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Version with alternate bubble colors:


  • Changed shape of mouth.
  • Tweaked eye color.
  • Removed water effect from bubbles and used a simpler gradient effect.
To do:
  • Add additional contours to shoulder pauldrons.
  • Tweak leg proportions.
  • Maybe use 3D modeling software to fine-tune pose.
Thanks to the following users for feedback:
  • ausma
  • Brambane
  • Chillie
  • EnderTrenton
  • sun_dew
  • Unsee

Edit: updated image after Discord feedback. Old:


  • Redrew the design for final submission purposes.
  • Determined preliminary mouth shape.
  • Changed shape of neck-collar-yoke-thing.
  • Changed shape of "shoulder pauldrons".
  • Tweaked feet shape.
  • Updated bubble structure/coloring.
To do:
  • Add additional contours to "shoulder pauldrons".
  • Experiment with the style of the head (especially the shape of the mouth).
  • Maybe use 3D modeling software to fine-tune pose.
  • Adjust lighting.
  • Adjust bubble colors.
Thanks to the following people for feedback:
  • paintseagull
  • Sunfished
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Completely new direction, this time being an idea that I've had shelved for weeks. This is based on a species of fish known as opah, popularly referred to as moonfish. These fish are shrouded in mystery, as they live very isolated lives in deep open seas far from other ocean life, as such they are very unique. Opah are enormous in size for a fish, yet are also fast swimmers due to their adept fin structure. And they're currently the only known form of fish whom have a body temperature higher than the water around it.
I decided to make the 'moon fish' design literally, as the body pattern looks like the face of the moon. It also sparkles and glows so it even looks like a night sky deep underwater. I'm also putting down below a few bits of art that led me to this point. I feel really confident in this design! I hope y'all like this new direction as much as I do :)

sparkle supporting art

old version
Final Submission


My submission is a Moray Eel crossed with the big boisterous fins of an Oarfish, and semi-inspired from deep sea creatures with bioluminescence. It's designed to be reminiscent of mons such as Bruxish, Gorebyss, and Wishiwashi. Also with a similar color palette to Aromatisse.

Supporting Art

Some sketches of the Eel being silly and threatening, and also showcasing its size.

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still working on colors but i got a lot of feedback:
  • the last design felt too "rigid", so i made the "wing" parts more softer looking. should feel a bit faster now i hope
  • changed the dress into wings that can sorta extend out to look like the dress. it'd fold its wings in to go fast, and spread it out to hold its ground
  • sadly got rid of the minty green but hopefully these blues help it a bit better with the typings + looks more like the glaucus
  • removed the crotchplate, i think it made it a bit too mechanical looking which was also one of the issues it had

beluga whale submarine
it has bubble of air on its head as a pocket of air to breathe
and it has other bubbles on its body cos they look like submarine windows
and it has a periscope-looking water fountain from its blowhole
probably needs more tweaks on deisgn
edit: better version

Modedit: Changing oversized image to thumbnail.
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So uh... whatever this is!

Starfish, literally, it's like a scaly star but like... 5 different Pokemon working as one or something? I put some terribly drawn scales on it to give the multiscale but like... don't hate it, feedback open plz and ty.

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