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Final Submission

Supporting Material

Held item
House of the Flying snakes
one Balloon, sturdy, unwavering, gets tougher with every physical hit as its rubbery skin becomes thicker and thicker.
one Kite, unpredictable, fast, strikes before you see it and pierces every defense With a fearless skydive.

The item is a frame that stretches the balloon body into a kite
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Final Submission



Supporting Material

Held Item

Very late to the party, new job is leaving me zero free time! Here’s my vacuum elephants, with the held item as a vacuum attachment. I liked the idea of doing something Dumbo inspired with the elephant flying with their ears.


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Final Submission

Base Form

Item Form


Design Influences
My design is based on a Caduceus, which is the symbol of the god Mercury (Hermes) in Roman/Greek mythology. Mercury serves a few different major roles in mythology:
- Messenger and Herald of the Gods
- God of Thieves
- Delivers the dead to the underworld and afterlife

The Base form of my design is the good, brave, and valiant form, based on the messenger and bravery aspects of Mercury. Stamina is a natural fit, as messengers must travel long distances and endure hardships along the way. Thinking of things like the Postman's Creed - "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds". Also thought of delivering fallen warriors and brave souls to the Elysian fields, which is akin to Valkyries in Norse mythology. So I incorporated design elements with that kind of feel.

The Item form of my design is the devious, fiendish form based on Mercury as the God of Thieves. Also thinking of delivering condemned souls to Hades, with Tinted Lenses to navigate the darkness and see through the deceptions of evildoers.

Held Item

An evil-winged bejeweled staff that transforms CAP 30 into its more dastardly attacking form

Design Progression
Link to animations of my progress from sketches to finished artwork for each form:

(click the thumbnails for the full-size animations exceeding 500kb)

Final Thoughts
Doing two designs was definitely a grind! But I have been a fan of mythology my whole life and I really enjoyed incorporating different elements into the two forms. I love so many of the great designs posted so far, and I am looking forward to which one we choose for CAP 30!
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Final Submission

Supporting Material
The 30b design (top) is a representation of two powerful entities that are locked in combat so intensely that they have become a single Pokemon. The owl-like entity is the grumpy side of the Pokemon, and the snake-like entity is the mischevious trickster. They represent Stamina because they represent a never-ending internal battle, neither side of the Pokemon wanting to give in to its other half. The bird represents Flying type, while the snake represents Poison type. On the two heads, there are drops of a mystical, poisonous fluid (inspired by mercury) that connect them to the power of their held item.

When 30b is activated by its hold item (see below), the two entities are fused together.

The 30i design (bottom) is a representation of the Ouroboros, a snake-like mythical creature with wings that is forever biting its own tail. The poisonous fluid from 30b has expanded to fill the tube in its body and also shows up in its eyes. It is always in pain, crying tears of the poison fluid, which float around its head. These fluid-filled eyes represent Tinted Lens. The Ouroboros is tied to mercury in the historical practice of Alchemy. Also, 30i's body shape is reminiscent of the Alchemical symbol for Mercury. Also it's filled with mercury kind of like a thermometer!

Held Item
CAP 30's held item is a stoppered translucent vial (made of a glass-like material) containing the mystical poisonous fluid (alternating purple and orange in colour, like in the design).
Final Submission

Supporting Material

Held Item

A hydrous orb of gel or ooze

My design is a Tardigrade, which are famous for their ability to withstand extreme conditions by being able to switch between two states: a shriveled-up cyst and a hydrated, active form -- perfect for a toxic pokemon with two forms.

30b is the cyst, also based on drones and an icosidodecahedron. It has elongated, spinning claws that serve as landing gear or propellers.

It turns into 30i when it holds a hydrating item, allowing it to inflate into a blimp-like creature.

Stamina (30b): It's the cyst stage of a tardigrade! You can't get more stamina than that!
Tinted Lens (30i): The war blimp has lenses for focused firing of Gunk.

Sludge Bomb & Gunk Shot: Just look at that sludge cannon.
Body Press: Getting slammed by a blimp or drone would really hurt.
Hurricane: For life on the extreme, gale force winds should be a flying tardigrade's element.
Air Slash: 30b especially can cut with the air whipped around by its propellers.
Poison Jab: Can jab with those claws.
Brave Bird: A little odd, but hey, Crobat can get it. And extremophiles are undaunted = brave

30b: It doesn't move much, so it has low attack (those long claws are just propellers or flimsy landing gear) and low speed. But it can clearly shoot sludge and create strong winds, so high special attack. It's an indestructible tardigrade cyst, so good defense.
30i: Good attack because this thing is big and heavy and can ram you, slash with its sturdy claws, and shoot solid gunk. War blimp riding high on the winds, so good speed. Blimps are more fragile.
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Final Submission

Supporting Material

Based on biblical angels and nuclear radiation/explosion. Animal-wise it's a jellyfish with a sea angel inside.

base form is specifically a seraphim, which are these ugly ball things with 6 wings. it's also additionally meant to be a stagnant nuclear bomb. color wise i wanted to invoke something calm and a kind of "floats in ur face" feeling, which is where the blues and purples come in. the wings aren't solid and are more of a gooey consistency.

the item form is another weird angel called the ophanim, which yall probably know as the eyeball wheel. compared to the base form, it's a currently exploding nuclear bomb. the item form swaps out big wings with an expanded "eyeball pattern" that the base form had, which is how i will justify tinted lens. color-wise i chose a more "active" set of colors in order to make it look more attack-y. it also references neon geon evangeleon, which is also based on angels.

Held Item

The held item would be something like this, based on a more subtle mix of a crown of thorns and a rosary/cross
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Final Submission



Supporting Material

My design is based on Pazuzu, a Babylonian demon king that rules over the wind and creates plagues. My monster had one of its eyes stolen by a sorcerer, who transformed it into a statue. The curse can only be broken if its missing eye, now a gemstone, is returned to it.

Held Item

The creature's missing eye, which contains its true power.
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