CaP 6 Pre-Evo - Part 1 - Typing Discussion

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Here it is! The thread some people have been waiting for. Birkal has asked me to lead the process once more for Cawmodore's Prevolution! If you guys have short memories I also ran Embirch and Flarelm's Project last year. I am going to try shaking this up a little bit in order to get this down to a much smaller time frame. Be on your toes people, I won't be keeping threads open very long :)

There are only a couple of rules for the prevo process, number one of which is this is a completely flavour based project. The whole prevo process is just for fun! Some of the critters we have made in the past have been adorable but deadly! Competitive reasoning is thrown out of the window here, and all flavour based reasoning is perfectly valid. "It just makes sense" is just as much an opinion as any other. This is a place where anyone can come in and help us decide what Cawmodore should evolve from!

As the title of this thread suggests, here we will be discussing the type of Cawmodore's prevo. Naturally, Steel/Flying is already instantly slated as that is what Cawmodore's type is. Feel free to suggest other viable alternatives and discuss them. Please don't try and be clever by suggesting something like bug/dragon or something... It'll make you look like an idiot.

Please also remember these are likely to never be implemented onto the server or used apart from in CaPASB. This is supposed to be a fun process. It's a great time for newcomers to get their feet wet in CAP, a great place for CAP regulars to keep making Pokemon during the downtime, and overall just a cool project to work on during the Policy Review stage of the CAP process. The primary purpose of this is to have fun, so let your imaginations run wild devising the most intricate and logical arguments for our little Cawmodorable!

May have stolen some of this from DetroitLolcat's Malaconda post... Cheers buddy :P

Oh, and before I forget... Here is the link to Cawmodore's Final Product Thread so you can recap to yourself of what Cawmodore was like.

Have at you!

This will be open for about 36 hours! Hop to it!


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I think Normal/Flying would be a good choice and it would sort of represent the evolutionary line hardening over time to the gritty seafaring life.


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Steel/Flying seems as good as anything. Steel is our primary typing so it makes little sense to change it and it's very rare a Pokemon picks up Flying as its secondary typing as it evolves. Togetic and Masquerain are the only Pokemon that add a Flying type when they evolve (IIRC). Steel makes sense, Flying makes sense, so Steel/Flying makes the most sense!
As it is marine related, it could be Water/Flying and lose the water type but keeps the association with the typing. Dunno just thinking of things atm
There is really no need to change the typing upon evolution, so Steel/Flying should stay. The only other CAP's that change their primary typing upon evolution are Voodoom and Tomohawk.
From the fact that empoleon is water/steel and a bird, Steel/Water is an option that lets it gain flying capability on evolving; this means that it does not have to lose its Steel typing.
edit-yeah good idea magical manticore, changed that up.
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Kingler, considering that Cawmodore is a primary Steel-type, Steel/Water would make more sense. I'm not sure if that matters, but I just reversed your suggestion to make the typing more believable.
I personally feel that Steel / Flying would be the best choice, as it makes the most amount of sense in that Cawmodore is already a Steel / Flying type, and Pokemon almost never changes its primary type, and gains the Flying-type as a secondary typing only when said Pokemon undergoes some kind of metamorphosis style of evolution showcased in insects (And Togepi, but whatever). There isn't that much reason to change typing on evolution, but if we did, Normal / Flying would probably make the most sense, as it really is the only part of the typing that could change, and the transition from Normal- > Steel-typing makes the most sense out of any type change that could happen IMO, although only a little.
I'm strongly in favor of Steel/Flying. Even with the strong water and naval themes in Cawmodore's movepool and design I still find it a big leap to go from steel to water as the main typing for Caw. If we intend for this prevo to be something like a low ranking seaman then water doesn't make much sense, seeing that we chose steel to represent the toughness of sailors. The main theme for Caw is his toughness and stern attitude, whereas if we changed steel to water that would retract from Caw's biggest personality point.
I am more fond of a cute little piece of metal that needs to be fed to develop its gullar pouch, wings and everything before it can fly and sail bravely trhough the skies, so i'd go with pure steel typing.

srk1214 said:
BW2: Since they are excellent navigators, Cawmodore make it easy for even the most inexperienced mariner to sail on through heavy storms.
Although srk1214's entry kind of points it towards a flying type.


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I tend to prefer stable typing, but I wouldn't mind Steel/Water either.

Technically speaking frigate birds can't actually swim and only fly/perch, but I think Steel/Water could be super cute :)
Either Steel/Flying for simplicity's sake or Normal/Flying for more variety/flavor. I don't lean particularly far either way, but I do think the Flying type should be left untouched.


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What about Rock/Flying? This makes sense and opans up a variety of options flavor-wise, and GF's done Rock => Steel before.


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There's not much precedent for a non-Flying bird evolving into a Flying one, and changing primary types is vanishingly rare. Stick to Steel/Flying imo. That said Normal/Flying is okay too, I guess.
I like the idea of a pure Steel typing, based on real Frigate birds. As it states here, , frigate birds take a long time to rear their young. It would then make sense to have a pre evo that begins with Steel typing and after time evolves into a real bird, one that can fly, and has Steel/Flying typing as Cawmodore does. I suppose Normal/Flying could also work, based off of a fluffy chick that grows up in a nest crammed into some beach cliff, developing its steel beak as protection against the long fall to the ground below. <---- a young frigate bird and possible example of the Normal/Flying type idea


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Water / Flying is interesting. As we've discussed in past flavor threads, Cawmodore really does have a tertiary typing of Water, as many Pokemon often do. Tweaking its evolution to further solidify that notion could be worthwhile, in my opinion. I am a big fan of Pokemon that evolve into a "better" typing, and I think our pre-evolution could do that well when transitioning into Cawmodore.


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Okay I am closing this up.

My final slate will be:


Hard to pick on the third...

Let me throw this up to a vote!
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