CAP 30 - Part 4 - Typing Discussion

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Submitting Fighting/Psychic.

What are the broad strengths and weaknesses of this typing?
The major upside of this combination compared to other potential combinations with Fighting is how few weaknesses we have. This typing only has three weaknesses in Flying, Fairy, and Ghost. While we will still have some obvious checks/counters (looking at you Dragapult) this typing allows us to come in on a wide variety of Pokemon for the most part.

Which important Pokemon can this typing threaten via SE hits?
This typing hits a large part of the metagame for super-effective or neutral damage. These two typings have great synergy and can deal with each other's weaknesses easily: the Fighting side takes care of all the Dark and Steel types (Weavile, Heatran, Melmetal, Equilibra, etc.) while the Psychic side takes care of Toxapex, Tomohawk and Revenankh.

What does this typing broadly offer defensively?
This typing has a lot of benefits defensively. It gives us a resistance to Stealth Rocks, a neutrality to U-Turn, and a neutrality to Knock Off, all of which are very prominent. The major thing here is the resistance to SR, as it allows us to come in as much as possible and maximize our longevity and ability to wallbreak.

How much does this typing abuse or benefit from tinted lens?
People have already talked about how much Fighting benefits from Tinted Lens, so I won't go in depth there. Psychic doesn't synergize with it as much, but it can still hit other Psychics like Tapu Lele and Glowking that won't take as much from Fighting moves.
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I am submitting Steel/Fairy.

Wait. Don't go. I'm not kidding, I swear.

What are the broad strengths and weaknesses of this typing?
As Magearna has beat into our heads, Steel/Fairy is one of the better defensive typings out there, with a pretty good set of resistances and immunities. In addition, Fairy and especially Steel both benefit from Tinted Lens, finding neutral hits onto a bunch of common defensive typings. I'll delve more into each of these later. Fairy also has access to some nice utility moves in Spirit Break and Draining Kiss.
On the other hand, both types are severely lacking in high power STABs. Moonblast is a very nice STAB to spam, but that's about where the power ceiling is for reliable power, unless we are trying to get this thing to run Iron Tail or Steel Beam on a regular basis. Heavy Slam and Gyro Ball exist, but Gyro Ball requires insane docking of speed to get actual damage, and Heavy Slam can score a lot of damage but fails to affect one of the best Fairies in the metagame in Jumbao. As a result, its damage will have to come more from stats and the super effective hits it can score, rather than the base power of its moves. It also often ends up dealing only neutral damage instead of super effective damage to many walls, although there are a few important ones that do get hit super effectively. Of note is that Heatran absolutely walls this combo, although it is the only Pokemon with this status.

What does this typing broadly offer defensively?
Weaknesses: Fire, Ground
Resistances: Bug (4x resist), Dark, Fairy, Flying, Grass, Ice, Normal, Psychic, Rock
Immunities: Dragon, Poison, Sandstorm damage, Toxic
Like I mentioned before, Steel/Fairy has a lot of resistances and immunities. The weakness to Fire can potentially be an obstacle against Flying types like Zapdos and Tornadus-T, and Ground moves are fairly common (especially when one of the more common Dark types in the meta is Colossoil), but a bunch of these types (Psychic, Grass, Ice, Flying, Fairy, Dark) are fairly common attacking types, which does give 30i more chances to come in. This also gives 30b an extremely solid defensive foundation to work with.

Which important Pokemon can this typing threaten via SE hits?
Super Effective: Dark, Dragon, Fairy, Fighting, Ice, Rock
Neutral: Bug, Electric, Flying, Ghost, Grass, Ground, Normal, Poison, Psychic, Water
Resists: Fire, Steel
Immunities: None
Out of the prominent walls in the meta, Steel really only hits Clefable, while Fairy hits Arghonaut, Buzzwole, and Tomohawk. However, this typing is also capable of scoring super effective hits against other offensive Pokemon, including (but not limited to) Weavile, Jumbao, Urshifu-R, Kyurem, Tapu Lele, Dragonite, Pajantom, Tapu Bulu, Colossoil, and the hail Pokemon in Ninetales-A and Arctozolt. It is also capable on coming in on some of these Pokemon with its strong defensive typing (namely Weavile, Jumbao, Tapu Lele), although it may have to be careful about Ground coverage or STAB from others.

To sort of bring together the last two questions, this type will likely use the gameplan of "come in on a resisted hit, threaten out with SE damage, force neutral damage onto the wall that comes in" a decent amount.

How much does this typing abuse or benefit from tinted lens?
Both types have resists that are fairly common in the meta, and Tinted Lens allows them to turn into neutral hits. Both types get to score neutral hits against Steel and Fire, a group that includes Corviknight, Scizor, Melmetal, Volcarona, and Astrolotl (for Steel specifically). Steel gets to hit Electric and Water types, such as Zapdos, Slowking, and Toxapex, neutrally. Fairy gets extra damage on Poison types like Toxapex (again) and Slowking-Galar.

Are there any other cool side effects this typing has, such as immunity to status, resistance to hazards, or otherwise?
This type is Toxic and Sandstorm immune, Stealth Rock resistant, and Knock resistant. In general, it's fairly resilient to passive damage, which is a nice bonus.
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Submitting Electric/Fairy.

What are the broad strengths and weaknesses of this typing?
Electric/Fairy hits everything but Shedinja neutrally or better. Electric hits several relevant walls supereffectively, as well as providing the option of a STAB pivot move. Fairy is a very spammable STAB thanks to Tinted Lens, hitting everything neutrally or better except for Heatran, Mollux, Salazzle, and Shedinja; while Fairy doesn't hit many relevant walls supereffectively, it is supereffective against many offensive mons.

Which important Pokemon can this typing threaten via SE hits?
This typing is supereffective against the majority of Pokémon ranked A- or higher on the CAP viability rankings. Several common walls are weak to Electric, including Corviknight, Tapu Fini, Toxapex, Skarmory, and Slowking. Fairy mostly threatens offensive mons, which is not as relevant for a wallbreaker.

What does this typing broadly offer defensively?
This typing only has two weaknesses (Poison and Ground), along with five resistances (Electric, Fighting, Flying, Bug, and Dark) and one immunity (Dragon). Most of its resistances are common offensive typings, and only one of its weaknesses is a common offensive type. Also worth mentioning: it is neutral to Stealth Rock, resistant to Knock Off, and immune to paralysis.

How much does this typing abuse or benefit from tinted lens?
Fairy gains a lot from Tinted Lens, hitting nearly every mon neutrally or better. Electric does not gain as much; while there are relevant mons that would resist Electric without Tinted Lens, there are also several relevant mons immune to Electric (one of which, Zeraora, actually benefits from being hit by Electric attacks). As a whole, Electric/Fairy gains a lot from Tinted Lens, especially for a wallbreaker, since Electric hits many walls supereffectively (and Heatran/Mollux/Salazzle neutrally) while Fairy hits everything else but Shedinja neutrally or better.
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4 posts in, and two of my favourites are already here (or will be shortly.) So I'm going to go ahead and submit

Water / Grass

What are the broad strengths and weaknesses of this typing?
The biggest strengths of this typing are in its offensive coverage. Water individually already hits basically everything but those with Water immunities for neutral. Grass patches those holes up, to the point where the only Pokemon in existence that resist this spread are the untiered apple dragons, and Dry Skin Mollux. With Tinted Lens, this means that we can safely press our STAB to do some powerful damage to almost any threat that can switch in against us when trying to break a wall. The weakness comes from our defensive typing. The glass half full way to look at it is that this is a Water type that isn't weak to Thunderbolt, and a Grass type that isn't weak to Fire or Ice moves. It is the Grass combo with the fewest 2x weaknesses, and no 4x weaknesses. But its also a grass type with few resists, and not a particularly resistant water typing either, despite being a typing that's used to good bulk.

What does this typing broadly offer defensively?
As a wall breaker, I feel that this is going to be more reliant on swapping into defensive Pokemon rather than offensive ones (we're not going to be swapping into Weavile or Dragapult, but we're at least not SE weak to them if they do pop up against us.) Instead, what it resists are STABs from common wall typings found in Steel, Ground, and Water. Especially Water as a 4x resist means that we can also safely switch in against Urshifu's Rapid Strikes and live to force it out.

  • Which important Pokemon can this typing threaten via SE hits?
Let's look at some key walls we shatter. Number 1 is Heatran. Looking at both the viability rankings and the role compendium, we can see that Heatran is one of the most viable defensive Pokemon. Number 2 is Landorus. Both of these are weak to our SE Water STAB. To flip the coin and look at our other typing, we can hit some other noteable defensive threats such as Slowking and Arghonaut with SE Grass STAB. Being able to threaten all of these Pokemon with SE hits is not just a powerful choice to have, but also being able to punish anyone that an opponent tries to swap in to protect them is also extremely valuable. Gone are the days where Heatran can swap to Slowking and shrug off a Water STAB, as they'll bet taking full damage from that SE hit. Mandibuzz can't swap in and save a water type from impending grassy doom without taking a hefty beating itself. Tinted Lens is not just strong for threatening foes with SE hits, but for threatening anyone else who can hope to swap in and protect the walls with resistances.

How much does this typing abuse or benefit from tinted lens?
I feel like I kinda addressed this in all of the other questions combined. It loves the universal coverage on water stabs, the safety of being able to press grass moves without it being resisted by half of the opposing team, and the power to threaten and punish swap outs.

