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I'm horrid at drawing, so I'll critique instead, in a couple on sentences. I'm not an expert or anything, so you can dismiss what I say if you wish. Don't take it the wrong way.

Yilx A is just a Cacturne clone in my opinion, but B and the rejected C (why it's rejected, I don't know) look pretty nice! B's hand-leaf things look a little... Off, though.

Quanyaila I like the concept quite a lot. Basically, a Bisharp mixed with a Roserade. It's a rose, but with a dark monotone and clearly vicious intentions. C'mon, a murderous rose? Who can't like that?

Mos-Quitoxe Um, Wario much? I'm not sure about a garlic mon, and the shading looks a little off, but it definitely has potential. I'd say it's more of a Grass/Poison than Grass/Dark, but that's just me. I can totally see Stench being an ability for this, though.

Birkal A skull-based cob of corn? Interesting. I don't think the purple blends well with the yellow-orange thing, and it's a little more "wide" than I'd imagine it to be, but it's pretty good overall.

Menshay A jester Cacturne is the first thing that comes to mind. Nonetheless, this is pretty neat. The wings and long fingers seem out of place, though.

pkmn-taicho321 Watchog in a Carnivine costume? That's what comes to mind first for me. However, regardless, I like this one. The tail looks really unnatural, though.

elcheeso Hmm... This looks good, but I dislike the design of the scales/leaves on the body. I also think that a bull may not be the best interpretation of Grass/Dark, but that's my opinion, and opinions are made to be biased, so...

paintseagull A dripping swamp mon? I admit, the first thing I though of when I saw Grass/Dark was "swamp." Regardless, this is pretty good. I dislike the general feet area and random dots of colours, and this looks a tad too much like an Eeveelutions to me. It's neat, and a quick rework could make it look great!

Dracoyoshi8 Interesting. Neat concept (we have Houndoom, so why not?) and I like the evil forest-type color scheme, but the leaves should maintain a constant color, not different shades, and the tongue is... Odd. However, this is still neat. Moreover, the brown dots add a nice texture.

Hollymon Well, your name explains it pretty well. I don't think that the trademark plant of Christmas should be associated with darkness, but you executed it pretty well. It looks a little too jolly (no pun intended) for a Dark type, even given the mistletoe theme, but it's still pretty nice.

Chomz Sawsbuck? No offense, but with a theme like that, I doubt it'll be picked. However, you did draw it beautifully- it's just, the Deerling line, and Pokemon X's legendary, and Stantler, and... You get the point. It's a great image with an overdone concept- quite an unfortunate curse.

Arkeis Even though the second reminds me if Watchog, it's still pretty good. I much prefer the Tiki mon, though. It's just... Something about it says "awesome." It looks Dark, it looks Grass, it looks amazing.

zyrefredric Your drawing skills have potential, but it's a little jagged ATM. Still, it's a great concept. Not sure about if the fire helps or hinders the design, though.

Orivexes Picklemon, eh? Neat concept, neat design, neat drawing. The colour scheme just seems a little ugly, but that's just me.

Doran Dragon Tauros Shiftry. Really. Looking past the air of these Pokemon, it's neat, but I don't enjoy the shade of green you chose. It's a great drawing in its own right, though.

Green Dweeb Sorry, Menshay got to the concept first. However, I like the drawing you did. It has that mischievous plant look all over it.

Nastyjungle This is more like Pyroak's kind of typing to me, and, as said before, I don't like the idea of a bull for this (yes, even the Minotaur), but it does look nice. The horns are easily the highlight of the image, beautifully drawn.

ShyGuy1221 Hmm... I like the concept, but I think the color scheme, though clearly showing "Dark" all over it, seems a little out of place. I like the eyes, though.

Steampowered Phew, almost done. Anyways, I like the concept and image, but the body shape is so... Odd. It's also a little too furry for my liking on a Dark type. The facial expression is masterfully done, however.

Chris900 Seems neat and all, but the leaves are a little unnatural. The eyes and concept are both great, and this seems pretty good all in all.

