A (25—12) E
[Pair#13] A (24—15) F
[Pair#14] G (24—19) A
[Pair#15] C (22—13) D
[Pair#16] B (22—15) A
[Pair#17] E (22—15) C
[Pair#18] B (21—21) G  ——> CANCELLED (tie)
[Pair#19] F (19—16) D
[Pair#20] F (19—18) E
[Pair#21] C (19—19) F  ——> CANCELLED (tie)

The top voting cycle is B and G.

B > [A][F][C][E][D]
G > [A][E][C][F][D]
A > [F][E][C][D]
F > [E][D]
E > [C][D]
C > [D]
D > []

[Tiebreak#1] B=26.333 > G=25.667

1. B  ——> winner!
2. G
3. A
4. F
5. E
6. C
7. D


You have 72 hours to get your final submissions in! Make sure you follow all of the rules in the opening post. If any spriters need an extension, please reply here.

Edit: Extension granted for pokehimon.
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Final Submission

Comparison Test

Smokomodo Comparison.png

Smokomodo Comparison Back.png

I decided to compare it to the other Fire starters to show its accurate head size (even though I imagine it more Infernape sized it looks immediately a bit bigger, but their heads are comparable which I think makes it fine).

Thanks to everyone that's provided me with feedback, this particular sprite was a bit of a rough journey with lots of redos, and I'm not fully happy with the smoke, but I can't really do much better at this stage, especially with time running out.

Cheers to Quanyails for the shiny poll, and for Reiga, Cretacerus and everyone else who worked with the model. They look amazing.

EDIT: FIXED my submission, I was missing the back comparison and hadn't put it on Imgur. So it's all polished up now, thanks so much to Quanyails for letting me know and granting the extension.
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