  • Are there any other cool side effects this typing has, such as immunity to status, resistance to hazards, or otherwise?
It is not rocks weak, not knock weak, and has an immunity to Spore.
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Alright my friends, it's time for types, and for my pick I wanted to go with one that, while done before, in my opinion brings a lot to the table for 30i: Fire/Grass.

What are the broad strengths and weaknesses of this typing?
Broadly, Fire/Grass is a powerhouse offensively, with both types being able to hit pokemon the other type struggles to deal with, such as fire dealing with steel and grass types for grass and grass dealing with water types for fire. These types also have a strong list of moves to choose on both the physical and special side, including many possibly useful utility moves such as Fire Lash, Mystical Fire, Lava Plume, Trop Kick, Giga Drain, Apple Acid, etc.

What does this typing broadly offer defensively?
Weaknesses: Flying, Poison, Rock
Neutralities: Normal, Fighting, Ground, Bug, Ghost, Fire, Water, Psychic, Ice, Dragon, Dark
Resistances: Electric, Fairy, Steel, Grass

While Fire/Grass does sport a weakness to stealth rocks, this weakness can be a benefit in allowing us to explore this Pokémon's potential fully while knowing we have a weakness to work around. Beyond that however, Fire/Grass has resistances to Fairy, Electric, and Grass type moves, meaning that it can easily switch in on defensive mons such as Clefable :Clefable: and Ferrothorn :Ferrothorn:, as well as offensive Pokémon Jumbao :Jumbao:, Tapu Koko :Tapu Koko: and Zeraora :Zeraora: quite well. Notably, the two types cover each others weaknesses well, meaning they can switch into weaker attacks that would threaten most pokemon that share one of its types, such as U-Turn or Scald.

Which important Pokemon can this typing threaten via SE hits?
Since Grass, Water and Steel are some of the best defensive types, this combo's ability to hit a majority of those pokemon super effectively is massive. Defensive Pokémon such as Arghonaut :Arghonaut:, Corviknight :Corviknight:, Tapu Fini :Tapu Fini:, Buzzwole :Buzzwole:, Skarmory :Skarmory: and Slowking :Slowking: all shudder under the premise of getting hit by powerful fire and grass STAB, which is only boosted by 30i's item boosting its STABs further. This doesn't even include lower ranked defensive mons such as Hippowdon :Hippowdon: and Tapu Bulu :Tapu Bulu:, as well as more offensive pokemon such as Scizor :Scizor: , Jumbao :Jumbao: and Urshifu-Rapid Strike :Urshifu:. Basically, Fire/Grass fits a wall breaker perfectly, allowing for a pokemon that can easily threaten much of the defensive Pokémon in the meta as well as scare out plenty of offensive mons as well.

How much does this typing abuse or benefit from tinted lens?
This typing LOVES the boons Tinted Lens offers it. One one end, Fire loves the ability to make the plethora of water type walls such as Toxapex :Toxapex: and Slowking :Slowking: fear to switch in on it and get hit by a now-nonresisted attack. One the other side, however, grass appreciates the ability for its strong support movepool to do more chip damage, allowing moves such as Apple Acid and Trop Kick to potentially make the opponent rethink a matchup and increasing the effect of moves such as Giga Drain and Horn Leech, allowing for more recovery even off of resisted matchups. While this type with TL does still have effective checks such as Heatran :Heatran: and Astrolotl :Astrolotl:, the utility these types offer still mean those Pokémon aren't Scot-free upon switchin.

Are there any other cool side effects this typing has, such as immunity to status, resistance to hazards, or otherwise?
The ability to be immune to burn while not weak to scald means that both physical and special potential is on the table. An immunity to leech seed is useful as well.
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Im gunna submit Bug/Steel. Usually I groan when I see a bug type on the slate, but I think not only is this a good typing but it also fits TL very well and will help our overall process a lot.

What are the broad strengths and weaknesses of this typing?
So simply put, the main strength of Bug/Steel is its a fantastic defensive typing. Offering 8 resists, an immunity and only one weakness, Bug/Steel has a unique set of annoying threats that it walls, including Kyurem, Tapu Lele, Rillaboom, Jumbao, while its neutrality allows it to go one step further and wall anything without a fire move with enough stats in the right defense. This allows a large amount of flexibility for both forms of CAP30. Thats something I'll go into later in this post as I think its very important not to simply focus in on CAP30i and leave CAP30b with the scraps.
The weakness of Bug/Steel is that it has a 4x weakness to Fire, which is relevant when it comes to checking Flying types as a Steel type. It also has a weak offensive STAB combination on paper.

Which important Pokemon can this typing threaten via SE hits?
Bug: :weavile: :slowking: :rillaboom:
Steel: :weavile: :clefable: :jumbao: :kyurem: :tapu-lele: :tapu-bulu:
Not many in total. This isnt the strength of Bug/Steel.

How much does this typing abuse or benefit from tinted lens?
Both of these typings benefit heavily from Tinted Lens. Steel becomes neutral vs everything but Heatran, and Bug becomes neutral to everything except Heatran, Tomohawk/Lucha, and the steel birds. Here is an example of TL allowing a really good defensive typing to become good offensively also.

Now to move on to how I think Steel/Bug helps us navigate the process. Theres a few things here:
Space in the meta:
When it comes to making these mons, I'm thinking about how to squeeze two or more of the same typing into the tier at once. I think that means we need a typing that isn't niche or one-dimensionally offensive, and Steel/Bug definitely is a strong base for that. The base typing is great defensively, while this Tinted Lens mon will abuse it to become good offensively- theres definitely two routes forming already for how to tackle the framework in a simple way. When I think of mons like Arghonaut/Urshifu, Ferro/Kartana and Pajantom/Dragapult, one tends to rely more on defensive merit and lets the other be more all-out offensive, allowing both to shine- but its important that both mons offer some defensive quality- for example for Skarm/Corv, both mons shine defensively in slightly different ways. I dont think that would apply for offensive mons. For instance, if you split Miasmaw into Atk and SpA variants, would both of them see usage or would one be BL? Same goes for Syclant- I think purely offensive mons tend to compete/overlap each other a lot more, because ultimately one is going to use the typing better to KO things and it doesnt need much consideration or nuance past that.
Also, while Scizor is currently meta, it leans a lot on its coveted typing and I think there is space for mons to effectively take its spot once its typing is no longer unique, or at least stand beside it while offering different defensive and offensive merits.
Both types have priority, and Bug has an excellent choice of attacks that have additional primary effects or 100% secondary effects.
I will be honest and say I dont know how to predict the placement of a Tinted Lens mon, but thats also part of the reason I voted for it. I think its exciting to navigate. That being said, Bug/Steel is definitely not the optimal typing when it comes to pure strength, its way worse than Steel/Fairy or Steel/Flying which both offer godlike offensive pressure with TL as well as matching Bug/Steel in defensive quality. Voting for Bug/Steel would be voting for a more tame option which gives the opponents some key mons that are likely to be able to come in more, like aforementioned Heatran and occasionally Corviknight. Its good for all mons to have switchins, and maybe having some more reliable switchins will give us space to smash other counters and not have to gimp ourselves too much when it comes to other areas. Both Bug and Steel have a range of base powers ranging from the 120-150BP top tier moves to 80BP weaker options. We could lean on the typing with less neutral coverage (Bug) to have stronger BP and then give a lower BP universally neutral attack for Steel. I believe these options will give Bug/Steel some room to navigate.
Lastly, the lack of SE moves against Bug/Steel gives it a lot of flexibility when it comes to stats- it can be shifted to wall pretty much anything we want under a certain level. That ability to play around the middling offensive utility mons that make up the bulk of the metagame (uninvested lando, corv, fini, glowking etc) definitely gives it a lot of opportunity to come in and get things done, whether it be CAP30b or CAP30i. It just seems like an easy type to get off the ground with and execute our concept.
I'm submitting Poison/Flying. Really cool typing that gets massive use out of tinted lens.

What are the broad strengths and weaknesses of this typing?

It has incredible defensive utility in checking a lot of prominent threats, it's immune to Toxic and spreads poison with its STAB moves, and has useful super effective coverage on a number of walls. Stealth Rock weakness serves as a balancing factor to a typing otherwise packed with strengths.

What does this typing broadly offer defensively?
It serves as a fantastic switch-in to mons like Clefable, Colossoil (due to reduced Knock damage), Landorus, Jumbao, Rillaboom, Buzzwole, Kartana, Bulu, etc., while being immune to toxic and 4x resisting U-turn. 4x resists to Grass and Fighting and immunity to Ground constrain your opponents' options.

Which important Pokemon can this typing threaten via SE hits?
Mons like Arghonaut, Clefable, Tapu Fini, Buzzwole, Tangrowth and Tomohawk are hit super effectively by our STABs.

How much does this typing abuse or benefit from tinted lens?
This typing benefits heavily from Tinted Lens, going from being walled by every Steel and Rock type to our Flying STAB alone being resisted by only Magnezone among relevant mons. Flying becomes unbelievably spammable. In addition, Ground and Ghost types that might want to switch into our poison STABs are now taking massive damage while also risking poison.

Additionally, both types offer high-powered STABs on the physical end (Gunk Shot and Brave Bird for burst damage) if we choose to go that route, meaning that a Toxapex or Garchomp switching in might regret it despite not being hit super-effectively, while on the special end, moves like Sludge Bomb and unresisted Hurricane put in work.

