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Welcome to the second project of Generation 8, where we'll be getting started with CAP28!

There are going to be a lot of new users in CAP, so let’s all be inviting and respectful. Be sure to read the rest of the OP to fully understand the qualifications for TL and TLT members.

This is the thread for people to announce their desire to become either the Topic Leader (TL) or a member of the Topic Leadership Team (TLT) for this creation project. Do not suggest other users. If someone wants to become the TL or a TLT member, they will post on their own, and if they don't have a strong urge to be it then they shouldn't be signing up anyway. The CAP project requires the utmost dedication and a substantial amount of free time, especially to lead, meaning that only those who have carefully considered the magnitude of their application will apply at all. If you are not prepared to fulfill all of the responsibilities to the very end, then do not throw your hat into the ring.

Before applying it is important to read and understand the following posts
Topic Leadership
CAP 5 - Policy Review Summary

We are looking to fill the following five positions to help us lead the creation of this new Pokemon:

  • Topic Leader: In the public's eyes, this is the leader of the project. Unlike past Topic Leaders, they now only make the slate for Concept Submissions. Overall, the goal of the TL is "quality control", not "project control". The responsibilities of the TL include running Concept Assessment, Threats Discussion, and finalizing the slates of TLT members.
  • Topic Leadership Team: The TLT will be leading the four major competitive aspects of creating a Pokemon. They will make slates for their respective threads and provide meaningful discussion points to their specific area. Note that TLT members are allowed to make submissions during stages of the CAP process that they are not actively leading. We are looking to fill the following four positions:
    • Typing Leader
    • Ability Leader
    • Stats Leader
    • Movepool Leader
When making your application, please indicate which position(s) you are applying for. You must identify whether you're applying for TL or TLT (you are allowed to apply for both). You are allowed to specify which position you'd like to fill on the TLT, but it is not required. Topic leaders and TLT members should have the following qualifications:

  • Timeliness; each leader must be able to commit the time to active leadership
  • Deep knowledge of the game of Pokemon
  • Specific knowledge of the CAP Metagame and the Pokemon, strategies, threats within it is very helpful. If you don't have this already, you at least need the willingness and motivation to learn these very quickly.
  • Familiarity with competitive Pokemon concepts, strategy, and philosophy, as practiced within Smogon
  • Willing to voice opinions and lead others
  • Open-minded to new ideas
  • Creative, "outside-of-the-box" thinker
  • Good writing skills
  • Level-headed when resolving disputes
  • Liked and respected by the CAP community
Once this CAP starts, the Topic Leader and the Topic Leadership Team will be the most important, most visible members of the CAP community, and they are expected to be a strong guiding force throughout the creation process. If you are selected for any of these positions, you will have a great deal of power to influence the project. But you also have a responsibility to stay on top of things. You will have forum moderators to help you, but you need to be regularly active on the project until it is complete. All potential candidates should look through both the Topic Leadership Guide and the CAP Process Archive, to get an idea of what will be expected of you, if you are selected to be the CAP 28 Topic Leader or TLT member.

This thread is strictly for candidacy posts and posts supporting those candidates. Please stay on topic. Below are the guidelines for posting in this thread:
  • Candidates must have been actively involved through the entire duration of the most recent CAP project. Involvement in multiple CAP projects is strongly preferred.
  • Do not suggest other people. If you want you encourage someone else to run, then send them a PM or talk to them on IRC.
  • If you are new to the CAP project, do not sign up in this thread. Instead, spend a project or two lurking, learning, and participating first.
  • Include a summary of your involvement in the CAP project.
  • Make a pitch for why you should be selected. If you can't present and defend yourself, then you can't expect to lead a project whose primary function is discussion and debate. Convince us that you are a good choice.
  • Poor spelling, punctuation, and grammar are great ways to look as though you don't know what you're talking about. A thoughtful and intelligent community leader should be capable of typing at a level above typical internet banter.
  • Even if you don't think you are better qualified than certain other candidates, you still should consider posting your application. Candidates not selected as TL or TLT for this project will be on the watch list by the PRC for next time around. Don't post your name if you don't intend to be active in the project, even if you are not selected, since people will be scrutinizing your involvement more closely.
  • Feel free to post support for any candidates already named.
  • Do not post disparaging remarks about any candidates.
If these rules are not followed, the offending user will be subject to moderation.

