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Our Pokemon so far:
Elevator Music said:
Name: Neglected Ability

Description: This pokemon will have an ability [or two] that is currently undervalued (but possibly very helpful) in the metagame but isn't used because the other pokemon with this ability don't have the stats or movepool to make it work.
Type: Electric / Dragon
Style Bias: Somewhat Defensive
Build Bias: Mixed, possibly Special
Ability: Shield Dust/Static
Stats: 108 HP/60 Atk/118 Def/112 Sp Atk/70 Sp Def/80 Spe

A short discussion and submission thread where people can submit a name for the new Pokemon. Only one name per user can be submitted. The user should also not attempt to "bump" their submissions to get responses. Names should avoid referring to popular culture (i.e. video games, music, celebrities, and so on).

Remember that there is a 10 character limit on names!

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It's difficult to name something without an idea of what it looks like. Thus my submission will be subject to change, at which point I will state the names expiration for a new submission.

As of now I'm fairly settled on a name, if not the exact spelling.


Rextorm [Rex + storm]

The internet is legion with dragon story references, but none of them really emphasized lighting and could be molded into a decent name. Then I came across Nagaraja, king of snakes. Naga seemed like it could work but I was unable to come up with something I liked. This left me with Raja, or King. Well, Rex is the latin equivalent of king, and has been used in dinosaur names and honorifics. The x also emulates an s sound, which flows right into storm.

Thus, Rextorm. I considered Rexstorm with an s but it seemed redundant.
Hmm, a beefy electric dragon. With names like Dragonite, Salamence, Kingdra being some non-legendary OU dragon names, there needs to be some reference to a dragon in there.

I will draw inspiration from the Norse myths here. Thor is a good choice. I will combine it with Lei, Chinese thunder dragon and simply the gon from dragon

My submission is:

Torleigo (Tore-lay-go)

It is a cross between Nikola Tesla's last name (he is often reffed to as the "Patron saint of modern electricity") and Bahamut a draconic deity from dungeons and dragons...or the big dragon summon from Final Fantasy. I like the idea of a cross between Tesla and some form of dragon.

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Vologon, it has that electric sound and feel, but is still pure win. Volos is a dragon name and i added draco to that

This submission is subject to change

Elezenth(Electric + Zenith)

Electric obviously refers to electricity, the Pokemon's main type, and zenth refers to zenith, meaning something that is at the height of it's power. Forgoing a direct dragon reference, I used something to signify power and relate it to electricity.

I was trying to create a sleek and 'shiny' name. Something that incoporated possibly Volt and Dragon. The first I came up with was Zolt. I was like it has no Draconic personality. Then I remembered that Wyvern was sort of another name for Dragon. So I combined Zolt with Wyvern and Zyvorn was born.

On the constellation Draco, the brightest star on it is known as Gamma Draconis. Another name for Gamma Draconis is Eltanin. The name Eltanin is Arabic, for "serpent" or "dragon." The name has a cool etymology, and also sounds like it has the word Electric tied into it, slightly...

There is also an object known as the Eltanin Antenna. The object is WAY below sea level, and strangely looks like a very long, PERFECTLY straight, antenna. It even looks like it has other poles on it. Antennae often have some sort of relation to electricity as well, which supported the idea.

All and all, the etymology of the name and the fact that it sounds like it has Electric fused into it just made me definitely choose this as my entry. I also wanted something that was somewhat obscure, and it is quite so, in my opinion.


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Short, sweet, rolls off the tongue. Nothing fancy neither so the plebs can get it. Combination of Dragon and Ohm, a unit of electrical resistance.

Pronounced "Dray Gome"


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Im going with Volteim

Volt + Drakeim

Volt makes reference to the Electric type of this CAP.
You may think "What the hell is Drakeim". Well Drakeim is a greek word which is an infinitive active of the verb Derkomai, which means "I see clearly". The greek root "Drakon" is derivated from the word Drakeim and just to make things fun since Derkomai's (the former verb of Drakon) meaning makes a reference to Light, which can be associated with Electricity.

Pronounced: "Volt eem"

Lot of thought into the name lol


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Dynamic is strength ( or strongth ) and don is a nice ending to slap on the end. It has a nice feel.
Ombregas (alternate: Ombregis)

Ohm, Umbrage, Aegis/Gigas (depending on spelling). Electric, Dragon, defensive. All in one name. Sounds good. Ohm-bray-gess/ohm-bray-jiss.


Fat electric dragon?
alternatively, it also sounds like "beast" at the end. Are Dragons not beasts?
I actually like the name Reption. It's a bit simple, but it really rolls of the tongue.

I'm going to try a really simple name, Drazeus (Dray-zoos) . It's a simple combination of Dragon and Zeus.
I love how every single name is two names combined in some shape or form (including mine...)


This is a combination of the chinese pinyin for dragon "long" and electric "dian". the "dian" was placed in the middle of "long". I am considering removing the g. Thoughts?


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Combination of Amperage, measure of flowing electrons and Ryu is the Japanese word for dragon.
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