Are there any other cool side effects this typing has, such as immunity to status, resistance to hazards, or otherwise?

Yeah: it offers a gameplan. Early game, you use your Toxic immunity and common resistances to switch in on fat mons. You use your poison STAB to damage and inflict poison on walls that might not otherwise be 2HKOed (steels and poisons are likely hit quite hard by our Flying STAB due to lens). Later on, they might no longer wall you successfully. It offers both the "utility" side of our chosen role, and a way to break things without being immediately overpowered.
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Strap yourself in fellow humans because it's time to get Normal. Specifically Normal / Fairy.
  • What are the broad strengths and weaknesses of this typing?
There have obviously been some discussions already about how useful the Fairy type is for this concept both offensively and defensively. In comparison to the other submitted options, however, the addition of the Normal type, instead of providing additional Super-effective coverage instead adds a complementary broad and spammable STAB option that has almost perfect neutral coverage. Defensively, the type trades in a Fighting resistance for a Ghost immunity, granting some additional switch-in opportunities.

In effect, this submission is a very neutral typing with some important offensive abilities, and some really key defensive qualities in terms of resisting some fairly spammable attacks in Bug and Dark, while also packing two pretty premium immunities to some of the more powerful neutral attacks in the metagame. While it is clearly not the strongest of the submitted options so far, particularly in regards to super-effective coverage, it has two potent and spammable targets which between them cover the entire metagame, and in most cases not being prediction reliant with only Heatran and Mollux continuing to resist Fairy, and Normal attacks only being walled by Ghosts (the most common of which in the metagame will never want to come in because of the threat of Fairy attacks due to their secondary Dragon and Fighting typings) and Aggron or Stakataka. Furthermore, while I don't want to engage in any poll jumping, it is worth pointing out that Normal has some incredibly offensive moves on both the physical and special sides, that are mostly hampered by their inability to get through Steels that could provide us with an effective power ceiling.

What this effectively results in is a pretty explosive neutral wallbreaker. By this same token, its weaknesses aren't incredibly exploitable and pronounced, but are instead rather subtle with aspects such as its pretty much exclusively neutral coverage being able to be blocked by incredibly fat mons (depending on the stat spread) and the fact that defensively it is fairly able to be overwhelmed by common neutral attacks.
  • What does this typing broadly offer defensively?
As mentioned previously, Normal/Fairy is quite an interesting defensive typing, that for the most part is neutral, but carries some pretty nice and interesting resists to some very commonly spammed moves such as U-Turn and Knock Off. Furthermore, a Ghost immunity is incredibly premium with Shadow Ball being one of the safest moves to spam in the current metagame. This is augmented by an immunity to Dragon attacks which while fairly rare at the moment, in effect allow CAP 30 to be a safe blanket check to some key metagame threats such as Dragapult. Furthermore it is only weak to Poison and Steel type moves, which continue to be rather uncommon, particularly in terms of being STAB boosted.
  • Which important Pokemon can this typing threaten via SE hits?
In comparison to some of the other typings on the slate, the super-effective potential of this typing is fully reliant on what Fairy can hit. However, I think this is more than serviceable considering our role, with the Fairy type having excellent super-effective matchups against a few key walls such as Arghonaut, Buzzwole and Tomohawk, which while not the most common, are typically problems for physical set-up sweepers in particular, as well as some of the more premium offensive options in the metagame such as Urshifu-R, Kyurem, Dragapult, Weavile and Garchomp. What this type enables us to do therefore is, threaten offensive Pokemon, force switches, and chip walls with our fantastic neutral coverage.
  • How much does this typing abuse or benefit from tinted lens?

    I think that this is one of the typing combinations that serves to benefit from Tinted Lens the most, primarily as a result of the tremendous Neutral coverage it receives. While the Normal type already hits a wide variety of typings, being able to use Normal STABs against the ubiquitous Steel-types in the metagame, and the occasional Tyranitar, is nothing to be sneezed at. Fairy is in a similar boat, being one of the more effective offensive typings hampered by its Fire, Steel and Poison resists which are incredibly common. As previously mentioned, the only Pokemon that can consistently come in CAP 30's Fairy stabs are Mollux and Heatran, who are unable to resist Normal attacks. What this guarantees is that CAP 30 is going to be solidly chunking defensive answers with strong Neutral attacks.

  • Are there any other cool side effects this typing has, such as immunity to status, resistance to hazards, or otherwise?
As many things with this typing, it is mostly neutral in regards to additional utility. It doesnt prevent any major statuses or hazards, however, it does through it's Dark resist become a very effective Knock-Off absorber. Taking minimal damage and preserving its Item. Furthermore, many of the common Knock Off users are unable to hit CAP 30 super-effectively, meaning that it should be able to fill this roll at several points throughout the match.
Submitting Ice/Fighting

What are the broad strengths and weaknesses of this typing?
  • Unrivalable super-effective coverage, and comfortably perfect neutral-coverage post-Tinted Lens with STABs alone.
    • The offensive power of this typing alone allows us to effectively wallbreak with very little help from stats or high-power moves.
  • An oceanic pool of potential STAB moves
    • This gives us many potential paths for utility, and a near-perfect ability to fine-tune 30i's power level without restricting 30b.
  • A legitimately terrible set of weaknesses.
    • However, the sheer power of these offensive STABs means we have plenty of room - in base stats, movepool, EVs, moveslots, or general power budget - to patch up our defense in other ways. Glass Cannon is not the only option!
  • Overall, this combination of traits gives us a level of freedom with stats, movepool, and 30b that is unparalleled by any other type combination.

Which important Pokemon can this typing threaten via SE hits?
The combinaton of Ice and Fighting hits 9 types super-effectively (10 if using Freeze Dry), the most out of any possible type combination.
Going down the Viability Rankings, this combination, with only two attacks, has the ability to hit a supermajority of the tier for super-effective damage.
:dragapult:, :landorus-therian:, :heatran:, :weavile:, :tornadus-therian:, :garchomp:, :jumbao:. :kyurem:, :melmetal:, :zapdos:, :arctozolt:, :dragonite:, :hippowdon:, :magnezone:, :pajantom:, :rillaboom:, :tapu bulu:, :tomohawk:, :bisharp:, :blissey:, :colossoil:, :equilibra:, :ferrothorn:, :hawlucha:, :hydreigon:, :kartana:, :kommo-o:, :tyranitar:, :excadrill:, :mandibuzz:, :moltres-galar:, :venusaur:
This is not including the possibility of Freeze Dry.

How much does this typing abuse or benefit from tinted lens?
I argued in an earlier post that a Tinted Lens user should not want to run more than 2 attacking moves, even if they had access to additional coverage. Ice/Fighting achieves this more successfully any other type combination.

Despite four types resisting Ice, and five resisting Fighting, nothing resists both after Tinted Lens. Part of this is due to it naturally being a solid offensive combination, but there are a good handful of mons that would resist this combo without Lens, such as:
:toxapex:, :slowbro:, :tapu fini:, :victini:, :volcarona:, :blacephalon: and :aegislash:.

You won't find an offensive typing better than this, folks. We could even choose to think of it as a weird inverse Ice Scales, where we consider super-effective hits as if they were neutral, and neutral hits as resistances, and balance accordingly.

What does this typing broadly offer defensively?
Weaknesses: Fairy; Fighting; Fire; Flying; Psychic; Steel
Resistances: Bug; Dark; Ice

No Ice type is ever going to be stellar defensively, and this is no exception. Six weaknesses to relatively common types means a majority of the metagame would have the ability to hit us for super-effective damage. No beating around the bush: this hurts.

However, not all is lost. Ice/Fighting has more up its sleeve than straightforward glass-cannon routes.

Many defensive staples, like :landorus-therian:, :heatran:, and :zapdos: sport fairly high attacking stats. This actually helps them out defensively, as it allows them to direct EVs into their defensive stats while still doing respectable damage. I think something similar is true here; Ice/Fighting's neutral and super-effective coverage is so great, it wouldn't need a particularly high attack stat or offensive investment to still deal The Big Damage.
  • It takes a trivial amount of attack to 2HKO most things with a super-effective hit, meaning we can move more base stats or EVs into defense
  • perfect 2-attack coverage opens up move slots for moves like Recover
  • with the help of Fist Plate and Tinted Lens, Drain Punch would become an incredibly reliable source of HP.

As for actual defensive properties: a resistance to Knock Off, in combination with the unknockable item, means 30i can switch in effectively for free against one of the most spammable moves in the tier, and a resistance to U-Turn alleviates some pressure from a variety of pivots. And, despite that spread of weaknesses, there are still useful handful of relevant mons that can't hit Ice/Fighting super-effectively - most notably, bulky Ground-types like:landorus-therian:, :garchomp:, :hippowdon:, or :colossoil:. With intelligent play, even a slow 30i could find many opportunities to get in and wreck shop.

Additionally, a Stealth Rock neutrality is a very useful trait for an Ice-type to have. It allows 30i to pivot around without depending hazard removal, and means 30b wouldn't be dependent on Heavy Duty Boots.

Overall, I think the awfulness of this defensive typing is a fine balancer for the sheer power of the offensive typing. And unlike most other Ice-types, we have the tools available to make it usable defensively, without just going the unga-bunga :darmanitan-galar: route of dumping absolutely everything into pure offense. 30b could even still reasonably perform fully defensive roles with abilities like Stamina, Ice Scales, or Filter.

