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Final Submission

Frilled lizard-dragon whose scaly frill expands to form a megaphone-like cone, with wings that expand to appear as additional speakers.
This will have the Dazzling ability.

Supporting Material

(Click each image to open them full-size)

Full-res (2700x1600) artwork​
Side view (frill/wings retracted, open)​
Front view (frill/wings open)​
Comparing frills​

  • Dragon/Poison typing: Being of reptilian origin and having draconic anatomy, the Dragon typing makes itself pretty apparent. The Poison typing is primarily conveyed through bright, saturated colors highlighted in distinct patterns, spiky geometry, and the skull-like coloring on the head.
  • Dazzling ability: Not only are the frill and wing patterns very noticeable and eye-catching, the scales on them are fairly reflective surfaces, with bright light on them drawing extra attention.
  • Clanging Scales / Clangorous Soul: Shaking the scales on the frill and wings back and forth clinks them together, producing loud sounds that, in the frill's case, are amplified by its cone shape.
  • Statline: The ability for the frill to focus the sound output from its scales as well as any attacks projected from its mouth (in the case of Poison moves like Sludge Bomb/Wave or coverage moves such as Flamethrower/Fire Blast and Hydro Pump) contributes to a significant Special Attack stat. The body shape is kept fairly lithe at its base, and is lizardlike in nature, which is seen in similar mons such as Salazzle and Heliolisk to give reason to a notable Speed stat. The more draconic proportions suggest a bulkier build compared to those two.
  • The horns on its head (as well as the middle of its wings) are asymmetrical - the horns on its right side (pictured left) are slightly taller, mimicking the body of an electric guitar.
  • The mainly white body with colored accents at the ridge of the frill, entire tail, and limbs are in line with stereotypical designs of megaphones.
  • The wings' scaly membranes are actually folded over along the middle - they unfurl vertically to reveal the radial pattern.
  • The striped black/pink pattern on its tail with spikes along the ridge are reminiscent of punk aesthetics.
  • The pattern stretching from its neck, along its belly, and up to its tail is made of black hexagons connected along a straight edge, and wraps symmetrically around the neck.
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Final Submission

cap34 screen.png


This is my take on CAP 34, which is a Chinese dragon with a massive gong in stow. To go a step further, this is based more specifically on the Chinese god of water Gong Gong, often associated with destructive floods. As such, I really wanted to lean into the name (which was just perfect) because of the fact this CAP will be making use of Clanging Scales and Clangorous Soul, and using Gong Gong's malicious nature and association with lethal liquids to justify the Poison typing.

Supporting Material

supporting material cap 34.PNG
Dragon/Poison: Gong Gong is not only adjacent to Chinese dragons, but... Chinese dragons. The Poison typing is a bit more fickle, but Gong Gong is affiliated with destructive floods, which can easily be adjacent to the Poison typing. Additionally, there is a lot of toxic sludge involved with this design and very poison-adjacent colors to help sell the vibe.

Dazzling: The shiny ass gong, its vibrant colors, and also the fact that actually slamming the thing with its mallet tail can easily be super disarming. You could also justify Armor Tail depending on your interpretation of Armor Tail's flavor, but I feel Dazzling aligns closest with the concept and my vision of the design.

Clangorous Soul & Clanging Scales: Please tell me I don't need to explain this...

Stats: At the time of submission, there are not any confirmed statlines yet. However I believe this design does well in adapting to a multitude of stat spreads. You could justify a massive Defense/Special Defense stat with the fact it has a whole ass gong to operate as a shield of sorts, high offenses because it's a large ass dragon inspired by a Chinese God, and high Speed through Chinese dragons being extremely lithe and mobile. So long as the BST is relatively high I think it shouldn't make a big difference!


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Final Submission

You won't see it coming. It comes like a throwing star. A rage-induced one at that. This submission is a ninja dressed as a chameleon, ready to make some noise in the metagame! Our friend here has the Armor Tail ability.

Supporting Material




Tail Armor: The tail contains several sharp and spiky points that act as an armor for the rest of the body. Dually, they have a throwing star shape.
Dragon/Poison: The throwing kunai have poisonous tips. The kunai are detachable and can be thrown by the mon to poison enemies. It resides inside a substitute chameleon, hence the dragon type.
Noise: When it runs, the kunai chime in the wind. Although it may seem counterintuitive for a ninja, it's so overconfident with its power that it doesn't care. You can see this in the noise material. Although the tail is incorrect which you'll need to ignore, you can see that its brash personality means that it's willing to speak its mind.
OVERALL, music can easily be justified by the kunai chiming together either by the wind or by the movement of the mon. This directly links to clanging scales.

