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OK, this is a completely pointless and unproductive post for this thread, but Chomz, your design is amazing. My favorite so far. One thing, though. How do you plan on incorporating Weak Armor Armour into the design?
OK, this is a completely pointless and unproductive post for this thread, but Chomz, your design is amazing. My favorite so far. One thing, though. How do you plan on incorporating Weak Armor Armour into the design?
I have no idea. Maybe once the crystal ball breaks she goes into rage mode or something? :P Anyway, right now I'm more concerned with how to stratch away the resemblance to Necturna, which is really obvious when I look at it. :(
Here are some of my designs:

Left: based on a stereotypical geek and a orchid mantis (sorry the 'tail' wouldn't fit on my page anymore :p)
Center: Based on a glasswinged butterfly and broken glass
Right: based on a Lyssa zampa (aka a big brown moth) and a magician

I actually have no clue with wich one I want to work furter with. I actually think the left or the right one.
I really like the concept of broken glass but I think I'm not skilled enough to pull it off :p So I someone feels the urge to use that concept, feel free to use it.

Here are some comments for the other artists:
Aragornbird: Like always your design looks elegant and perfect.But I rather see a bug/steel pokemon than a bug/psychic pokemon in the design.
Blueconcept: I actually love the idea. But I think it look a bit too cuddly of a strong OU pokemon. I suggest you just start over with the same concept in mind and see what you get as result.
Calad: I love it! The design looks risky and clearly a psychic/bug. Also the colors blend very well :)
CyzirVisheen: I think the worm-hole is brilliant. I cant wait to see more of it :)
DougjutDoug: I love this design. It is currently my favorite! The amount of 'pages' of the book doesn't both me at all. But maybe 5 in stead of 3 could look better. The only thing I don't like is that it doesn't look so strong. But to me krillowatt didn't look so strong either...
ToxicPhox: I really like this design. I'm actually supprised that not alot of people reacted to this design. I love to see the colors of it :)
I didn't post and only lurk in the CAP forums for quite a long time now, but since I read somewhere in this thread that good pencil drawings are also valid submission material, I decided to give it a try once again:

The general form is based on Psychidae, tough mainly on the top view, because the form of that seemed perfect to me. The 'wings' are translucent and mirror/glass like and work more like a sort of mantle or armor for the generally frail build of the design.

The general idea with glass wings came from the ability Weak Armor, the mirror part from the Illusion ability. My understanding on the psychic type is calmness, but at the same time confusing the mind with complexity(i.e. mirror mazes) and the likes.

EDIT: Not to mention that I feel that a mantle of glass is not only something risky to do, but it also kind of works with the already decided on abilities(Weak Armour and in a way, Illusion too, if you take the reflecting abilities).
Wowsers, there's a lot of competition this time around, which leads to lots of great ideas. Here's my top 10, in no particular order:

noobiess: I would choose the middle one, it ties in nicely with weak armour. Anyways, the competition so far has been amazing, and the votes qill be close. Here are my top 10 in no particular order:

Koa: You used to be my number 1 choice, and you're still up there, but there's harsh competition... I'm growing on your new colour scheme, and the body is definitely improved.

BlueConcept: It's a nice idea... I'm slightly sceptical of another spider however... how about making the glove and the spider as one?

Quanyails: Definitely one of the frontrunners. The expression does it for me. I don't really have many suggestions for you.

DougJustDoug: Great concept, but I definitely feel there needs to be a couple more pages, and the page/body blend should be more subtle.

CBMeadow: It's great, but I feel you should resort back to your older design. I liked the legs and scrunched up body segments better. And I also liked the gem better.

Calad: For the love of God, use the first one.

Yilx: It's definitely growing on me. So far, so good.

Aragornbird: It looks great!

Teravolt: Dawwwwwwwwwww.


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Supplementary art might have slight deviations from my original art.

(Draining psychic powers from a Duosion's second brain.)

Weak Armor/Hair. (The thing in the mosquito's hand was supposed to be an energy ball, but it resembled a hairball. I was amused. :D)
Illusion and ye old Delibird torment. (Leech Life/Megahorn?)
Miscellaneous. (Finding a crystal ball, dazed, and giving an Axew a fortune in a runic-looking alphabet.)