Harle Hmm... I don't enjoy the arms/leaves, but the general concept and facial expressions are great. I enjoy it and all, but it seems a little too... Jagged.
Wowsers, there have already been a lot of submissions and I didn't want to be giving critique so early, but here I am. The quality of submissions so far have been really good this time around, so if I point out something you could improve on, don't take it to heart too much, as they're (probably) tiny nitpicks.

Yilx: This probably goes against general consensus, but I much prefer your bleeding heart vampire. It looks very sinister, which is obviously great for showcasing the dark type, and I love the concept. One thing to point out is that its mouth area is quite puzzling. Is that a face inside the mouth? Is the mouth fake and the real mouth hidden? Regarding your cactus demon, I simply dislike most things about it. The face in particular, which is very human-like. I, as you already know, think that the face is facing the wrong way, or that it's looking the wrong way. This is probably because I associate the neck area as a collar, and so having the neck area the way it is looks quite unusual. Either way, it's bugging me.
Quanyails: I loved your gas pump snake last CAP, but I'm not a huge fan of this one, to be honest. First of all, the tree stump-esque legs makes the pokemon seemingly unable to move, and the blades look flimsy. The shelf fungus ribs look unusual given that it's attatched to a tree stump, and doesn't really work with the concept. To me at least, it looks like this mon is a bunch of great ideas thrown into one pokemon, nullifying each idea completely. I'd much rather you simplify your submission, or create a new submission taking inspiration from one of your ideas of this pokemon.
Mos-Quitoxe: First and foremost, I absolutely adore it. It looks agressive, yet still stays cute, and has a great concept executed well. Now, keep in mind that I'm nitpicking here; the colour scheme, whilst subtle, does relate to pokemon more commonly found on a sand team rather than a sun team. I have no problem with it personally (I love colour schemes which are subtle), though I know that a lot of people might find it offputting. I'd experiment with different colour schemes; I liked the one you showed before in #smeargle or #cap or whatever. Also, I'm not sure how this guy would look in a walking position, or from a side on view, seeing as this mon has five "legs" instead of the usual 4 or 2. I'd want to see supporting art of this :D (Also requesting you to draw your mon melting Yilx's vampire!)
Birkal: Daww.. everybody loves Cornmon... but I'm gonna critique it anyways. Let's be honest here; it's a corncob, in a suit, with a skull face added on. I don't really have much to say on your submission, except that I feel there are some much better pokemon concept wise, and the skull face looks tacky and slapped on. I look forward to seeing the edits though! (i'm sorry #cap please don't kill me)
Menshay: I'm not sure where you're going with this. It has the potential to look great, and the concept itself is fitting, but even with the jester themed hat, I don't really see this as a dark type. The mace-like hands and the overall body structure makes it look fighting type.
pkmn-taicho321: So rough I'm not even sure what it is ;) From what I can make out, it looks like a feminine mon with venus flytrap style headgear and a wooden, wilting tail? It's a nice idea and I'd love a more definedversion of it from you. One thing I notice is that the flytrap is facing in a different direction to where the head is facing.
elcheeso: I'm not sure whether you're trying to make this mon look intimidating or adorable. It seems a mixture of both; the awkward yet loving smile and the kind eyes make it seem cute and cuddly, but the fangs suggest otherwise. I think it needs to stick to one. It'll be interesting to see the colours you choose for your submission, and also how you alter your tail. However, I like how the dark typing is subtle, yet you'd recognise it as dark (for me, at least) as soon as you look at it.
paintseagull: Taken inspiration from Cartoons!'s Fire/Grass submission, have you? Yours is very similar to elcheeso's in the fact that it's an animal shrouded in leaves, or in your case, moss. Now, I have a slight problem with this. Moss grows in damp and shady areas, which doesn't really fit into the sun team slot we're going for. Of course, this could be interpreted as sponging water-type attacks, but really, it all seems shady to me (pun totally intended).
Dracoyoshi8: I'm loving the reference and I love the concept you're going with. However, I have a few problems. The apple at the end of the tail seems a little slapped on and blunt, when there could be a more subtle reference to the apple (apple-esque patterns on the snake, perhaps?). Artwise, I know this is a rough sketch, but the underbelly seems to abruptly stop. Even though I love the concept, I feel you could be a little more adventurous; we already have 3 serpent-like pokemon lines in Arbok, Seviper and Serperior.