Are there any other cool side effects this typing has?
The STAB movepool is where Ice/Fighting truly shines. The wealth of options available would allow us to take 30i and 30b in literally any direction we wanted.

For starters, both Ice and Fighting have a wide range of move powers, both physically and specially.
  • Ice, Physical: Triple Axel, Icicle Crash, Ice Punch, Icicle Spear (lol), Ice Fang
  • Ice, Special: Blizzard, Ice Beam, Freeze Dry, Icy Wind
  • Fighting, Physical: Focus Punch, High Jump Kick, Close Combat, Hammer Arm, Storm Throw, Drain Punch, Low Sweep, Circle Throw
  • Fighting, Special: Focus Blast, Aura Sphere
This range of power levels is why I'm not particularly worried about Ice/Fighting's raw offensive power getting out of hand. This smorgasbord of STABs gives us a lot of room to tune precisely how powerful we want 30i to be, without restricting what 30b is capable of.

Additionally, both types provide many useful utility options.
From Fighting, we could get:
  • Brick Break, to help deal with hyper-offense.
  • Body Press, for potential bulky sets.
  • Circle Throw, for phasing.
  • Focus Punch, for massive damage on hard reads or Substitute sets.
  • Drain Punch, to improve our defensive profile.
  • Low Sweep, for Speed control.
  • Storm Throw, to annoy :landorus-therian: specifically.
  • Thunderous Kick, if we feel it's really important that we're actually impossible to wall.
And from Ice, we get:
  • Freeze Dry, for extra damage against bulky Water types.
  • Frost Breath, to, uh, ignore Parting Shots, I guess.
  • Icy Wind, for Speed control
Additionally, we could have up to three STAB priority moves, in Ice Shard, Mach Punch, and Vacuum Wave.

This is the aspect of Ice/Fighting that excites me the most. The cornucopia of options, combined with the moveset freedom granted by Tinted Lens and the splashability of the offensive typing, hints at potential for a mon with a huge amount of unique, valid sets, without becoming either dependent on gimmicks or a matchup fish that linearly picks its own checks and counters.
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I’m going to go ahead and submit Fire/Fairy. I feel that this type combination has a variety of good qualities that make it a very good choice for our typing.
What are the broad strengths and weaknesses of this typing?
Fire/Fairy as a combo is a very potent combo for tackling various threats that other Fire-type and Fairy-type Pokémon in the metagame struggle to, but does come at the cost of lacking utility options from Fairy and being weak to Stealth Rock.
What does this typing broadly offer defensively?
The first major boon to discuss is that Fire/Fairy hard counters Weavile, who is one of the best Pokémon in the metagame and a premiere Knock Off spammer. While I do not believe that being resistant to Knock Off is essential, being able to walk all over the premiere clicker of the move in the tier is an immediate benefit to this type combo. Additionally, this type combination simultaneously hard walls Jumbao, at least on paper. Due to its sheer power, calculations may be somewhat dicey [252 SpA Life Orb Jumbao Moonblast vs. 0 HP / 4 SpD Victini: 97-114 (28.4 - 33.4%) -- 0.1% chance to 3HKO (This is with 100/100 bulk)], but we should at least in theory be able to act as an emergency check to it so long as we don’t let it trace our Tinted Lens. Being able to simultaneously check Jumbao and counter Weavile is something very few, if any, Pokémon in the tier can claim. Additionally, being quad-resistant towards Bug allows us to be an extremely safe switch-in on U-turn. Our resistance to Fighting-type moves also lets us nab some switches into Zeraora as well, and also lets us wall Buzzwole outside of the somewhat weak Thunder Punch. Lastly, an immunity to Dragon-type moves allows Fire/Fairy to safely switch into the likes of Dragapult’s Dracos, which while requiring prediction, is a solid bonus to have regardless.
Which important Pokemon can this typing threaten via SE hits?
By nature of being a Fire-type Pokémon, CAP30 would be able to hit Skarmory, Corviknight, Weavile, Jumbao, Scizor, Buzzwole, and Melmetal super effectively. Being a Fairy-type Pokémon adds Dragapult, Arghonaut, Weavile, Garchomp, and Kyurem to the list of Pokémon we hit super effectively. While some Pokémon we can check better than others, hitting the metal birds and Arghonaut for double damage is rather valuable, especially considering how Fire-type Pokémon tend to struggle against the likes of Arghonaut, while other Fairies very much struggle against Corviknight and Skarmory. The list of Pokémon also contains several offensive threats in the metagame, which very much discourages them from trying to switch in or (assuming correct prediction) staying in on us, which can give us an opportunity to use utility moves.
How much does this typing abuse or benefit from tinted lens?
The biggest immediate benefit comes in the form of being a Fire and Fairy-type Pokémon that can do a significant amount of damage to Toxapex.

252+ SpA Pixie Plate Tinted Lens Sylveon Moonblast vs. 252 HP / 4 SpD Toxapex: 134-158 (44 - 51.9%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Stealth Rock (Base 110 SpA)

While we do not strictly cripple Toxapex with Moonblast, we are able to force it to either switch out or recover, which is something few to no other Fire or Fairy-type Pokémon can accomplish. This allows us to get off the utility moves we so desire to click. Similar situations play out for other bulky Water-type Pokémon when we click our Fire-type moves, such a Slowking. A smaller yet important to mention benefit is the easing of prediction. If you are in a situation where you are facing a Pokémon weak to Fire and think Arghonaut might come in, but you are not entirely sure, you can very safely click a Fire-type move, as it will be doing neutral damage to Arghonaut, and so even if the prediction backfires, you still are able to deal decent damage. This creates a scenario where you can click attacking moves and get more consistent results. Fire-type moves in general have a good variety of utility options, so Fire in particular really benefits from this, as you can click something like Lava Plume to try and fish for burns or Mystical Fire to lower Special Attack. A similar story plays out against the Dragon-type Pokémon of the tier such as Dragapult. You can also safely click Fairy-type moves even if you think a Steel-type may switch in, but Fairy-type moves do not have the same utility, and thus cannot take advantage of Tinted Lens in the same way. Overall, Tinted Lens makes a Fire-type Pokémon that is not a sitting duck for bulky Water-type Pokémon to switch in while easing prediction for the Pokémon overall. While Fire resists both itself and Fairy, and thus is broken through by Tinted Lens, Heatran and Astrolotl are the only current relevant Fire-type Pokémon. Due to being immune to and 4x resisting Fire as is, and 4x resisting and being neutral to Fairy as is, does not change much in terms of matchups, even with Tinted Lens.

Are there any other cool side effects this typing has, such as immunity to status, resistance to hazards, or otherwise?
The main upside in this category is being the wildest Knock Off absorber known to man. We also have an immunity to being burned, which limits the amount to which Toxapex can scare us with Scald, despite us being weak to it. Moreover, while absolutely not being required, we could go physical and run Spirit Break as a utility move alongside Flare Blitz to take advantage of being immune to burns.

In terms of weaknesses, while Ground is a rather common typing, Urshifu’s Surging Strikes scare us and Stealth Rock makes us want to scream, I do feel that our defensive strengths outweigh these downsides, and if nothing else give us some breathing room in terms of balancing CAP30 should we go with this type combination.

Overall, Fire/Fairy has a very relevant set of resistances to take advantage of, is super effective against multiple notable walls, can abuse Tinted Lens with others, and has a good variety of utility moves to play with to create a distinct niche both among Pokémon of its component types and among the metagame as a whole. As such, I believe CAP30 should be a Fire/Fairy type.

Before I go, I would like to briefly highlight some type combinations I would also be on board with seeing being chosen for CAP30, as well as some I personally have reservations towards.

Fire/Fighting: This one I feel pretty positive about, although it does not gel with me as well as Fire/Fairy. The combination, like Fire/Fairy, is very solid defensively and takes advantage of Tinted Lens, perhaps moreso than Fire/Fairy. It also has the added bonus of being neutral to Stealth Rock. However, I perhaps feel this combination in comparison to Fire/Fairy goes a bit more on the offensive side, which I personally do not prefer next to the somewhat more balanced approach Fire/Fairy takes. Fire/Fighting being weak to Psychic and Flying is a somewhat difficult pill to swallow, considering the likes of Glowking and Tornadus-Therian are running around. Being neutral to fighting also is somewhat of a trade off too, considering the abundance of Fighting-type moves like Zeraora’s Close Combat. This type combination is overall still solid, though, and if Fire/Fairy is not slated, Fire/Fighting works very well as well.

Fighting/Psychic: This type combination is one I find serviceable, considering the two types really appreciating Tinted Lens, but my main concern comes from a lack of resistances. Being resistant to rocks is nice, but is not a very common attacking type nowadays. The Fighting resist is nice, but while the type has plenty of Pokémon that use its moves, I feel it being the only practical resistance outside of Stealth Rock is slightly concerning. Also, while Psychic loves Tinted Lens, lacking utility moves is a bit of a downside, albeit the same can be said for Fairy.
Steel/Fairy: I’m gonna be honest, I feel somewhat mixed about this one. It is by far the best defensive typing of the entire lot, but I am admittedly somewhat scared of this one. Moreover, Steel lacks a consistent special attack to deal damage, while Fairy’s best physical attack is 90 BP with 90% accuracy. I admit that this typing can absolutely work and absolutely loves Tinted Lens, but I feel that we should only choose this knowing it takes a very large bite out of our power budget, and we should thus keep that in mind.
Bug/Steel: This is admittedly my favorite type combination outside of Fire/Fairy. I normally despise Bug being brought up, but Bug/Steel is very solid. It will take a big chunk of our power budget should we choose it, but I feel Bug’s worse SE coverage to Fairy makes it somewhat more manageable in that sense. Moreover, Bug has so many utility attacks it isn’t even funny. Being neutral to rock is likely what saves this combo for me. Either way, I like this combo a lot.
Normal/Fairy: My second favorite Fairy combo. Trades some defensive utility for a better usage of Tinted Lens and a different set of utility attacks. Overall very solid all around!
Ice/Fighting: Gonna be real, this type feels too much like a glass cannon to work for a utility Wallbreaker role. Ice also is not a type needing Tinted Lens and lacks utility attacks. I’m getting really tired, so just gonna say I think this one needs to back to the drawing board. Alright goodnight y’all lmaooooooo
It's my time to shine~! And with such a cool typing to boot!

