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Final Submission

Supporting Material
♫ ~ So no matter how we grow, just always know... ~ ♫
♫ ~
I'm the same same desu! ~ ♫

We're in the home stretch for the art subs already, so I might as well finish this off while the going is good! A big thanks to everyone on the Discord chats who lent their feedback and suggestions throughout this creative process, and best of luck to all!

Early on in the art sub portion of this CAP, and shortly after it was decided that we were going Water/Fairy, I had the idea of a swordfish knight wielding seashell armor and weaponry which I went as far as to make a finalized artwork with shading - but as it turns out, there are many more special Fairy moves than physical and a good portion of the important moves for this CAP wouldn't have fit that design in terms of flavor, forcing me to scrap it completely and start over. I didn't want to let go of the long-nosed, piscine silhouette I liked about that design, however, and repurposing the snoot into a wand of some sort if we went for a special attacker wouldn't be too much of a stretch... or so I thought. It took me a weekend of brainstorming ideas (in the midst of suffering through a nasty dental abscess, mind!) to finally hit upon an idea I liked: a combination of two Japanese youkai, which fits Fairy perfectly since Mawile (who is also based on a youkai, specifically the futakuchi-onna) is also part-Fairy. Namely, this is a samebito, a youkai that's essentially a shark-human hybrid, with elements of tengu, which are long-nosed winged men with magical powers. The tengu also lends its name to the Japanese word for the goblin shark, tenguzame, which in turn was back-translated into English to get its common name - and given that we already have a Fairy-type goblin line in the form of Impidimp and its evolutions, it all comes together quite nicely. Add in a sorcerer motif to justify this being a special attacker, and there you have it!
To this end, I styled this design a bit like a merfolk of sorts with a purely goblin-shark-like red head, moving the dorsal fin onto the head like a wizard's hat and giving it enlarged, slotted pectoral fins with pterosaurian hand claws that invoke both a bird's wings attached to a pair of humanoid arms and the sleeves of a wizard's robe, with matching pelvic fins and two extra dorsal fins on the shoulders along with a wing-like upper caudal fin to further those impressions. Three large, wavy barbels on the lower jaw suggest a long wizard's beard, and luminescent star-shaped markings along with matching pupils invoke both wizard star ornamentation (to justify space-themed moves like Moonblast) and the fact that some deep-sea sharks have bioluminescent organs, though their red color is pulled from other abyssal carnivorous fish that use red light to conceal themselves from prey. A red ring around the torso with smaller finlets coming out of it also invokes the belts with tassels of many traditional Japanese outfits, and it also holds a modified piece of coral (a branch from Corsola, perhaps?) resembling a kiseru, an ancient Japanese smoking pipe - by blowing through this with its singular nostril (also inspired by Impidimp), it can create enchanted bubbles and seafoam for powerful magic attacks! Finally, to hint towards Multiscale, I gave the belly a segmented, scalloped look, to reference both the denticles of real sharks and the belly armor of many Japanese kaiju - its overall look does, after all, remind me of Zigra from the Gamera series, whose design has been compared to a goblin shark by a lot of fans.
  • Water/Fairy: It's a marine youkai, making this an obvious type combination, with additional bonuses of being a visual pun on a goblin shark and a fantasy wizard motif.
  • Multiscale and general defensive bulk: Sharks have denticles on their bodies, enamel-covered scales that are very similar to their teeth (which may have been repurposed from scales at the edge of the mouth when sharks first evolved!). These offer excellent protection and resistance to water drag, making these fish more durable.
  • High speed: The goblin shark is not speedy in and of itself, but the sleek, streamlined torso of this design also brings to mind a mako shark, one of the fastest cartilaginous fish. Goblin sharks themselves do have some of the fastest jaw movements among their kin, though, shooting them out at 3.1 meters per second to seize prey and gulp it down.
  • Special attacker: Goblin sharks are small-game hunters and thus not built for subduing large prey like shallower-water sharks are, so this CAP likewise wouldn't be a good fit for a physical combatant. Instead, most of its attacks are dished out through either its control over water via stirring up devastating waves and currents with its large wing-like fins and tail, or by sticking its coral pipe into its singular nostril and blowing through it to create magically charged bubbles and seafoam. I picture its use of Moonblast being akin to blowing a single enormous bubble packed full of supernatural lunar energy, and then letting it drift towards its opponent until it inevitably pops and unleashes an absolutely devastating magical blast.
  • Recovery moves: Sharks in general have remarkable regenerative capabilities, and if you add the wizard theme to the mix you can also justify Recover as a healing spell. Recover itself is also learned via level-up by both Alakazam and Gardevoir, two Pokémon with an explicitly magical theme.
  • Status and disruption moves: The selected set of moves related to status effects (Will-O-Wisp/Thunder Wave/Nuzzle) and general disruptive tactics (Encore, Taunt) is surprisingly eclectic especially for a CAP of this typing; I guess the best flavor justification for these moves is that the wizard-like powers of this design could offer access to a much broader range of magical shenanigans than you'd expect from the typing and stats alone. At the very least, though, Will-O-Wisp does mesh well with Scald due to both moves inflicting burns (the former could be done via a steam burn), while Encore is learned by a rather broad selection of Pokémon as it is, but in particular by another semi-humanoid Water-type, Palafin.
A big thanks once again to everyone who lent their feedback on the designs I produced for this CAP: Mos-Quitoxe, Yokaiju, gloopybloopy, MrDollSteak, The Iron Templar, Ayecrusher King, Quanyails, and StephanXPM! And also Gawr Gura of Hololive English whose official artwork I sourced for most of the colors lmao
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Trying another completely different direction out! A jet/rocket/spaceship shark with a comet/shooting star inspired trail! The comet trail on the fins and tail can stretch, deform, and flicker like an actual comet trail. The creature that resembles a jet engine on the underside of the fin/wing is based on a remora!