Hollymon: Don't be too rash to make a new design just because nobody has commented on it, critique takes time and needs motivation. I like the idea, and I see you've named yourself after your submission. The only thing which really determines its Dark typing is the manic smile, which seems rather forced. I'm also not sure why the holly has been added on in random places, it would make much more sense adding them on in a structured way (wings maybe? I don't know). Lastly, I'd get rid of that berry underneath that cloak; it's needless and reminds me a lot of Cherubi.
Chomz: Again, it's the same general idea of choosing an animal and covering it in something which will make it resemble a grass-type. Not that I have anything against it though, it just seems pretty uninventive when compared with some of the other submissions. I absolutely love the look of it though; it doesn't need to be simplified! Unless other people want it so, but yeah, I love it the way it is. It really needs something to indicate its dark typing though; I'm not really buying this "cursed wooden armour" reasoning. Speaking of wooden armour, this thing has already been done on Pyroak, although I see no reason to do it again :)
Aragornbird: I will always call you aragornbird, don't argue with me. Anyway, I love the concept behind your raccoon/tanuki (If we're choosing a mammal for this CAP, a raccoon would be the perfect mammal to base your submission on), but as others have already established, Tiki monster is the way to go. I love everything about it. My only slight nitpick would be that it could be considered fighting type, but this is to be expected since it was submitted as a Fighting/Dark pokemon. Honestly, this is my favourite submission so far.
zyrefredic: Bery ximple concept indeed. I know this will come as no surprise, but it isn't quite as accomplished as the majority of submissions thus far. I would suggest coming up with a new concept, because this one is quite plain and odd. I love how it relates to Heatran though; Heatran absolutely destroying the Pokemon by burning it :P
Orivexes: Okay. I like the idea of a rogue bear, but all the design looks (so far) is a normal type panda bear which has been coloured green. It has nothing to indicate the grass typing except the colouring (I guess it worked for Houndoom and Vulpix, but really, colour alone is not enough) and the only way you can deem it dark type is by its eye markings. I'm honestly not a fan, but this guy does have potential.
Doran Dragon: Seeing your work with that Studio534 guy, along with your Extreme Makeovers submission, I know you have a lot of potential. Sadly, I feel you could do better with your current submission: for one, it looks very awkward standing on its hind legs. It's indication of the grass-type (the leaves) look very forced and almost slapped on, and I dislike the stubby tail. On a plus side, I can see you've done a lot of research on mythical creatures :D I suggest trying a new concept, sorry
Green Dweeb: Mime Jr's evil twin ;) I agree in the fact that it does look a little unevolved, so you might want to try and add different features and beef it up a little bit more. I'm liking your manic colour theme, which is keeping true to the joker-style your Pokemon has. One thing I dislike is the leaf feet. I don't think it could support itself with two flimsy leafy feet, to be honest.
NJ: It looks very legendary. I dislike it a lot though; it seems almost human, especially with the extremely detailed hands, and as with Doran's, I'd much rather see it on all fours. I feel making it a normal golden cow would work best, and advancing from there. Also, this looks like a pain to sprite.
ShyGuy1221: I like how you're differentiating yourself from the "pack" by choosing a slightly unusual concept. I'm unsure if it has payed off or not though. I don't think a fungus would be the best concept for this CAP, seeing as it grows in damp places, and so wouldn't really be associated with sun, and therefore sun teams. The raptor idea is neat, although it might mislead people into thinking that it's a dragon type rather than Grass/Dark.
Steampowered: Don't you think that a mink would be better suited to a rain team rather than a sun team? Besides that, it looks cute, although I'd like to see the coloured version to get a more pronounced idea of where this concpet is heading.
Chris900: It's a little too sketchy to give me a clear idea of what this pokemon looks like, but I'm not really sure how this guy will turn out to be grass type. Once again, it needs to be clearer and neaer before I can give any proper critique.
Wyverii: It doesn't have the "wow" factor as some of the other submissions, but I really like this guy. The petals around the neck remind me of frilled lizards, buuuut I know most if not all lizards prefer slinking under a rock and not staying in the sun for extensive periods of time, which doesn't work for the concept. The design could be mistaken for a dragon type, but I feel Dark/Grass comes to mind as well when looking at it.
Calad: Interesting. It seems like mythical creatures is a running theme throughout this thread already! I'm not too sure how this guy will resemble a grass type, (Remember, it's the primary typing!) but it's too early to tell. The belt along with the imposing stance gives me the impression of a fighting type.