I am submitting Ice/Fighting!

...At least I was until Brian came around and made something a million times better than what I was planning. Great going ya git! (Love ur post <3) So I only have agreements to be made with his post. I think this is a sick as hell typing combo and it's definitely got the chops to shake things up and tear holes if it gets more endorsement and popularity.


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I'm unfortunately not creative enough to make my own typing submission, but instead I'll be commenting on some of the ones that have been submitted so far.
This is probably one of my favorites out of the bunch. It gives us a little bit of everything we want without being too overboard, which includes resisting Knock Off, not being weak to Stealth Rock, being able to take advantage of Tinted Lens incredibly well, and more. All of this plus more combined with its fair share of would-be checks and counters and weaknesses should make this one a great frontrunner for the slate.
Aside from the Magearna flashbacks I got from reading that, Steel/Fairy is probably the benefits the most from the current metagame compared to the other typings, which does make it subjectively the most controversial one so far. it's simply just a great typing offensively and defensively as a whole, and it will definitely excel as we continue to optimize Tinted Lens. The only issue I really have, though, is that Steel/Fairy could potentially be too good of a typing, so if we do happen to choose it, we must be careful during the next stages so that we don't overtune it.
Normal / Fairy
Just to get it out of the way now, I would be pretty disappointed if the typing we choose includes Normal. I feel like any typing that includes Normal is too focused on Tinted Lens when we should be looking at the bigger picture. Sure, it would be interesting to potentially see some creative stuff like Giga Impact and Hyper Beam being used alongside Tinted Lens, but in the end, Normal doesn't really provide us with that much else. We literally can only do at most neutral damage to everything with Normal, and it'll still be stopped by Ghost-types, so while it may take advantage of Tinted Lens, it'll be hard for it to find usefulness elsewhere. This is including any typing combination with Normal, by the way, not just Normal/Fairy. I just wanted to use it to get my point across in regards to Normal by itself.

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Alright, time to see if I can stand with the bigwigs on type submissions!

Submitting Steel/Flying

What are the broad strengths and weaknesses of this typing?

++ One of the best defensive type combinations around, with a plethora of resists, two immunities, and Stealth Rock neutrality.​
++ Hits Fighting, Grass, Bug, Fairy, Ice, and Rock types super effectively, and everything else neutrally thanks to Tinted Lens — A definite plus for the wallbreaking role we've decided upon for 30i.​
+ A handful of notable STAB moves regardless of which offensive route we take: Meteor Mash, Bullet Punch, Brave Bird, Hurricane and Steel Beam come to mind.​
+ Great utility in moves like Tailwind, Defog and Anchor Shot.​
- Despite having access to some good attacks, many of Steel's other offensive moves are sub-par, Flying attacks aren't typically very reliable, and losing out on Acrobatics' power boost really hurts 30i.​
- Our decision against giving 30i setup means it potentially misses out on some great moves like Autotomize and Shift Gear.​
- A couple overlapping resists with its STABs and weaknesses to both Fire and Electric mean that Pokemon like Heatran and Magnezone can give it trouble, even with Tinted Lens.​
-- Four relevant Steel/Flying types already occupy the tier, and ensuring both 40i and 40b don't overlap with any of them is a tall order.​
What does this typing broadly offer defensively?
Steel is a great typing on pretty much anything, as merely having it gives plenty of great resists and an immunity to Poison, and means we won't have to invest as much in a defensive stat spread for 30i. As seen on similarly-typed Pokemon such as Skarmory and Corviknight, adding Flying to the mix turns it into one of the best defensive type combinations out there, giving it an additional immunity to Ground and only having two main weaknesses in Fire and Electric (barring abilities, of course). Top-tier threats like Landorus struggle to even hit it neutrally, Pokemon like Weavile, Arghonaut and Rillaboom can't do much to it without being threatened by its STABs, and the best that Toxapex can hope for is Scald burns if we decide to go physical.​

Which important Pokemon can this typing threaten via super effective hits?

Looking at the CAP Viability Rankings thread, we can see a good handful of hard-hitting top-tiers are threated by Steel and/or Flying: Pokemon like Rillaboom, Arghonaut, Buzzwole, Volcarona, Aurumoth and Watershifu are hit hard by its Flying STAB, Clefable, Weavile, Alolantales and Kyurem by its Steel STAB, and Syclant, Jumbao and Tapu Bulu are outright demolished by both.​

How much does this typing abuse or benefit from Tinted Lens?
While Steel/Flying is great defensively, it's also a solid offensive type combination. With a lot of naturally neutral hits, it's only resisted across the board by Steel, Water, Fire and Electric, though the latter two are quad-resistant to both types when paired with Steel. With Tinted Lens, we can turn it into an even more offensive powerhouse. Pokemon that can deal STAB super-effective damage to it but take neutral Tinted Lens damage in return (mainly Fire and Electric-types like Astrolotl, Blacephalon, Zeraora and Tapu Koko) may end up taking more damage than the had hoped for if they switch into either one of 30i's STABs. Bulky Water-types like the Kanto Slows and Arghonaut will have a tougher time dealing with its Steel attacks, with Argh flat-out losing to oncoming Flying STAB, and other notable walls like Ferrothorn and Toxapex can't do much to it outside of residual damage.​

Are there any other cool side effects this typing has, such as immunity to status, resistance to hazards, or otherwise?
In addition to taking only neutral damage from Stealth Rock, Steel/Flying is notable for its immunity to Toxic, Spikes and Toxic Spikes, as well as an immunity to Poison and Ground moves in general.​
I'd like to submit the typing Steel/Psychic.

This typing offers a host of offensive, defensive and utility benefits that mesh really well with a Tinted Lens utility wallbreaker.

What are the broad strengths and weaknesses of this typing?

This type combo is great defensively and has offensive STAB that hits key walls super-effectively while still benefiting significantly from Tinted Lens. Most of all the reason I'm supporting this typing is because of the interesting/utility providing STAB attacks it gives us access to, including Psychic Fangs, Psyshock, Future Sight, Bullet Punch, Steel Beam, Gyro Ball, Heavy Slam, Steel Roller, Gear Grind and Anchor Shot (apologies if the last two aren't allowed).

Which important Pokemon can this typing threaten via SE hits?

This typing is able to get super-effective hits against a good variety of defensive mons, notably Clefable, Arghonaut, Toxapex, Buzzwole, and Tomohawk.

Additionally, Steel/Psychic can hit the following pokemon between S and B+ in the current viability ranking: Weavile, Urshifu, Jumbao, Tapu Lele, Ninetales-Alola, and Tapu Bulu. Steel/Psychic resists the STABS of all these mons except for Urshifu (which are both neutral) and Weavile's Knock-Off (which is reduced in damage), meaning 30i has a good chance of tanking a hit from many of these mons and OKHOing in return.

How much does this typing abuse or benefit from tinted lens?

attacks are resisted by four types, all of which are common. Steel has traditionally been seen as a good defensive typing but a mediocre offensive typing, and these resists are big part of the reason why, so it's attacks benefit significantly from Tinted Lens. Psychic has only two resists, but one is the very common Steel typing, so again Tinted Lens provides a significant boost. There is no pokemon that 4x resists or is immune too both stabs, making Steel/Psychic very effective at dishing out damage. That said, Psychic does deal with a Dark immunity and Steel has some 4x resists (notably Heatran), so counterplay is not entirely absent.

What does this typing broadly offer defensively?

2x super-effective: Fire, Ground, Ghost, Dark
0.5x resist: Normal, Flying, Rock, Steel, Grass, Ice, Dragon, Fairy
0.25 resist: Psychic
Immune: Poison

Steel/Psychic is a great typing defensively. While it has four common weaknesses, it also has 9 resists and an immunity to poison. The 0.25x resist to Psychic makes 30i great at taking Future Sights, while the Poison immunity grants lots of free switch-ins and prevents us being put on a timer with Toxic. The Stealth Rock resist is great as it allows 30i in more often/easily to start breaking or using utility. The reduction in Knock-Off damage is also great, as regardless of what bulk level we go for some OHKOs from Knock-Off will likely become 2HKOs and some 2HKOs will become 3HKOs.

Are there any other cool side effects this typing has?

Firstly Steel/Psychic being an all-round strong typing that resists rocks and is immune to toxic gives a lot of freedom for whatever ability/role we want to choose for 30b.

Secondly, if we go physical both STABS there is a really nice anti-offense synergy between any of:
  • the screens-breaking utility of Psychic Fangs
  • the priority of Bullet Punch
  • the Substitute-breaking utility of Gear Grind (if it's allowed)
A breaker that can beat defensive walls while matchin up well against offense would obviously be really nice.