  1. Speed: The ninja aspect is highly relevant to speed, taking on a heavy speed design focus. This is doubly done by throwing stars throughout. Even the hand had a throwing star shape
  2. HP: The false inner body is quite small and fragile, hence the low HP. See Toxapex. It has the same design stat implications
  3. Defence: The large armoured tail ensures high defence. The actual exterior body also defends the real one from danger
  4. Special Defence: The tail and body have insulating properties and conductive properties. It can prevent the cold, electricity, heat and many other special factors from reaching and damaging the true body
  5. Special Attack: he's inspired by a lot of manga ninjas, sorcerers and the like. He uses hand signs, dances and chants with the throat spray to boost Special power. For example, he clangs the kunai scales together to produce bursts of fire.
  6. Attack: at best, he'll throw a kunai. He's too small to have a high physical attack

Some moves:
  • Clanging scales are the kunai. Literal clanging scales make noise
  • Clangorous soul is both the circle motif on the chest and the idea that a true personality (Soul) resides inside an external body (False Chameleon). It's also highly brash, metaphorically being a clangorous soul
  • Boomburst and psychic noise: Its highly brash personality gives it the ability to make loud noises, defying conventional expectations for a ninja or creature that wants to hide itself. To put it simply, its personality outdoes its tangible role. At the same time, it's words are so mean (toxic) that it literally hurts more
    • Boomburst: loud, mean words
    • Psychic noise: gives you a look that screams an insult
  • Hydropump/Aura Sphere/Flame Burst: Taking inspiration from manga ninjas, it can summon magical properties through chants or hand signs. These chants and hand signs dually form a clangorous soul.
    • Hydro pump: it screams out water
    • Flame burst: by clanging the kunai together, it releases bursting flames
    • Overdrive: due to the metallic properties of the armor tail, it can conduct high voltage electricity
  • Sludge Wave: Using its tail, it can dispel the toxic residue on the end of the spikes.
  • Ninjas: both in an ancient sense and in the modern manga interpretations. A lot of move justifications mix between both.
  • Chameleon: tying in with a ninja, a chameleon is a very stealthy creature. Not only does this meet the dragon typing, but it also helps connect to poison typing and the hidden ninja aspect.
  • My ocs and jjk: my oc design is heavily jjk inspired. He's like an oc
  • Inner body is ambiguous: Like a ninja, it's pretty much always covered to avoid being seen. HOWEVER, I've tried to reverse the trope of a stoic, ninja and given it a brash, angry personality. This, ironically, makes it noisy despite having to be quiet and stealthy.
  • Lizalfos: I took inspiration from these guys from The Legend of Zelda. I noticed their armor-like tail and emulated it as it was an easy way to meet the cool ability.
  • Pearl from Splatoon: a little screaming gremlin, basically! I thought it was a cute personality for a mon
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this design was inspired by sharks and whales! Whales for the more ‘sound and singing’ part and sharks for most else! The pink ‘wings’ would stand upright to make a dorsal fin!

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Final Submission


Supporting Material
  • Steam engine train/locomotive- Pretty straightforward, not based on any particular train but the important elements of a steam engine train like the smokestack and caboose are key aspects of the design.
    • Trains emit polluted plumes of smoke at an staggering rate, so much so that it does affect air quality in a negative way.
    • They are also extremely noisy. Apart from the iconic train horn sound, trains make all kinds of loud clanging, booming, and all different kinds of noises as they go by. Anyone who's been to a subway knows what I mean.
    • Association with fire/water (to make steam) lends it to fitting the ability to learning Fire-type and Water-type moves like Fire Blast and Hydro Pump. Surf/Fly are also a given considering it's a creature you can ride on.
  • Chinese dragons (aka Long)- The length of a typical train fits the length of a traditional Chinese dragon so much that I'm surprised I haven't seen this concept more. This idea started out as a Chinese dragon dance, a famous festival dance in Chinese culture where a group of people hold up and animate a giant dragon puppet. Over time the emphasis was placed way more on the train aspect, but hints of that original idea still linger (like how it floats)
  • Kommo-o's scales- This design's wheel-shaped scales act in a similar manner to the scales on Kommo-o, they clang as the train moves (which is almost all the time so it's almost always making noise). So that's how it uses Clanging Scales/Clangorous Soul
  • Ability: Armor Tail- The armored part of its body covers the entire top of its body and even extends over the head, befitting of the original description of Armor Tail being "the mysterious tail covering the Pokémon's head."