Looking back at this, I've been quite brutal. I hope my comments don't offend anyone :(
Since my computer shut down and I lost the design I was working on ;-; I will add some comments to the ones here.

Yilx - Design A could look good, but it looks a little too much like Cacturne, and if more flowery would look too much like Maractus. Design B, however, I love it. and can't wait to see what it looks like if you continue it.

Quanyails - I like it a lot, but one thing I might change is to maybe give it two feet instead of four. It looks awkward considering how humanoid the top looks and the bottom looks so weird.

Mos-Quitoxe - I can't help but think the pink thing looks like a giant nose, which makes me hate it I'm sorry.

Birkal - While the idea is funny, it doesn't look dark type enough to me.

Menshay - To me it seems more aquatic than plant, but that could change depending on the color scheme.

pkmn-taicho321 - Love the idea, the only thing I have to say is it kind of reminds me of Vileplume.

elcheeso - Can't quite say much about it yet, but it looks more electric/normal than grass/dark right now.

paintseagull - Yours is my favorite so far, I absolutely love the idea.

Dracoyoshi8 - I like the design, but the apple looks very forced.

Hollymon - I like what it is based off, but it doesn't seem "dark" enough.

Chomz - The dark is portrayed nicely, but the grass doesn't shine through yet.

Arkeis - The tiki monster is a favorite of mine! I love it. Also the sketch I like as well.

zyrefredric - Looks more grass/fire, and also I don't care for the design (especially if we want the mon to be fast).

Orivexes - Looks too fat

Doran Dragon - Big fan of it, conveys both types nicely.

Green Dweeb - Love the idea!

Nastyjungle - It's quite good, the only comment I might add is that it doesn't look enough like a grass type.

ShyGuy1221 - To me it doesn't convey either type.

Steampowered - Looks like an otter 0.0 can't really see the dark type but I like the idea so far.

Chris900 - Like the idea so far.

Harle - An favorite of mine, my only concern is it might turn out to ghost type.

Wyverii - Quite awesome

Scorpio - Looks grass/fighting dont see any dark.

QuimicVital - Very simple, you might want to try a new design.

Calad - I like it so far.

Shanimanim - Conveys both types nicely, like it a lot.

Okay. The idea just popped into my head to use pumpkins, & I was trying to think of a way for it to be mobile, but not look a stiff breeze would knock it over. So I went with a bigger, more common orange pumpkin as a body, with woven or wound vines for limbs as well as a thick neck leading to a less common white pumpkin for the head. The tails started out as a half dozen or so thin, whip-like things, as you can see in the initial sketch there in the corner, but I wasn't sure if that was a good way to go, so I tried a double tail made with wound vines.
I'm hoping the dark element comes out in the sort of jack-o-lantern face as well as the fact that pumpkins are usually associated with Halloween.
It is a giant nose, Adams! And I know people will hate it, because those same people hate Probopass! It does not however mean that I will change it to something else, since I love him still.
Mos-Quitoxe's looks exactly like Wario turned into garlic
make of that what you will

I'm a fan of Calad's sketch and Wyverii's Snap Dragon (shame it isn't grass/dragon though :P)

Chris900 your design is interesting but it looks overly busy. I think it could stand to be simplified.
For what its worth, Mos, I love the nose. I love the whole design. I love imagining a herd of these trundling across a plain, shoots gently flailing in the wind. I am worried about the mustache though. Doesn't bother me, because Pokemon's got a proud mustache tradition (Alakazam, Jellicent) but I'm worried that if the nose will bother people, the mustache even more so.

I also really like Orivexes rogue panda (maybe a robbers mask made of leaves? like a masqueradey mask thing, so people will see the grass more. I kinda like it the way it is, though.) , Wyverii's snap-dragon, and Shanimanim's...thing. But Chris900 and a couple others need to watch it with the detail. Remember that this has to be condensed down to a sprite, and a lot of the detail is either not going to show or make it look like pixel soup.
Here we go!

