CAP 5 Pre-Evo - Part 5.2 - Name Poll 2

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Alright, the polls are closed and it's time to post some results!

Slython 5 votes
Mallure 7 votes
Temptail 7 votes
Miniconda 8 votes
Brattler 20 votes
Mallure 8 votes
Miniconda 9 votes
Temptail 9 votes
Brattler 21 votes
Miniconda 10 votes
Temptaril 12 votes
Brattler 23 votes
Temptail 13 votes
Brattler 29 votes

Brattler obviously moves on, but Temptail and Miniconda were very close and both have significant support, so we'll advance both of them.

Your finalists are,

Brattler, Temptail, and Miniconda!

Stay tuned for the next poll!
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