CAP 30 - Part 14 - Name Submissions

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“Archiva” (Archive) + “Bane”

“Archiva” represents its book-like qualities and tells of how it could have a long history tied into it, and “Bane” represents not only the toxic attributes of CAP30 but also how it may bring great misfortune and distress to those who tamper with it as a play on its design suggesting mystic attributes as it’s, again, a cursed flying toxic book.


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Final Submission


"Toxin" + "Tome"

Pronounced: tox-ih-tome
IPA: täksitōm

I get this magical, old book kinda sense from CAP30, and while I really wanted to somehow incorporate the word "Grimoire" in the name, it just doesn't work that cleanly. Tomes are big ol' scholarly books, and I think the word still fits super well.


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Final Submission


Combination of venom and necronomicon (a famous grimoire fixture in fiction)

Pronounced: "ve-NOM-eh-con"
IPA: vi-nɑm-ɛ-kɑn

Seeing as how this mon carries around a special book that is almost certainly of a magical nature I wanted to reference some form of magical books in fiction and landed on The Necronomicon of Lovecraft fame. While not a real book per se it is a prominent fixture in many types of fiction and embodies several of the traits I see in CAP 30 here, such as forbidden knowledge corrupting those who read it (like a type of poison ;). I chose Venom as a poisonous synonym for the prefix as it just meshed perfectly with necronomicon.
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Final Submission


ink + enigma + grimoire

Pronouced: in-NIG-mwar

A name that incorporates the ink and book parts of the design, adding on "enigma" to convey the mysterious aura CAP 30 has. Enigma could also refer to the contents of the book.
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"Codex + Ink"

Pronounced: "koh-dingks"
IPA: ˈkoʊ dɪŋks

The name itself is a sort of pun on Codex, an ancient text, where the "ex" is instead filled in with "inks", a befitting pun for what it's written in, and the ink on the wings of the mon. It ends in "X" to look more like Codex, and to make the name more concise.
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A combination of "chronicle" + "nib" (the pointed end of a pen).

Pronounced: KRAA-nih-bl
IPA: krɔ́nɪbəl

Since the "main body" of CAP30 is a flying pen nib, I wanted to do a name around it, and it happens to slide in nicely into "chronicle". Chronicles are historical accounts of factual events, and history can get pretty strange, especially ancient history and especially in the world of Pokemon.
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Final Submission


“Berserk” + “Ink” + “Manuscript”

Pronounced: burs-ink-ripped

This honestly felt like a really good combination because it incorporates the crazed nature of the book, the ink, and its form all in one.
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Final Submission


“Papyrus” + “Raze” + “Gaze”

Papyrus is historically the first recorded instance of paper-like material, dating back to ancient Mesopotamia. Raze is a synonym for annihilate, and gaze comes from its eye hidden in the ink bottle + Tinted Lens.

Pronounced: puh-pie-rayz
IPA: pə’paɪəreɪz
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A combination of "Book" (self-explanatory), "blech" (a sound of disgust), "oobleck" (slime from a Dr. Seuss book), and look (a reference to Tinted Lens)

Pronounced: Blook (rhymes with Book/Look)

IPA: blʊk
Final Submission


(FLAP + TOme + CRYPT / CRYPTic / sCRiPT)

Pronounced: fLAP-Thu-crypt

Flap, because is how it probably moves in the air, TOme, because a tome its like a book but older, crypts smell bad so something for the poison type =), cryptic because the symbols on his pages are unown, something that normal people from the pokemon world can't understand... when unown are letters, its a CRYPTIC message, and script because it can also be a script, it has paper and letters
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Final Submission


"Grim" +"Grimoire" + "Noire"

Pronounced: grim-nwär
IPA: ɡɹɪmˌnwɑɹ

I chose this name for its simplicity; Grim+Noire = Grimoire; both grim and noire have relations to darkness/evil like what you'd expect of a book like this, and grimoire is a type of magic book. Combined, it gives the feel of an evil book rather well, all in a bite size two-syllable package that is easy to remember and say.
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Final Submission


„Swallowtail“ + „Quill“ + „Tale“

Pronounced: KWIL-low-tail
IPA: kwɪl-ləʊ-teɪl

Swallowtails are butterflies, that have similar patterns to CAP30s design on their wings, but the name obviously can refer to the tailfeathers of swallows too, which fits well with the split „tail“ of the design, which is the Bookmark. Tale refers to it being a book possibly containing stories, while quill describes its head.


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Final Submission


"Story" + "Origami"

Pronounced: "STOR-ih-GAH-mee"

A creature of paper that not only holds stories, but it forms different shapes and contexts depending on how it's folded - just like a book, a folded paper decoration or story.


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Final Submission


A combination of "Lethal" + "Elegy".

Pronounced: "LEE-thel-eh-jee"

Lethelegy is a fairy simple name that combines lethal, as in the lethality of a poison, and elegy, which is a type of poem that is typically sad and written for the dead, with makes a ton of sense for CAP 30 being on the spookier side of Poison-types.
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Zahar + codex

Pronounced: zuh-har-decks

I chose this name because it comes from my heritage and it means poison. Zahar means poison in hindi, and codex is a word for a book of some sorts. It kinda sounds really cool when you think about it. I think changing up the heritage/origin of some of the names is a good idea for diversity, and I really liked this one out of all my WIPS.
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Insanity + Mage + Jinx + Ink
This comes from a jinx, a harmful spell meant to bring unluckiness, Ink, as it uses ink everywhere, insanity, coming more from 30i, and jot and mage.

Pronounced: in-San-id-jeenk

30i is insane by the ink that it is in, and ink plays a large part in the design. Mage is from mages that used books and this Cap is like a magical book. Jinx is a spell that also fits with mage and the book theme going on.
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A combination of "Conjure"(to summon something via magical powers) and "Journal"(A record kept of experiences, ideas or reflections used regularly).

Pronounced: cahn-JOOR-null
IPA: kʌnˈd͡ʒɜˈːnə͡l

Conjurnal is a simple play on 30's spellbook design, with the Conjure part bringing the more magical part of the name, while journal pulls double duty, both being the actual device the information is recorded in and the action of recording said info into said device.
Final Submission


Grim/Grimoire/The Brothers Grimm + Ink

Pronounced: grim-eenk

A combination of grimoire (a magical spell book or text book) for the book design, grim (uninviting, forbidding, dark) in reference to the Poison-typing, and then ink for the held item ink reference. Also spelled Grimm- in reference to the Brothers Grimm, who were famous for collecting and publishing folklore tales, which seems like a fitting theme for a magical poison book.
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