still a pretty rough sketch and i have a lot to iron out, but I'm fairly happy with this so far :D
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Final Submission

Supporting Material
Hides inside its shell while leaving the tentacles out to defend itself. It got colorful ink, when it finds a ship moving slowly, it takes the opportunity to paint on it.
While its body is mostly covered by scales, the tentacles aren't and are quite squishy and can stretch to up to three times their regular size, it also has no bones on its whole body at all.
Some more art, click on them to get the full image.
Early Concept:
krakengirl supporting art.png
Main art full size and in HD:
krakengirl2 full.png
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Final Submission

This big fella is a deep sea adventurer!
Did you know that sperm whales can hit 20 knots, and submarines can get up to 30 knots?
Beep beep, he's coming through~

I wanted something that didn't immediately scream fairy type, but still could viably be argued that way. Most commonly I've seen that fairy types tend to be inspired by monsters or folklore that are not dragons--my first thought was of the leviathan of myth (built from whale sightings). Knowing that 33 is meant to be a fast moving wall, I sat down and thought about what is fast in the water.
Initially I had thought of a more baleen-type whale resembling some sort battleship, complete with an underwater prison in his mouth, but was unsatisfied with his design. I had especially wanted to incorporate a propeller tail (as seen on the finalized design) to emphasize the speed of such a large creature.
I then thought of the similarities that could be drawn between a sperm whale and submarine, with both being known for deep sea diving, and decided a mashup would be my best shot. Honestly this is a big boi, and I imagine him competing with wailord for biggest pokemon of the 7 seas
- Although a bit nontraditional, I didn't want to pursue something truly scaley for Multiscale, instead opting for more of a metallic sheen while still implying the strength of the ability (materials must be sturdy to last in the deep sea, although 1 small crack could spell the end
- As mentioned above, both sperm whales and submarines are pretty darn fast, and I feel both support the speed aspect of 33
- Similarly, the sperm whale is known to hunt and attack giant squid with battle scars and beaks in their bellies to prove it. They have enough defense to tangle with those things for dinner, so I don't think 33 would have any trouble against other 'mons
- See design inspo for my take on why this guy is as much a fairy as anything else out there, but also I kind of like it when a 'mon can throw you for a loop. Don't judge a book by it's cover!
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Final Submission

A super rocket sea-slug --- its large body and defensive cape allow it to take hits while it blasts attacks from its tail, propelling it and providing it speed! Also taking inspiration from caped superheroes, its mantle skirt gives off the impression of a cape, with the water/bubble blaster at its tail providing it an outlet for both special attacks and a way to physically hit its opponents. The red circles present around its body represent the windows of a rocket ship while the rest of the circles just go to emphasise that it is indeed squishy and popularly termed a 'friend'.