I also want to give a shout-out to Steel Beam, a 140 bp nuke (effectively 252 bp after STAB and orb boost) that has the utility of potentially bringing a teammate in for free, which could be great on fast-paced offense teams.
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I'm wanting to try my hand at a submission this time as well, so I will be submitting Electric/Steel.

What are the broad strengths and weaknesses of this typing?

Electric/Steel is a behemoth of a defensive type, sporting a massive 11 resistances (of which 2 are a quad resist, being Steel and Flying), an immunity to Poison moves and a myriad of immunities or resistances to various sources of chip damage and status. This allows it to switch in relatively often, though it does have to be mindful of super effective coverage some Pokémon might carry.

Offensively, both Electric and Steel offer very usable STAB moves on both sides of the spectrum, with Electric STAB in particular having a handful of useful utility options. The STAB combination I feel is very middle-of-the-pack in the current meta, with both a decent number of Super Effective targets as well as resists, without factoring in Tinted Lens.

What does this typing broadly offer defensively?
Weaknesses: Fighting, Fire, Ground
Resistances: Bug, Dragon, Electric, Fairy, Flying, Grass, Ice, Normal, Psychic, Rock, Steel
Immunities: Poison, Paralysis, Sandstorm damage, Toxic

As mentioned previously, Electric/Steel has 11 resistances and an immunity, which means it gets to resist a lot of STAB combos and, in theory, come in on quite a lot of mons. However, its weaknesses are relatively common as coverage, so it has to be careful or be pivoted in safely to put in work. Here's a list of mons ranked S through A- on the VR rankings, whose STAB combo is resisted strictly by our typing:

:clefable::slowking-galar::tornadus-therian::zeraora::corviknight::jumbao::kyurem::scizor::tapu koko::melmetal::skarmory::tapu lele::zapdos:

Obviously most of these usually run some sort of super effective coverage, but this does put things into perspective. Other notable resisted moves include: :dragapult:(Draco Meteor), :weavile:(Icicle Crash), :slowking:(Future Sight),:krilowatt:(Thunderbolt, Volt Switch, Ice Beam), :equilibra:(Doom Desire)

Which important Pokemon can this typing threaten via SE hits?
As far as walls go:

Other notable mons:
:weavile::tornadus-therian::jumbao::kyurem::tapu fini::tapu lele::ninetales-alola::tapu bulu::moltres-galar::pelipper:

How much does this typing abuse or benefit from tinted lens?
Under normal circumstances, Electric/Steel is resisted by most Electric types in general, as well as Astrolotl, Equilibra, Ferrothorn, Gastrodon/Swampert, Kartana and Excadrill. I suppose Cawmodore gets an honorary mention here. Most of these tend to be quite bulky, so having Tinted Lens turn at least one of our STABs into a neutral hit can definitely aid in getting by them. As a STAB combo, Electric/Steel is unresisted after Tinted Lens.

Are there any other cool side effects this typing has, such as immunity to status, resistance to hazards, or otherwise?
Immunity to poison (the status), Toxic and Sandstorm and a resistance to Stealth Rock definitely helps keep us alive, while immunity to paralysis makes sure we can't be slowed down as easily and not getting full paras is always neat.

Final thoughts
I think Tinted Lens on an Electric/Steel can definitely be a bit scary given all of its defensive benefits and an unresisted STAB combo, but I think we can balance our attack power around neutral hits breaking some walls but not others. I may write a post for another typing I think is neat if it isn't already written by someone else before then.
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Quickly doing this at work on mobile. I will expand later. But if we are taking advantage of Tinted lense then it needs to be on a typing with multiple resists. So from that perspective it definitely needs to be a bug. After that, I am a fan of giving us a unique typing, and one that matters due to the high density of faries, with dark.

So my vote is Bug/Dark


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Submitting Poison/Dark.

What are the broad strengths and weaknesses of this typing?

Poison/Dark is strong offensively and defensively, boasting four relevant resistances at the cost of only a single (albeit common) weakness. The typing has access to an array of STAB options, especially on the Dark side, that offer both utility and offensive presence. The generally low BP of STAB (there is only one "consistent" STAB between both types with over 100 BP) options and Poison's inability to hit Steels makes the typing less imposing offensively than its coverage with Tinted Lens might suggest, meaning that either raw stats or utility moves will have to assist in the wallbreaking role. However, as a wallbreaker, this STAB combination can hit some notable Pokemon pretty well and apply great pressure.

What does this typing broadly offer defensively?

The four resists and single immunity this type offers are fantastic. Resistance to Poison and immunity to Psychic is great for Glowking. The Grass resistance is useful for switching in on Tapu Bulu, which while not purely a wall is often used for its defensive utility as well as its offensive potential. The final two are the big ones though. Offensive Ghost-type and Dark-type moves are prevalent in the metagame, either on two or three very strong breakers (Ghost) or across a wide variety of Pokemon (Dark). These resistances would provide ample chances to switch in and hopefully offer great role compression and utility for the team.

The typing only has a single weakness, however it is widely distributed. This is an important balancing point for the type that otherwise is great defensively. It also has an awkward distinction of being a Poison-type that can't switch into strong Fairies based on raw typing alone, but trades that off for the offensive potential of a Dark-type that can threaten Fairies with secondary STAB.

Which important Pokemon can this typing threaten via SE hits?

Glowking, and the other Slows, are the biggest ones. I think having our CAP be able to threaten one of the major Regenerator walling pivots in the metagame is a big deal as a wallbreaker. My reasoning is that most other useful wallbreaking tools, like Taunt to stop recovery moves, are just less effective when they can still heal by pivoting. I prioritize hitting Glowking, Slowking, and/or Toxapex, for SE damage very highly.

The Poison STAB hits Clefable and Tapu Fini (less of a "wall", but still a useful Pokemon to break"). Tinted Lens Poison-types innately have a very useful offensive presence for breaking due to the STAB's inherent poison chance on its moves. Even if you aren't actually hitting a type for SE, you are still hitting certain defensive Pokemon like Arghonaut and Landorus-T "effectively" if you get a poison on them.

How much does this typing abuse or benefit from tinted lens?

As a typing with already good offensive presence and no immunities to it, Dark benefits immensely from Tinted Lens. Only a smattering of odd primarily offensive Pokemon, like Kerfluffle and Voodoom, maintain a resistance to the type via Tinted Lens. Dark also has a wide variety of STAB options that offer different and sometimes unique utility. We can compress even more utility into our wallbreaker by leaning in on Dark's weird set of often situational STAB options.

Poison benefits for the reason I mentioned earlier: the poison chance on its reliable physical and special STAB options combined with Tinted Lens gives the Pokemon great wallbreaking potential against non-Steels and Pokemon immune to the poison status. Being able to pile on the chip damage against defensive Pokemon forces them to Recover more; there is an option for us to break over time by stalling our their recovery PP. Whiffing against Steels is a good balancing point for the typing's otherwise formidable presence with Tinted Lens.

Are there any other cool side effects this typing has, such as immunity to status, resistance to hazards, or otherwise?

Immunity to Toxic on a wallbreaker is obviously fantastic. Immunity to Future Sight is an awesome source of defensive utility for a team. The most important side effect is being an ACTUAL Poison/Dark-type presence in the teambuilder, but Chromera is certainly fucking not.

EDIT: I think Steel/Electric and Fighting/Psychic are also very strong for our role, concept, and framework :)
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I will be submitting Fire/Dark for CAP 30.

What are the broad strengths and weaknesses of this typing?
Fire/Dark has a number of strengths. It takes advantage of Tinted Lens well, getting neutral hits on strong defensive switch-ins like Toxapex and other bulky waters and Clefable and other Fairy types. Key examples also include Arghonaut, Tapu Fini, and Tomohawk that need to be mindful about their ability to switch in on STAB Dark or Fire type moves. Both types sport interesting STAB moves with utility secondary effects like Knock Off, Mystical Fire, Snarl, Fire Lash, Fire Spin, Crunch, Darkest Lariat, and Jaw Lock are stand outs. Supplemented by powerful SE coverage on a number of threats I’ll go into below, Fire/Dark is a potent offensive option.

For weaknesses, the type does sport a SE weakness. I don’t believe this is the end of the world, and many other contributors have discussed how a 2x rock weakness isn’t a major detriment to CAP 30i’s success as a Wallbreaker.

What does this typing broadly offer defensively?
Weaknesses: Water, Fighting, Ground, Rock
Resistances: Fire, Grass, Ice, Ghost, Dark, Steel
Immunities: Psychic

Fire/Dark is a potent defensive option, with resistances to Fire, Ghost, Dark and Ice standing out in particular. Fire cancels out the Bug type weakness from Dark which helps deal with U-Turn spam. It also sports a neutrality to Fairy, making it a great option against the Tapus and Clefable. Fire/Dark is a great option against common threats like Dragapult, Weavile, Clefable, and Jumbao. The Fighting weakness is a consideration here, as a number of these Pokémon carry Fighting coverage, like Jumbao Focus Blast. The Psychic immunity gives it additional switch in opportunities and an ability to take Future Sights on the switch.