  • CBMeadow: I do like the pose and the subtle changes of the drawing you posted on IRC. :) It's more dynamic! And yes, we went over that mistake in my reading of your comments.
  • SoIheardyoulikeSENTRET: Aw, I'm the only one who likes your bottom design. Well, go with them if you want. Who am I to influence your design by myself?
  • BlueConcept: Adorable. :) Fits the typing, and I can see Weak Armor via the glove part falling off or something, and it definitely works for Illusion. Stat spread may work in your favor or may not.
  • YourFavoriteEgyptian: I don't think the Unown design on the headdress and the scroll are necessary to the design. Proportion is better, but the limbs are still very rigid and, well, Egyptian-design-looking.
  • heatran1919: I don't suppose you find my mosquito draining other pokemon adorable?
  • Mos-Quitoxe: Fancy. I hope that when you color it in, it won't be too painful for spriters. Unique idea and nice integration of the CAP's decided components.
  • Salamachine: Neato. I'd like to see a little more Bug-typing in that, as it looks a bit reptilian.
  • Amarquez: In my opinion (as it always is), it's a bit contrived. Naturalize it slightly. :)
  • Bummer: Fun proportions of that design! I think the bowtie could be slightly more natural-looking, like those other parts of that suit had with the carapace. Fits the given.
  • Kadew: My first thought on seeing the design was DougJustDoug's Willowitch. Well, at least it works for Bug/Psychic rather than Grass/Ghost. :P I love the 'dress' design and aversion to pstandard psychic pswatches [sic].
  • ikasu: I'm really just seeing a ball with a butterfly around it. :/ The design has to speak, not a description.
  • Asylum_Rhapsody: How creative! I definitely like the cocoon/straitjacket integration and the Rorschach wings, but it does look quite dark for a Psychic-type. Perhaps the eyes could be filled and a touch of brighter color. Monochrome or a dash of color, the choice is yours.
  • Rocket Grunt: Those glowing yellow-green eyes are a nice touch and representative of that parasitic relationship. :) Neat!
  • nov: Yep, I agree with the armor + No Guard part. I suppose you can say that even if it has armor, it doesn't work very well and sometimes chooses to not use it at all, eh?
  • D4rk3r: Well, first thing I notice is that a reduction of color could be nice. The green horn and red eyes notably stand out compared to the more neutral colors. The stripes could also be thicker, since those thin ones are a pain for spriters. X3
  • Chomz: Aw, but now it's too floaty for me. Again, just my opinion.
  • noobiess: Heh, that geek is amusing. :) Nice to see some simpler designs that still convey the typing well. The third gives a slight batty/dark vibe to it, though the colors may change that opinion.
  • JojoX3: I could see it working. Good!


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Been lurking about the CAP project for about 4 years, time for my first contribution to the process. Hope it's not too bad. Just a rough sketch at this point.

A mantis based on a masquerade ball and that sort of mystique that accompanies such. The mask, I am toying with the idea of making it the severed head of a male, as mantises are apt to do. Illusion should be obvious with the design, it would put on the mask and PSYCHIC POWERS bam it's another pokemon. For weak armor, maybe it would break up the "gown" so it would be easier to run/use the wings.

Any ideas to make it more psychic-like?
I give my full 100% support to this
This is the drawing from IRC Quanyails mentioned, with some tweaks.

The major differences are a more splayed-out leg support, and a rounder gem. Do you guys prefer this one? There's also versions toying with wings and lack of legs entirely and wings-without-legs. Those are in not-colour paint doodles; drawing it out would be much better looking, but it illustrates the idea.
@KoA: ...Perfect. Don't touch it. Ever again. It's so perfect, it's almost godly. I love it to pieces. I like the idea of it being purple and black when shiny.


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I made a new design. I kinda take elements of both; the clairvoyant's crystal ball, the UFO's color scheme.
The Dowsing bug.
My new design has antennas that resembles dowsing rods.
Final Submission

So here's my thing, colored in.

Alternate version:
Without armor:

This was what I originally wanted to do, but when the psychic subtype was announced I completely forgot about it, not realising that actually worked well.
So this is essentially an idea pilfered off of Bogleech, i.e. an assassin bug Pokemon that covers itself in the corpses of its prey as camouflage/bait. This particular fellow's body was based on Platymeris biguttatus, and it uses the disturbing eyespots on its wings to hypnotize its poison and fighting-subtyped victims (because of the weakness, natch), before killing them with its proboscis and digesting their organs. The left-over pieces of shell are fixed together with specially-made fluids to form terrifying chimeric armor! sad that the adhesives used can't actually stand up to battle eh? The weapons it fashions this way allow it to channel more powerful bug and psychic moves as well!