  • Sea slug, with a flashy mantle cape
  • Superhero cape attributed to speed
  • Rhinophores inspired by candycorn (sweet like a lot of fairy Pokemon...)
  • Circles on body represent windows and blaster at the bottom represents spacecraft propulsion system
  • end tails + fin on the back give off the shape of the fins/landing component of a spacecraft
  • Tongue sticks out like a burning thermometer suggesting quick speeds.
  • Totally has a sweet tooth with the candycorn, tongue, bright colours, marshmallow shaped water propulsion system, gumdrop cheeks and brows etc.

Supporting Material
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Final Submission

Supporting Material

it is a clam that has a shiny inside so it radiates light. it also has seaweed that it uses like a bow and/or arms. the spiky parts aren't "physical", they're just rays of light so it shouldnt really interact with anything physically. it cant stab anything.

  • water/fairy typing - as a sea clam, (unlike land clams), its natural habitat is the water so it justifies water type. for fairy type, i would like to call attention to 3 fairy type lines: florges, comfey, and xerneas (if you believe that it is a tree). a common link between them is that they should be grass but are not, which is how i will suggest mine is fairy type.
  • high defense - as a clam, it is naturally one of the strongest animals in the animal kingdom.
  • high speed - clams are the fastest bivalve shelled creature, beating oysters, giant clams, and giant oysters. however, the only issue that is present is that clams move backwards mostly to evade predators. in this case, i believe my design can only really move backwards, suggesting that it has sort of an anti-speed stat, but it should still be relatively fast for dodging attacks.
  • multiscale - of the two multi-scale mons we have, lugia and dragonite, only one has evident scales while the other can be argued both directions. keeping in line with the unclear situation, i like to think that my design will justify multiscale in the sense that its shell is in two parts, which can be alluded to as being scales.
  • stats? - ill await for further development on the stats that we get before i try to write up a justification. but i think my design has enough for it to swing both physical or special. if it goes physical then i will say that it can stab anything.
supporting art:
if that's a 6 ft human it'd be like this tall
ref sheet
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Final Submission


Is your shower running? (Yes?) Well, you better go catch it! This fella is based on bubble baths, dinosaurs, and a sprinkle of fairy magic.

Supporting Material

Click on each image thumbnail to open it at full resolution:

Assorted scenesMoonlight MajesticFull resolution image

Eight years ago, I submitted a design I nicknamed the "Loch Ness Shower". It was a popular design back then, only losing narrowly to Mos-Quitoxe's would-be Naviathan design. From what people have told me over the years, that design has become my most iconic submission, even to this day. Given the prompt for CAP 33, I thought this was a ripe opportunity to bring this design back for a second shot at the win.

The original version of the design is inspired by clawfoot tubs, sauropods, shower caps, and this fun Nessie-shaped ladle. Since then, I added inspirations from bubble baths, bath bombs, and unicorns.