This concept is based on the Rex Begonia plant, a plant that can thrive without direct sunlight. (Dark type!) This CAP lives under the shade of its giant leaves, which it can use to camouflage itself with other greenery.

Just a first sketch, nothing final.
Some awesome concepts already!

The two that stand out to me so far are the mons created by nastyjungle and shaniminam!
I think they are both very well thought out concepts that portray the typing very uniquely. There has obviously been a lot of thought behind their creation.
It is a giant nose, Adams! And I know people will hate it, because those same people hate Probopass! It does not however mean that I will change it to something else, since I love him still.
He's probably my favorite so far... Even though his bulb legs kind of gross me out for some reason... It's like an obese spider or a hand made entirely of thumbs... Smelly thumbs. Still, it's my favorite.

Harle - An favorite of mine, my only concern is it might turn out to ghost type.
Hmm... It does look quite a bit like a ghost. I think I'll make it more apparent in the design that it isn't possessing the objects its holding, but controlling them with its roots, as it does kind of look like a possessed coconut with a fancy hat.

Thowing out some more designs, trying to see what sticks. I know the Cactus Grass/ Dark role is taken, but I drew it anyways =P

The other two consist of a ManDrake pokemon, and a Raccoon/ Lemur sage.

I'm still thinking up more but I'd love to hear some opinions.


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passively wondering what exactly screams "fire" about my design

also gosh you guys are boring!!! nothing is fun about a normal golden calf, of course it has to be human like, thats how the minotaur is............................ /gripe


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Thank you everyone for the feedback so far!

Quanyails: Great elements but I think it would be a stronger design overall if the top half was more exaggerated and imposing.

Mos: (C:<

Menshay: This works really well, can't wait to see it finished. I like the sundew colour scheme too but it might be a bit too happy in pokemon form.

Chomz: I like the idea but you are right that it's too cluttered. Also I don't get the cutesey deer face and wolfy tail and mish mash anatomy isn't very cohesive.

Arkeis: I was going to support the Tanuki idea but then I looked at the Tiki again... it's pretty excellent. Maybe see what happens with abilities.

zyrefredric: doesn't really work for me, maybe incorporate the gnarled tree-like hands into something else and ditch the fire?

Doran: Great start, the leaf placement isn't great at the moment, not sure what to suggest but I'm sure you can make it work

NJ: You know I love this but the colour scheme is pretty jarring right now and I think the way you've shaded it, while nice technically, is not the best presentation of your design as it's a little overwhelming along with all the details you've drawn.

Harle: I think the drawing is nice but it's not quite enough, maybe there could be something a little more substantial under the lily pad?

Calad: Very excellent, though maybe too much of a middle stage design.

ZirraNova: I like the vine wrapped idea but I think the head and pumpkin body both being wrapped is a bit much, maybe you could do a little bit of a less traditional silhouette and ditch one or the other or have the pumpkin (or other squash??) serve both head and body purposes (like.. more of a cartoony thing with no neck)

taicho: ahh lots of promise in the new sketches :) I like the lemur/raccoon, so much personality
Final Submission

This design was based on badgers (more specifically, the American badger). I tried to keep it close to the official Pokémon artstyle. If I recall correctly, there was talk that this CAP might need to be abit bulky, so I made it look like it could tank some hits.
Best throw in my opinion too. In no particular order:

Nastyjungle, it's not so much "fire" as in "steel" that is apparent with your entry, what with being the golden calf. Makes it hard to accept the dark subtext. Another issue with the coloring is the fact that a good 29% of the psychic-types in gen 1 (plus girafarig) use that same creme caramel scheme; Mr. Minotaur even has an abra-like head. The third point is that you are so accomplished at drawing realistic human proportions and detail that it unfortunately draws the whole design into the Uncanny Valley.

, while I am delighted at just how FURIOUS your cactus looks, I think that it'd be best to go with the whiny mandrake, for variety's sake.

calad, you'd better dang well stick with that goat. :V

Wyverii this is so much more cartoony that you ususally offer, so refreshing!

I have also added extra doodles to my own entry, in case no-one noticed.
Alright, gonna go ahead and post what I had in mind. It's kind of a Scarecrow, except it got lost in a swamp or something, and now its arms are plants.

THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL ART, im just throwing my idea out there (though ill probably use it as supporting material). Anybody claiming that it can't hold a bird or be attached to earth will be painfully ignored.

ok, so ive started to clean up my design, i need to figure out how to better incorporate the fern leaves without going into overdesigned. Guess i also need to work with the colors to help show the dark typing, which i just did, so yeah. also changed the eyes at suggestion of mos

i may need to explain the thought behind my
"the idea is type equalizer, bring up the lesser used types, take down the over used types. since baphomet is the symbol of duality, and also associated with satanism, its the perfect idea for dark. I chose to try to work ferns into the design because they are kind of inbetween, they reproduce with spores, but they are also sort of...woody plants, basically a crossroads of plant material"

thanks for all the crit so far!

@yilx, if we need a bulky design for stats i can just play around with proportions and stuff. anyways, next step is to draw it 3/4 view
Well, it was suggested by paintseagull that I try to get away from a traditional silhouette, or at least use fewer vines, so I went two routes. First, very dramatically, I beheaded my pumpkin creature.

& secondly, but less dramatically, I gave it a hair cut.
I also add a viney under-bite, though. Which means I didn't really cut down on the vines here, as move them. I like to think his white pumpkin head resembles more of a skull in this one though, which I liked.


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Spiffed up my drawing. I may change the color of the blades. They're pink because they're not red, but they don't fit well with the rest of the palette. :P

I've also sketched out a page of supplementary artwork here.

Edit: Here is some more, featuring some other pokemon and CAP designs.