As a final note, we've got DLC 2 coming down the pipe in November. While we don't want to rush CAP28, we will be looking for TL and TLT members who are also interested in keeping discussions and polls moving at a timely pace. Let's do this thing!
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Hello everyone, I'd like to apply for the TLT. This is my first time doing so, and it's a decision I have not made lightly. I would like to, if selected, lead one of the Typing, Ability, Stats or Movepool stages.

I have been lurking in CAP processes since the end of Gen IV, and have become an active contributor since the CAP 25 project, starting off by submitting the winning sprite for Snaelstrom. While I joined quite late in the process of CAP 25, and CAP more generally, I took a particular interest in the flavour stages of CAP 25 due to the interesting framework of creating Starter Pokemon, and became invested in the designs and felt the need to contribute. I since continued my involvement by engaging in the name and movepool stages, and later on into the prevo process. I have since gone on to submit the winning sprites for Fawnifer and Electrelk, Astrolotl, the shinies for Fawnifer, Electrelk, Swirlpool and Coribalis, the names Swirlpool, Coribalis, and Equilibra.

I have become increasingly more active in the competitive stages as well, submitting a slated Stat Spread for Equilibra, the winning spread for Astrolotl and its prevolution Solotl, various movesets and have also engaged in a range of discussion across other stages, which has lead me to take a further interest in CAP as a whole. For Astrolotl, my involvement was instrumental in securing the move 'Wish' as I submitted replays that demonstrated it would not lead Astrolotl to become too passive. I've also been active in the creation of sets for the random CAP 1v1 format on showdown (thanks Birkal, love the initiative there) and have become a member of the council for the non-random CAP 1v1 format and involved in the organisation of tournaments. While this does not translate directly into experience with the Gen 8 meta-game, it demonstrates my knowledge of existing CAP movesets, trends, as well as an understanding of the organisation of competitive aspects such as play test tournaments (should they be held for 28). I completed the requirements for the Clefable playtest (however due to a minor misunderstanding about the seriousness of the naming conventions did not end up voting). I am also currently involved in CAPPL, monitoring games carefully and giving my team advice.

Equilibra's and Astrolotl's processes were exciting ones for me, and I would love to continue to contribute to the community by taking a more active role in shaping the future of the format through the organisation of the TLT. Some may recognise my participation and creation of PRC threads throughout Gen 8, which I believe speak to my commitment, as well as ability to articulate ideas and propose solutions and questions too ways that the process currently runs. I also have done so in a relatively timely manner (often being the first to comment) which demonstrates my ability to hold to a schedule. Perhaps the greatest downside to my candidacy is that I'm in a weird time zone (GMT+10) which may clash with when some people want threads up, nevertheless, as many would know through Discord, I am an active participant throughout much of the day.

I don't have much else to add but to say thank you, and I look forward to the chance to represent you in the process for CAP 28!


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In for TLT (no major preference)

Why me:

I have participated extensively within the competitive scene for CAP, placing highly in several forum tournaments and being a member of the CAPTT V CB Revenankhs and the CAPPL VI Jumbo Jumbaos. While participating on those teams I have functioned as both a teambuilder and a player, delivering large quanitities of competent teams to my teammates. As a result of this participation I am currently part of the CAP metagame council, as well as the VR team and C&C team, while additionally contributing multiple teams to the CAP sample teams.

I participated heavily in the Equilibra and Astrolotl projects, and in the Equilibra process I contributed to the Concept Assessment by providing replays from NU describing how Slowbro used Future Sight (CA), advocating for specific typings (Typing 1 and Typing 2). In the Astrolotl process I participated heavily in almost every stage, coming second in the concept poll (Concept, Poll), proposing a framework in concept assessment (Framework), and participating heavily in the typing (Typing Framework, Typing Analysis), and moveset (Moveset Submission, Moveset Analysis) portions.

Bouffalant @ Shell Bell
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Hi Im applying for TLT for typing and ability

I started participating properly in CAP during Pajantom and basically been involved for all of the CAPs full processes since, apart from Equilibra.
Im probably best known as an artist, Ive got winning submissions for Jumbao, Mumbao and Snaelstroms art, and runner-up for Smokomodo and Equilibra. I also helped make Snaelstroms 3d model! But I also spend a lot of time getting involved with the competitive side, I think most people would describe my teambuilding to be fairly non-standard and maybe that would bring a new flavour to the TLT. I won the Equilibra playtest tours and participated in a couple of CAPTTs before with good results. Im also participating in CAPPL.