Full resolution
w/ transparent background
Supporting artThomasDesign progression
(March 8 - April 9 2024)

This has been one of the most exhausting, exhilarating, fulfilling, frustrating, longest months in recent memory for me. What started out as a simple idea I got out of seeing an image on Wikipedia became something that I can consider to be an art piece worth remembering for a long time. This wasn't built by me alone, there were a countless amount of people from all walks of Discord that gave me advice, tutelage, criticism, and positive reinforcement that helped me trudge through the hard days to get to this point. I wouldn't be where I am now without any of them, this special thanks list is massive and full of friends that mean the world to me and everyone that took the time to say something in one of my threads. So thank you, sincerely from the bottom of my heart, to everyone for the support. Here's to hoping this train can reach its destination.

Gravity Monkey
The Iron Templar
Tim (WPC)
SwiftlyNerd <3

Choo choo bois :)
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Final Submission

CAP34FINAL (3).png

Disco Isn't Dead!

Here's my submission for CAP 34, inspirations below!

Design Inspirations: The primary inspiration for this design were frogs and toads. Most have large throat sacs they use to vocalize, and in this design the frog's throat sac has become a massive disco ball! This is essentially a disco/rockstar frog, with multiple rockstar motifs (shiny sunglasses, gloves and a pompadour). As a rockstar, he has to have his background singers at all times. This is inspired by the Surinam Toad, who hatches their eggs on their back. The babies also resemble musical notes.

Dazzling/Throat Spray: These are pretty simple to explain. The design is entirely music-inspired, and said music comes from the throat sac. Additionally, the disco ball design on the sac is bright and distracts the enemy when it shines.

Poison: Dragon: Many frogs and toads have poison in their bodies, and the bright green and reds of this design communicate similar to how real poisonous frogs communicate their toxin. The design is intentionally more of a lizard-like build then a frog, and the face and horns are based off a thorny lizard or thorny dragon.

Clanging Scales/Clangorous Soul: The Clanging Scales comes from the background singers hitting their tails together to make a loud noise. Clangorous Soul stems from the frog hitting its throat sac to create a powerful melody, damaging itself in the process.

Stat Distribution (45 HP / 43 Atk / 117 Def / 120 SpA / 110 SpD / 115 Speed):
The 'mon is designed to be large and hefty, and it looks to be able to take a punch, demonstrating its strong defenses. Despite its strong stature, this 'mon is a rockstar at its heart, and sings its music loud and fast, explaining its speed and special attack being quite high. Despite its bulk, it will refuse to sing if its throat sac, or god forbid one of his background dancer babies gets hurt, hence the 45 HP.

Supporting Art
Moves / ExpressionsSide Profile / ColorsSize / Extras

I'd like to thank everyone who encouraged me through this process on here and in the discord. You guys helped make my first CAP experience a great one!
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Final Submission


The Virus has evolved into a wicked thing, a devilish dubious critter. This sub is primarily based on Bacteriophages. It has secondary characteristics of microphones, the main head looks kinda like a mic capsule, so its tail has a pop filter, and its collar has the look of a microphone stand. It also features characteristics of arthropods as well as devils.

Supporting Material


A couple sketch pages featuring some of the virus’ character and functional aspects of its design
Final Submission
Dragon Poison Digital Scan.png

Took me forever to get to where I thought it was finished, but I think I am at last! This is a hybrid traditional/digital concept. I’m still not all that good at digital, so I used it to augment my original drawing. The colour match tool is KING for this style

My concept is based on the Llamhigyn y Dwr (AKA Water Leaper); a frog-like monster from Welsh mythology known for attacking dogs and small children from the water’s edge. I added poison dart frog colours for Poison theming and to pair with the warning logic of the origin. Amphitheres, a type of winged serpent, were also helpful in the design

For ability, I was intending Dazzling, but could also see Armor Tail, though the difference is irrelevant

I’d like to thank EnderTrenton, drifbloomCF, WeaknessPolicyContrary and Chillie for their support and encouragement