Which important Pokemon can this typing threaten via SE hits?
A lot of top tier threats are hit SE by Fire/Dark, Steel types stand out the most but the coverage extends into some of the strong Psychic types in the meta. For a quick list of everything in S to B tier in the current Viability Rankings we have:
Dragapult, Weavile, G-Slowking, Corviknight, Jumbao, Scizor, Buzzwole, Melmetal, Skarmory, Slowking, Tapu Lele, Arctozolt, Blacephalon, Magnezone, Ninetales-A, Pajantom, Rillaboom, Tapu Bulu, Victini, Aegislash, Bisharp, Cawmodore, Equilibra, Ferrothorn, Kartana, Mew, Revenankh, Syclant, Excadrill, Reuniclus, Slowbro and Venusaur.

How much does this typing abuse or benefit from tinted lens?
Both STAB typings benefit from Tinted Lens. Fire can hit Dragon and Water types neutrally, making it a stronger choice against Dragapult, Garchomp, Dragonite, Slowking, Toxapex, etc. For a Wallbreaker, hitting bulky waters for neutral with powerful STAB options is excellent. Dark benefits significantly as well, moreso in CAP with the defensive Fighting types in Arghonaut and Tomohawk, but also against Fairies like Clefable and Tapu Fini.

Are there any other cool side effects this typing has, such as immunity to status, resistance to hazards, or otherwise?
Immunity to burn is a nice plus for this typing. I don’t believe that Fire/Dark really leans us physical that substantially, but it is nice to know that we can threaten Dragapult without fearing the Will ‘o’ Wisp. Another very minor benefit is that Dark is immune to Prankster priority, which may help us get up utility moves against some niche options like Grimmsnarl on HO.
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I want to endorse Fighting/Poison
What are the broad strengths and weaknesses of this typing?
Fighting/Poison has great Offensive coverage, threatening a boatload of important mons SE, which is backed up by high power STABs. There are also some interesting utility options, mostly for Poison, which commonly has moves with a poison chance on both offensive sides as well as some utility for fighting in Brick Break and Drain Punch and the priority moves Mach Punch and Vacuum Wave.
This typing is pretty unique, in that it’s a Fighting type that can take on fairies and a Poison type that threatens steels, which is only furthered by the addition of tinted lens as it now doesn’t have to fear Lando-T, Poison Types or most ghosts.
What does this typing broadly offer defensively?
Weaknesses: Psychic, Ground, Flying
Neutralities: Normal, Ghost, Steel, Fire, Water, Electric, Ice, Dragon, Fairy
Resistances: Fighting, Poison, Rock, Grass, Dark, Bug

Fighting/Poison is actually a pretty solid defensive Typing, with only three weaknesses and a couple of solid resists. It’s certainly not A Tier as its resist are against less common offensive types and its weaknesses are against good offensive types.
Still it naturally Walls Rillabooms :Rillaboom: Pivot Set, and basically Kartanas :Kartana: most Spammable moves. It should also have an easy time coming in on Clefable :Clefable:Toxapex :Toxapex: as well as Skarmory :Skarmory: and Arghonaut :Arghonaut: . It’s also really good at taking predicted Knock Offs or Uturns (although that is probably not the best option to come in consistently). It has added defensive utility in being able to absorb toxic and doesn’t have to worry about Stealth Rock while pivoting in.

Which important Pokemon can this typing threaten via SE hits?
Heatran :Heatran:, Weavile :Weavile:, Clefable :Clefable:, Jumbao :Jumbao:, Kyurem :Kyurem:, Tapu Fini :Tapu Fini:, Tapu Koko :Tapu Koko:, Melmetal :Melmetal: and Tapu Lele :Tapu Lele: all Take SE damage from this type Combination, which is a nice mix of Walls, Tanks and offensive Pokémon.
How much does this typing abuse or benefit from tinted lens?
Fighting as mentioned several times gets a lot out of Tinted Lens as it can put to work its huge amount of SE hits, while not fearing being walled by common defensive Fairy, Poison or Flying types. It also covers steel for poison, which now is a lot more threatening thanks to being able to hit grounds and other poisons neutrally, making it much easier to spam status and make use of its Great Stab options.
Are there any other cool side effects this typing has, such as immunity to status, resistance to hazards, or otherwise?
As mentioned above the typing grants an immunity to Poison status, resists Rocks and takes Knock Off as well as Uturn like a Pro.
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I really was only intending on making one type submission, and I am still a big supporter of Fighting/Psychic, but there's another Fighting combo that I love and am surprised no one had submitted yet, so here goes...

Submitting Fighting/Steel.

What are the broad strengths and weaknesses of this typing?
Like Fighting/Psychic, this combination only has three weaknesses. These weaknesses- Fire, Fighting, and Ground- are more common overall, but this still lets us come in on a lot of threats while still having some defined weaknesses.

What does this typing broadly offer defensively?
Hoo boy, this typing is fantastic when it comes to resistances. We have a total of eight resistances, and these resistances are against some of the most common typings in the metagame. We can easily wall Rillaboom, Bisharp, Kyurem, Weavile, Kartana, Scizor, Melmetal... We have a lot of great potential switch-ins overall.

Which important Pokemon can this typing threaten via SE hits?
This typing, while not having as much synergy as Fighting/Psychic, also hits a lot of the metagame for SE damage. All the Dark and Steel types get taken care of by the Fighting side, and the Fairies get taken care of by the Steel side.

How much does this typing abuse or benefit from tinted lens?
Both typings have great synergy with Tinted Lens on their own, so I'm not going to get too much into that. What really allows this type combination to synergize well with Tinted Lens is that TL allows these typings to break through Pokemon that they normally would be walled by. Normally, Pokemon like Toxapex, Zapdos, and Volcarona would be able to easily switch into a Fighting/Steel Pokemon since they resist both STAB types, but Tinted Lens means that this is no longer the case.

Are there any other cool side effects this typing has, such as immunity to status, resistance to hazards, or otherwise?
This typing fulfills the Holy Quadfecta of Utility Resistances/Immunities. We are immune to Toxic and resist Stealth Rocks, Knock Off, and U-turn. You can't go wrong with those qualities.
Submitting another type for consideration.


What are the broad strengths and weaknesses of this typing?
Grass/Fighting's primary advantage is its ability to land super effective hits on a rather large number of walls and Pokemon in general. Grass offers a pretty large number of utility moves, including Trop Kick, Drum Beating, and Snap Trap. Grass also has good attacking options on both sides of the spectrum, both in terms of high power and midrange options, and Fighting's variety, while not as large, is pretty good as well.
On the other hand, this typing isn't the best defensively; it offers some nice resistances, but is also weak to some common attacking types in Fire, Flying, and Ice, which means it needs to be a bit careful about when it comes in and gets out.

What does this typing broadly offer defensively?
Weaknesses: Fairy, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison, Psychic
Resistances: Dark, Electric, Grass, Ground, Rock, Water
Immunities: Powder moves
While there are some common types among the weaknesses (Flying in particular), this typing also comes with some useful resistances to common attacking types in Water, Ground, Grass, Electric, and Dark. Some examples of Pokemon that it is capable of standing up to are Landorus-T, Zeraora and Rillaboom.

Which important Pokemon can this typing threaten via SE hits?
Super Effective: Dark, Ground, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel, Water
Neutral: Dragon, Electric, Fairy, Fighting, Fire, Ghost, Grass, Psychic
Resists: Bug, Flying, Poison
Immunities: None
In terms of wallbreaking, Grass allows super effective hits against many of the tier's bulky Water and Ground types, including Arghonaut, Slowking, Tapu Fini, and Hippowdon. Fighting allows super effective hits against a number of the bulky Steels, including Heatran, Ferrothorn, and Equilibra, along with Blissey.
In addition, these types offer some super effective coverage against a variety of Pokemon, including Weavile, Urshifu-R, Kyurem, Melmetal, Krilowatt, Magnezone, Bisharp, Colossoil, Hydreigon, Kartana, and Tyranitar. Ice STAB/coverage can make coming in on some of these Pokemon difficult, but otherwise Grass/Fighting is fairly capable of coming in on resisted or certain neutral hits and threatening out the opponent.

How much does this typing abuse or benefit from tinted lens?
Grass is one of the most resisted typings, and Fighting is not far behind, and Tinted Lens allows those resisted hits to become neutral ones. Notably, this allows both types to hit Flying types like Tornadus-T, Zapdos, Tomohawk for neutral damage. Another type Fighting gets to hit neutrally is Fairy, with Pokemon like Clefable and Tapu Koko now vulnerable to neutral hits from both STABs. Grass gets to score now-neutral hits against Pokemon like Slowking-Galar, Rillaboom, Dragapult, Jumbao, Buzzwole, Blacephalon, Pajantom, and Tapu Bulu, and while it does run into some 4x resistances that still resist after Tinted Lens, Tinted Lens Fighting offers a neutral or even super effective hit on those Pokemon
There are no Pokemon in the metagame that still resist both of this type's STABs after Tinted Lens, further increasing the reward on an ability that already reduces the punishment for clicking the wrong move.

Are there any other cool side effects this typing has, such as immunity to status, resistance to hazards, or otherwise?
The most meta-relevant bonuses this typing provides are a Stealth Rock and Knock resistance. There's also the side bonuses from Grass in immunity to powder moves and Leech Seed.
What does this typing broadly offer defensively?
Hoo boy, this typing is fantastic when it comes to resistances. We have a total of eight resistances, and these resistances are against some of the most common typings in the metagame. We can easily wall Rillaboom, Bisharp, Kyurem, Weavile, Kartana, Scizor, Melmetal... We have a lot of great potential switch-ins overall.
While I am a huge fan of Steel/Fighting (I was actually planning on submitting it myself but you beat me to it), I think you are overlooking the fact that a lot of these mons tend to run coverage that is super-effective against us, and saying that we easily wall them through typing alone isn't really true.