As far as CAP discussions go, I think I was very involved in Jumbao getting Drought rather than going a Chlorophyll/Sun abuser route, as well as Astrolotl getting its Fire/Dragon typing. I think I make thoughtful posts in general and I definitely get involved in Discord discussion (maybe too much). I dont have previous experience as TLT but I have experience hosting competitions in and out of Pokemon/CAP and I can mediate a discussion.


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Welcome back wulf pack, not a toxic youtuber, wulfanator72 coming back at you with yet another TLT application. Following my experiences with the CAP 27 process, I feel more equipped to step up and be a leader within the TLT. I have learned that I need to be ready to challenge the ideas of users and use it to promote brainstorming of alternate solutions to our concept. Letting early ideas dominate the discussion limits us and the project. Through the previous project, I learned the importance of establishing and adhering to a timeline for my step. Letting steps needlessly drag doesn’t offer anything to the project, especially when the conversation has slowed or stopped.

My involvement in CAP includes
  • Being apart of the CAP 27 TLT (typing)
  • Being involved in CAPPL 6 (GO ASTROS)
  • Being involved in other tournaments such as…
    • CAP Ghosting Tournament (DUMB)
    • CAP Crazy Roulette
    • Equilibra Playtest (semifinals)
  • Actively participating from CAP 24-27
  • Submitting art for CAPs 24 & 25
  • Lurking since CAP 21
I hope I get the opportunity to, again, serve on the TLT since CAP has been a major part of my life these last 2 years.
Hello, I'd like to apply for a TLT position, particularly for typing or ability. I've been lurking since the start of CAP26 and started actively contributing when CAP27 rolled around. Nothing of what I said had a direct impact on the end result of Astrolotl, but I did participate throughout the process. That said, I'm unsure about the validity of my application. I did miss some of the process, the latter half of stats and all of movepool (because life). As such, if requested, I'll take the application down.

To address each point:
  • I'm a bit of a stickler for timeliness and deadlines, but I'm also in Australia, which means timezones are whack. You win some you lose some.
  • Knowledge is what I value most about pokemon. To be honest, I'm less about competitive knowledge and more about flavour knowledge (plus general knowledge of most pokemon's abilities, typing, stats, etc.), which is why I reckon I'd do better for the typing ar ability stages.
  • So I read through the whole archive of CAP development, but that doesn't make me a metagame guru. I'm pretty low ladder, but that doesn't mean I don't have an understanding of how CAP mons interact with each other and normal mons. I'm an average Joe, essentially.
  • To be honest, most of my teams take gimmicks and push them too far, my highest ladder ranking is on randos, though I did get pretty high in Mono last gen. Nonetheless, I can recognise strategies and potential exploits when they crop up.
  • My leadership skills are there, I just don't like using them. I'm normally a very passive guy and I think this will challenge me to be a bit more outspoken.
  • I crave new ideas. I really do just have fun sifting through ideas, whether they be new or not.
  • I do struggle a little with creativity. I'm very science brained and look for solutions within what I know already, but I'm looking to improve on that.
  • While my creative writing skills aren't great, my syntax is pretty pristine.
  • I like to believe that I'm level headed at all times. Unfortunately, this isn't the case, but I don't see how it's possible to get hot headed online. You have to type everything you want to say, there are so many opportunities to just be reasonable.
  • I mean. . . I don't know?
If I were to summarise this, which I am doing, I'm just looking to be a bit more involved with CAP and figured this would be a good way to do it.
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Not to cause alarm, but this thread will be closing in 72 hours. Yes, this is a few days shorter than in past CAPs, but nominations for TL and TLT, while important, do not necessarily need a full week in order to be effective. We'd like to save some spare days at the end for when CAP28 is actually released, especially since we will be butting up with DLC 2.

That being said, if anyone would like an extension on posting a nomination, shoot a CAP moderator a message and we'll extend the time.


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Well...might as well.