Since it's best to treat others as one would have them treat yourself, here's some feedback!
Calad, I think you're doing yourself a disservice in making all these essentially-complete ideas; you're giving both us and yourself too much choice for a final sub, meaning that it'll be three times harder to come to a final decision. That said, your latest one doesn't strike out as being all that remarkable; it feels like a compromise between the other two, with the green and the crystal ball together like that. I think that you should ditch the ball on this version, and make those dowsing antennae _huge_. The wing things are really wishy-washy too, they don't seem to be doing anything to contribute to the whole picture.
D4rk3r, yours looks much too much like an ice-type with that crystal on its last segment. I'd suggest ditching the blue for something more pink or purple, as the rest of the design is generic enough that any other color would construe its own type. You might also want to make those wings look more natural by giving them more curves. I also feel I should remind you that your final submission cannot have glow effects extending beyond the outline.
Rocket Grunt, yours frightens me a lot, though that's not to say that it's bad. I think that a more vibrant color scheme would be more appropriate though; the current WIP seems a bit visceral with all the fleshy reds and bile-y yellows splashed around.
Tin, while I have no right to argue color choice (considering my riotous sub), I think that you could stand to simplify the patterning on the abdomen, as that is going to be really difficult to portray in a sprite without making the mon huge.


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Behold, some crappy supporting art for my mantis masquerader (mantisquerade?)! In these I somewhat changed the design of the forearms, let me know if the purpleblue arms look better than the original ones.

First, a display of illusionary powers, as arceus because why not, at politoed because it's just so stupid looking.

And also, below is a short (and really sketchy) comic displaying weak armor's application in the design.

As for no guard, you try dodging things in a ballroom gown.
Cleaner lines, on my way to final submission. I just need to make some supporting art and shade this bad boy(girl?) and I'll be good to go. Last minute CC would be greatly appreciated



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Based on a bumbelbee, which is constantly dazed by drinking to much sweet nectar.
They fly around in circles seemingly without any sense of direction, and anyone who watches them will start to feel confused and disoriented.
Because of this fact, it was unclear for a long time how these pokemon could even lift itself up in the air, being way to fat due to their diet. After long research and using lots of Mental Herbs, scientists found out, that they use weird psychic powers to generate whirlwinds supporting themselves in the air.

Final Submission
Mos-Quitoxe, yours is my favorite design so far. Although it seems a bit more of a Dark type as opposed to Psychic.

And Calad, I love all your designs (especially the Dowsing Bug), although if I were you, I'd listen to Mos-Quitoxe's advice; it's quite good and I think it would drastically improve your design. Huge needles, drop the ball, etc.
wow, shitloads of greats designs! def this poke will end with something beatiful :D, but stil bummer's design is my absolute favorite. it fits CAP 4 like a glove, maybe weak armor haven't been too obvious (but i can still totally see it using it), looks physical bulky, ilusion is there in all its glory, the poke feels very pshychic poke while being a bug (doh), and no guard kinda justifes itlesf (in this case it would be achieved as some way of "complicated hat trick" where accuracy is achieved by confusing the opponent (kinda like feint) but since cap 4 drops its defenses toodue to teh complicated nature of the stuff. plus, teh design is simply enough while not being boring.


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After reading feedback, I made some changes to my bookworm design:

I added a fourth "page" to the book, and I also aligned everything closer to the proper vanishing points. I don't want the perspective of everything to be technically perfect, because that tends to make the whole thing look too artificial and not as organic. This is a cartoon, after all. But based on comments, and the fact that a big portion of this design is meant to evoke the look of a book (which is very angular and it is posed on basic two-point perspective lines) -- it makes sense that it will look "off" to the common eye if I veer too far from the technically correct perspective. So hopefully this helps a bit. If not, well, at least I tried to strike a decent balance.

I put the Unown-inspired "C" on the cover, to stand for "Create-A-Pokemon". I guess I could have used "D" for DougJustDoug, or "R" for Risk or whatever -- but "C" is a cool-looking letter in Unownish (or whatever language it's called) and if I can put only one letter on the official design, I think that's as good as any other letter. For anyone that missed my earlier post, the intent is for this pokemon to have a different symbol on its cover based on IV's or PID (kind of a mix between Unown and Spinda). So there are technically 26 different versions of my CAP4 design. But I can only use one for the official submission -- so, "C" it is.


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since it fits the abilities and stats more, i suppose i'd go with this

will probably finish this over the week, alongside how it uses the abilities

it's an egyptian scarab/pseudoscorpion/shield for pincers
Disappointed that the stats favor your scorpion thing Yilx, its not bad by any means whatsoever, in fact I think it's really amazing as well, but I just REALLY liked your moth :3
cap4 submission sketch

here's a conceptual sketch of my pkm. changed the crest to arms held above the head that are not fixed in that position and can be moved around to hold things/attack etc. the shell can be lifted up to scare off predators or use specific moves like confusion or mean/scary look. the two lower legs help to support the heavy body when its on the ground or walking.
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