  • Typing (Water/Fairy): Showers dispense water, so they are a natural fit for the Water-type. Furthermore, bath bombs are associated with self-care and aromatherapy, both of which are associated with the Fairy-type (e.g. Aromatisse). In addition, Fairy-type designs are often cute and pretty, and this design matches those design elements.
  • Ability (Multiscale): This design is inspired by sauropods (a type of dinosaur), which are scaly in real life. In addition, some species of sauropods have bony, armor-like plates, fulfilling the Multi- aspect of Multiscale.
    • Also, if you want to get punny, you can imagine it having limescale buildup. :P
  • Defining moves:
    • STAB moves: STAB moves are STAB moves.
    • 50% recovery moves: Pokémon partially inspired by inanimate objects often receive recovery moves. Avalugg, Garganacl, and Latias all receive Recover, for instance.
    • Status moves (Thunder Wave/Glare/Nuzzle): Somewhat notably, non-Electric-type and sauropod Aurorus learns Thunder Wave by level-up. As this design is both a non-Electric-type and a sauropod, the presence of Thunder Wave on this CAP 33 design has an in-game correlation. In addition, you can make a connection to Brontosaurus. Brontosaurus is a species of sauropod with a name that translates to "thunder lizard". Besides the thematic correlations, Thunder Wave has a wide distribution, being able to be taught to a number of Fairy-type Pokemon.
    • Disruption moves (Encore/Taunt): Encore is often associated with cute and pretty Pokémon (e.g. Aurorus, Primarina, Togekiss), which this design matches. Taunt has a wide learnset to begin with.
  • Stat distribution ( 80 HP / 32 Atk / 111 Def / 88 SpA / 99 SpD / 125 Spe):
    • Overall, this design strikes a balance between being a Pokémon with physical bulk (having a sturdy bathtub body) and being a Pokémon with speed (having strong legs that let it bolt).
    • Latias is the best in-game comparison. Latias is a Pokémon with a similar specially-offensive lean, level of bulk, and high speed stat. In addition, Latias derives inspiration from both mystical creatures and inanimate objects (jet dragon vs. shower dino + unicorn), which matches this design exactly.
    • Pokémon based on sauropods such as Aurorus, Meganium, and Tropius have low Attack, good Special Attack, and solid defenses, which matches CAP 33's stat distribution.

  • Head:
    • Head is shaped like a shower head
    • Mouth resembles water spout
    • Eyes are simple to make it look artificial
    • Eyes are shiny to match shiny bubbles
    • Head bubbles resemble a shower cap
    • Nose bubbles resemble round lenses
    • Neck is long to match dinos and shower heads
    • Yoke exists to make transition from neck to body more cohesive
    • Yoke vaguely resembles faucet handles
  • Body:
    • Body is shaped like a bathtub with an engraved gold lip
    • Body is plated and loosely shell-like
    • Legs resemble cabriole legs, Beauty and the Beast-style
    • Legs resemble pilasters
    • Legs are gadrooned
    • Crown molding vaguely resembles scallops
    • Feet resemble those of clawfoot tubs
    • Feet are drawn as paws to indicate deftness
    • Feet have swirls as filigree
  • Bubbles:
    • Bubbles are heaped to provide volume
    • Bubbles are swirly to indicate fluid motion + look magical
  • Material:
    • White and gold are colors associated with Fairy-types (e.g. Alcremie, Ribombee)
    • White textures are shiny to resemble materials like Lugia's feathers or porcelain
    • Gold textures are shiny but not too shiny to deter Steel-type implications
    • Pink, swirly bubbles match marbling of Fairy-types like Alcremie
    • Lighting is bright and clean
  • Other:
    • Shape language: Design has lots of swirls to look fluid
    • Size: I imagine it to be the size of a very large horse

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Final Submission

Born from the concept of a "tidemancer," this lobster-like 'mon has free control over the shape of the water surrounding its wand (tail).

Supporting Material

Full-res (1664x1889) artworkAction sketchesSize comparisonThe Shrimp Pose

(Each image links to full resolution)

