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IMPORTANT NOTE: This thread does not contain the official votes of the CAP5 Topic Leadership Team Poll. You can read the full votes here. This thread contains votes with deleted entries so that I could run IRV to get the community's top four preferred members for TLT.
The Topic Leadership Team consists of some of the most important leadership positions in the project during the creation process. So, it is imperative that we pick four members that will do a good job. As is now customary, we will be opening up this poll to the public. Furthermore, there are a some changes in the leadership structure of CAP; you can read about them in this thread (if you can't view this thread, it's because you need a Smogon account, so go register!). It's important to note that we have two polls for topic leadership. In the first thread, we voted on our Topic Leader for CAP5: jas61292. Now, we'll be voting on the The Topic Leadership Team (TLT) in this thread.

Here is the list of self-nominated candidates (in the order they submitted their candidacy):

Deck Knight

The candidacy announcements are all found within this thread:

Please review all the information in that thread in order to adequately inform your decision. The candidates all spent a considerable amount of time writing their nominations, so make sure to review them thoroughly; they all contain vital information that will help you make your selection.

Here's how to vote:
  • All CAP community members are allowed to vote. This means that if you have a registered Smogon account, you can vote.

  • Please post ALL candidate names ranked in order of preference. Like so:

    First Preferred Candidate
    Second Preferred Candidate
    Third Preferred Candidate
    Fourth Preferred Candidate
    Fifth Preferred Candidate
    Sixth Preferred Candidate
    Seventh Preferred Candidate

    If the voter wishes, he may post comments on his vote below the actual vote. As with IRV or normal bold voting, only the votes themselves should be bold and none of the supplementary text should be bold.
    Please post only your votes in this thread. Do not respond to other posts, or your posts will be moderated and you warned. If you feel compelled to say something in your own vote, you may still do so, but don't try to incite a discussion. Keep discussion to #cap.

  • If you do not complete a full ranked ballot, as prescribed here, your ballot will be deleted. So, please take the time to evaluate all the candidates and compose a proper ranked ballot.

  • Please note that this vote will be special to CAP; we'll be utilizing Preferential Block Voting to tally the votes. Our method of counting IRV is only meant to narrow a slate for Single Bold Vote. What this means for you as a voter is that ranking your vote from preferred to least preferred is imperative. If you're interested in the mechanics of this, we'll essentially be running IRV four times (with each round of IRV removing the winners of previous rounds).

This thread will be open for 24 hours as well. I wish the best of luck for all candidates! Let's begin.


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I have absolutely nothing against the more experienced users. I do however think the result of a TLT team is greater participation from more users. I'd like to see what our newer users have to offer, especially after the recent departures of several longtime contributors. At the start of Gen VI, I'm likely going to reverse direction and prefer the guidance of the sages.
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