  • Yilx: Vampire flower is interesting, as that's the design that you're going with. I do feel it's feminine, again, but it otherwise works as a creepy but cool design.
  • Mos-Quitoxe: I know that it's not meant to be taken seriously, and I appreciate the humor! The question is, will the rest of CAP? I'd like it to contrast with some of the 'cooler' designs accumulated, though that may work against this one's viability.
  • Birkal: I anticipate Cornmon v.2 with bated breath!
  • Menshay: The idea works, though through sketches alone, it's hard to see the Dark typing in it. Perhaps when you color it in I'll see.
  • pkmn-taicho321: Hmm, none of them really appeal to me. I mean, the cactus does a great job of indicating it's Grass/Dark, but the design isn't appealing. If it weren't for the fact Carnivine and Mawile exists, the first design would work. Keep at it, nonetheless!
  • elcheeso: The tails do confuse me as to their contribution to the design, but otherwise, it's nice. Perhaps the horns could be coiled vines (if they aren't already). Other than that, continue! :)
  • paintseagull: The natural darkness of the binturong work well against the moss. I do like the moss for those little blots you've put into it, for some reason. There's something artistic and variable in it compared to other depictions of plants. I await what you do with the idea! As for mine: I tried it, although I think it has to be more exaggerated than fat. :P
  • Dracoyoshi8: While the idea is good, my opinion of the execution is that it needs integration. I see a snake with laurel wreaths, a variety of patterns, leaves, and an apple on its tail. I believe I mentioned I thought of a cornucopia when you first posted it more than the snake of the original sin. A subtle addition of horns on its head or making it more vicious in general will emphasize the darkness of it. Snakes are, as a whole, hard to deter from being associated with Poison, but Serperior did it, so I figure it can work for this one, too.
  • Hollymon: Not bad, but not spectacular, either. It works for the typing with an okay design. If there was more to it than 'evil holly plant', I'd favor it more. What is there, or what will you reveal later?
  • Chomz: The eye in the middle reminded me of my Necturna pre-evo design. That is irrelevant to my comment on your design. What is relevant is that the wood is Dark, but it appears, from your sketch, unlinked to the creature. I see the horns and how they're meant to relate, but, well, it doesn't. :/
  • Arkeis: I like your tanuki more, as Dark-types can be associated with pranks and not necessarily grim absences of light. It works really well! I do like it over your tiki, since the tiki hints at Grass/Fighting, from what I see, and the tanuki shows Dark a bit more obviously (which is good).
  • zyrefredric: I can see Grass/Dark in it, but the flames do make me think that it has Flame Body as an ability or something, or is slightly more related to Fire. It's nice to see you step into the arts, and I encourage you to keep at it! :) It's just that some of these concepts are less original than what most CAP voters probably would vote for.
  • Orivexes: I'm quite skeptical on how you'll pull off Dark with the design. Okay, it has the mask, and it's supposed to be a thief, but it's lumbersome and green and less indicative of pranks or evil or generally villainous traits. A more dynamic pose, even, could do to fulfill that aspect.
  • Doran Dragon: I've settled on the pendulum axe blades after fiddling with scythes. I could vary the current ginkgo shapes, certainly, to be more serrated or with cuts in them to be more artistic. The Grass-type is evident in your sketch, though Dark is less evident. I'd like to see what you make out of it to show that typing! (I think of Mephistomon, but no need to take it to that degree of darkness.)
  • Green Dweeb: It fits the criteria for a Grass/Dark pokemon. That's great! It'd be even more favorable with me if it wasn't as Zim-like as it is.
  • Nastyjungle: Gaah, your art style has great technical skills, with your proportions and choice of colors and those wreaths. The idea is really nice, too, with treachery as the area for Dark-type to unveil. However, Pokemon is more stylized, so the 'realistic' choice of design here would work against you when the community votes. Keep that in mind.
  • ShyGuy1221: There's something delightfully charming about this critter. I like it a lot, for no discernible reason!
  • Steampowered: It works for Grass/Dark, albeit in terms of flavor, the mammals used have it become more associated with water than fire. Don't let that bother you, though. Keep going with the design! :)
  • Chris900: It fits the typing, but do simplify the design. Extra markings everywhere aren't very helpful to spriters, unless they have a specific purpose. Do they on your design? I do like your idea of a forest imp, but just make sure that it's not too overwhelming. :)
  • Harle: First of all, cool art style. That droplet of water really resembles water, despite it being an unshaded drawing. The idea is a bit stretched for Grass/Dark. Grass, I get, but the gypsy part was frequent in CAP 4, for the Psychic typing. Its devious, I understand, and I can see it as Grass/Dark, but it's less obvious. Still, unique idea and execution!
  • Wyverii: Ah, if the CAP was Grass/Dragon, you'd be sure to get notice! It's not bad for Grass/Dark, since it's obviously plant-like and vicious. It's got a cartoonish design to it that I can see in a Pokemon game, so it's solid.
  • Scorpio: Pah, my first drawing was in MS Paint. Effort! It's a neat idea, but the execution is substandard. If it was less mirrored, I'd judge it more than just how much effort you seemingly put in. :/
  • QuimicVital: So... what is it? o.O
  • Calad: I like your style, too, and I like your design. I hope I can see more Grass/Dark out of it than Fighting/Dark when you color it in!
  • Shanimanim: In my opinion, the design is contrived. The Dark and Grass portions are completely separate and don't work with each other for a unified design. Is there reason behind the design beyond a dinosaur disguising as a fruit tree? I'm honestly curious.
  • Eagle4: Anything from the first three sketches that you might suggest? I, unfortunately, will probably stick with my design and take only minor edits. That's the bad part of dedicating yourself too soon. :P
  • Adams: I'll have to ignore this seeing the quality of the rest of your comments. It's humanoid in the sense it has a head and two arms, though only having two legs will reduce the connection of the legs and roots. I'm afraid, actually, of having it be a long-armed, short-legged, more generic humanoid.
  • ZirraNova: I can see the Dark-typing in it well! It's obvious but it works well, so please continue. :)
  • The Steam Punk: What do you have as an origin to that design in the middle of those leaves? o3o It looks very much like a Dark-type, though as to its actuality, I'm confused. Is it based off of the plant as well?
  • KoA: Hey, a dwarf! I had sketched one for the CAP if it turned to be Electric/Dark, so it's cool to see one for Grass/Dark. It definitely has more substance than the tree, and I'd like you to go with that!
  • CommanderZorvox: It fits the concept. o3o It works. Whoo!
  • Eol: Ooh, delightfully creepy. Reminds me slightly of witch doctors from the 'beak'. There's naturalness to it that I find only in certain designs posted so far, which works artistically, though slightly less so stylistically.
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