  • Water/Fairy typing: is based on a lobster, and is designed around control of water attached to its body. Fairy typing comes from the affinity for wizardry/magic and the moon for its affect on tides, visible throughout the design.
  • Multiscale + bulky spread: Lobsters are resilient creatures in their own right, being biologically immortal and being a crustacean has an exoskeleton. Its tail and "hat" also emphasize a series of segments ("multiscale"), and it can utilize the water on its tail to help further diffuse special attacks.
  • Speed: as far as an aquatic environment is concerned, its long, thick tail with large surface area helps with swim speed in addition to its being adept at water control allow it to manipulate currents to its advantage. On land, its eight side legs provide for plenty of power in movement.
  • Defining moves:
    • Surf: standard fare Water STAB available to almost every single sea-creature-based Water type.
    • Moonblast: being so connected to the moon concept, this follows easily.
    • Play Rough: its claws and legs' shape work well for a rougher, close-up fight.
    • Liquidation: a water-based physical rush makes sense for a mon with water as part of its presence.
    • Recover / similar moves: lobsters can perpetually restore its telomeres, lending to its biological "immortality," and routinely also molt their shell to address problems with a previous one.
    • Will-O-Wisp / Thunder Wave / Nuzzle / Glare: the flavor implications of each vary, but being based on a wizard of sorts it's not unreasonable to expect some use of other elements. Its bright eyes and aspects of its appearance can also justify Glare.
    • Encore / Taunt: Its imposing tail can be used in a more showy fashion for Taunt. It's a bit of a stretch, but given the concept of control over tides/a body of water, currents close to the water's edge are notorious for being hard or impossible to resist, so it could use that for Encore as a forcing of action.
  • Hat-shell and antennae/feelers evoke stereotypes of an old wizard.
  • Tail fronds arranged to resemble a star, both for its use as the tip of a wand as well as its status as a celestial body. It is also raised upwards to better resemble a wand in its entirety.
  • Tail pattern resembles the edge of the sea on a beach (tide line), with the sand, seafoam, and water.
  • Front claws resemble crescent moons, as well as the depiction of them with an eye and nose.
  • Legs are crescent-moon shapes as well, and another can be seen below the "hat" pointing towards the tide-pattern.
  • Blue and pink color scheme blatantly lends itself towards the Water/Fairy typing, but was chosen for its contrast and connection to aquatic and lunar color palettes.
  • The water bubble on its tail can and will change shape to its needs, but at a base is a star both for the wand imagery as well as for shortest distance to its physical body / tightest control as a default.

Thanks again to Mos-Quitoxe for feedback when refining the design!
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Final Submission

A soft body made of mostly water lurks just below the surface of rushing rivers ready to fire off great blasts of energy from the fake heads coming out from its sides. If forced out from the water this beast is still quite capable with the plates adorning its underbelly reflecting most elemental attacks.
Supporting Material
some sketches showing off size, different angles, and its mystical plating in effect
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Final Submission
View attachment 559868
A soft body made of mostly water lurks just below the surface of rushing rivers ready to fire off great blasts of energy from the fake heads coming out from its sides. If forced out from the water this beast is still quite capable with the plates adorning its underbelly reflecting most elemental attacks.
Supporting Material
some sketches showing off size, different angles, and its mystical plating in effect
View attachment 559873View attachment 559874
This is jaw dropping, although don't forget that final submissions need to be 640x649 at max and on a white background!

not a mod i jist really dont want this to be disqualified


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Modpost: Hey all! Stat Spread submissions are now open. This is the final submission thread before CAP art submissions close. Once the final Stat Spread Poll closes, you will have 48 hours before the Art Submissions thread closes. Make sure you make your Final Submission post by then!

Modpost #2: When making your Final Submission post, make sure the original size of your Main Design image is 640x640 or smaller. Please do not rely on the forum resize tool to scale your image down; it will be disqualified.

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Final Submission


Supporting Material
Ocean of tears​
Profile & Back Details​
Drafts & Process​

My seraphic swan is done! I’m really happy with how they turned out. Very grateful shoutouts to CrystalNinetales for suggesting the crying eyespots and to Anubis for helping me figure out wing anatomy and foreshortening! ❤

Inspiration struck me when a friend shared some images of the angel designs from Bayonetta. Something in my brain clicked and I quickly drew up a concept of an angelic swan decorated with eerie eyespots on its wings and long peacock-like feathers. I continued to develop the concept, reinforcing the eye motif to reference the heavenly ophanim—angels made of spinning rings of countless eyes. I added a golden crest atop its head that resembles both the crests of real life crowned cranes (another waterfowl) as well as a laurel wreath (referencing greek divinity). The heavenly inspirations felt perfect to me for the Fairy typing; and the waterfowl inspiration felt perfect to me for the Water typing.

CrystalNinetales eventually suggested to me to make the eyespots be continually crying to further emphasize the Water typing. I thought it was a brilliant idea and have integrated it into the core concept. Not only do its tears reference the biblical flood (god’s “tears”), but also the Estonian goddess of birds, Lindu, whose tears created the Milky Way.