Just to go down the list:
  • Kyurem pretty much always runs Earth Power and Specs sets usually run Focus Blast as well
  • Kartana pretty much always runs Sacred Sword
  • Rillaboom often likes to run either Superpower or High Horsepower (The later is fairly rare though to be fair).
That being said, I also sort of think you are underselling the utility options that this typing gives. Brian Geniouse already gave a list of the different options that Fighting gives us so I'm really only going to cover the options that are given to us by Steel.
  • Anchor Shot (Trapping, which is in itself a huge deal)
  • Steel Beam (Just nuking shit, also the high recoil means its basically Explosion when we are at >50% HP)
  • Bullet Punch (Priority, which can be seen as form of Speed Control).
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I made a chart that looks at how each typing breaks some specific Pokemon. For this list, I looked at a mix of the Viability Rankings and the Role Compendium to compose a list of Pokemon that are:

- Classified as A rank or better in the ViabilityRankings
- Classified as a Wall in the Role Compendium

This does not necessarily mean that their viability at S or A is strictly because of their prowess as a wall, just that it is an option according to the Role Compendium. With this, I got the list of :Landorus-Therian:, :heatran:, :clefable:, :slowking-galar:, :arghonaut:, :corviknight:, :garchomp:, :jumbao:, :tapu-fini:, :toxapex:, :slowking:, and :zapdos:. Technically, Skarmory is there too, but it has the exact same weaknesses as Corviknight.

Blue = Neutral only from Tinted Lens.

EDIT: Tapu Fini is neutral to Fighting/Steel, and Steel/Psychic can hit Heatran neutral through TL. I knew I made a mistake, thanks StarFalcon555 and ultramafia
cap 30 typing chart 1.png

Please do correct me if I made a mistake. I can respond faster if done on Discord.
I think that a good TL wallbreaker typing is able to target a number of key walls with SE moves, while also able to hit a number of other defensive threats with neutral damage. This list shows the Pokemon that are the best at doing each of those. I also through rocks/knock weaknesses and resistances at the end.

Personally, I feel that Heatran and Corviknight are two of the best Pokemon to target, followed by Toxapex and Slowking.

This chart is also only looking at wallbreaking potential offensively. There are a ton of other useful TL neutral hits against common Pokemon like Dragapult, Urshifu, and Zeraora.

Aside from Fire/Fighting and my own sub of Water/Grass, a few more of my favourite typings are:

- Ice/Fighting - While it only breaks Heatran of the 4 I mentioned, it does make good use of TL against bulky waters without being a typing that is weak to Scald by default. It also has a pretty potent 4x STAB against Landorus and Garchomp, which is unsafe for most Pokemon to switch in on. This is also ignoring Freeze-Dry, which would turn all of the aforementioned water types into STAB SE at the cost of sacrificing some of the value that TL brings us.

- Electric/Steel - This combo is very fun. On this list, it is only hitting walls super effectively, but in practice it is able to harm Pokemon that are used to ignoring Steel such as Melmetal and Zeraora. The walls that it takes down on this list are also very useful, ranging from Clefable to the Bulky Waters. And of course the Steel Birds.

- Fighting/Steel - This one is kind of a mix of the last two, where the Fighting punches Heatran and the Steel bullies Fairies. Its also a combo that benefits from TL against Zapdos, and for Pokemon off this list it also benefits against Volcarona, as well as a number of ghosts such as Blacephalon and Aegislash.
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I'd like to suggest Poison/Fairy as a potential Typing for CAP30.

  • What are the broad strengths and weaknesses of this typing?
    • this is a very general question, but what I'm trying to get at is stuff like - what can this typing uniquely accomplish? ie, what reasons might there be to put this mon on your team? conversely, are there any negative traits you'd have to be aware of in-game when using this mon?
  • What does this typing broadly offer defensively?
    • could be general groups of resists, or specific pokemon we can use to come in on and threaten out, or any other unique defensive qualities
  • Which important Pokemon can this typing threaten via SE hits?
  • How much does this typing abuse or benefit from tinted lens?
    • could be speaking broadly in terms of # of resists that are turned into neutral hits, or describing the specific obstacles that TL allows this typing to bypass (eg, TL urshifu would benefit by not caring as much about tapu fini), or anything else
  • Are there any other cool side effects this typing has, such as immunity to status, resistance to hazards, or otherwise?
Poison/Fairy gives us weaknesses to Ground, Steel and Psychic, in exchange for resistances to Grass, Dark, Fairy, double resists to Fighting and Bug, and an immunity to Dragon. Offensively, Poison/Fairy is resisted by Fire, Ghost, Ground and Steel, and double resisted by Poison; However, with Tinted Lens, we hit all but Poison neutrally, though we still can't use Poison moves on Steel Types.

Being weak to Ground is always less than ideal, but Steel is rarely used offensively outside of things like Bullet Punch or coverage, while there aren't a huge number of Psychic Types in CAP OU to threaten us with Psychic STABs. While we would always have to be on the look out for the odd Steel/Psychic move, the main threat for Poison/Fairy would be strong Ground Type attacks. In exchange for this weakness, Poison/Fairy gives CAP30 the potential to kill other Fairy Types, a useful (especially for CAP30b later on) resist to Dark moves like Knock Off, resistance to a common form of chip damage in U-Turn, and a resistance to various strong STABs/coverage, particularly from Bug and Fighting Types. We would also, of course, have an immunity to Dragon Type attacks, and general neutrality to most coverage options.

Poison/Fairy STAB hits Fairy, Grass, Fighting, Dark and Dragon Types for super effective damage. This allows CAP30 to threaten the likes of Jumboa, Buzzswole, Hydreigon, Rillaboom, Tapu Bulu, etc. One downside of this STAB combo is that it cannot threaten Dragapult, but Tinted Lens can help mitigate this problem. Generally speaking, most Fairy, Fighting, Dark and Grass Types will want to avoid a Poison/Fairy CAP30, as it can resist their STABs and threaten them with it's own STABs. As usual, Fairy provides a strong threat to enemy Dragons.

Poison/Fairy is neutral to Rock, helping us switch in if enemy hazards can't be removed. It is also immune to the Poison Status and absorbs Toxic Spikes on switching in, providing a nice, if perhaps niche, bit of utility even before it really gets to work.
I am submitting Fairy/Water for consideration.

  • What are the broad strengths and weaknesses of this typing?
    • In overview, Water/Fairy offers perfect neutral coverage and very useful super-effective coverage against most Dragon, Dark, Fighting, Ground, and Fire types (as well Rock), and provides us with some notable utilitarian attacking moves. The number of walls we are super effective on is relatively small, but most of the ones we do hit are very notable (particularly :Heatran::Landorus-Therian::Arghonaut::Tomohawk:), and as a bonus we threaten a large number of offensive pokemon. Our weaknesses include being vulnerable to all status and not having the most powerful breaking moves.

  • What does this typing broadly offer defensively?
    • This is one of the major strengths of the typing. We are resistant to six types (Fire, Water, Ice, Fighting, Bug, Dark) and immune to one (Dragon), providing us with lots of opportunities to switch in, while we are weak to three types (Poison, Grass, Electric), of which Poison and Grass are relatively less common. We appreciate being a Fairy that is not weak to Steel attacks.

  • Which important Pokemon can this typing threaten via SE hits?
    • This typing threatens some notable defensive pokemon in the S through B ranks. Fairy is super-effective against :Arghonaut::Tomohawk::Mandibuzz:, while Water threatens :Landorus-Therian::Heatran::Hippowdon::Equilibra::Torkoal:
    • There is a very wide swath of offensive Pokemon threatened by Fairy/Water. For Fairy, this includes :Dragapult::Weavile::Urshifu::Buzzwole::Dragonite::Pajantom::Colossoil::Hawlucha::Hydreigon::Kommo-o::Revenankh::Tyranitar::Kerfluffle::Moltres-Galar:, while Water is super effective on:Blacephalon::Victini::Volcarona::Colossoil::Tyranitar::Excadrill:

  • How much does this typing abuse or benefit from tinted lens?
    • While Fairy/Water coverage is already neutrally effective against the majority of pokemon, we still benefit massively from Tinted Lens. First off, there are two major walls that would normally stop us flat that we can now dent: :Toxapex::Ferrothorn: (we are also now neutral against :Amoonguss::Venusaur::Kartana:). The other area where we benefit tremendously is in the greatly improved spammability of our utility attacking moves. Fairy and Water offer us numerous moves with secondary effects, most notably Scald and Moonblast, but also Liquidation, Flip Turn, Aqua Jet, Waterfall, Play Rough, Strange Steam, and Spirit Break. Tinted Lens makes it much easier to throw out these attacks without worrying about something switching in to tank them.

  • Are there any other cool side effects this typing has, such as immunity to status, resistance to hazards, or otherwise?
    • Fairy/Water is resistant to Knock Off and neutral to hazards.

My favorite typings submitted so far are Electric/Fairy and Ice/Fighting, followed by Fighting/Psychic and Bug/Steel. I myself considered submitting the first of these. Another typing that has not been submitted yet that I almost submitted instead of the above Fairy/Water is Water/Dark.
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