CAP 28 Playtest Tournament - Round 4 (Crown Tundra additions now legal)


So my opponent straight up lied about this being a BO1 and I fell for it because he sounded convincing by saying to check this thread for myself. I And I just took his word for it. Posting he won without posting replays (we only battled once) is really sus too.


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[19:23] %phiwings99: nalei
[19:23] %phiwings99: I need you to post my CAP tour win
[19:23] %phiwings99: [redacted]
[19:25] %phiwings99: s/o to quziel and d2thew

[19:28] %phiwings99: please edit
[19:28] %phiwings99: post
[19:28] %phiwings99: to say post
[19:28] %phiwings99: also delete
[19:28] %phiwings99: "[redacted]"
[19:28] %phiwings99: nobody will understand
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And deadline. The following games have been decided by activity:

Riku Sakuraba  vs  Emblaze Uchiha
K3ppr  vs  FireBlastingNinetales
Galarian Sith  vs  Quantum Tesseract
 vs  Riverain
Bluivs  Pilaku259
Bassai Dai  vs  klefapool
cooliousus  vs  eblurb
rianhart  vs  Orig Stall Guy
 vs  BitBitio
L lawliet  vs  Spyro

On L lawliet vs Spyro:
After reviewing the situation with a Tournament Director, I've decided to give the activity win to Spyro, as L lawliet hasn't replied since their faulty win post despite the fact that I've notified them about this more than a day ago while their opponent has reached to them to try to complete their series.

The following users get an extension to finish their games:

Ho3nConfirm3d  vs  againa
Tadasuke  vs  Atha

Expect round 5 soon.

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