Supporting Art

Sonorous Warcry.jpgDanger lurks in the Water.jpgConcept Art.jpg
Final Submission

Supporting Material

Character Sheet
Dragon Dance
CAP 34 Final Hi-res TN.pngCAP 34 Character Sheet TN.pngCAP 34 Dragon Dance TN.png


The design follows the idea of musical scales being physical scales of a dragon hide.
While the wordplay doesn’t translate into other languages, there’s still a common visual representation of a melody as a snaking string of notes with notation lines floating through the air.
Music has long been seen as entrancing and intoxicating, before its commodification, leading people to go crazy, which for me is the connecting piece between this idea and the physical elements of the design. (Also imagine Britney Spears Toxic and Vapor Wave)

Every notation starts with a key, which is why the treble key forming the face marking is the central focal point of the design.
The general body-plan is based on descriptions of Cockatrices having a birds head and snake body.
The billowing smoke, being expelled from the nostrils and chest represents the poisonous miasma, which these dragons are said to emit. In its idle pose the smoke takes a sinuous shape inspired by sine waves making up the basis of any sound.
When agitated I imagine the shapes of the smoke change accordingly (for example a jagged sawtooth waveform when angry, which correlates with the waveform of harsh sounds.)
The Tail end is modeled on rattle snake rattles, while the long fangs are modeled after the snakes poisoned teeth.
I picture the „wings“ As mostly rigid and actually more akin to fins. they can flex somewhat to change directions, but cannot be used to propel the Mon. In that regard it’s similar to Pokémon like Dragalge or Eternatus.

But actually this is what inspired me:
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Final Submission

Supporting Material
Back viewSwimming (like an illustration of original fable), CroakingClanging tail, side profile
big frog back.png
big frog supporting material 2.png
big frog supporting material 3.png

The scorpion and the frog is a classic fable about a scorpion hitching a ride atop a frog to traverse a pond, but impulsively stabbing it with venom in the middle of the voyage, because "it's in (its) nature." sinking both into the depths below.

The fable revolving around the scorpion's venom justifies a design completely revolving around virulent poison, especially since frogs themselves are many times poisonous. It's a large, beastly and intimidating amphibious dragon, and a resemblance to manticores, with its tail, who have draconic wings, strenghtens the relation.
A mysterious tail covers this Pokémon's head, truly not unlike Girafarig, as it covers its whole backside with scorpion-like plating, making it quite fitting for Armor Tail in particular. This armor tail is also comprised of disjointed scales that can be shook, also not unlike how real scorpions hiss. As frogs and toads are known for croaking, anything else sound-based fits like a glove as well.

If you're reading this during voting period, thanks for taking the time to read it! And thank you to Yokaiju and Yu_IOTJ forgiving excellent feedback for the design!
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The stats for CAP 34 have been decided. The normal art submission deadline is 48 hours after stats are decided. This CAP we are going to make the art sub deadline about 62 hours after stats are decided, so as to put the deadline at the start of the workday US time, so we mods will be able to work on checking submissions, making the art polls etc during the workday here in the US.

So, the CAP 34 Art Submission deadline will be Wednesday, April 17th at 10am US Eastern Time.

For convenience, here is a link to a countdown timer for everyone:
CAP 34 Art Submission Deadline Countdown
Final Submission

A blast from the past!

Here comes my design for CAP 34, a Hypersonic Hadrosaur with harsh hues! This Fueled Fossil is based on more than just Fossil Fuels. This Pokemon is based off of modified cars, such as Hot Rods and Sound Vans, and the cultures of punks and gangs that surround these vehicles. With the tendency of these types of cars to be staggeringly loud and obnoxiously flashy, these designs tie into the ideas of Noise Pollution and Light Pollution, with the terrible trumpeting and Dazzling lightshows these three create stressing everyone but themselves.

...What's that? "what do you mean by 'these three'"? Well you see, this Pokemon actually has three forms! None of the forms have any effect on ability, stats or movepool, mind you, but their wildly different colorations and head crests are based not only on different species of hadrosaurs, but also on gang colors and different types of modifications for cars. Essentially, each form is the same Pokemon that's part of a different gang of loudmouths!

This Trio of Triassic Troublemakers is here to turn it up! Which will you choose?

Supporting Material

Parasaurolophus FormLambeosaurus FormCorythosaurus Form
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