Hey y'all, Scott here. I'm LucarioOfLegends, and I will be applying for the position of TL. I will also be applying for TLT, which I'm happy to do anything but stats.

I was lurking in CAP as early as ORAS, but really joined in after CAP22 for the remainder of the Gen 6 metagame. I haven't really submitted any winning submissions for actual projects, but I do have a few wins in the side projects such as Gen 7 CAP Updates and the prevo processes.

I have been an active member of the CAP community ever since Pajantom, and have participated to some extent in every CAP Process since I have joined. For notable involvements, I have a few. I, of course, have served on TLT multiple times at this point, being the Ability Leader and Move Leader for Pajantom and Astrolotl respectively. Recently, I was also an Update Leader for the Generation 8 CAP Updates, working to lead discussion on mons such as Kerfluffle, Tomohawk, and Stratagem. Finally, I am of course currently the host for CAPPL VI, CAP's annual tournament, and while it hasn't always been smooth sailing so far, I think I'm doing a pretty solid job so far.

Now I'm going to be straight here, I was really leaning intially on not trying for TL, and just going back into the TLT, or possibly doing neither this time around and just working as a normal contributor. However, the support of my peers has made me realize how much I have learned and grown since I entered CAP's community, and see what I have accomplished so far now makes me feel much more prepared to be your Topic Leader, if you so choose to make me so.

I may not be able to give a perfect CAP Process to you all (No one really could, we are the Create-A-Pokemon Project after all), but if you choose me as your TL, I will try my damnedest to create the best process I possibly can alongside those who are on the TLT with me. That, my friends, I can guarantee.


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Hello, I'm Mx and I would like to apply for any position as TL or TLT.

I've lurked in CAP since the Necturna process back in 2011, and since the beginning of Gen 7 I've actively contributed to most discussions. I submitted the winning updated movepool for Aurumoth for the Gen 7 updates and I was the movepool leader for the Jumbao process. I also submitted many concepts, made several contributions to PRC (including adding new guidelines to improve Threats Discussion) and generally always tried to contribute to the discussion with high quality posts. Here's some examples: For all these contributions, I earned the CAP Contributor badge back in 2018.

I'm also very active on the metagame side of CAP. Apart from being a participating on many tournaments with usually good results (see here, here, and here) I'm currently a Moderator in the CAP Pokemon Showdown Room, I run the SS and SM CAP Role Compendiums, the SS CAP Speed Tiers, and, since recently Jho retired, I'm also now in charge of the SS Viability Rankings (all of these SS resources have been updated for the post-DLC meta recently). Because of my involvement in the CAP metagame, I've been a part of the CAP metagame council since its inception, and I collaborated with the Mega Crucibelle, Necturna, Aurumoth, and Equilibra nerfing processes and with the more recent Arena Trap quickban and the Clefable suspect test (in which I also got the requirements for voting). I've also hosted successfully hosted many CAP tournaments. Last year, I've manage my own team, the Noble Naviathans for CAPPL V and this year I'm currently assisting cbrevan with managing the Choice Band Revenankhs. Thanks to my many contributions to the CAP metagame, I've recently received the Community Contributor badge.

I've always been a very dedicate contributor, putting a lot of research and dedication into each one of my posts. I always plan carefully things in advance, and will always do my best to follow deadlines and avoid losing momentum. I think that these qualities make me an ideal fit for any position as either TL or TLT; and in this particular CAP, these skills are going to be more important than ever, as we'll have to follow a tight schedule if we really want to finish CAP 28 before the second DLC arrives and the whole metagame shifts again.
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Just a final reminder that this thread has roughly 24 hours remaining. If you're interested, but need some more time, send me a message and I can extend that deadline. I'm already looking forward to this CAP!


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Hey all, I'm Tadasuke and I'm applying for any of the four TLT positions.

My involvement with CAP began with playing the meta during the Cawmodore playtest and getting hooked on it from there. The first process I participated in was CAP 18, and I've had intermittent periods of activity in the PS room and on the forums for the past 7 years. I've always been watching the project during that time but now I'd like to take a more active role in the process, beyond voting and quick discussions.