I also decided to turn its feet into wings and attached a second pair of wings behind its first to further emphasize its angelic (read: Fairy-type) nature by referencing the six-winged Seraphim. The design eventually became less eerie to fall more in line with the general Pokemon aesthetic, with a friendlier face and more subtly designed eyespots. I used Cresselia, Espathra, Swanna, Xerneas, Corvisquire, Articuno, and Volcarona as my references here. Halos of water became the finishing touch on the design. Like in my Ocean of Tears painting, I personally imagine the halos around its neck lifting off to surround its head while it uses its power. The eyespots also reference Nazar charms!

Regarding Multiscale, I think it’s helpful to note that “feathers are scales in which a long center shaft, called the ‘rachis’, is dominant.” Additionally, Lugia (one of the two Multiscale Pokemon) itself seems to be feathered, given the existence of the silver wing and its avian features. Regardless, I have included a suggestion of scale-like feathers or plates along my designs torso—referenced from Flutter Mane’s scale pattern—to further suggest Multiscale.
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Final Submission
CAP 33 Final.png

Here it is! This was a lot of fun to make, and I'm quite pleased with the result. But now, onto the flavor!


-The "sea butterfly" is a type of sea snail that, amazingly, freely swims in the open ocean by flapping its wing-like fins. I took this real-world animal very literally, coming up with a mon that looks like a butterfly at a glance, but is actually a flying snail! Fun fact: Sea butterflies are the main prey of sea angels, so you can absolutely bet that Manaphy and Phione would love gobbling these little goobers up like popcorn.

-Battlewise, a flying snail is fitting for something that can take hits and has high speed. "Multiscale" even works as a pun on butterfly scales!

-As a Water and Fairy type, I naturally settled on soothing, wavy, ocean-adjacent blues for the shell, and light, airy pink for the skin. The purple is there to make the wings more flashy, and the teardrop pattern also plays into the drippy, bubbly tones I was thinking of. The snail eyestalks are long and stand upright, to further the butterfly impression by looking like antennae. And of course, the face is a :3

Supporting Material
CAP 33 Supplementary.png
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Final Submission

cap 33 final render 2.png

Hello! As an artist myself, I figured it would be rather disappointing if I didn't at least give a shot at designing the CAP that I'm TLing. So, I wanted to give this as much effort as possible and I believe I have a design that's up to the challenge.

So, without further ado, here they are, the pompous monarch themselves. My take on CAP 33 is inspired by manta rays, playing cards, and kings/queens.


Typing: The Water-type is fairly self explanatory, as this design is, well, based on an aquatic animal. To substantiate the Water-type (since the coloring may be offputting) I adorned the design with a coral crown and seaweed adornments to add volume and create some accents to cut into some of the homogeneity of the reds. As for the Fairy-type, royalty is very adjacent to the Fairy-type as we often see monarchies play a role in fairy tales. The playing card patterns/motifs can also be easily associated with royalty, and we see playing cards also often associated with fairy tales as a result of pop culture (think Alice in the Wonderland). Furthermore, manta rays are seen as guardians of the ocean and tranquility in many cultures. The color palette was also chosen to reflect playing cards and also fit the mold of a Fairy-type more overtly.

"Fast Immovable Object": To be a fast wall means to look agile, but also look like you can take your share of hits. Manta rays as "guardians" can infer high bulk by nature, while also having the shapes/width to infer good defense. In terms of Speed, I wanted to make the design feasibly be at rest like a patient ruler, with its tails twisted as though it were crossing its legs, (and judging you the whole time ofc), but suddenly able to blitz into action to beat your shit in. It may seem silly but I sort of took some inspiration from Bel'Veth from LOL in this regard. Manta rays can also be quite fast, swimming up to 22 mph!

Ability: Multiscale fits the fact that manta rays have a form of skin known as denticles, shared with sharks, which are small, brittle, tooth/scale-like scales. Aside from this though, I feel as though the justification here has the room to be loose so long as the Pokemon appears to have multiple layers of material on it. Since monarch cloaks are clothing, I envision that this design's cloak also has a similar dynamic, substantiated further by the coral, seaweed, and golden accents to bolster its tanking power.

Moves: This CAP has a very fun quality of its important moves feeling quite general and devoid of flavor constraints, so I feel no matter what really happens here, this design won't age badly. The only ones that may be more demanding are options like Glare and Knock Off, but I'm fairly sure that this design fits that bill more than fine.

Supporting Material

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