A lot of my activity and accomplishments are old, but they include
  • Running the ORAS CAP Viability Rankings
  • Instituting and enforcing an oppressive totalitarian regime Moderating the PS CAP room
  • (Briefly) participating in CAPTT and CAPTT III
  • Participating in CAPPL VI on the Choice Band Revenankhs
  • Hosting a slew of unofficial tournaments in the PS CAP room
  • CAP Player of the Week interview
  • Contribution to metagame resources such as the Gen 6 CAP Role Compendium and ORAS Common Cores
I realize my resume isn't as extensive as most of the other applicants but I'm capable of putting in consistently high quality work backed by years of experience in watching the project and playing with its creations. If I'm given the chance to prove that with CAP 28 I'll be sure to put my full effort into the project.


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Hi. I'm Voltage.

I'm here to apply for a Topic Leadership Team Position for CAP28, ideally the Stats, Ability or Typing positions. But before I go into why I believe I'd be a good fit for these positions, allow me to talk about myself a bit.

I have followed a number of previous processes and policy changes and have been my best to learn and understand the processes of many of the CAPs that have been made so far. I have been an active lurker in the CAP process since Mollux, and officially hopping on the submissions train with the starters. Since getting more involved, I regularly contributed to Discord conversation with Equilibra's process, and my concept was ultimately selected for the process that would yield Astrolotl. Additionally, I was also involved in the discussion on Discord about the nerfing processes for Mega Crucibelle, Necturna and Aurumoth. Additionally, I have done my best to review many of the previous processes including the infamous Aurumoth process for example in order to understand way in which CAP has previously operated.

When there's not a CAP being generated, I am an active participant and contributor to the CAP metagame. I am a member of different leadership aspects of the CAP metagame; I am a member of the PRC and the Viability Ranking Council as of July 2020; the current Captain of the Galactic Astrolotls, a team in CAPPL VI; participated in CAPTT V on the Choice Band Revenanhks; and the current host of PodCAP, a podcast that covers both the creation process and the competitive aspects of CAP. While I still only have just a ladybug and not a snowflake, I've absolutely sunk my roots into this community and I'm confident in my abilities to continue to bring our community forward.

I am also a confident leader and topic discussion director. Many of my teammates on the Galactic Astrolotls right now can vouch for my ability to confidently lead a team and offer insight on ways players can build teams to their strengths. The most important part of this process is listening to what others say and being able to respond in an adequate and appropriate manner after considering all the possible situation. I feel that this skill translates pretty easily a topic discussion with regards to guiding and moderating topics. I also have experience in moderating discussions outside of mons in an academic setting, and exploring developments of ideas.

As an engineering student (soon to be graduate!) part of my workshopping process is to consider a variety of different ideas and consider the pros and cons of each. It's my design philosophy to try something at least once or twice to verify my assumptions on initial idea or thought. Sometimes this can require a bit of time, but ultimately I end up feeling confident with the result. This is my thought process for engineering design, for team building, and even for when I worked on developing my Stat line for CAP28. Ultimately, having an open mind is critical for the CAP process, and in order to create a successful CAP28, we have to be open to experimentation and verifying what may or may not the right path. Furthermore, this work ethic requires me to be timely and accurate with my work, which can easily transfer over to the competitive Pokemon.

It's through this mindset that I think that I can be a successful leader in the Stats, Ability or Typing Stages. Obviously, the stats stage is the most lofty section as the TL must be quite experience in understand base stat optimization, as well as limits on the the Base Stat Rating. This is something of which I am quite capable given my background in Applied MAthematics. During CAP27, I generated a rough model of determining a proper base HP stat that allowed for the management of Regenerator + Stealth Rock damage. While it ultimately didn't end up mattering as much due to the end result most commonly using Heavy Duty Boots, I feel that this ability to determine proper optimization is crucial for stat development and guiding conservation as needed. Additionally, while less numbers and optimization oriented, I think I can also manage the typing or ability sections handily. Both sections require an incredibly strong grasp on the mechanics of Pokemon, as well as understanding the current metagame implications of a type combo + ability. Given my necessity to be able to manage teams and know what is, isn't, and is too effective in competitive play, I know I have the ability to be a confident leader in these two sections as well.

All in all, I think I would be a good member of the Topic Leader Team for CAP28. Between my ability to lead and moderate conversation, my consistent knowledge of the CAP metagame, and my desire to produce a quality product, I will be able to lead a topic for CAP28.

Thanks for your time :]
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